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Fortnite SoapGang Squads #11

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Oh hmm you know sometimes gods are just really horny guys oh wait back in the olden days when gods would just come down and bang everybody no those were the good old you whatever controversy that was my younger brother sorry about that oh oh they say rock no it's just Baloo I just mean brother Rick guys cool.

Praise the Lord and Jesus Christ oh oh absolute min ease I'm scared I haven't met it five six minis I have a nice knees I have one minute never blue I have a blue attack I have a blue TAC and a big pot can you fit through this hole Yoko's oh no I need that that's what I don't need there's anybody in this room is that the endgame the bunny hopping with tutorial there's a mini right here.

Bunny hop tutorial what it's bunny hop tutorial missing foots yeah but I don't remember what you're talking about oh you do oh you little faggot don't even do that Wow Wow I'm insulted what is the bunny out on them so I just took that or the husbandís I drop her drop the drop mini all right over here okay I'll try to go fit to it right here.

That close enough that is kind of smooth good so what was that big part meant for someone because it just kind of smooth drinking it myself you know would you like some oh then the rest is not damaged would you like some oats my brain my brain see people all right watch me no nor can't run are no mine hey there snipe in Edison I don't enjoy it already.

It's time to northeast yeah let's go well-read God we're all just standing around like idiots why don't we go with you I don't know whichever whoever goes first yeah that way I see him please earlier come save your teammate I gave this month he's so weak yeah I'm trash guys okay someone is reacting back to the risky the guy that.

Ran that brick oh I see yeah so we're just riffing on the me last check Wow scared me boom don't don't don't no use this cream they are stupid eos max where are we going but it is just not yeah did you just go for him all right yes send one dude out of high if you can't.

Kill him you're just a guy I didn't go yeah I got you bro let's go oh my man you suck James you just kill them all oh well I just left my bandages behind for that okay Gaetano Oh see if left them I can get them now might be another rich bro I smell like he's Jewish.

What I'm according this oh let me just mute my mic real quick we'll sit easy that's it my bad Nick Riggs found out that you can I swear I'm insane so he's like in the gloating scene he's like he's like all right guys oh yeah he just went on a complete swearing he snapped its people Northwest no no he likes him he just go this way yeah there are people Northwest but.

They're like far northwest why would we even want to wire the you could you're so far brother Hector especially because we're Bros I've already taught myself a faggot that's why or yeah they'll know let's go laughs ooh man I saw that I saw that was sexy and the service car I don't have any more ammo why gotta be so secretive about it oh oh.

Oh James did you ever have you snap it three people's guys like the West rushing towards this skirt I need fellas I'm genuinely still there's more seven of my 0.1 pops whoo sniper party's coming oh I knocked that it's awful I didn't expect to live anyway so that's the dude I got that's the chick I hurt so hard.

Traps are so good in this game man all right that's the storm please yes homeowner back James you run right James right one game hey that's my no you you're right I got you admit there's my looming right there I'm too big we have fresh have a campfire I'm gonna storm what are you doing I know I have bandages nice there's people right friendly South hey.

I wanna Dawson captain they're going on top of the mountain come to me James is playing scrims you freaking faggot banj is drop all bandages also ar mo or shotgun em else I have 60 and 18 okay James I'm good I'm good I'm people South ab9 sniper bullets no hey I'm shipping a headshot though I'm sorry i disappoint it's okay I'm I'm pretty bigger with disappointment - why.

Are you rushing okay oh my god you guys smart what else would we do no idea now you better not get knocked cuz they're gonna be em I know hey you come back here you know where I'm going that's a tree that's a tree Porter rifted he portraits it out Jim's I heard it yep my inventories looking pretty nice I got some 10 nice I love I'm so I have 4 as well.

I have mm damn stairs or fish right boys destroy I've done like two damage to Bruce when I was probably yeah I click the email button like I had like max materials you're a popular kid Oh where is golden it's my sniper those people West's oh hello watch we're slots right we're sniffing each other watch bad anyway all that anyone got lost fat well I got one peek.

Hey we'll do that for me I did know you didn't to a nice-nice Tech's fault you just lights up snipe that boy I need I near the south sailing you yeah see the dudes up there no Ellen oh why did you I totally thought that hit I was like oh you hit done well I was thinking up to no good.

Hey guys these are the last guys you know us guys that do any actual track nothing I hit that guy with a fuel source is pretty much a guaranteed W hey W is literally like W aim higher generally spins deer on a hill yeah I know this you'll break food you'll break through the hill at some point you got this bro yeah they're not peeking I know I know at this point their actual.

Regards you know the time they're down there yeah they are no yeah max I mean I know send me a message at morning James snap at them stray less bad during this door now or is he what's you're sitting here about that y'all are in the storm again oh man are you already have sorry watch me get this angle on dad's a few peeps is done for let's destroy that.

I got this that's a nice done GG angle cheeky angle G yeah over there Oh y'all both James and flat both turned around immediately and turned into like the day team over here was a perfect joke I'm on the Z team all right well I got a go


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