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LeBron James is the Lakers' biggest problem – Stephen A. | First Take

Опубликовано: 1 месяц назад
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Stephen A. Smith doesn’t consider LeBron James the best player in the league from this point forward. Stephen A. anticipated some of the Los Angeles Lakers’ problems with the young players and Luke Walton, but he didn’t anticipate LeBron James not playing the way he usually does. Max Kellerman understands the way LeBron is playing now because it isn’t in the playoffs.
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Leon Pressley • 1 день назад
This has to be the most weakest erra in NBA history these new guys are whack man they suck nobody is really hot on the court people want to be entertained the reason why Kobie and Michael jorden and Allen iverson and that generation was great was WE WERE ENTERTAINED these guys don't play like that anymore i'm sorry but i can't take this erra of basketball except for Kyrie irving thats it the rest yall can have
👍 0
Johnny Clint • 3 дня назад
Legacy: Fame > Finals. 😕
👍 0
J Shumaker • 4 дня назад
Says the house Nigga. In front of the good ole white folks. Step n fetch it.
👍 0
DogsAre Dogs • 5 дней назад
LeBron was my idle
👍 1
x breezy • 5 дней назад
lebron went 28-27 with the lakers and without him they were 9-18 if it wasn't for injuries the Lakers would most definitely would've been in the playoffs and before all the injuries they were in the 4th seed, y'all act like it's just lebron on the team and he's supposed to drop 50 every night, all these role players make a huge difference to the team, it's not just lebron, if lonzo,LeBron,Ingram and all these other guys can stay healthy there's no doubt they'll be in the playoffs, if the Lakers draft tacko their defense is just going to get better
👍 0
nuggs • 8 дней назад
lebron has too many haters to be overrated anymore lol
👍 0
LOKHighest • 10 дней назад
They are about to fire the Lakers coach!!! Watch
👍 0
kingwleung • 10 дней назад
I thought Stephen a said lebron will be mvp and said lakers will be great???
👍 0
Jay Rogers • 11 дней назад
Stephen A Smith nailed it in one sentence.
👍 0
Jakeztine • 11 дней назад
Coach has a punchable face
👍 0
benjamin cayaban • 11 дней назад
What are we talking about a groin injury ? You mean about a flair up on an injury he suffered when he has supposed off ly been kicked by DRAYMOND GREEN when the GSW was ahead and got suspended and stole that ring ? The move that GS decided to recruit KD and .... the rest is what you call KARMA !
👍 0
benjamin cayaban • 11 дней назад
LEBRON JAMES will never gonna be the GOAT ! Must be a reason why somebody is just making sure that, not only he is horribly losing the sight of MICHAEL JORDAN'S disappearing taillights ,a bunch of headlights seems to appear on his rearview mirror ,? Is that KD? What the hell is he tailgating me ? And,, what the hell why I can't get any speed ? Am I carrying excess baggage in the trunk ? Is that you SHANNON SHARPE ! In the meantime , MAGICJOHNSON and his group of concerned ex teammates are busy tallying the cost of making sure that LEBRON'S future will be on their hands? History is a finality ! We can never change the past...! But who's to say about the future ? MJ also needs to check his trunk,,,,, SCOTTIE PIPPEN are you there ? Lol nothing wrong about a free ride!
👍 0
Tyson Knott • 13 дней назад
LeBron is a#😿😢😭
👍 0
robert liaw • 15 дней назад
Look at James Harden's performance during Chris Paul & Capella injured....he almost single-handedly bring the Rockets back to top 5 team in the west. His action speak louder than his words
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Dwight Yancey • 15 дней назад
Trade Lebron.
👍 0
らジャスティン • 16 дней назад
There’s only one goat and that’s Michael Jordan.
👍 0
Zossima Spetzinka • 16 дней назад
Calling him anything just isn’t that important
👍 0
Dashing_Davey • 16 дней назад
Wow, I actually agree with Stephen A.
👍 0
Daniel Johnson • 16 дней назад
Someone finally telling the damn truth!
👍 0
Curtis Hoffman • 17 дней назад
Stephen "A Racist" Smith.. legend in his own mind
👍 0