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Top 5 Out of Control Machines

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Machines don't always do as they are told, and sometimes malfunction! Today's video is on five out of control machines!
*Original content produced in studio by JJO Video Media*
Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC)
Shika Dhand (CC), Spencer Lars (CC)
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hey guys welcome back to another video today we're doing five out-of-control machines .

it's big work stoppage here sixteen okay this one's gopis ticket big stick just here comes a big stick comes a big stick gasps.

Try the big stick theory he's gonna go flying across them try to kill the intern for water is actually powered alright now we're going to another attending hey guys we got $50 to the first person to grab the tire a change $50 in a free lunch spirit man out got.

Any benefits oh my gosh we're still going now it's not going down it's like the Lions around the you know there we go $50 to the gentleman with the antlers and here's a few more that didn't make the list .


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