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(Escape From Tarkov) I Will Always Chat My Viewers So Come FWM!!

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You you you you you you you you you you.

You you you you you you you you you you.

You you you here everyone salute what is up a tube mixer twitch all you month she's got some good jokes for you some somebody chat chatters Shh bidding for players skins and I just want to shoot my okay.

Okay so I'm gonna sculpt tats match okay all right Wow dim load time so there's a real reason I put this game on SSD I just knew it a little time seemed to be working okay with a minute even two minutes so we don't forget to mention can also host ASMR.

it's gotta be right what's up I'm AOL boldog Brandt yeah like the word streamer dude I ran so many raises last night on labs and oh my god came out so much good.

Shit really .

very much shatters that you know I felt lovely Vicki yeah - good you a couple of good successful raids last night and then I got cocky for the last.

One I walked in there was a guy in serving room champion his ass off just completely just shit on me I'm rocking out 105 so I'm going loud why motherfucker come like I'm gonna see what you have so we can same thing I just can't alright what I see is 105 zai had that I had to either they're just I have so.

Many of them I need to get rid of I run HK nice right next month one second Oh by the way Raiders they carry the TV 110 play carrier on Labs some yeah well the world I dropped the one I had and took the one the gyrator hack is full.

You you you I don't have armor you it's a decent armor besides a gin for so for ones that are honestly I just usually stick to or you you.

You you I switch my yet I want to use this uh-huh I switched my gun over okay I want to use a this near ours I knew but that Vesta holds like a million grenades naggers hey what the fuck whoa.

Fuck was that you who was no clue but I set the channel at a cool people so you you should honestly make an office and lock it to yourself yeah I don't know how to do that but I can find.

Scores pretty different later on making you damn it I'll make I'll create you a bunch of channels for you and I'll create your streaming channel also probably just try to do it first with the door Ede I really need to fuck with this girl you you oh yeah yeah okay I'll play this one I'm.

Gonna be and then I'll take a small break do an interchange yeah we're doing I need a mind can't forget my grizzly switch it over to salute shit it's mostly because the vets are running second let's forget okay now I'm ready after right got a real quick let's go let's go right.

State I'm bingo Layton I don't make sure I ensure my stuff you know yes okay okay why does it do that to people sitting in each other the same time Oh start at you you know wonder if the suppressors help with I honestly don't know they want that detailed in this game they change their mo up every fuckin.

Sleep the charge so going guess that honestly I don't think suppressors do anything I think there's four noise because I've seen you some surprises that am I still it's the same and some suppressors if you use it it takes a.

Little some damage from the weapon but I feel like I didn't do anything this game suppresses sound yeah well in real life some suppressors take away damage too ultimate a dyke at 22 in this game with like a hundred round mag uh yeah they need to add like a Ruger 10/22 that someone put on full auto select fire and then fucking around Mac just like you said look up that shit on YouTube by the.

Way it's dope it's fuck paste a burger at some point is yeah I used to like had a Ruger 10/22 that I pimped out and then I had to sell it I have a I have a little single-action revolver 22 then a little toy to your rifle and um I was a weird thing this guy made and I've bought off of $50.00 that she's a little 22 single round ghost gun just the dude if this guy built this thing is like I.

Don't know even call it just she's a 20-round that's it one one round need to reload it that's this rate or whatever did I can't believe the killer ran right into my face and didn't fire water oh yeah .

That's why shut the shit up I didn't I thought I brought six man five yeah made out and they passed you that would have been perfect for where he peaked I think watch that watch that corner let's move up I killed one shot kill he's one of Michael Myers huh dropped his ass it's not Killa does that ever kill Olek as you see a.

Shitter now this one I have 25,000 rules on it used to be like that time with six and spa third freeze fun Oh baby repackage cymatics in here how can you go ahead and throw on the shredder phone stick suppressor dropping this put a player or scout their players gave it out I think that.

Might have been a perfect manager how fuckin thrashing this one air escapes talking okay no fucking way take some home what shut up bitch shut up .

I'll be saying that shit a lot to player scouts not even players mm-hmm it's got a morphine in his backpack good he didn't really do that much damage to me uh he has on the press vest it's a level three I'm get it he says I like you .

Okay second I'll sit right here boy are you screaming or something there's no screaming.

one of my friends said apparently multiple sections I was trying to hit the deck no a case 74m by the way yeah that's right people off that once expensive shit see how big it 2x4 to the garage because I really want to find that key that.

James found then James said he found a key on here as well he one point to you he told me you had to put it and he found a he found a one point like too milky I told you that I found a key is on shoreline if your first caught it you all right come on down here - OH that was worth fucking kidding you.

Kidding me that's nice bears give up asshole damn I'm so tired of this walking bastard other guys stop bears in this area die stab this mother fucking shit tell me why that sounds just like that lease you better worry about bears better sweep your sectors no what do we.

Got here want a party hey bro let's team up the guys saw bears in this area scavs here man what's up over there never mind so hey you actually shot me dude that's the break you get to the end of the kill somebody when they do that when you do that shit this didn't happen on unfuckin YouTube people friends joking around and fucking shitting their friends and they actually.

Fuckin kill him shot you in the leg dude calm you could die for the league he looks blacked out maybe so I'm not even running him down on some shit to it all you I must say these ak-74m hey babe I'm ready to go


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