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Bench Shooting Tips with Mark Bansner

Опубликовано: 3 года назад
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In order to maximize the performance from your light weight rifle check out these shooting tips from Mark Bansner.


Hi I'm Marc banner president of legendary arms works we are producing a production rifle in Reinholds Pennsylvania and president recently we've received a lot of questions on how to properly setup and shoot one of these lightweight rifles I've been doing this for over 30 years now I've developed edge techniques that will help you keep the rifle shooting small groups the.

Techniques that I'm going to show you today revolve around sitting at the bench setting the rifle up on the proper rests the position of the rifle on the rests and then the technique that I use to hold the rifle while signing in today we're shooting one of our professional models in 65 Creedmoor it's a light caliber very accurate and very easy to shoot I'm going to show you how I.

Position myself meaning my body at the bench very critical if you are twisted or contorted in any way shape or form it's going to show on the target so you want to be relaxed you want to be seated comfortably and in line with the rifle this particular bench some guys I see sit here straddling it it's much more comfortable you can put both legs inside and put the rifle right in front of your.

Shoulder you want everything lined up so I'm seated comfortably both feet on the ground as a base I have my chest against the bench and I position the rifle rests accordingly I don't want to strain my body any time during sight in or shooting the rifle all right setting the rifle on something that gives you a very stable base is important again I've been doing this for 30 years plus I've been.

Shooting for over 45 years I've seen everything you could possibly imagine at the rifle range from shooters trying to sight in or zero a rifle sandbags are by far the best way to set up a rifle and shoot off of their stable their sturdy and steady they take vibrations out of the rifle and what we're trying to do when we site in is we're trying to give that rifle.

Every opportunity it has to shoot well by eliminating the number one problem with most rifles and that's the shooter not the rifle they end up setting up improperly sitting in an uncomfortable position and then trying to get this rifle to shoot to its potential you need to give the rifle every opportunity by setting it on sandbags using a front bag that's substantial in.

Size the pedestals are great and I've used them for years I've switched to this bulls bag because it cradles the rifle and makes it real steady to shoot off of as long as you position the rifle on the bag and your front bag is at least right in front of the rear guard screw which is this area right here you want to place the bag right here you don't want to place it out here on the.

Fore end tip or worse yet on the barrel which I've seen done it at the rifle range any time you touch this barrel with a rest a bag a block it's going to change the point of impact so if you sight in sitting on a block of wood on the barrel when you go into the field to shoot it's not going to shoot to the same spot so you want to place your bag just ahead of this rear guard screw area.

Then the rear bag is positioned under the rifle butt and this also keeps the rifle very steady when you're zeroing in it takes the human factor out of it some of it you still have to hold on to the rifle and pull the trigger alright the next step is how you actually hold the rifle when you're setting up to zero the rifle again you want a comfortable seated position you.

Want the rifle and the bag situated so that they're pointing right at the target you don't want to have to force the rifle onto the paper that you're shooting at so I line everything up I get the target centered in the scope critical features when you're shooting a rifle off the bench or your grip pressure and your shoulder pressure I typically will grab the rifle with these.

Three fingers on my hand around the pistol grip I will lay my thumb right here as position on the pistol grip I keep my trigger finger out of the trigger until I'm zeroed in on the target I will utilize my left hand to move the rifle up and down as far as elevation goes on the target once I have the rifle situated where I want it I have a medium.

Grip on the rifle I'm not trying to squeeze it in half I just don't want it to get away from me anytime you're straining and pushing the rifle around with your body it's going to show on the target so you want the rifle to sit steady pull it straight back into your shoulder with those three fingers and right at the last minute when I get set up I actually push my shoulder into the.

Stock to give it some resistance if you don't give the rifle resistance with your shoulder it's going to print wildly on the target alright we're going to shoot a three shot group with this six five Creedmoor I'm going to show you the techniques that I use and then I'm going to demonstrate another technique that I use for lighter weight rifles if your rifle with scope weighs less than seven.

And a half pounds the second technique I'm going to show you will help you keep the groups at a smaller size target the other thing that I recommend when you're setting up is what you're going to shoot at if you shoot at a pie plate you're probably going to shoot pie plate size groups what I recommend is shooting at a like a half-inch or a one inch dot or a small cross on the paper there's a.

Phrase out there that says aim small miss small and you can take that to the bank if you're aiming at a big target most likely you're going to shoot a big group so I'm going to free shot group with a six five Creedmoor with my heavy rifle technique and then I'll show you my lightweight rifle technique so here we go.

Again grab the pistol grip with your three fingers keep your thumb on the pistol grip you grab your thumb over like this you have a tendency to twist the rifle so keep your right thumb up on the top of the pistol grip pull the rifle back in with your fingers then push in with your shoulder all right this next 3-shot group we're going to fire with lightweight rifle.

Shooting technique one of the things that happens obviously is the lighter the rifle the more it recoils now this particular rifle is equipped with a muzzle brake so the jump is not near as severe as it would be without the muzzle break however when you're shooting off the bench and a lightweight rifles involved keeping it under control is important the last three shot group I.

Shot with my left hand controlling my rear bag this time I'm going to put my left hand on top of the scope to control the vertical climb of the rifle under recoil it is a tremendous improvement in targets and group size when you control the rifle with this pressure so here goes you don't want to put your hand out on the objective lens if you put it right over top the front ring and just.

Put a little downward pressure you're not trying to crush it you're just trying to keep it so that it's not going to fly out of the bag and cause vertical climbing of the group I use the same technique three fingers pulling the rifle back shoulder pressure and then a little downward pressure with my wrists I typically shoot three shots while.

Seated in the same position I know a lot of people want to let the rifle barrel cool down in between shots that's fine if you have that kind of time however in a hunting situation you're not going to have the time to let the barrel cool down so I like to find out what my rifle is going to do with three shots not necessarily in rapid succession but the tempo that I just demonstrated it gives.

You a better feel of how that rifle is going to perform in the field so shoot three shots seated in the same position it'll give you consistency throughout your technique and that's the number one biggest factor involved in shooting tight groups you need to have consistency at the bench your setup your squeeze your pressure on the buttstock and the down pressure on the scope it.

Takes a little while to get the hang of that last technique but it definitely goes a long way in getting tighter groups and proving that that rifle is capable shooting accurately alright one of the things I want to just go through here quickly are some of the don'ts that are not going to give you the best opportunity to see what your rifle is capable of I know that at every rifle.

Range I've ever been to there's always a stack of two by fours four by fours two by sixes laying around some guys even build their own little gizmos out of wood not the greatest setup obviously when you looked at the sandbag setup I used compared to that this is really bush-league so one of the things that really happen is most of the time this.

Stuff's rockin it doesn't have a good padded surface I've added this rubber pad just to keep and protect the rifle but I've seen guys down here put the rifle right on the wood they're going to scratch things I care about my equipment so I want to take care of it a couple of the other items that are on the bench right now there are just unbelievable amounts of different.

Devices to shoot off of the lead sled has become very very popular in that it takes a lot of the recoil out of the rifle when you shoot it now I have some minor problems with the lead sled the the lead sled itself weighs 10 pounds so if you would add 10 pounds to the weight of your rifle you're going to reduce the recoil by about 40% anyway by adding weight to it.

It ends up reducing the recoil even even farther but if you've ever taken a physics class you know that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction you cannot get rid of that when you load the lugs the lead sled up with lots of weight that energy still there it's transmitted into the scope rings the scope itself and also the stock so it's damaging equipment the more weight.

You add the worse it gets so use the lead sled if you do use it use it empty it's still going to cut down on a recoil and it'll save you from having scope issues mount issues and stock issues there are multiple sandbags available on the market and I mean there there's just countless different types that are available all of them work you just need to experiment with them to get the best.

Results when you're at the range one of the key things and getting good results is get a good front rest but you also need a rare bag I see countless guys trying to site in and yes you can do it like this but you have to be a pretty accomplished rifle shooter to pull it off so get a rear bag some kind of rest underneath the back of the rifle to keep it steady I really discourage the blocks.

Of wood the sandbags are by far by far the best way to go all right I hope that some of these tips will help you get the best out of your rifle remember all of these things have been tried over and over again I've been doing this for 30 years some of the techniques work extremely well so if you use them practice them it won't happen the very first time.

You're going to have to practice it learn how to use it learn how to do it but remember the good solid rest good position at the bench and then consistency and everything you do will bring the best out of you and your rifle this is Mark Basner for legendary Arms works remember to live legendary you


kingrider75 • 1 месяц назад
I know people down the led sled but I use a slightly modified one for the load development process. My wife made me another pouch that slips over the butt stock holder of the sled and I filled it with corn and pillow stuffing. It does a fantastic job of absorbing the recoil from even hard kicking calibers. After I find my load i do all my shooting off the bi-pod, which is the way I normally shoot. Everybody to their own though
👍 0
S U R V I V O R • 1 месяц назад
Very good info. I have a factory certified Weatherby vanguard MOA fiberguard 30-06. It has a Swarovski 10x scope on it. I'll keep these tips in mind next time at the range
👍 0
USMC 2020 • 1 месяц назад
Good presentation but you didn’t show your groups. It would be more convincing if you show the groups.
👍 0
Gun FlexinTexan • 1 месяц назад
Very nice instructional video!!! 👍🏽
👍 0
WILBERT RAMOS • 2 месяца назад
Good video👍 now my qstn if the rifles comes with a plastic stock isn't good to add some weigh to the stock? Also glass bedding the stock & if you install a bipod ? Does it makes it more steady? I'm new to firearms I just bought a ruger american .308 rifle & put the scope & a bipod the rifle alone weights 6.5 lb that's very light for a rifle after installing the scope & bipod it feels a lot better but the stock is plastic.. I'm buying a Boyd's wood stock I think with wood stock it will make a huge difference
👍 0
Luvta Handload • 2 месяца назад
I enjoyed this video. Just bought a Professional in .300 Win Mag so had to check it out. I agree wholeheartedly about the lead sled. I have one available at my private gun range. I always tell people that when you take the recoil out of a gun, it's unnatural so if you're going to use one for sighting-in, verify your POI with sandbags. Might as well use the sandbags right from the start. I do not agree with the idea of shooting at a cross drawn on a piece of paper. Oh, sure, for informal shooting like running a few rounds over a crono or just getting the scope close, it's fine. But for serious group shooting, for record, where you will be measuring group sizes with a caliper it's a no-no. Because the size of the cross and the reticle subtension and the distance you're shooting at will never allow you to hold the reticle in exactly the same place. The reticle might cover up the crossarms so you can't see them. The only target for shooting groups is a black and white square of a size that is compatible with your scope's power and shooting distance. You can quarter the square with the reticle the same way for every shot. For sighting-in low power scopes, use a plain piece of white paper and just quarter it perfectly with every shot. I have fired many sub-moa groups with straight 2.5X scopes by using a 8.5X11 inch piece of paper as the aiming point.
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Retro Tech & Electronics • 3 месяца назад
Very informative.... I do this with muzzleloaders so I cant hold position between shots.
👍 0
The Hate Camel • 3 месяца назад
Great video. Very informative
👍 0
Jamie Sloan • 3 месяца назад
Your barrel is actually gonna be COLD in a hunting situation. Not warm. Unless you shoot 20 rounds or so before you get to your stand, and then an animal jumps out for you, as soon as you sit down. Lol Not a very likely scenario... So I think that if you're a hunter, you should see how your rifle prints with a COLD barrel. I agree with everything else. Sand bags give me the best groups also. Hard rests make me print high(rifle jumps on recoil). And bipods aren't quite as consistent as sand bags.
👍 0
Jimmy Inglish • 5 месяцев назад
Great video! Rear bag really helps!
👍 0
Phil Ward • 5 месяцев назад
We didn't get to see the groups shot...
👍 2
Mark • 5 месяцев назад
I shoot off of a 'Predator' rest at my gun club. I reload all my ammo, including trimming cases and weighing the powder for each round, using the same brand brass. Yet, my groups are embarrassing. My assessment? Its the Indian and not the arrow. Mr. Bansner has just confirmed my suspisions. Now, back to the range!
👍 0
Archie Leech • 6 месяцев назад
Great tips Mark. Grateful you offer your experience.
👍 0
Ralph ditore • 8 месяцев назад
6.5 creedmore with a muzzle brake in a rest like that and a premium rifle with very little recoil can produce stellar accuracy with even the most novice shooter.
👍 0
Dr Guy • 9 месяцев назад
Excellent, thank you.
👍 1
Jim Dodich • 1 год назад
no b.s here... thanks
👍 0
paul • 1 год назад
Thank you very much for your tips . Best video I'v seen so far . from Australia . Cheers.
👍 0
Chip Altman • 1 год назад
Let's see some groups shud have been ½ inch at least if rifle does what it should've
👍 0
Declay44mag • 1 год назад
Yes sir I'm glad I came across your video. I shoot off a Caldwell sand bag on front and sock filled at rear.my question is will a rear rest with the v shape be better for the rear of rifle?i usullay shoot pretty good groups,but some times I feel as if I'm holding the cross hairs on target as opposed to resting them on target,if that makes sense. (Not completely relaxed).
👍 0
REEF X mr • 4 месяца назад
Declay44mag it will help the rifle come straight back. If you’re holding them on target and it’s not resting on target, when you shoot, you’re going to pull or throw the shot because you’re putting pressure to hold it on target.
👍 0
Mark • 1 год назад
Hi. What rifle would you recommend for bench rest shooting. I'm just getting started. Thanks
👍 0