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Iran Air Boeing 747SP Kuala Lumpur KUL to Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport IKA in Homa Class

Опубликовано: 3 года назад
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Flight Number: IR815
Aircraft: Boeing 747-SP86
Route: Kuala Lumpur KUL to Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport IKA
Flight Time: 08h 24m (Block Time)
Class: Homa


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Amin Quraysh • 2 часа назад
Islam has destroyed Persia & Persians......such a loss to civilisation.
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assal 4653 • 3 дня назад
Every year i fly with iran air and i love it❤
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Sahel goli • 4 дня назад
Scheiß IranAir.
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Bushangels • 9 дней назад
Such a rare bird!
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Mohamed-Djibouti Mohamed Bouh • 9 дней назад
Good Iran
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Reginaldo Rabelo • 10 дней назад
Nice video. Good job
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RANDOM GUY • 12 дней назад
The 747sp is the shortest but has a similar range to the 747-400
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To Be Honest • 13 дней назад
I'm so impressed by the food service WOW
the plane is old...but food service knocks it out of the park
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Synchlavier Sample • 17 дней назад
Wow talk about great service and great food Iran Air is a must airline to travel on. I'm proud of the Iranians they did a fantastic job looking after and maintaining that rare Boeing 747. The seating arrangement is exactly as it was back in the day -
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Kitty Momma • 24 дня назад
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Andre Nguyen • 24 дня назад
Thanks but whenever I fly I always choose a country airline having the least enemies in the world and non religious stuff involved. It's 2018 and Boeing 747 is still served?
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AliBostan MUSIC • 25 дней назад
You did a Good Job making this video. It’s cool very good thanks.
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MVE • 27 дней назад
Wow, a Boeing 747 from the 70s!
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Neutral • 28 дней назад
The airport is almost empty !!!!
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Henry M • 29 дней назад
Too bad no in flight entertainment. Probably US sanction prevent them from upgrading. But what about spare parts? I hope US doesn't sanction the aircraft spare parts
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Ibrahim Abdullah • 29 дней назад
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nivia Maeva Trindade • 1 месяц назад
If I ever get a chance I will fly Iran air! I don't know from where to where but it is on my bucket list! And of course visit Iran if
I am allowed to. 🙏🏼✈️
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Frank • 1 месяц назад
Quanta comida! Gostei. From Brazil.
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Thomaz Saboia • 1 месяц назад
This is the last active SP. It´s going to be in an airplane graveyard pretty soon. Thing of beauty.
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armani • 1 месяц назад
Iran air serve very great food in airline , i used Qatar airways and emirate airlines and both are great airlines but not for food
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