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Why i believe in a young earth by ex-evolutionist Dr.Grady McMurtry Part 1

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Why i believe in a young earth by ex-evolutionist Dr.Grady McMurtry Part 1


Hello I'm dr. grated McMurray with Christian worldview ministries located in Orlando Florida I used to be an evolutionist but now I'm a creationists and I was a trained evolutionist from birth really but I became a Christian at the age of 27 I became a creationist of the age of 28 it's been a very interesting journey but for the last 34 years I've been traveling the world on.

Five continents working in 20 languages as a teaching missionary talking about the truths of creation versus evolution and so what I want to share with you concerns the age of the earth the age of the University the various theories of evolution declared that the earth and the universe are billions of years old evolution say that we are just the.

Result of a cosmic accident that we are just thinking animals with that specific designer purpose in school most of us were taught that life began by random chance chemical reactions yet when we see the beauty of the earth we see the complexity that living organisms that occupy it can we really believe that this is all just an accident throughout the world we are presented.

With the evidence that calls into question evolutionary beliefs and the assumption old age for the earth and the universe over the course of this program we will present to you evidence that will shake the foundations of the evolutionary worldview evolution say the earth is in fact millions and billions of years old first of all you have to understand that they.

Have no proof for this whatsoever they simply claim it's and you never realize that evolutions live and die by eight words those eight words are so important that you should memorize them so I want you to try memorizing these words please repeat after me give me enough time give me enough time and anything can happen and anything can happen those are the eight words by.

Which evolutions live and die we might call it the evolutionary mantra you see in spite of anything and everything you can show an evolutionist that evolution is not true they will simply respond by saying give me enough time and anything can happen so the question must be has there ever been a nuff time now I was once asked to run an article for a publication when you're asked to write.

Articles for publications sometimes they give you the title of the article and say we want you to write it sometimes we say pick your own xylan write the article and I was given the title the time it was to be how do you date a rock and my first response was first you have to ask her well so you got it anyway so I mean let's think about this is there anything about a rock that will tell you.

How old it is or anything about the size field shape smell taste weights math specific gravity density chemical composition is there anything about a rock that will tell you how old it is of course the answer is no essentially nothing about a rock will tell you how old it is as a matter of fact I can go outside right now pick up any rock I choose to I can claim any age I want to.

For it you may disagree with me but you cannot prove me scientifically incorrect you understand I go outside right now picking me rock I want to claim any age I want to for it you may disagree with me but you cannot scientifically prove that I'm wrong I mean think with me when you go outside and pick up rocks do they come with.

Little white strings attached little white tank saying I'm ten million years old and signed by a scientist who was there the time excuse me No so let's think about this is there any way in which you can date Iraq the answer is no there's no way that you can date a rock and so what we want to talk about is are the earth and the universe.

Really billions of years old or are they in fact young now people will say well you know the earth is old it was all came from a Big Bang supposedly this Big Bang occurred some perhaps 20 billion supposed years ago but is the earth and the universe really 20 billion years old or can you really trust the Bible to tell you the truth that it was created just 6,000 years ago.

Now I you know you say a young earth young universe and people say but wait wait doesn't it have to be old because and they will say things like doesn't it take millions of years or rocks to form or for diamonds to form what about stalactites stalactites to form what about polar icecaps to form what about thousands of feet of rock layers for my.

Me doesn't that take millions and billions of years or what about deep canyons to be cut into rock layers what about dinosaur fossils to form doesn't that take millions of years or perhaps that's a coal doesn't it take millions of years for coal to form or wood to fossilize and the big one always is doesn't take millions in billions of years for a light to reach us from.

Distant stars I mean that's the big one that everybody asks but I say it all has to be young I say it all has to be own because now I would like to start with something for the ladies now ladies this is a piece of opal mineral rock this is dug by hand from Australia and that's a nice stone right I'll come on ladies that's a nice Rock right now that's a piece of natural opal from Australia.

This is a piece of man-made opal from Australia under an electron scanning microscope you can't tell the difference but this artificial man-made opal was grown in that jar right there have I got your attention you see this is a natural piece of opal stone mined in Australia by hand we want to take a look at does it take millions of years for gemstones like opals and diamonds to form and what.

About gold to form well this is a natural piece of opal this is a man-made piece of opal it was grown in this jar right here you can actually see it growing right there that lens and it only took three months if I got your attention you put the right chemicals in a jar stick it up on a shelf and you can grow an opal in three months I want to assure everybody here if you have opal.

Jewelry it's real this gem is a Christian a creation of living scientists he only does this is a laboratory experiment but he's found out how to do it but he doesn't sell them he doesn't put him on the market he doesn't flow the market with these things but it only takes three months to get an opal or how about that rock right there come on ladies that's a nice Rock I'll come.

On that's the Hope Diamond in the Smithsonian that's a nice Rock right but everyone should say it takes millions of years to form diamonds well first of all though you really know that that's not true because if you think about you know that we've been able to make industrial grade diamonds for many many years it takes a few months we simply subject carbon to heat pressure and so forth and.

But these are crude diamonds in the sense that they're not gem quality diamonds they are diamonds but they're only used for abrasives and grinding and so forth but are you aware that in 2003 we found out how to make pure super hard diamonds and only a matter of minutes now it takes high pressure in high temperatures but it only takes a matter of minutes to get gem quality pure.

Diamonds are you impressed well think with me from oh yeah you know how scientists are if we learn how to do something well then the next question for scientists how do you do it faster or cheaper or both right so the very next year we found out how to do it at much lower temperatures much lower pressures and it only takes 12 hours is this interesting oh well but you know.

How it is with scientists if you learn how to do something the next question is how do you do it cheaper or faster or both right well in 2006 we found out how to make flawless pure diamonds up to 10 carats you know it takes one day today in the United States you can go into a jewelry store you can buy a diamond you can either pay for a natural diamond or you can get a man-made diamond there of.

Equal quality and the man-made diamonds cheaper and you now have a choice and let's think about this we now know that kimberlites which are what you find diamonds in actually come up from deep inside the earth at about 9 miles an hour it only takes about 12 to 30 hours for this material to come to the surface of the earth we found that out in 2000 and this is another report 1999 showing.

That again it only takes about 2 to 8 hours for these materials to come to the surface of the earth so I guess it really doesn't take millions of years to get a diamond does that correct have I got your attention well what about gold I mean doesn't take a long time for gold to form in nature well actually no the massively her gold deposits in Papua New Guinea could have.

Formed in quote as short as five hours unquote claims geologist Greg Hall that's January of 2007 here in a report that actually goes back to 1985 water sample from over half a mile down by these geochemists contained quote thousand times the highest concentration of gold ever recorded in the surface waters of hydrothermal systems unquote but this was found at a geothermal power.

Plant in New Zealand back in 1985 today we now think that there's approximately 53 pounds of gold being deposited in this gold mine while it's being mined well 53 pounds of gold's no too shabby right and what about stalactites stalagmites I mean doesn't that take millions and millions of years of form I mean think.

With me for moat when you go to places the caves and limestone caves that have stalactites language don't they say to you oh it takes 1020 million years to get a cave like this is that right and the other thing they say is that right come on I say don't touch that it'll take a thousand years to grow back right well I'd like to see if it really does take 1020 million years get a limestone.

Cave like this I I like to see if you touch it does it really take a thousand years to grow back now we're looking at do stalactites and stalagmites form slowly or fast now this is a photograph of some Mayan pottery made in the Americas we know it was made about 700 AD but in this photograph you'll notice right here this is a stalagmite coming up from on top of the pottery that.

Correct so why let's think here's this stalagmite on top of the pottery so that means it formed in less than 1300 years though right so if it only takes 1300 years for this stalagmite if I'm right I really don't think it takes 1020 million years you not really there you go or how about this now this comes from Australia this is a man-made tunnel we might call.

It a man-made cave it was dug a hundred and sixty feet deep into a base salty coral Kanak hill in australia in 1857 but here you see this beautiful flow stone here you see these stalactites coming from the ceiling now let's think this photograph was taken in 1997 so it only took a hundred and forty years for these formations to form so I don't really think it takes 1020 million years.

To get limestone cave how about you come on can y'all say not a chance a little louder not a chance very good and evolutions will tell you well the polar icecaps contain perhaps a quarter million years of accumulated ice and snow and so forth as a matter of fact they will tell you that you can see the little lines and the polar icecaps let's say you oh you can see two hundred.

Two hundred twenty thousand lines there and so forth first of all that's not true it's actually a lie I want you to think with me for just a moment how many of you have opened up a refrigerator freezer door you've seen two ice cubes flowing together in the middle of the freezer it's all right oh now it's true that you can see these little lines near the.

Surface at the top and even down into the middle but once you get down in the middle the pressure of the ice is so great that those lines simply become invisible and after that it's just you know subjective judgement so forth and they'll tell you that these little lines in the polar icecaps this are just like annual rings in a tree you know you cut down a tree you count the rings you know.

Let's say oh well you can see two hundred two hundred twenty thousand lines they're just like tree rings and so forth so this tells us that the polar icecaps are two hundred and twenty thousand you know years old whoa but I don't think so I mean when I was an evolutionist I used to accept that kind of thing but I don't believe it anymore let me show you why now this is a Boeing.

B-17 medium-range bomber from World War two this is a Lockheed p-38 fighter from World War two in 1942 two bombers escorted by six fighter planes left the United States to go to England as a part of the war effort in World War two now these plans cannot fly directly across the Atlantic they don't have nearly enough fuel and so what they must do is they have to fly first to Bangor.

Maine from Bangor Maine they fight in Newfoundland from Newfoundland they fly to Greenland from Greenland onto Iceland and on down to England now these eight planes took off from the US in 1942 they got to Greenland and they filled up on the west coast of Greenland they started across the polar ice cap of Greenland ran right smack into a snowstorm this was a complete whiteout they couldn't go.

Forward they - turn around find the bass they came from couldn't find the bass they came from they decided they were going to have to crash-land on top of the polar icecap now the first plane went in with its wheels down flipped over everybody said that's a bad idea so the other say seven planes came in with the wheels up and just belly landed now after the.

Storm was over the crews were rescued but the planes were left there because it was much cheaper much faster to just build new planes back in 1942 but in 1988 some enterprising American men remember that those planes were up there and there's a lot of money in antique aircraft especially military and so they'd it's time to go up and get these planes you know rehabilitate them and so.

Forth make some money and so they took grooms and shovels up there to find these planes and I have to understand these planes are not heavy enough to sink into the ice remember they landed is where they stayed okay so that crash land in 1942 planes stay exactly where they landed what only been 46 years anybody want to guess tell me how many inches or if you prefer feet of ice and.

Snow they found on top anybody I mean it's only been 46 years how much ice and snow do you think they found 20 feet thank you I have an opening bit of 22 I have another bid ten okay wait a bit of 10 feet 20 feet I'll take one more good 50 feet oh my goodness well I have to stop the bidding because all of you are just a little low you see what we actually found was 250 in 46.

Years 250 feet of ice and snow had formed on top of the plains this is a picture of glacier girl as she looked when found 250 feet below the surface they had to come back they couldn't find the planes they took back the brooms and shovels came back with sonar and radar that would penetrate the ice finally found the planes 250 to 200 sending people other service they actually had.

To come back with heavy equipment bore these big holes all the way down 250 feet they've actually disassembled her brought her back up in pieces reassembled her she's one of the few flying p38 in the world today so let's think it only took 46 years for 250 feet of ice and snow to pile up on top that's 5.4 foot per year is that correct I.

Don't think those little lines in the polar ice caps or annual rank is I don't think those are years I think those little lines are individual storms that would be a much more reasonable with it now this is a picture of the Upper Grand Canyon of Arizona and here you see hundreds and hundreds of layers of rock right to me no it's a beautiful area now evolutions would tell you that these.

Layers could span millions and millions even hundreds of millions of years but I would like you to think about it suddenly for just a second first of all all those layers you see here are sedimentary rock now what is sedimentary rock well it comes to the word sediment incorrect so if I had a glass of water here and I threw dirt and sand into the water whatever cells to the bottom would.

Be called sediment correct so sedimentary rock is a water deposited rock Uemura from the school there's only three kinds of rock igneous metamorphic and sedimentary all these layers of rock you see here are sedimentary rock what you really see how just layers have dried out bud that's everything is here these are just layers of dried-out mud and I say it takes just one year to cut.

That Canyon but these are just the wet mud layers laid down by the flood of Noah that this whole canyon was cut in just one year now of course you could argue with that let's just take a look at it this is a picture of the South while the Grand Canyon taking its sunrise from several miles away this is the Colorado River now when you see these layers you see hundreds and.

Hundreds of layers here's a correct but there are all layers of dried-out mud now if you were to believe that all these layers came from individual floods you would have to believe that about a thousand floods of roughly equal depth occurred one after the other exactly the same way covering hundreds of thousands of square miles now does that even seem acceptable.

That's a little tough right and I'd like you to think about something with me for a minute a good scientists always asks questions the first question is what's their meaning when I make a scientific observation I have to adequately and accurately describe what is present what is there but the second and more important question in science is what is not there you often learn more by asking.

The second question than the first now let's ask ourselves the two most important questions in science concerning the Grand Canyon here what is there well we have hundreds and hundreds of layers of dried-out mud now think with me for a second if each of those layers was laid down by an individual flood then there would have to be some time for each layer to be exposed before.

The next layer was deposited on top correct right if it's one at a time you know one layers then there's a time of exposure than a second layer time of exposure than a third layer right now if that were true if each of these layers here that seemed flat although they're not flat they actually undulate and they twist and turn and meet each other than ninety degree angle and if you go to the.

North side of the canyon and you go up the North Kaibab trail is a place where you can actually see one kind of sedimentary rock completely surrounded by another kind like a doughnut but the doughnut is surrounded by the kind of dried-out mud that's in the middle hmm well if each of these layers is supposed to represent different ages that each one was laid down there was a period of.

Time of exposure between the next layer being laid on top then please tell me please tell me why are the no soil horizons between the rock layers I mean if the rock layers have been exposed we would expect some weathering we would expect some of the right to turn into soil as a correct but there's no soil horizons between the layers why are they no v-shaped erosion marks in the layers.

And we think with me for a minute if you have a layer deposit rainfall starts to etch a v-shaped erosion mark into the layer then the next layer comes in is going to fill that in it's going to preserve it is that correct but there are no v-shaped erosion marks on these layers there are no animal holes there are no root holes that's all missing.

Was that tell you it tells you that all of those layers are dried out mud occurred in one year by a big flood called the flood of Noah and because there's no soil horizons the v-shaped erosion marks annal holes are root holes in the layers it proves they were all deposited at one time


davinciconcepts • 2 дня назад
3:30 max time i'll watch at that point he proves he isn't a scientist but a liar.
👍 0
Lot Vanity Official • 3 дня назад
Do you evolutiosnists come here thinking your gonna believe something new? No lol. Your mind is so shut its. It's not even a joke. If the world was created and the earth were young that would destroy your ego and everything you thought was true. Be a truth seeker not a fool.
👍 0
Michael Gilbert • 3 дня назад
I think this guy and his laughable explanations are like a FART, full of hot air and very smelly, they make your eyes water, and nobody subscribes to their origination!!!!
👍 0
mark williams • 3 дня назад
nobody with a brain, that is.
👍 0
Evangelist Atheist • 5 дней назад
Argument from ignorance. "The world is just too amazing. Must be god." Mountains of evidence point to a conclusion that the Earth is billions of years old. This guy's conjecture and wishful thinking are NOT evidence.
👍 1
LogicWurx ! • 4 дня назад
Evangelist Atheist .....I caught that too. My grandmother used to say the same thing. Too complex. With millions of years to correct mistakes and make changes...evolution does cool shit.
👍 0
Leo Waisanen • 5 дней назад
Evolutionists are about as open minded as CNN.
👍 1
Sam I • 9 часов назад
Grady also got owned by Aron Ra
👍 0
Sam I • 9 часов назад
Grady is a lying piece of shit.
👍 0
mark williams • 3 дня назад
which is nowhere near as bad as the trump official state news network(known as fox nooz) and the chump thinks that faux nooz is a better source of information for international affairs than the state department, the CIA, the NSA, the Pentagon, etc.
👍 0
Giant Scorpion of the Apocalypse • 5 дней назад
👍 0
Giant Scorpion of the Apocalypse • 5 дней назад
is tailor-made for lying hucksters who want to make mounds of cash,
have sex with children and control their parents. Every single day
another religious leader is arrested for one sexual perversion or
another. You sub-moronic cretin.
👍 0
Giant Scorpion of the Apocalypse • 5 дней назад
You are one sub-retarded clown.
👍 0
mark williams • 5 дней назад
reading the creationist comments here proves conclusively that half of the population has an IQ at or below 100
👍 4
mark williams • 1 день назад
+Truth Triggers "but I honestly cannot think of lies "creationists" spew"
first example:
the "lunar recession problem" first, I already demonstrated that there is no problem. the current rate is 3.8 cm per year . I rounded up to 4 and did the math for 4.5 billion years, and that comes to 180,000 km closer than it currently is, slightly less than half the current distance of 387,000 km. the Roche limit to cause breakup is 18,470 km (or about 11,500 miles) that leaves the moon "crashing into the earth" about 5 billion years before either formed.
the claim itself came from a paper published around 1960, where the guy made multiple mistakes and a prime example of the quote mining that is constantly used by creationist websites,they will pick out some paper from 20,50,or 100 years ago and claim it as "proof" when science addressed the issue years or decades before.
the "speed of light problem"(which is ONLY a "problem" for YEC, and a huge one at that)
there was one YEC convert physicist that ( I think his last name is Russel) that at least made an honest effort to come up with an explanation, I still found flaws in it, but it was far superior to the other absolute trash out there (like another one that claims that light coming to earth has infinite speed, and light leaving us is actually traveling at "half speed", I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at such stupidity)
somebody came up with a "sun shrinking problem" I don't even know HOW they came up with that little gem. yes the sun is losing mass at roughly 6 million tons per second, 4 million of that is in the conversion of mass to energy in the fusion process and the rest to the solar wind, and yet, the sun has so much mass that that will amount to less than 1/2 of 1 percent of its total over ten billion years, the real mass loss happens in another 5 billion years when it goes to red giant phase and ultimately will lose 20-30 percent before ending as a white dwarf .
and that little fact that most stars end as white dwarfs, NOT by exploding, blows out the "not enough exploding stars" fallacy too, because actual stars with enough mass to end in a supernova (8 times the mass of the sun or more) are RARE, Astronomy has identified thousands of white dwarf stars, but they are hard to see, since all they have left is the residual heat after exhausting their fuel,and they are small, roughly the size of the earth, but with typically about 70% the mass of the sun.
and I can go on and on with the lies this guy spews in this video, but astronomy and astrophysics happen to be a passion of mine
as to the liars and scammers that you mentioned, they were all caught by the rest of the scientific community , sometimes it can take a few years, but the fakers are found out and revealed
👍 0
Truth Triggers • 2 дня назад
+mark williams "true enough, but I just get so sick of the blatant lies that most creationists spew..." Like, which ones? I know that evos have perpetrated dozens of hoaxes (lies) to prop up their unsupported theory, but I honestly cannot think of lies "creationists" spew. Many are not creationists, as they do not believe at all in the biblical account, but greatly question evolution's assertions.
👍 0
mark williams • 3 дня назад
+Truth Triggers true enough, but I just get so sick of the blatant lies that most creationists spew
👍 0
Truth Triggers • 4 дня назад
You would do better refuting his arguments point by point, instead of engaging in ad-hom, but that's all the evo fundamentalists have, LOL
👍 1
UnbelievableProductions • 5 дней назад
The only reason why creationist are limping is because they have fallen into trap of pseudosciencetisim heliocentricism fairy-tales. Most all average idiot globetard does not even know what the scientific method is.
👍 0
Mark • 5 дней назад
The earth is flat !!!
👍 1
Giant Scorpion of the Apocalypse • 5 дней назад
Retardation at its most pure.
👍 0
colinsdad05 • 5 дней назад
He abandoned logic for superstition...that is not a scientist I trust.
👍 0
NPC 4627381 • 5 дней назад
everything he presented are facts lol other than the bible stuff that needs more proof.
👍 0
S G • 6 дней назад
Big bang theory...False
Heliocentric theory... False
Theory of evolution... False
Nice try Satan.
Good created the heavens and the flat, motionless earth and placed the sun, moon and stars in the firmament.
Planets, galaxies, universe are all man made concepts...
👍 2
mark williams • 6 дней назад
as they say "ignorance is bliss" and you are truly full of bliss (among other things)
👍 0
mark williams • 6 дней назад
start, "can you date a rock?" yes, twenty radiometric methods prove you WRONG, the rest wasn't even worth listening to
👍 0
rawmilk mike • 20 часов назад
+mark williams - please continue proving your absolute ignorance. Is the charge neutral or too weak? You really shouldn't contradict yourself in the same sentence. Personally, I don't see an electrical engineer using the terms charge and flux to describe voltage and current (or magical dynamo action) but if you have a flux the charge cannot be neutral.
Unless the black holes flux capacitor is completely discharged.
👍 0
mark williams • 21 час назад
+rawmilk mike please stop proving your absolute ignorance
EU requires charged particle flow from stars, we have measured the particle flow from the sun, and the charge is neutral, and flux is too weak by a factor of hundreds to hundreds of millions this has been measured, eut requires an unending magical supply of energy, big bang requires ONE unexplained event, and all of your bullshit about black holes is exactly that, bullshit
👍 0
rawmilk mike • 1 день назад
+mark williams - “As to what provided the energy for the big bang, you have no answer.” So why do you expect the EU to explain the electrical energy source of the universe? Can you view the source of your coffee maker's energy by looking out your back-window with a pair of binoculars?
You see an effect, so do we. We have a testable theory; you don't. No one is trying to prove mathematically that your magic holes don't exist. They don't exist by their own definition. You call your energy dark because, to you, it is strange and mysterious. In an electric universe, there is no need to make up unseen sources of gravity with magical powers.
We aren't just talking electrostatic potential. Yes, we all have one. But we also have a capacitive connection and plasma is found throughout the earth's magnetosphere. We are talking current.
Where do you find “the sum total of the amount of energy in the universe” listed? Is that another one of your big bang creation dreams. This mathematician stuck to math, as I recall. If you don't know who we're talking about, you can't say you know anything about the electric universe.
The big bang comes from YECS. You just dropped the young. The big bang is still a miracle. And there is a lot of science supporting a young solar system. And nothing to support your 5 billion year bedtime story.
A hypothesis and a theory are both parts of the scientific method. Big bangs and black holes priests ignore it. The EU doesn't. There is no hypothesis or theory to support a big bang or a black hole. The EU has both.
👍 0
mark williams • 1 день назад
+rawmilk mike show me your single mathematician, and i'll show you someone that likely doesn't know what he's talking about. and "eut" should actually be "EUh", "electric universe hypothesis", since it fails the rigors of an actual theory.
although, I do seem to remember reading somewhere that it was theoretically possible to create a black hole entirely with electrostatic potential, but the energy required would likely exceed the sum total of the amount of energy in the universe, perhaps that is what he meant, otherwise , he is probably making false assumptions to arrive at a forgone conclusion (like the YECS always do)
black holes exist, we can see their effects, trying to "prove" they can't exist mathematically is like trying to mathematically prove water isn't wet
as to what the actual initial cause of the big bang was, there is no certain answer probably a large quantum fluctuation of some kind, but it could have been something else.
👍 0
rawmilk mike • 2 дня назад
+mark williams - By the eut I assume you are referring to the mathematician who simply points out that by their very definitions two black holes can't exist in the same big bang universe. You have changed the subject without explaining what powered the big bang. The GPS satellites clocks lose 7214 nanoseconds a day. The cause is irrelevant. Please point out where your manual mentions spacetime. EU scientists have demonstrated that black holes and dark matter are unnecessary in an electric universe.
👍 0
rock solid • 7 дней назад
what about the dinosaurs ?
👍 0
rawmilk mike • 6 дней назад
Native Americans were still afraid of dinosaurs in the 1600s.
👍 0
Leo Roberts • 7 дней назад
All he's doing is spewing out assertions, what a joke! It's not funny though, they want to teach it to children in science class. It's hard to believe a seemingly smart person, can believe such childish nonsense. He must know this is BS, my guess, he's making big money from the Creation Science Institute!
👍 0
ted rygren • 7 дней назад
Idiots like you, are responsible for turning young people away from christianity and in record numbers.
👍 0
Ethan • 6 дней назад
ted rygren I am an eighteen year old Christian. Young people turn away from Christ because of their own selfish and sinful desires. Things about Christianity they don’t like are simply their excuse. A lot has to do with the desires and life ambitions that they have obtained from their peers in the presence or absence of weak and incompetent authority figures. They don’t reject Christ because they can’t see the evidence for creation science. They do so because they care more about what the world thinks of them than what God thinks of them. They don’t want to be labelled as “crackpot conspiracy theorists” in the face of the majority, even if the majority’s wrong. There are many young people who are willing to listen to those with the evidence because they genuinely want to make Christ their Lord. That is the core issue, not intellectual integrity. And please think before you call a fellow brother an “idiot”.
👍 0
brabanthallen • 7 дней назад
"There's no way that you can date a rock." Um, yes, there is, and it's not a guess. There are multiple ways to date a rock, and they don't lie. Radiometric dating. Half-life dating (uranium-lead). Potassium-Argon and Rubidium- Strontium dating. We also know the approximate age of the universe. We have seen and mapped the microwave radiation background left over from the big bang. Dude knows nothing of geology or cosmology, yet he calls geologists and cosmologists liars, because "Muh Holy Booook!". Trading intelligence, rationality, and reason for the bible as the ultimate authority is simply lazy and irrational. I was under the impression that lying was not high on Jesus' list of things Christians should be doing. Mass delusion is a very dangerous thing.
👍 0
brabanthallen • 8 дней назад
Dude lies right off the bat. He wastes no time with his incredulity. "Evolutionists claim the earth is millions and billions of years old. First of all, you have to understand, they have no proof for this whatsoever."
First off, it is the Geologists that claim the earth is billions of years old, not evolutionists. Second, they have a shit ton of proof/evidence in the geological record. I have heard Christians make some pretty outlandish claims before, but this is an outright lie. Epic fail, "Doctor".
👍 1
Jesus protects • 6 дней назад
What evidence?
👍 0
James Ginn • 8 дней назад
Hes made more money being a creationist.
👍 4