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Dr Phil ANNIHILATES spoiled Teen!! Dr Phil #9

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Dr Phil Madison teen spoiled brat funny moments epic compilation
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Madison drinks, smokes weed, does Xanax ; just recently LSD. and now she's corrupting our 13 year old. "I am gonna snapchat you, this is f**king embarrasing" Together they terrorize the family I am done, I don't wanna talk to you agaaaain. (Footage taken after lost she lost a game of Fortnite) oh, wow Welcome back everybody to another Dr. Phil (PewDiePie's Hero) Phil time, Phil time. (Yay, leafy IS here) Can we get some gamer Phil hype in the chat for, Phil. My man..

*Bing* Bing for Phil. This time, it's about a 15 year old girl named Madison. ('Mad'ison, really needs some medicine) Who doesn't listen to her parents. Wow never heard that before Before we jump into it, I need to know, one question and one question only. Does she cry on camera? We have no choice but to do what we're doing. Well, yeah but..you are in a family Oh, wow, that's epic, let's jump into it Took a step instead of a jump. That's comedy everyone.(2018 has really affected Felix).

Now the thing about a problem-ed child is that, they don't just create themselves it's always to some extentthe parents fault and in this case especially we have this man who's anex-military man who's that clearly delusional okayobviously I don't know their ins and outs situations but the way he washandling his child is this I live in constant fear for myself my wife and formy youngest daughter. Constant fear you you know, he's just walking down the streethe never knows when this child is going to attack. You see this child, dangerousbig problem. I live in constant fear for myself my wife and for my youngestdaughter, it's like we're under siege in our own home.They are under siege intheir own home. They have to, literally,.

Barricade themselves at night. This is whatI have to do - it sure are see at night I put ourhouse in complete lockdown there's a latch right here push this one latch itwatch I put my 9 year old in there with my wife and niece. Nice, what can I say I'mimpressed. Damn. Yeah so he doesn't just lock thedoor he also "our bedroom I lock it on both sides I don't know if they'repicking the lock and I would take this So he puts a belt around the door incase his child knows how to lock a pick because he doesn't know if she pickslocks here's a little fun thing for you just my child know how to pick locks nowell then I you probably don't have to worry about it what does he think she'sgonna pick the lock and come in and.

Murder him at night he's a retiredmilitary man he's it he's clearly trying to I don't know live in somefantasy. And then I go up to my 9 year olds room and behind the door I'llput a bunch of toys so if someone wants to potentially come in and get methey'll knock down all the toys and they'll wake me up and I can go go go and he cango go go go go go (#sonicmovie) they fell for my toy trap it's go timebye Madison you know this is not about her dad by the way this is about MadisonI just find the intro to be fantastic. I don't know if Madison is gonna attack uswith the knife or not but I don't want to find out. I don't know if my child isgoing to lockpick my door at night cut through the belt with step through mybrilliant toy trap and then stab me with.

A knife but I am NOT gonna find out. Allright guys let's watch what dr. Phil has to say the teen is committing the crimethe parent is serving the time good one good one dr. Phil Bravo good line by theway the reason why they're so scared take a guess no no it's not Fortnitegoddamn it. Out-of-control behaviors starting after they saw the movie thepurge for 24 hours it's legal to kill anyone that you want. My husband and Iwere at the top of purge list. The husband and the mom wason top of the purge list it's over for them oh my god they need to be put undersurveillance 24/7 do they know the purge is not realMadison truly hates Tom it's like a family divided Madison could one daykill me oh I hate to say it but uh sorry.

She probably will. he probably will mygod sorry but are we talking about the same Madison here. I would rather go to a foster , I would rather be in a family. (pewds chuckles) You are in a family. If I was the dad what I really would be scared of is the youngest daughter she's fucking crazy.I'm never having kids you've convinced Fuck you. Stop. ( can't really caption the screams). I am never having kids, thank you. You have convinced me.What's the freaking point if this is what you have to deal with yeah oh my godwhat is she doing she's got a life soap(couldn't understand what he said) Watch out.. (screaming) well. Oh My God are you okay dr. Phil JesusChrist when Tom retired from the Army after 27 years of service he says heentered a new war zone in his own home this guy's been there in war service andhe's scared of a nine-year-old Karen's say they have lost control of their15-year old car stealing drug taking and.

Abusive daughter Madison now when wetalk to her, a completely different story she's obvious the fun-loving teen oh youknow they just blow everything out of proportion. So what does she actually dothen I don't really understand she does drugs I kind of made a list here of thebehaviors just that she admits to she says she just cusses out her mother Ohcurse said mother aah send her to jail now it all makes sensenow I understand why they lock themself at night we talked to the school of itwe got you got a letter from the school regarding her attendance they say said 7excused absences 18 unexcused absences for a total of 25 10 tardies they sayyour child's absences this school year have been excessive yeah so yeah I lovehim I love him so much.

How's she doing academically she's notgoing to school I don't think she's just passing the course so. (Pewds laughs) wait can we goback mom says mom says she's failing and dadreiterates and she just looks away she's failing I don't think she's passing acourse I don't think she's passing the course look at the mom so. You freaking idiot I just said that you goddamn retard so she's failing I don't know about youguys but I don't think she's passing her courses with all of these crimes goingon you've not done much on the prosecutorial side no sirit's been me on this one we've we've discussed it but that'scorrect I've dropped him what the what did you drop did you drop the kidsthat would actually make a lot of sense.

We've discussed it but that's correctI've dropped them over and over again okay okay well there you go problemsolved here you have what I like to call theBattle of the foreheads if you have the Virgin four head versus the absoluteChad forehead this is how you know Phil is the boss that's how you know he's theman look at that forehead that's a forehead that's a goddamn forehead if Iever see a forehead I want to marry it would be guy that forehead and no othersorry Marzia that's what I want I love him saying and she had was ahard consequences the first time and realized look at that weak-ass foreheadget it out of here excuse me pathetic all rightthat ain't no forehead you see this.

Forehead you see this forehead that's aSC ass a week I couldn't ever beat dr. Phil .He is the man what is thisepisode about, I forgot. I would hope so I just we've been f-bombed so many timesabout how she doesn't care Seargent we're getting f-bombs, left and right. How'r we gonna make it out alive?okay but seriously though what what did Madison do I want to see it,I want tosee her crying that's all I want here's a video of Madison driving hermother's car that she uploaded to social media INAUDIBLE You're just making it worse like I don't understandwhy we're doing this because it's escalating Madi. (Madison cries). You could die. kids crying,it's a goddamn blessing that's the tearsof angels. Vox media PewDiePie makes fun.

Of children crying horrific footagelisten you, can I enjoy my hobbies please? (Like being a Nazi) I doI believe they don't we're at our wits end she's stolen your car 30 times yourealize they all know the statistics surviving an 80 mile an hour car crashdamn I would unironically watch a dr. Phil episode with just his hands that'show much I love it times you see that he realize do y'all notice to tip notanyone can do that not anyone can do that by the way she stole the car 30times is that what you saying? he's saying she's stolen your car 30 times 30 timeshow does that happen just put away the keys goddamn parents man it cannot bethat hard okay I have two pugs so I think of what I know what it means to bea father she steals the car and goes for.

Joyrides now we're talking like 30 timeshere excessive I don't know how many times how do you steal the car 30 timesand keep getting away with it I'm sorry but then I'm kind of like well maybeyou're not doing a good job just putting away the keys maybe just maybe never theparents fault but maybe I don't know these people and I don't want to judgethem but maybe they're terrible parents I'm afraid of Madison because she'sphysically as well as verbally abusive she has kicked holes in the walls oh ifshe has kicked holes in the walls then where are the holes huh smh clearlythe parents are just making everything up where are the holes where are theholes people do anything to get on television Tom calls the police onMadison when she refuses to go to school.

911 what's the emergency? My name is Tom I am in desperate need ofhelp calm down sir what can we do for you my daughter oh god what's happenedto your daughter sir she won't go to school( pewds huffing)she won't go to school goddamn it send backupsend all the units so you have problem with your child late what's the bestpart thing to you could do to solve this situationsit down and talk to your child honestly and set some ground rules withconsequences if not following them or abduct them at night and put them to dr.Phil yeah that's right everybody that's what they actually do it's 3:00 a.m.we're gonna be going to do our intervention with Madison why at nightthey're doing an intervention at 3:00.

A.m. or intervention with Madison in afew moments hopefully she doesn't give us too many problems. We're here to take you to Dr. Phil's(Inaudible between Pewds and mom ) your mom just came in here and told youshe changed the plan. Go out of my room.(Argument between Madi and her dad ) see this is the problem with the child how dare she I mean honestly the13 year old is the real problem look at look at this Savage(swearing and screaming and incomprehensible rage) they knew this was gonna happen there'sno there's a reason they came with a film crew to do this intervention soridiculous pfft.Millennials, am I right?needs their phones that's clearly thebiggest issue here I can't believe it's developed into this was it the rightthing to do? absolutely was it the right.

Thing to abducting your child filming herand forcing her to go on television absolutely they do have a lot of dr.Phil where they kind of they tell themselves in this group that whatthey're doing is right but I'm sorry as much as I love dr. Phil and I love hisshow but I don't think he's helping the child to put him on television and nowthat's not gonna stop me from reading killing the situation hey hey that ain'thappening all right so we get to follow Madison backstage while the parents talkand oh boy that's not about Isis my retired yellowhave a ties my LaSalle we have back to you at night you have to be on the showmy listen it's kind of messed up what they're showing here backstage they evenslip this up so basically her mom is.

Signing for her to be I I'm assuming Idon't know she's signing for her to be on the show and she doesn't have achoice and she even tries to escape and the curtain doesn't even work that waslike the most brilliant heist I've ever seen in my life did you see that did Ididn't want to capture that look at that the team had dr. Phil they know whatthey're doing I'm amazed they didn't manage to escapeI mean look at that damn and almost they almost got away didn't make so what'sthe biggest reason she doesn't want to go on let's hear it she's not gonna everfuck yeah what's that dr. Phil sorry I was playing candy crush okaydon't care are you telling me I can't bring my phone why am i sympathizingstop never sympathize with a child I'm a.

Terrible person let's let's just getthat out there I'm not pretending to be some sort of moral being yes I amlaughing at this child in distress and pain she's right it isn't gonna changeanything you're just there for television we don't have the resourcesas well we have everything set up and ready I don't want you are going mom anddad I have been unequivocal in wait she doesn't they're gonna send her to theprogram they're gonna send her to the ranch remember the range oh my god therange is the best I know that you guys can be as tough asyou wanted the only option is to stand there through the ranch listen Danielbergoglio was sent to the ranch okay and she did you turn out fine she turned outgreat the ranch is the best okay.

There's been a lot of back-and-forththan a lot of the parents but let's hear Madison what does she have to say forherself what's her apology for her behavior welllet me tell you it's the best goddamn apology of all time this is gonna setthe standard from all YouTube apologies from this point let's listen I've madebad decisions and I know that I've messed up but at the end of the day likeI want to be successful I want to do good things with myself that it's notlike I'm like I'm a teenager and I mean I know I've made bad decisions butthat's not who I am hey I want to do good things with myself that it's notlike I'm like I'm a teenager and I'm I know I've made bad decisions but youknow what I'm on her side now I was.

Goddamn beautiful that's not who I amthat's not who I am I'm not a wait what you don't have a driver's license do youno sir but you take your parents car and godrive around see she's taking the car twice where do they get 30 from I'm soconfused okay so Madison doesn't want to listento dr. Phil you know the story here is clearly different she's that she'ssaying oh I only use the car twice but the parents are saying I use it 30 timesand then dr. Phil hits her with the hard hitting evidence we have proof we haveproof goddamnit we come in where are these even from Ilove dr. Phil's face he's like I got you huh what do you got to say what what areyou get to see whether huh again she has.

The best defense of all the time I meanit's goddamn irrefutable even from your social media what social media yes I'lluse this for my next apology where or is this from we which upload straight toyour own YouTube channel well I like I just want to know where you uploaded youit was on your channel why you come back home you don't honestly say no to therange say no to the range range sander to their range you want to save yourshut up I don't want to go by myself to it I'm not gonna have nobody to talk towhat would you rather do give me you give me Plan B I thought that's what I thought yeahthat's my man that's what I know there is no plan B is it your decision thatshe participates what I thought that's.

What I thought but there is no plan B isit your decision that's a participate has this program send her to the ranks think it is gonna help and as I say Ithink you guys need to be prepared to roll your sleeves up and work very hard what I'm talking about here centered tothe range uh-huh god dammit she got away why did no one tackle her oh she's backshe's back everybody okay thank God thank God so why did she comeback why did you decide to come back out they talked they talked to me and toldme that my sister would be coming back out here with meI'm sorry they told me my sister would be coming out here with me no that's nottrue.

Oh that's not true no she's not comingout and I'm not gonna talk to her so if you why did you leave by the way onehandwho is that / Gravatt why did you leave by the way I'm just gonna assume thatshe's Satan from now on for the third timewell that was it for the story of Madison she's now at the ranch poor girlhow could she how Chrissy deserved this being outdoors with the horses hope youguys enjoy this another dr. Phil episode thank you dr. Phil for blessing us againwith your glory this has been Felix Kjellberg signing off smashlike and subscribe oh yeah for more daily dr. Phil update videos you wantpyramids we got them oh you're into castles huh we got youcovered baby you want some bets easy.

We got it all this game is still relevantgod damn it


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