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Sometimes well do this all like walk in a minion and then shoot before I start my auto tuck to try to do kiss whew you guys see how after each auto tech um I'm moving I'm not just to saying they're not a technique so I can try to avoid a steel yes press the attack right okay well I mean she was fighting me in my minion wave and the most important part is I saved my span or I had my spin.

For when he dismounted Oh coming you know what I'll do a little Vadra view of this game and I'll show you exactly what I'm looking for and why I've like walked in between my minions to kind of show how that works and show the mistake that I've made and life is over aggressing in the main times you fall within Prague wasn't wrong .

I am your worst nightmare all right so I'd usually if you give first love like this and the waves like slow pushing towards you you'll notice that cloud will get a little free right there I can't walk up this way if I walked through the wave he'll get it like a such a good trait on me I don't have them anyway to fall back on I also have no fury so in this.

Situation it's okay just to let the wave crash back in if I thought their jungle head pressure on me and was looking at dive I would warp instantly like right here right here or right here if you can you just what I'm seeing online if I can I'm gonna prepare minions at this I'm doing pork yes like if the turrets attacking a full HP range.

Mmmm during that time that the turrets to take in that mini and I can tuck into the mini me so glad that is dub you up there which is why didn't go by this pretty good pressure but it gets to pocket pistol cues if you use this a second walk a pistol cute here Oh probably going home it has to cool down too early on this like okay let's just.

Pack up I'll keep the wave frozen here you might stick around then just wait you see you sitting all the way back there because as uh his pocket pistol keel is down it's okay not to go super-aggressive up but in this situation quite as a really good laning phase guns trained the Marine general so you just kind of play patient probably play patience a little.

Sex yes it's W up something want to get like heart traded on but ignite you can actually kill me in this bar so you got to really keep track of that W cooldown wait played wasted on minions like that I look good clips will do this I'll hold onto their W skill until they're ready to use it from rolling.

I didn't even have to Juke her kill I understood that right but even if I hit thank you I mean I have my ultimate right really not much she can really do there I'm gonna set my counter alright if I was gonna kill him I was hot to engage on him immediately there if he sticks around with that low HP maybe I can just eat my thighs has the burst firm.

Dirty damn come on dirty Dan can't be doing me like that man time to go uh et messieurs the way the shoving towards me right they didn't push it in what they should done is they should do a push this in and make sure I wasn't seeing a turret leading to so PSP yeah but glad you got to be really on point so I burst him as soon as he dismounts if you're not ready to just.

Completely all learn as soon as you dismount then he shouldn't dismount them you should Ramsey I taste the blood rubber Sunday I'm gonna wait for my ol to come back up like hisses he his cue and his ulti available I could be here a little small trade with them like that I've lemon.

Kind of poked on his HP bar little by little without fully committing just so that I can dismount them without having to use my spoon I don't want to push this as far as possible coming up this way at this moment I know I was left him at 1 hp if all right so now I'm gonna wait until use this is his wor minium IQs even want to see how sorry he's like choosing not.

To see us just so you can keep this w up that's fine as he wants to me so remotely as soon as he uses as W on iminium done you just can't remount right he just doesn't have the attack speed earning your 101 in promos hey good luck see though you got this man hi I'm gonna back up I got a little bit of damage some turret I can't get the.

Full turret fork let's able to better clean I've got busy all when you start snowballing and Clady can get really hard for the club player to get back in the game just because you can basically dismount some that well and burst them down before you can remount their videos but yeah you really have to keep track of HUD's spells wait the new new support.

Is on a rampage as happy more about Lane hi guys dirty Dan hit him up with the game the reason why it took drugs there that's because the lane was slow pushing towards me right hand I have team on so I can take these cards back I'm actually not sure if I should push next waves but I'll be a little greedy because they're bought we just had bought Terra right.

So they potentially are coming the top right now when I asked about bilingual swap to talk I think I can hold top turret for a little bit but and the guest outreach place instead of swapping it's obvious if they're in gonna give it to the club you should swap says I'm happening isn't all right and what happened this guy oh he's just I was only able to hold tops.

Her for one wave and I got sucked out I didn't have volt so I can't really commit on all in all right so carrying a game like this your thought was kind of griefing midlane not really head jungle pantheon a he's come behind don't look kind of rough you gotta keep track of him me and that's little push like hand gets duck does try to buy your team some time by pulling pressure towards you.

So then you team try to like group 5 min really early on the game that sometimes gonna work that has to be really well excuted and looks like there's a overcommitted and got Hamilton there's so I mean I can keep getting pressure on balling I don't seen it all new news back over here I think there also been I think you do something about this if things autos.

Dirty down I think I saw both minutes so I can keep pushing I do have to watch out for a rotation from the new I got a word right here the new new rotations I'm worried about having new new like CC me of all is waiting for bears to catch up and beat me I'm gonna go take these frogs because I know the jungler said because I build them and they have to worry.

Talking that way I should have probably checked it Fred like third five-minute again so instead Balki I'm gonna choose to push here just because you know I want to press her woman teacher and pressure range so it was like they brought the the pressure from club then we got bought and pick up this Tourette I'm gonna soak a satyr over the CS.

Just a matter as much if we trade that's fine press be really careful about being dashed on wrap-up is uh I get a flame I know somes I'm gonna back and see if I can mean all the games you filled up some fury I got there pretty good yeah it stinks this is complaining man I'm trying to carry him dad name is rose.

Push this out all right back in here I'm gonna push one more way about and I'm gonna back up items like Oh a lot of gold and I'll fight like it during a Wimpy nine situation you got to put yourself in a position where you can just like actually solo 13 fights right so you see how I'm like trying to pull pressure towards me now by splitting about wings but team is defending just.

Enough where we're trading objectives rather than like they're just taking objectives I don't get anything so that's actually fine thanks mr. trout the Nunez person right it's gonna be like really good against me I make sure they don't get burned myself I need wait till my next flash cooldown to really look very good you play they.

Have to be able to flash onto Barris or locks or somebody to beat them out we good right not bad at all I'll make sure chaos the kills panting back to to the whole whole top wage with the re does we're not to be able to get this in her brain all right he's greeting too hard for him.

No way his girl and I'm from the circus he did a lot of damage to the rest of us the thing is supported I got that just for each blade I want to fight those noon you're being pressed they're just gonna back this top side we got bottom head we can use that to pressure washed off let's see if.

Breads in this kind of game where your teammates are actually useless if you make a single mistake you probably want one so I gotta make sure that I'm really paying attention to my limits make sure I don't get caught out by anything you're pushing super ways honey go back.

They over knives I'm safar but us versal I guess it is not salty oh I try to push over it the BART played that fight super well we can go after I'm gonna push get mid turret and then we can birthday on the baron can make sure personable.

What's this bullying by whose big pot ways that the whole food supers have bracelets I picked this out three pound even I don't have I still I got a little bit the same for my ravenous after hi mole time when I rest dying there I go randomly moped didn't build HP he built Merc treads and round aside right he didn't build tab you see those black cleaver hon what that build is that's.

Not good this L said tank Hydra all right so shindig spawning I don't give a about the big so I'm just gonna go at the top let's see four people there what's this Bob and Don was super so I can keep going you got to make sure that you're constantly absorbing information around the mouth while you're splitting team's.

Mission oh my god now subjective goal for my team where they are actually trying to do something now bounced back off I'm gonna go first to urine CRB so at this point the reason why so much is are creeps is because CDR boots kind of cup our side the singer covets the attack speed the blues from CDR boot or darker Greaves and then I can swap to see your bits and.

Get myself 20% CDR a third percent right now just because I take my blood I see three middle like they're pushing now I gotta wait for my team to look to you know position or pressure right so I'm re is up here for whatever reason my pant and was doing Brett back I'm gonna go back here and.

Baron up the next wave giving parents and minions actually increases our mu speed I should be good for us because now we can just go this but but I think went too far out these guys end up the fight they need look to Cuddy I'm actually gonna listen the game they're way too committed mike lizanne softer ports okay our heart committed when we had.

Supers on their Nexus turrets there you go easy carry doesn't matter if you have an instant Botwin as long as you make the right moves get yourself the resources that you need in order to carry make sure I made sure that before I engage in a team fight like full-on that I had both some nurse too so it's really important to.

Keep track of I'm getting this barred I think you played extremely well never stood


Madness The Great • 23 дня назад
Jinx the typical garbage player that if don't get his ass carried complains about everything
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Mathias Wagner • 1 месяц назад
damn awesome
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Bye Felicia • 1 месяц назад
how do you move player icons over to the mini map?
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The Mountain • 2 месяца назад
that jinx was a piece of shit
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Gabriel Veloso • 2 месяца назад
Sir. Can I ask how many accounts you have? I counted 30 so far.
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SenpaiX • 3 месяца назад
ah this fucking jinx :D
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ThePowerofMalzahar • 3 месяца назад
check this out
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Aymen Ben Ahmed • 3 месяца назад
What elo is this tho ?
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Toby Hang • 4 месяца назад
That jinx is a piece of shit
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Sebastian Oyola • 5 месяцев назад
why he spin like that?
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Felipe Montes • 5 месяцев назад
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Khaled • 5 месяцев назад
11:10 the classic bot lane
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Иван Георгиев • 6 месяцев назад
won my subscription
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Wojciech Nadgłowski • 6 месяцев назад
26 minutes, 300 cs. G_G
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Estúdio Pixel Digital • 6 месяцев назад
Hi, good night, my name is Alexandre and I'm from Brazil.
I'm a subscriber to your channel and would like to know how do you cancel Tryndamere's E animation?
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Huy Mai • 6 месяцев назад
Lmao silver elo
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Illia Marutsenko • 6 месяцев назад
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Shiro DX • 6 месяцев назад
Nice Silver 1 match. Yeah...
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Marcos Franco • 6 месяцев назад
The difference between micro and macro gameplay. Don't know why but i always love to see trynd games xD
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ChaoticOmega7 • 6 месяцев назад
Your video is awesome! :)
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