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SOUND OF EVIL SEASON 4 - (New Movie) 2019 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie Full HD |1080p

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This terrific epic movie centers on Amalinda kingdom. A kingdom that is under the control of Okike. There was a conspiracy and battle for supremacy amongst the witches that controls the kingdom. Karishika(Destiny Etiko) the daughter Arichinda claims to be the most fairest of the maidens but unknown to her, in the far forest, there exists Cushi(Orji Ann Ogewhite) the most powerful witch with the powers of ten witches of Amalinda kingdom chosen by the gods to rule over the kingdom. Even in the kingdom of witches, jealousy exists. Watch as the movie unfolds.
STARRING: Destiny Etiko, Eve Essien, Egwuonwu Zainab, Orji Ann Ogewhite, Sorich Simon.
DIRECTOR: Ezeugo U. Ezeugo, Prince Frank Arinze.
COMPANY: Ultimate Movie Production.
YEAR: 2019
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You know where you are .

Why are you following me I'm sorry I have to follow you at least to protect you stop that because it should wait - come with me please just go back good I am sorry again I can't go back it is also too dangerous for you to embark on this journey alone know that this is my journey and not your Johnny if you don't want me to follow you could you kindly go back let.

Me do my journey alone did you hear that this just sounds like me I'm sorry it's very fresh at night here I don't mean just that I don't want you to get hurt which I will not get hot I will not get hot let's go please this world without .

you need to race okay don't worry I will look after you could you guys should be the one telling you that just rest I'll protect you .

she is klepto I'm sorry ok you don't have to be psychic let's go I am testing I am very very test what is.

The meal of texty Kuji and mean I won't you drink water oh you want to drink water okay let's do the play reverse so that you can drink water .

No no I don't want to drink it in a little more testing please right look at I'm fine you're fine let's go I don't wonder what they did what's happen for a listen to this music he said something .

Oh little boy what are you doing there only known where are your parents miss handsome don't go closer to him he's not a homer could you how could you say oh my god could you it's just a little boy let's help it's time son please you have to go you a most severe would you mean perishing de is going to.

Keep please please cool could you just stop stop that could you just insulted me which I am a man not just a man a woman with Moses Aboriginal origin everywhere which I can fight with the humans and spirits don't make me look stupid I'm sorry that's not what I met boots you have to go Kochi I am not going anywhere.

I am not going anywhere I got you something I I actually saw this over there and what is this so um back in the CC I I have friends I have everybody I have all of them in the city I have I have this particular friend in these lemmy's might fall under no so you can amuse oh yeah fucking Oh chatters Easter time.

With his girlfriend it is in lots of people and sometimes I wonder to the run but I have tried my best to convince him.

But he refused I don't know what to do but how can I do that absolutely whatever verses you could just say bastard there you're scaring me again who are you talking to a friend another friend never mind let's go Krish let's go Christian Megan coochie-coochie listen I.

Got an appendix if you continue our option I am Iridum the great swish with Chris magic Palace I command the ways to carry heiress to the forest hole a cruel manner test alack what kind of stupid twists on spots.

This is now cuz she you okay yes fear isn't Sampson at that back yet the growth ring yes there it goes a Mexican fix because remember that all great men are great because they are silent even when you.

Have your mouth Oh with words you will speak at the right time no you need to rest thank you my name is eros the son of Mike my father actually asked me to to return what you gave him to preserve long time.

Ago understand he did not give me anything physical he only said he'll understand after I must have delivered my music like that no mother is not from a Melinda his to go researcher she was Jenna Melinda for.

Your research white smile you Prince it can be from armor in the kingdom we are welcome myself sorry I I don't understand grandmother what is the mean of prissy kill the son of a king Christine you will not understand he call this hearing friends eaten .

I'm a debugger at once oh god do i reaiiy don't to be part of my mother's evil plan you Kim kanga what is the problem my mother is evil crazy guy is not a witch she cannot be the most powerful who's Anna's daughter east but my mother who already knows that led to Devo evidence as a result why do we punish her to the.

Evil forest what why would you wanna do that my mother it is because she wants our daughter to be the most powerful witch if Vicky is powerful America does not mean how God do we need to leave this kingdom at work before she use our daughter to accomplish even class at Allah meeya we are leaving because God you are maybe no one is very kiddo .

Please come inside leave me - akima caddy mother remarried your kill him do I stop you can ask if you don't know what I'm talking about you kill Toby your children because you found out about our plans run away from the tower doctor what are you kidding I hate you for this nee-chan.

Shut up I taught you a brief what has come away and so the brain man you're talking about braveness yet you kiddy father of I first child my first blood and we're talking about braveness you want me to clever in order to look brave never when I met you I exposed you and all your secret plans would I hate you for days I hate you and I'll make sure out I suppose you and.

All evil plans what secrets are the two of you talking about tea miss talk to me your highness nothing she's just not happy about a obese death she's ripping that's all I already know you are an evil woman I must rest all your secrets and I will expose you not your daughter because I know she cannot do anything - you evil woman.

Before you must find out my secret ways you must be your Ella grave forever while gift ranges are reaching de I can Amaro hello others our agenda to be that a Molina did not receive our sacrifice at large in that with no receive the most powerful very well in this field .

Equal in the demand that Harrison Donna family stay in the palace why are you the physic your majesty I sure that our children actually hear from our gods are you sure because Donna Brazile got a Melinda speech is Little Miss know and dot alpha or he still believe in our agenda I don't believe ah .

Hearty the find out who should capacity I don't know but soon the gods will in school today and if I find out I must sacrifice he or she to otk River why cocaine what dr. Levi zero it will it will not unify his evil instead of fuck to sacrifice him in oka River we're sacrificing the only one I'm Alan.

Deliver it's our own Eva how dare you first and the others from the gods .

You lie what do you carry much because we have evidence equal to just not I said how it started in Panama to kill it in life you start to me no my king I swear by the government I mean no sense of thing then you swerve at in them AHA Melinda as for this piece scissor to the nests a chemical yes you .

doesn't mean I rashanda want to review my circuit - Ximena rashanda me on my beautiful wife okay what is it I am fine I am fine let's go back to let's go back to okay let's be can't be took it yourself and you said you're fine what about our Shinda oh no no no no don't go dear how much I'm don't go dear I am fine really.

I'm fine oh let's go back to come let's see you're fine okay to yourself just know okay oh honey tell me I was thinking about your beauty I was looking at you and thinking about your painting and I started thinking about it oh mighty sound what legal .


Juliet kona • 6 дней назад
Next part please have been waiting for a while now
👍 1
Toni D • 6 дней назад
are you people going to upload the final parts at some point???????
👍 0
Osaremhen Mari • 8 дней назад
I have been waiting for the 5&6 of this movie, please upload it
👍 0
Success Godwin • 8 дней назад
You guys should bring the 5 and 6
👍 0
Nollywoodpicturestv • 8 дней назад
Sorry dear, there is no 5&6. Thanks for watching and happy new week.
👍 0
Ada mike • 11 дней назад
What is still keeping the 5 and 6
👍 1
Stanley Owie • 11 дней назад
Imagine a month now yet no part 5&6 na wow
👍 0
CB Computer Technology • 13 дней назад
To be continued ...
👍 0
Konlan Nanleeb • 14 дней назад
It makes no sense showing half movies
👍 1
Nollywoodpicturestv • 14 дней назад
Thanks for watching dear, we really appreciate. Have a wonderful day
👍 0
Belinda Baloumah • 20 дней назад
Please we are begging you to bring 5&6
👍 1
Nollywoodpicturestv • 20 дней назад
It does not have 5&6 dear. Thanks for watching the movie.
👍 0
Precious Gift • 22 дня назад
Please where's the part 5&6 of this movie biko upload it...because we are not smiling
Untill now u people refused to give us family of enemies 1
Omenka 2
Last confession 3
Last last we dey vex🆗️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️✔💯
👍 2
Precious Gift • 22 дня назад
+Nollywoodpicturestv like seriously? but the movie didn't end well so how come u guy's said is finish?
👍 0
Nollywoodpicturestv • 22 дня назад
Dear, this movie ends here ok. It doesn't have 5&6. thanks for watching.
👍 0
Winizeh Wini • 23 дня назад
Wot is wrong with u guys..one mont without 5@6
👍 0
Tota Ali • 28 дней назад
Please 5&6
👍 0
Nollywoodpicturestv • 28 дней назад
that is the final part dear. thanks for watching and do share with friends
👍 0
Nora Gift • 28 дней назад
Please season 5/6
👍 0
Apalasekiya Comfort • 29 дней назад
Next part very interesting biko waiting
👍 0
Nollywoodpicturestv • 29 дней назад
Thanks for watching the movie dear, we appreciate. Happy new week.
👍 0
angel glory • 29 дней назад
I have been waiting for 5&6 please
👍 1
Nollywoodpicturestv • 29 дней назад
this is the final season dear, thanks for watching the movie we really appreciate
👍 0
Amelie Kayo • 1 месяц назад
next part is already one month
👍 0
Roman Gift • 1 месяц назад
When is part 5 coming out oo
👍 0
Khadijat Idris • 1 месяц назад
Pls next part we are tried of waiting ooo
👍 0
Joyce Odion • 1 месяц назад
Please ooooo 5 $ 6
👍 0
Merit Joan Benson • 1 месяц назад
When is the part 5&6 going to be out??? How long is it going to take?
👍 0