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Watch all Cutscenes, Movies, Intros, Outros, Endings including The Frozen Dawn Easter Egg Cutscene from start to finish all in one video.
►DLC 4 Easter Egg Guide:
Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies The Movie: All Cutscenes from The Final Reich, The Darkest Shore, The Shadowed Throne, The Tortured Path & The Frozen Dawn! Intro & Outro Cutscenes!
Huge thank you to the absolute gent known as Jrrizzo for the Dr Straub, Klaus & Marie renders used in the thumbnail, check him out here for more gorgeous renders:
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So what's going on guys in this video I'm gonna be showing you every single cutscene inside of world war two zombies from start to finish which will give you a complete storyline mini movie of sorts and get a recap on all of the storyline from the very first map all the way up to the endings you can get a little bit more sense of that ending let me know down below in the comment section what.

Is your favorite cutscene out of all of the maps from world war ii zombies and if you need any additional videos including guides on the frozen dawns easter egg from start to finish or have that link down below as well as every other Maps Easter Egg as well if you enjoyed this video just spare a second to drop a thumbs up as well and here we go.

good to see you all again we've had quite arrived together Baptists cough eurozone stash perhaps your finest hour captain Jefferson anytime I'm taking Nazis down to pay its my finest hour besides these bastards had a premiere hanging next to a Vulcan burg sure they're both Dutch the wrong damn.

Century Olivia your fieldwork at miss Weinstein led us to over 6,000 pieces stolen from private collectors in France janetti's have taken so much from us all these arts belongs to the people and who can forget the Merkers salt mine yeah yeah I know what I did but hold your applause I'd rather try no but I Roland do not for a bust my house where your pennies again there's no what's that.

Mean duly noted which brings us to Middleburg and the current operation dr. Fischer ten days ago we received a dossier material smuggled out by a young Austrian scientist who's reconsidering his loyalties in it he provides the location of a hidden bunker where dr. Strauss and Colonel Richter had a collecting some peculiar pieces.

Whatever they found it's being used to power some kind of experiment you have no idea what you're dealing with do you your mission is to seize that relic everything else is on a need-to-know basis is it just me or does this you know we do we but leak to the party I didn't sign up for that shite - none of us do buts here we are and you have your.

Mission just as I have mine to find and rescue the scientists who risked his life to get us this intelligence Klaus Fischer my brother I meant on take quick T's Dalek no search and rescue best of luck what the hell was that but tall jack it's too soon for us to be back in the field.

Murder was wrong to send us out yeah anybody else wish you hadn't survived a train wreck I watched you at the briefing you don't like this place what is it Rideau said you've been here before yeah well this place is go semester day looking out of the sea like we're surfers middle finger no surprised stroke gave me at the best piece-of-shit island I'm just wondering why we.

Followed him we need to find the rest of the sword before he does we need to know where your hair Molly at least this time you're not pretending to care about our calls this is different we should have heavy fog all morning if everything goes well nobody will fire the shot yeah why are things ever gone well for our little tea party .

Stay close let's move people where's the other boat this job Islands best goddamn Island still feeling optimistic darlin which I believe I'm saying this I wish we were back in Germany .

Without well there goes the Calvin to wash me he's bringing his army to Britain no something's wrong we're not going to England sure buys other plans hey you need Berlin Straub is come home those were Russian forces leaving image looks like they're burning the city to the ground.

Yeah well the Russkies aren't ready for what's coming nobody nobody saw this coming the horror of this new military force a force composed entirely of the dead is torn across the face of Europe it's fallen on us.

The newly formed bureau of archaic technologies to be the tip of the spear in this fight we are woefully outnumbered we cannot match this enemy blow-for-blow but with the help of our new allies we will strike where they are most vulnerable we will be smart we will be fast we will be lethal but we must do more than simply kill our enemies we must totally destroy them then a subtle.

Yeah I do need anymore warm and it's gonna drown us that's what amenities be sure today peti to lose such a find lots of answers then their answers the questions I hadn't even thought to ask Oh gone no not all gone didn't you read the markings on the wall the cuneiform inscriptions come on professor you could.

Read that I mean I mean I recognize the pre Byzantine characters but oh hell I couldn't make head nor tails hey how is it that you not to get arson undead ghouls and still have enough sense to translate them prehistoric scribbles are law stories as a team arrived from new Swami I'm confirmed sir tars 468 lost contact with MOBA Thurston Island and we've lost.

Paris as he was filling our survivors dammit have captain man mover ships Weston begin a search priority 1 we need that sword sir was a sword going today we're outnumbered 10 to 1 that sword is the key to all those the Nazis have opened the door to hell on earth we're gonna close it .

Stand and perceive your destiny Raven boys you are all that stands between life and death you


Typical British Gamer • 9 часов назад
first map was good, kinda forgot about the rest. they werent outstanding. WW2 Zombies: 5.5/10
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Sho Zaiaku • 1 день назад
But steel is heavia than feathas
👍 0
WitheringPoet61 • 4 дня назад
Shiet lol
👍 0
Lostboy 1303 • 7 дней назад
Honestly WW2 zombies scared me more than BO1 zombies and im older but damn. They frightened me again😂
👍 0
Dragonhunter 24 • 8 дней назад
Damn i completely forgot about WW2 zombies
👍 0
Aiden Moore • 11 дней назад
hey what was that mummy looking zombie anyway
👍 0
Phillip Crandall • 11 дней назад
I like how the world is still striving but fighting
👍 0
Jess Mitchell • 11 дней назад
They should make a movie about this
👍 0
adolfo XD • 13 дней назад
That boss zombie from the first cutscene sounded like a slow motion oof
👍 0
Barış Şenbaş • 15 дней назад
Why not end true??? Game is not ending but no more map released??
👍 0
Aleandra Gonzalez • 24 дня назад
👍 0
Aleandra Gonzalez • 24 дня назад
1:23 is leaked footage of sans before he was a skeleton lol
👍 0
KI Sabrewulf • 24 дня назад
I don’t get the ending at all...
👍 0
Joshua Jaraczewski • 25 дней назад
I don't understand the last cutscene
👍 0
SuperCRazyWB03 *Is lame* • 27 дней назад
Is it me or one of the charaters (Forgot his name) Sound like Scrooge i think his name is from duck tales
👍 0
Milk Man The gamer • 28 дней назад
Who else heard Scrooge mc duck in this
👍 0
alfee • 28 дней назад
better than bo4
👍 0
panda • 1 месяц назад
Ww2 is the worst Zombie
👍 0
Angel Vanegas • 1 месяц назад
He sounds like scrooge mcduck
👍 0
AnotherRandomYoutuber • 1 месяц назад
How the hell did that big ship explode due to a scratch well it still looks pretty good
👍 0