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World of Tanks || Xbox One || T32 || Ideal Setup, Top Tier Bully.

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That poor, poor STA-2... Almost felt bad. Almost.


How's it going guys bring your platoon here and welcome to another great game in World of Tanks Xbox one edition today I'm going to be playing in the tier 8 heavy tank on the American line the t32 this thing's gun has been buffed recently and when I say recently I I'm sure I mean like a few months ago from the standard t29 gun penetration of 198 the AP rounds on this tank and get 219.

Average penetration and instead of 245 APCR yeah instead of 245 millimeters of penetration on average they buffed it up to 268 or something like that so not bad not bad at all I thought I thought it was pretty stupid that you got stuck with the t29 gun again a tier above itself I thought that was really stupid but uh they do that with a lot of Tanks.

So I guess I just sucked it up the last time I played this tank was years ago and after this I went to the m103 which at the time had a hundred and twenty seven millimeters of protection in the front as well as on the side of its turret not the 200 and whatever protection that the m103 had then but that this video is not about the m103 it's about the t32 I had memories of.

This tank of playing it and the t29 which by the way I sold the t29 like twice and bought it back twice it's pretty funny this tank is better in every single way it's more accurate with an accuracy of 0.36 the Alpha is the same as the t29 gun which is 320 I believe 320 330 around there but I already told you about the penetration values for each round except for the.

High explosives because who cares it's got a dispersion of points yeah I said that already point three six which isn't bad it's better than the t29 thank God that severe range is three six there are 380 meters sorry I believe I have either a vertical stabilizer or a gun rammer and optics or I have a gun rammer vents and optics I know optics is one of them and I just.

I feel like it needs that extra DPM boost just because you don't have a lot of alpha to work with when you're in T or 9 and 10 games so being able to shoot them twice before they have a chance to shoot you you know a second time it's pretty good and I permit rack this SGA one because he's starting to get wailed on he already used his repair kit I guess or he's running some sort of weird.

Consumables that doesn't involve having a repair kit but yes I have an perma track now and he's fucked but yes this is a game when the t32 is in its element clearly out in the open this thing is well easy to penetrate and easy to dominate its gun Traverse isn't that great it's kind of slow and it it's got the a typical American setup where all the armor is focused in the front and on.

The sides you have asked but you have a spur armor but you can still side scrape kind of sort of it's hard to do but it is doable you just you can't rely on it well you can rely on however is the overwhelming amount of armor you get with your turret tier tens have trouble penning this thing in the front if they hit the hatch they'll still probably bounce off but if you're facing tier 10.

TDS that are loading heat with 420 millimeters of penetration jagdpanzer e-100 then chances are they're gonna pin it so unless you're facing tier 10 T DS loading premium at you I think it's funny that they won't even go through the front of the turret they just can go through the hatch just because of the hatches extreme angle on all sides because of how curved and angle it is.

Yeah but yeah pretty funny how strong this turret is even funnier when you put into the account when you're facing your own tear you can basically overpower anything that comes in front of you as long as you're holed out that is that drag Tiger 8.8 is hauled down speaking of so I load a premium shell and pretty much automatically go straight through the.

Front of his tank regardless of how angled he is because 268 average penetration maybe I'll get a plus oh this is a good shot right here ah right into the top of that chief 1995 not a bad shot I probably could have shopped the hatch but he was moving so I thought it would be just be better to aim for the hole of his tank which was good but anyway this game yes I'm in my own tier.

And I'm pretty much overpowered in this current position that I'm in however this position only worked because I had teammates behind me if I got rushed to either side of me good shot into the super into the superstructure of that jag 88 there I know that was kind of late but moving on but yes the only way this position works is if you have teammates behind you.

Because if you don't have support you're just gonna get rushed to the sides and behind you and it's gonna get bad real quick unless they're really stupid and don't know that they can move in front to the side of you relatively easily but yes typical American tank auto upend on all all your sides except for the front and if you're not hauled down this thing is kind of a piece of shit.

As far as armor goes but again if you use Hills to your advantage you can absolutely bully people even in higher tiers it's pretty funny but the accuracy is a little troubling at times you saw me bounce off my own tank there and he was only like 200 meters away so that was kind of depressing yeah to 260 I guess has a good distance but still like I was aiming at his the lower upper.

Plate of his tank and my shot went to the right side of his turret like okay thanks orangey but uh yeah mid to short-range is how this thing shines as long as you have support behind you you're definitely not a frontline tank much it plays much like the T 125 the tier 10 and the t29 it they all play the same way you find a Ridge you pop your turret off it and.

You're pretty invincible so yeah do that and this tank is a little better than the tier 10 actually just because well despite having less armor in the lower half of the tank it doesn't have a giant tumor on its turret that people can pend with heat or APCR so this was also a mastery game which I thought was weird considering how I thought a lot of people played this tank but I guess not.

But yeah I got a Devastator steel wall that's no surprise and 6300 damage combined so a pretty good game and I wasn't my own tier so I guess there's nothing phenomenal thank you for watching hope you enjoyed my rambling and I'll catch you next time


SuperSaiyaMan • 1 месяц назад
The upper front plate of the T32 is really trollish, its really well angled and thick (I think around 105-110 mm thick) with only the machine gun port the weakness.
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Ice_Wallow_Com • 3 месяца назад
Great video
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BringYourPlatoon • 3 месяца назад
What's great about it? "Great video" seems a little generic... Almost like you didn't watch it. I mean, thank you, but... Yeah.
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