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Karen hip hop song 2019 ( Poe Tha dah ) By Linbus Dan Ft. Tae Tae REACTION!!

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What's good people it's your boy jungle man we back again with another reaction you feel me today I'm gonna be reacting to limbus feature it take a let's see what's Lee was gonna say the song's title is pulls a die and I'm posted I can you feel me what the diet or the channel e-letter pet time at a pet that they're looking to move back to the oak got it oh that's not wet let us see.

Where that yeah if you came on here that's not go to jungle melodies come on you to touch it up I think it's call I forget what it's called shit let me see oh it's cut the little bat let's go a little bit yeah go check it out go check out gentle melodies if you guys won by the merch jingle melodies I'll put the link down below go check it out we got some honey's.

T-shirts hats what else we got flag stickers whatever go check out the website this is not a sponsorship cuz I'm the motherfucking CEO yeah let's get it let's go limbus featured Taytay put the da it's gonna be lit by the look of it man's got 25k in a week so let's see what's popping man you already know let's go let's go I'm doing this boy he got 25 came one week with the foot she.

Was popping okay I know he's a good singer and today I know you can rap let's see what's poppin yeah okay let's get it let's get to the video put the dad let's go I'm pulling dot to you know I feel me bro mans vaping are you doing yo is a tattoo real .

my brother kill be realistic oh why you shirtless bro where's all the bitches oh yeah yeah the the other clock are you filming .

Most of the rapper back home they all got the same flow away no lies but it's good belly come on switch it up guys come on switch it up you feel me back in the game of Stratego okay .

bunch of guys trying to ground but no bitch I posted a Bronco that I wasn't sure which it I don't hear much of oh why they surely oh goodness and he got the Glock on little man's vaping hi okay I get Wyatt the view so high because the song is actually good but the video just funny bro you feel me but I just not just how it.

Is I guess libras can sing and tete-a-tete today today today you can't rap so I see why see was my thoughts on the video it was pretty good I guess don't want to hurt nobody's feelings you know shit okay latest a thing today things you know but lay low on the top and you feel it was pretty good other than that yeah nothing to say bro I'm just you know to react if you guys want.

To see the original video the link will be down below let me know who do you guys want me to react to next and yeah I comment down below and like subscribe comment share with your friends your mom your pops your friend the I said already your brother your sister whoever this gap is poppy gang gay I guess that will be it for today I'll see.

You guys next time peace


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