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Johns Creek Waffle House terrorized by two robberies

Опубликовано: 22 дня назад
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Johns Creek Waffle House terrorized by two robberies


Well gunman terrorizes a Waffle House waitress in Johns Creek hours later a masked man stormed a Shell gas station just a short distance away tonight police think the same man is behind both robberies at two different locations fuck sighs Denise Dillon is live in Jones Creek Denise police say he looked like he just rolled out of bed huh yeah that's because when he walked into this.

Waffle House who was wearing a bathrobe now police say in both cases the man lurked outside in the parking lot for just a few minutes then casually strolled in found his target and got the cash he's wearing a bathrobe over some type of hoodie covering his face a masked man in a bathrobe over a hoodie casually walks into this Waffle House on Jones Bridge Road the guy gets the.

Attention of the waitress Johns Creek police say he gestures her over to the cash register and pulls out a silver handgun he had it plant more than likely it wasn't something that was just a spur-of-the-moment fault the surveillance video shows the waitress handing over all the bills in the drawer even checking under the drawer he takes the cash and slips out the front door.

Fast-forward to later that night a masked man in a hoodie casually walks into the Shell station on State Bridge Road the guy gets the attention of the clerk clerk told him that he can't be walking around wearing a mask like that and then that's when he brandished the firearm towards him and told him that it was a robbery it didn't take long for investigators to figure out it's the.

Same man even though he ditched the bathrobe between crimes lots of similarities in the description goes in shows that silver handgun again to the clerk surprising and scary and we're definitely gonna stay vigilant and keep our eyes open Nancy Clark's businesses right across the street from Waffle House police have stepped up patrols in the area.

Hoping to catch the robber before he strikes again Clark says businesses are on alert to learn sometimes about these types of things that are going on and how we can help you know possibly catch catch a criminal


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