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2017 College Baseball: (2) Vanderbilt vs. (1) Clemson (NCAA Regional - Game 4) (Full Game)

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June 3, 2017
Doug Kingsmore Stadium
Clemson, SC
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and welcome to the NCAA baseball regionals presented by Capital One on a beautiful Saturday evening in Upstate South Carolina the number one seed in the clemson regional - tigers out of the acc getting set to tangle with two seed Vanderbilt out of the Southeastern Conference both teams want to know thus far here in the.

Clemson regional an updated look at the bracket unc greensboro advancing today pass st. john's red storm have been eliminated well a big win certainly on hand tonight alongside a former All SEC first baseman rusty answer Roy Philpott on hand and rusty took both of these programs a little bit of time to get going in their first contest yesterday but all the magic went down finally in.

That fifth inning I'll tell you Roy the team that wins this regional typically is going to pitch the best and play some solid defense but at some point in time teams have to provide some offense and put up a crooked number both of these teams did that yesterday in the fifth inning Clinton scored four in the fifth the big hit was Weston Jackson's two-run single with the bases loaded the door's.

Broke open a tight game with st. john's with a sixth spot in their half of the fifth will top he's three-run Jack was the big hit and that in interesting games yesterday compelling also tonight because we've got arguably the best pitching matchup of all the NCAA Regionals right here on display we're dealing a pair of aces let's start with Cal right for Vandy well Kyle Wright a.

Special talent certainly the ability and the talent to go 1-1 in the draft don't be fooled by the one loss record and you can bet the Twins have several eyes on tonight's game Charlie Barnes determined not to be overshadowed Clemson's number one arm all season long has excellent numbers those 109 punch outs like fourth best in the ACC for the third time ever the Clemson Tigers and the Vanderbilt.

Commodores getting set to do battle trying both to advance to the regional finals you Vanderbilt Commodores 34 22 and 1 this season and a look at the batting order will top me will lead things off he has been on fire in every sense of the phrase his last seven games rusty a robust 559 batting average he has been.

Rock-solid force with his Vanderbilt offense and Charley Barnes on the bump for the Tigers here at home five wins on the season for Charley Barnes 109 strikeouts fastball is going to be anywhere from 86 to 90 and a slider finish that can be a wipeout pitch to both lefties and righties a junior out of Sumter South Carolina standing room only here at Doug Kingsmore and underway.

With a first pitch strike from Charley Barnes more than 6,000 fans expected in attendance and the red-hot topping reaches on the second pitch slaps that one to right field for a base hit and a good start for the Commodores toffee is just quite frankly unconscious right now he's hittin 500 with four long balls 15 runs batted in since returning from an injury on phase of 12 he is seeing it.

Like a beach ball right now good start for Vanderbilt 4 for 5 last night 5 for 6 now in this Clemson regional senior row Coleman - up next Commodores led by force Tim Corbin in his 15 season also coaching at third base yesterday Roy top he got a leadoff single against Saint Johns Coleman sack.

Bunted in the first let's see if they do it again I think early runs and an early lead important maybe to try to take the crowd out of the game give Kyle Wright his starter some run support early and you got to remember Coleman handles the bat well he can push that ball down the first base line and try to beat it out so it doesn't necessarily have to be technically a sacrifice I'm sitting that.

Was down the first base line executed to perfection are the 1/4 on the sacrifice advancing the second is topping and the doors in business here in the first looking at that speed by row Coleman a perfect bunt I think if he tried to get that ball a little harder and try to bunt it towards Jordan green the second baseman once you get it past the pitcher then you can beat out the infield single.

But the job is done you get toffee into scoring position check that 3/4 on the sacrifice staring Kendall up next who could be a top 20 draft pick in nine days and this summer's MLB Draft as well junior from Wisconsin in Kendall to perform in the opening round win against st. John's yesterday .

what consecutive season in which Vanderbilt has made the n-c-double-a tournament under the watch of Tim Corbin Commodores finished third and the SEC East this season Kieran Kendal certainly an outstanding prospect as you mentioned boy easy power from the elbows down loosening and good body control runs well average is down a.

Little bit this year but the power numbers are up 17 home runs his first two years at Vanderbilt 15 this year falling two strikes Kendal hitting 423 in his last six ballgames told us this week that tries to emulate Robinson Cano at the plate you can certainly see that for the quick pants the loose grip and the ultra smooth swing cuts out for Charley Barnes.

Tigers defensively Weston Jackson will get the start in right field at a big base knock yesterday set beer in left lead role in the usual left fielder the designated hitter tonight still suffering a little bit from an ankle injury going back to the ACC tournament Wilkie the freshman from coming towards a behind home plate replacing the injured Chris Williams we just saw that.

Slider finish by Charley Barnes we just talked about it how it can be a wipeout and a closer tight pitch to both lefties and righties especially with two strikes toffee remains at second Julianne Infante it's a first pitch strike sophomore from Miami Hart hitting first base I had a wrist injury last year now healthy he missed 26 games because of that wrist injury did hit six home runs.

but this year you know the power numbers are up obviously fourth in the MVC or should say tied for fourth in the sec and runs batted in I for eight and hits 77 hits to go with those 11 home runs excellent numbers for the softball the outside corner what an atmosphere already on display here inside of duck Kingsmore stadium.

Mentioned a standing-room-only more than 6000 expected to show up tonight for team that struggled down the stretch it rallied to win yesterday against UNC Greensboro the course goes about slaughter again rip the third bird can't stop it and a glove on it he'll bang it down picked up quickly by Davidson that will be ruled a base hit the second of the inning for the Commodores advancing.

To third will be topping now Vandy runners at the corners rusty a roy tough play by Grayson burr but just because he was able to get a glove on it that saved a run right there nice play just had knocked it down you see Logan Davidson hustling over to back to play up top he can't score since the balls stay pretty much in the infield that might turn out to be a key play as we play on in this.

First inning into this ball game the H Reed Hayes has struggled in his last seven hitting just 125 it's been solid with runners in scoring position this season at 375 it's been an outstanding find for Tim Corbin not only the D H helping from an offensive standpoint is the front leader in save so a nice two-way player juco transfer from walter state charlie Barnes.

Limiting the opposition to just a 188 average with runners in scoring position third team all-acc this season for the Tigers yeah really good season 10th and ER a in the Atlantic Coast Conference third innings pitch coming into this game 95 and 2/3 it's been the Friday guy from Bonnie Lee's Club all year long it's been a wild start to this NCAA.

Tournament North Carolina and Florida State lost yesterday bounced back to stay alive today Sene Yale upset Nebraska out west to one pitch from Barnes to include that's what you expect this time of year across the country there's going to be upset I don't know that anybody saw the number two national scene UNC it doubled up by.

Davidson last night but it happened one thing that I've been impressed about these Clemson pitchers they may not grow ninety four ninety five but they do pitch inside to keep every hitter on a good point right here for the slider mr. Andrew see the pitching coach for Clemson does a nice job calling pitches and handling the staff came to Tiger Town from two when Monty Lee was hired.

Some two years ago now we'll get an ex back first in a second punch out for Charlie barn double-a hits a couple left on base our first look at Kyle right for the Commodores up next you the NCAA baseball regionals is presented by the Quicksilver card from Capital One earn unlimited 1.5% cash back every.

Purchase everywhere and the Clemson fans have been lining up just outside of Doug Kingsmore Stadium for the last couple of hours the start of this one against Vanderbilt a look at the batting order tonight Logan Davidson swinging a hot stick three four five yesterday Westin Jackson however rusty came up with a big two-out two-run single to break things open last night against UNCG and we'll.

See exactly what Seth beer can accomplish tonight as well in our first look at Kyle Wright the junior at six-four two-twenty excellent body for a starting pitcher with pro potential for wins on the season here's his scouting report fastball 93 to 94 is he the number one pick I guess we'll find out how much the twins like him the night's performance.

Might go a long way to determining that no pressure just the second game the NC double-a tournament your team's undefeated and a lot of people think you should go number one in nine days of MLB Draft 96 on the radar gun that he comes in low for ball one well he pitched in last year Nashville regional against Washington so he's got some experience ly ball on the left-field line and.

Slicing on a play and his stuff can dominate now right his curve has depth his slider has some sharp bite both are certainly plus pitches conversation really has been about right or Brendan McKay at Louisville potentially play at first base and also be on the mound and just like down a one and two count Davidson a switch hitter and left-handed against the righty right.

when he put location right there love the one-two pitch breaking ball type count goes with the fastball tried to get him right inside on the knees on a Scouts on hand this evening as well fourth hit of his clemson regionals we take a look at the Vanderbilt defense Kendall and centerfield one of the anchors for this group right on the.

Mound delay behind home plate power hitting Julian Infante over first and top he's done a nice job in the hot corner so far this postseason as well they've got speed they've got athleticism Harrison ray in right field gives them more of that getting the start tonight and as opposed to the day we started yesterday in the win against st. John's early runs good sign for the.

Tigers it's 461 first inning runs this year that's 13 more than any other any Roman but deep tried to lob Center and there to make the grab is Kendall the ball has flown out of this ballpark a couple of times so far in this regional rusty despite the win and the wind is dying down just in time for first pitch tonight now to make that one away for set beer and last night frustration.

Continued an intentional pass in his first three plate appearances you can read the body language he wanted to get out there and help his team more than he did just did not get the opportunity rusty will be ranked third of the ACC in on-base percentage he has been intentionally walked 16 times 59 all total Raven player of the year a season ago as a freshman winning the.

Dick Howser trophy awarded bounce-back sophomore campaign at 290 has had 14 home runs delay advancing the second at Davidson now this could set up the same scenario as last night with first base open how does Vanderbilt handle the situation we talked about how UNC Greensboro handle it yet 1st place open down right charged with a wild pitch beer now the.

Runner in scoring position and the importance of scoring first between these two clubs very significant set beer great swing look from the left side timing and rhythm over quickness for this big guy keeps his bat through the hitting zone an awfully long time alright I'm in there these guys were teammates on the USA national team last summer.

I don't think right wants to give them a free pass down the first not the kind of competitor he is and this time he comes in to par so dare hit my head and he'll limp down to first base I think that was right off the inside of the knee at left knee all right trying to Jamie with a breaking ball in on the hands got it too far in right off that kneecap ouch yeah.

I've seen you you me trying to get up out of the booth but a limp out of here I'm going to imagine that that feels wrong I think you've seen that a couple of times this weekend well beard now at first Davidson at second still just one out for chase Pender the cleanup hitter now Pender was batting leadoff for the majority of this season and it's experienced a bit of a.

Power surge in the last month and a half and seven home runs 31 driven in those far rusty all seven of those coming in the last 19 games so money lead moving him down in the ordered shrub logon which i think is a smart boot Thompson held on for dear life yesterday evening against UNC Greensboro 5-2 for the interval trailed st. John's three to one early before coming back to.

Win 13 two for the oh one from rice 95 on the gun and he blew it right past them and see that late life on that 2 seamer right there we'll talk more as this game goes on all right did not have a good start to the season he hit the mechanical issues wouldn't get a whole lot of run support from his club so he and pitching coach Scott Brown just kind of broke things down a little bit he.

Tweaked his delivery with his hips so how he held the baseball and fix that he's been lights out elastic starts almost unhittable well they pulled out some video of his freshman year and found some adjustments as you mentioned in his grip arm extension examined a lot of what he was doing in 2015 when he went six and one as a freshman also lightened up on the V low in order to.

Get more movement so instead of 96-97 he's living more 94 95 Oh strike three Pender caught look in first punch out for Cal right how about that talking about a perfect pitch might have been a little bit low how about that frame job by Jason delay I think that was low but you didn't jerk his bit brought it up slightly able to get the call right there on the borderline pitch.

To close to take with two strike two you away so here's Westin Jackson the transfer from Presbyterian out of the Big South the heroes yesterday a clutch two-out two-run single to right field Tigers were trailing one nothing the UNC Greensboro the pit before that not go back to that fought to finish that off about howlite Scott Brown once he saw.

The results they worked on it and his confidence was back and I tell you the last six starts have been pretty much the Col right of old 95 and right past Jackson you know and that's a pretty easy looking 995 boy I mean there's not a two point of effort and that's a good thing I don't mean it as a negative that's certainly a positive you know.

Potentially the next level you could dial it up a couple of more notches the o2 Vanderbilt's had a couple of number-one overall picks in the last 15 years go back to David Price now with the Red Sox fans be Swanson with the Atlanta Braves and Wright could be the third foul right is going to be the camp first-round pitcher selected in the draft that was signed and played for.

Tim Corbet at favorable that is an impressive number chopper to short Nizer ii will get the four set to retire the sound both teams lead to abort as we get to the top of the second still scoreless the NCAA baseball regionals is presented.

By the Quicksilver card from Capital One earn unlimited 1.5% cash back every purchase everywhere the last trip to Omaha for the Tigers back in 2010 top of the second inning teams wanted on the clemson regional still scoreless rusty answer Roy Philpott a good contention of fans from Vanderbilt have made the 360 mile trek from Nashville here to the Upstate of South Carolina.

The first pitch this one's ripped by Ethan Paul towards the gap and Pender can't catch up to it that ball would get to the wall and a stand-up leadoff double for the second baseman ethan Hall Vanderbilt has banged out now 21 hits in this regional and this first what 10 plus innings of offense that Vanderbilt has a man that's only the third extra-base hit of those.

21 hits didn't four but doesn't only care about that as long as his club is swinging a lot better that they have been in the past 282 as a team ranked fifth in the SEC Orban of course a long time clemson assistant 1994 to 2002 first time he's been back to this area really since he left some 15 years ago .

And delay takes outside Monte Lee head coach for the Tigers just in year number 2 after coming here in the College of Charleston former south carolina assistant under ray tanner played his college ball College of Charleston as well flyball to left and set fear settles in we think about some of the great Clemson teams under Tim Corbin went to the College World Series on four.

Occasions great rotation Fincher II featuring on Chris Benson and Billy Cox the mid-1990s also coached the st. John's assistant Camden Redstone have been eliminated that happened earlier today against UNCG but a lot of ties between all the teams here in this blimps in regional this year let's not forget that Kevin O'Sullivan the head coach of Florida was on that staff with.

Corbin for the majority of that time talk about two other outstanding coaches chopper to Davidson at Short and is he play his Paul advances to third john Pawlowski also was an assistant here ended up at Auburn now at Western Kentucky all those coaches under the watch of Jack Leggett who's in attendance tonight all of Fame baseball coach there's Jack.

Second row right beside the Clemson dugout he's got to have mixed emotions watching Corvin assistant that he mentored for those eight seasons and his old team runner at third two outs for Kaiser Connor Kaiser a sophomore from Kansas two for three yesterday that win against st. John's wrestling yeah I think you know the bottom third of the order for Vanderbilt yesterday was.

Swinging extremely well and that's a part of this this club that had been struggling a little bit I made a mentioned earlier about Vanderbilt struggles more of that was the first half of the season where they were just trying to I guess find themselves a little bit the lights which came on once SEC play started and they've been swinging the bats certainly.

A lot better the last six weeks of the season what's interesting both of these teams have been ranked inside the top six at various moments this season Clemson got off to a red-hot start struggled late Vanderbilt inconsistent the two one in her head to even the count.

Nice pitch by far Barnes certainly wants to get Kaiser he's the nine holes that are in a Kaiser reach Vandy would be flipping the lineup you got coffee he's called me the hottest stick and the regional for for that five hit and I want to see him until the next inning I meant three punch outs for Charlie Barnes in a 10 pitch brain bomb in a.

Second coming up we are scoreless at Doug Kingsmore Stadium you speak at 7:30 Eastern about 30 minutes earlier than normal will be at Wrigley Field for good old-fashioned Sunday Night Baseball rivalry game cards in comes their series finale coverage starts at 7:00 Eastern.

Over on ESPN with baseball tonight Sunday night countdown of course streaming live on the ESPN app you had a trip over to Wrigley Field last year did you I went to the world's here how about that it was pretty awesome unlike anything else I've ever been to really now the flamingos in the crowd you may see tonight his name is Damian and arrived here at the stadium back in.

Early March not really a rallying cry or anything for the program just yet but and it keeps everybody loosey goosey and the players seem to like it as do the fans students kind of leading that charge this year scoreless ballgame bottom of the second inning it will be tox screen and birds 6 7 & 8 verse 4 the orange and white .

Very busy afternoon and now evening across college baseball on this Saturday first pitch to cox the hometown heroes right up the street in Belton South Carolina and one of the leaders for this Clemson club this year about Davidson out to an early lead in Chapel Hill trying to go to a no answer the regional final the Wildcats winner of this regional.

Will match up with the winner of the Corvallis regional featuring number one national seed Oregon State Beavers now 50 and for this season what a year for Pat Casey's club after missing the tournament each of the last two years 50 wins already this one Smackdown out of play it's going to be tough enough to make it out of this.

Regional especially looking at these two teams not to mention UNC Greensboro which won the Southern Conference as a reward you get to go likely across the country up to Corvallis for a team that's been just about unbeatable down on strikes second punch out for Cal right beavers defeated Holycross last night 8.

To 2 Yale upset Nebraska those two will tangle later tonight right here on ESPN you'll 11 o'clock where's bitch Eastern Holy Cross eliminating Nebraska earlier today all right has been on point thus far last five batters offers pitch strikes and here's Jordan green three hopper to short Kaiser's got it two away I stop by right Connor Kaiser has been.

Really a nice pick me up for Tim Corbin steamy a sophomore got into the starting lineup last year as a freshman in game 3 of the LSU series and was the starter pretty much the last now let's say third maybe almost half of the season really helped to Vanderbilt finish off that year last year racing bird snacks in a second and a 1-2-3 inning for Kyle right in just seven pitches still scoreless.

Top the third coming up next you back here in Clemson scoreless ball game top of the third inning winner of this game rusty advances to the regional final tomorrow night you ask yourself well why is that so important no since going to the 14 regionals back in 1999 if you start to and OH end up winning the regional just over 81.

Percent of the time it's a huge advantage rest your guys so much like you're playing with house money at that juncture as Barnes delivers the topping for occults right well it just means that somebody has to try to beat you twice with a pitching staff that's quite frankly been taxed once you get to that point so that's what makes tonight's game so important for one of these two.

Teams know when to to toffee Bates hit his first time up was stranded at third he's back in the first inning still shaking his head this guy using confidence right now fastball misses upstairs like the elevation on the Oh to a lot of pitchers college pitchers are doing that you get that fastball around the letters it's hard to lay off you get a lot of swing and misses coffee four.

Four five yesterday and had a three-run Jack that erased a 3-1 deficit against st. John's crowd into it Aaron pepsin like the idea fastball on the hands again I mentioned earlier these Clemson pitchers will pitch inside so important this hitters can't and I can't lean out over the plate slider again you mentioned that injury.

The toffee suffer they had to pop his shoulder back into place came back to the lineup around may 12 since then has been on fire foul territory Byrd giving chase and poppy retired for just the second time here in the Clemson regional big first out innings are a lot easier to manage if you're charlie Barnes when you get a first batter now first two batters of.

Each of the first two innings have been on base for Vanderbilt here's the five five rope hold and a senior from Chicago and a big cut not in front of that off-speed pitch from Barnes well you know the change-up comes back into play against a right-hander Coleman a switch hitter this one smacked the first Cox ready and waiting and the.

Third team all-acc for former steps on the bag Paul got the Cox in a hurry in to play in on the grass but this bowl but obviously is a threat to bunt with or without anyone on base second look at Jaron Kendall dynamic centerfielder now we asked him this week how do you compartmentalize the fact that draft is only nine days away now playing postseason baseball and he said.

You know it's really not that difficult I haven't thought much about the draft when it gets here we'll look at it but he's been laser focus this postseason for the door so far well they've had some experience two years ago when Dansby Swanson was selected number one overall by the Diamondbacks Vanderbilt it just finished places where we can add a Knox to Barnes.

Not in time and there's that speed well let's just pretend us heads-up baseball baseball IQ is so important you can't teach it you just got to hope the guys you draft and professional ball haven't not left on left match up all you have to do is bunt it hard enough get it past the pitcher Barnes again he's a lefty so once he releases the baseball Roy he's falling off on the third-base side put.

It towards the second baseman and there's just a foot race from there so traffic on the base pads for Vanderbilt in every single inning thus far as Kendall keeps things alive here for the Commodores for Julian Infante and Ponte had a base hit his first time up Kendal's certainly a threat to steal what have you seen so far out of Charlie.

Barnes on the bump you know I been Tom he's been cool obviously to all the talk surrounding this games has been about Kyle right and you know like I said at the top of the broadcast he didn't want to be overshadowed by ride he's got some great numbers as well this guy's been a Friday night pitcher in this league all year long like his first baseman third team all-acc junior from Sumter South.

Carolina doesn't overpower you but the locations been outstanding you know Kathy Lowe I think is up a little bit obviously with the being a regional game and Excel out for out adrenaline kind of Jeff right and a line out to right field to end the top half of the third scoreless Phillipines movie you .

Back in Clemson South Carolina winner's bracket scoreless ballgame between the 1 seed Tigers and the two-seat Vanderbilt Commodores beautiful night for college baseball an exciting time of year rusty answer Roy Philpott it could be the number one pick in the MLB Draft in nine days now right on the mound for Vanderbilt and the story thus far the pitching as we expected Barnes has been.

Solid as has Kyle Reich's Kyle Wilkie out of the nine hole leads things off and a breaking ball on the outside corner well let's go back to months that was probably call right worst outing not probably it was he was tagged for his season-high 7 runs on 9 hits over 5 innings in a loss to the Kentucky Wildcat that's when he and Scott Brown met got you know the.

Mechanics corrected with that film study that I mentioned earlier but he has been absolutely dominant in his last six regular season starts just six runs 62 strikeouts over 42 and 2/3 innings coming in for tonight that's pretty dominant right there Wow that's why I said last night you know Clemson could be a little bit of a bad matchup for right you know Kentucky is.

The dominant left-handed hitting light up five in the nine starters for Clemson back from the left side so so far so good for Kyle right and they'll see how this game goes goes along you're getting ready to flip the order here for the first time will keys the nine hole hitter and this one smack right to the first baseman Infante the movies elbow about five inches to.

Make that play for more coverage of the Division one baseball regionals Plus interactive brackets make sure you head over to NC double-a calm top of the order and Logan Davidson up next he's one for one cow right the son of a baseball coach his demeanor ultra impressive he kind of the exact opposite of fancy swamps in you as you talk to Vanderbilt people insiders.

They had suggest that Swanson was more of a presidential kind of character he at an outgoing personality writes kind of the opposite and Swanson of course the last number one overall pick for the Commodores well let me tell you what Kyle Wright did yesterday part of the struggles for Vanderbilt early I think in this season Roy had to do with team leadership within the players now.

Coaches can do only do so much you have to have team leaders that take responsibility for an individual player or an entire squad yesterday in the fourth inning Vanderbilt was struggling with the offense Howell Wright got everyone together in the dugout on his own gave him a pep talk and they come out and score six in the fifth we've been talking about.

First-round picks all night that could be a look at another first rounder he's just a freshman in Logan Davidson but now his fifth hit of his clemson regional in his back getting hot at the right time for the Tigers yeah Logan Davidson outstanding a look at prospect and intervention he comes from a baseball family his dad played six years in the bigs for the Astros of the twins.

you can make a lot of things happen good looking prospect at shortstop right now is a freshman and a switch-hitter - how about that fit great size member of the All SEC Freshman team here's Reed Roldan first-team all-conference this year as well for the Tigers Rolen was actually benched for a couple of games got off to a slow start hitting into to 60s to 70s.

Since then he's been on fire he had one hit so far here in the Clemson regional he's got the dynamic beard now can you not love that beard if you're a baseball fan I mean that is classic it's better than mine a lot better doing up you know after those struggles - he went on a tear hitting 20 straight it's tied for the 18th longest at Clemson school history.

He's been lethal out of the two Holies reached base in 36 straight games he's seen a lot of good pitches in the two hole because Esbjerg hits behind it so that's certainly I think that certainly helped him as far as you know getting some good pitches and I think if Clinton's going to advance it tonight and win this regional I think read enrollments going to play a huge part of.

That as will the guy on deck set beer this one launch fouled out of play Tigers have made the n-c-double-a tournament 30 of the last 31 seasons 12 in a row for Vanderbilt all under 10 courted rest you think about these two programs and develop won a national championship earlier this decade they've been two powerhouses in college baseball.

For a long period of time when you when you talk about Clemson's history I mean it's it's pretty impressive 42 appearances in the NCAA tournament and that's fifth most in the n-c-double-a everybody knows about Texas and Florida State Miami but they're right behind Oklahoma State in this year for the 43rd time so you're up against a pretty good traditional powers right there take it.

To the next level 53 years in a row with a winning record going all the way back to 1965 there you see the numbers trailing some of the other top programs in the country Miami not in the tournament this year for the first time and what 34 years off an apparent golden in time number will it take first base umpire bill McGuire with a.

Call on a bang-bang play the bag enrollment and simply smile after that one Davidson advances the second kind of like a little swinging bunt and you see where coffee the third baseman is playing a little bit behind third-base had to come a long way for it good speed looks like that was a good call I go to the runner very good call.

Not the most aerodynamic running down there with all that hair in that beard but hey he beat it the beards been very popular here in these parts in recent months starting linebacker for Davos Sweeney's Tigers won the national championship Ben bull where the fastball misses high and tight to set beer and he Susan Roy hadn't even completed his sophomore season already 32 career home.

Runs that's a power it's a present late on that one here his now reach base safely in a 117 of his last 120 games and forget plunked in the first end and again as I mentioned in the first inning both beer and Kyle right the guy on the mound both teammates on the USA national team last summer very familiar with each other.

Power versus Power and a 1 2 count well you think about the potential first rounders that we've seen already tonight Cal ranks Jaron Kendall set beer we talked about Logan Davidson and all the tools that he brings to the table he's just a freshman beers only a sophomore you'll be talking about him in the first round this time next year curveball misses low and away.

Beer is also a standout swimmer growing up and had a decision to make at one point in time we want to try to make the Olympics is that kind of athlete extremely flexible do you want to play baseball and he chose baseball I'm going to go out on the limb so that you may think he made the right decision well I don't know you could be the next Michael fell he's good you're right be good.

Taps this went back to the mound but off the foot so he took one off the kneecap back in the first inning and fouled that one off of his foot here in the third tough be at Michael film so you have four years of work for one week of glory no thanks get that one on the shin right above the padding there that's on the ankle so now he's hit he's been hit on both legs we.

Need to finish three innings Davidson at second Ruhlman at first bottom of the third inning scoreless I'd elevate the fastball right here something around the shoulders maybe just below to see if he can chase I wouldn't take a chance on hanging a curveball and there it was at 92 here stays alive I mean that was just a flat-out challenge right there.

I mean he wasn't tried to get a spot to get him to chase he was going like okay I'm going to throw you my best that's the analysis I like to hear a flat-out challenge yeah I mean for God that didn't get challenged last night he's getting challenged tonight let's see who wins this battle change up a bit great right here in the dirt Jay spender on deck the eighth pitch of.

The at-bat coming up this is why you're tuning into this game outside to see who of course is going to win power versus Power runners go swinging the best throw to second this time strike him out throw them out now right gallops back to the Vanderbilt dugout all right goes to the change-up and how about Jase delayed grows out his 22nd.

Runner of the year you back at the NC Double A baseball regionals presented by capital 185 degrees beautiful conditions back in Clemson South Carolina strike him out throw them out outstanding defense here by the Commodores well a couple of smart plays by Vanderbilt I love the pitch call by Scott Brown the change-up to get.

The swing and miss for the strikeout and then look at that nice nick up by connor kaiser Jason delay goes to second it's a longer throw but Reed Ruhlman doesn't have the speed of Logan Davidson so they get the strike him out throw them out to end the third great play all the way around for the Commodores and a great game brewing here in Tiger 10 Reed hazily things off for the Commodores you.

Love these matchups between the ACC and SEC and so far these two conferences have been the leading leagues in the NC double-a tournament inside it's one into the Hayes that is a tough tank if I'm totally gone I definitely want that bitch Barnes dialed in serve Balon out of flame coming into this game as he seen.

With seven and won the ACC at six and two was two losses of course the surprising setbacks my Florida state of North Carolina both programs bouncing back an elimination contest earlier today to and to the metrics going to tell the story thus far eight teams from the SEC made it in seven both of the ACC and big 12 it sharply into left field and that was.

Got extra bases written all over it Hays rounding first and once again the leadoff man aboard for the Commodores excellent two-strike approach warns hangs a breaking ball with two strikes Hayes sneaking it right down the line right out of the outstretched glove of grace and bird and again Vandy with the leadoff guy on for the third time at.

Four innings and Hayes who has struggled in his last seven games at the dish nice piece of hitting there I don't think he's second he Paul kind of showed like he was going to bunt kind of like will top he did yesterday before the three-run homer you know I think a lot of people would think right now the the class move would be to sack bunt but you have to remember who's coming up after.

Paul you got delay and Ray who hit sixth and seventh of the lineup this one's wrote the right that'll drop her a base hit and Jackson did a nice job to sell that one indicating that would be able to make a play and that would slow down Hayes trying to advance to potentially score but a great start for the Commodores here in the top of the fourth.

Inning runners at the corners nobody out now how much do you trust your catcher Jason delay hitting in the seventh hole now he got pretty decent speed on third and read Hayes we saw a suicide squeeze in the first game today between UNC Greensboro and st. John's that was perfectly executed could Vanderbilt do something like that and this one rocket.

It down the right-field line that's a fair baseball never built grabs a one nothing lead and Tim Corbet this home bass run scoring double off the bat at the leg and three straight hits to open this inning for Vanderbilt the bottom third of the order for Vanderbilt continues to produce they didn't yesterday in the win over Saint John and delay out of the seventh hole sneaks it.

Just inside the line another big gift by Vanderbilt player in the bottom third of the order Vandy grabs the lead here in the fourth Andrew see now to talk to a base Charlie Barnes the Clemson pitching coach 17 doubled the season for jala and after a brief meeting on the mound sea retreats the Tigers dugout you know that that's a.

That's a really nice piece of hitting by delay you know he waited just a little bit longer let the ball travel a little deeper in the zone and he was quick to the ball and just knocks it right now the law that's a huge RBI double for the Vanderbilt catcher so here's Harrison ray and a pinch hit yesterday the win against st. John looking for a sac fly here as Pender.

Corral's it both runners advance to nothing Bama belts and delay now at third base we just went out productive out by Harrison right getting the start today in right field and then Porter pulls out the right card in the right spot of the order in Harrison right .

Two runs on seven hits already for the Vanderbilt Commodores they pounded out 18 yesterday in the win against Saint John's in the last three pitches from Charley Barnes a double a single in a sac fly I know we're just in the fourth but that's a huge run standing down there a third base with Kyle right on the mound Charlie Barnes did you know there are.

Times when you pitch the contact and there are times you want to get a strikeout this is the time you want to strike out and Monty Lee sensing that exact same notion has moved his infield in try to prevent another run from scoring there you see the Tigers defense so far attacking the strikes of going after the punch-out right here the slider has been a wipeout pitch with.

Two strikes one and two at the set up at 118 I've got him set up he can go to the slider a back foot slider or you could go changeup blowing away so you know I think he's getting set up for the change-up after the fastball but missed inside throw it right at the shin guard look at the slaughter now knows basketball and ties are down and out for the second time.

Today for punch outs for Charley Barnes big big strikeout for Charley Barnes had to have it in that situation after giving up a two spot that's 113 strikeout on the season for Charley Barnes that's the most by Clemson pitcher since 96 when Chris Benson Billy Cox and Ken vining had at least 135 and back in the mid 90s top of the order will copy he's 1 for 2 now hitting a.

Robust 351 this season shoulders healthy Vanderbilt erupting for two runs here at the top of the fourth inning so far Commodores ranked as high as number six in the country this year one of the major baseball polls sitting with 34 wins and 22 losses and a tie coming into.

Tonight's pick strike call right there with a breaking ball 2 & 2 & 2 nice job again inside corner with the fastball challenging the Vanderbilt hitters on the inner half not be hitting over 550 in his last seven ballgames coming in again and this one smack towards left center and now get to the wall three nothing.

Vanderbilt's there couldn't get there a two-out run scoring double off the red-hot battle will coffee that's just a great piece of hitting because will coffee in that situation a lot of left-handers at two and junior going to fake breaking ball but i back-to-back pitches charlie barn tries to come inside tries to out think the situation didn't get it in far enough he got the.

Barrel on it that's a huge third run for Vanderbilt and Barnes still not out of this inning here's row Coleman senior from Chicago rips this one to deep left beer tracking it's a gliding text the Commodore destroyed first three runs on the board in the top of the fourth inning the three nothing ballgame we'll top he doing damage once again Vanderbilt leads Clemson three nothing.

In this regional three singles two doubles and a home run for number nine in black you talked about dealing a PSA's earlier rusty Cal right and Charlie Barnes Barnes has given up three runs Wright has only given up three hits well I think the key number and all that is the eight did that Vanderbilt I mean they have attacked Charlie Morris and you know he struck.

Out more but the AT&T is the number that stands out to be other than three runs obviously but you know I think what Clemson has to do in this situation they need to answer they need at least to put something off the board to try to take the momentum back and get this home crowd involved right now the crowd is on say stunt but they're they're not as jacked up as they were you know at the.

Beginning of the game so they need to have something happen we're not only the team but also for the crowd the crowd will help it four five and six up first for Clemson it will be Pender Jackson and Cox vendor hitting 312 this year fastball at 91 for a called strength when has changed directions now blowing out towards right-center field .

Vendor jr. from Virginia added leadoff the majority of his junior campaign strikeout victim back in the first inning Virginia high school player of the year the late life on that 2 seamer right there you saw tinder so we can fight over the top of it count right about ready to toss his 50th pitch and just best that's been called a strike couple of times tonight he wanted that.

One that's another two seamer you saw that at like watch it die at the end I mean this is just that's perfect that's a great take I think it's a ball but obviously if you're Kyle right you want those borderline pitches they off on the way smack bound what happens when you stroke when you don't start getting those calls Roy you know you feel like you're almost at an uneven position so.

Then you start grooving fastball that one right there was I mean right down the chute that was something defender should have handled and the 3-2 outside corner called strike three four strikeouts for Kyle right that'll work all day long 277 and Counting career strikeouts for Kyle right that's ninth most in Vanderbilt.

History and head he completed his cute your year yet those three runs that his team got him at the top of this inning certainly helping that confidence here's West in Jackson for the second time off-speed on the other half its own one excellent difficult that curveball right there right committed to Vanderbilt early in the recruiting process all the major league teams knew about it wasn't.

Even drafted out of high school and they thought for maybe a a good while that he could play the first or third base as well than an injury kind of limited that production he ended up on the mound and obviously he's paid serious dividends in Nashville do two three in a row being a strikeout loans down by Cal right love the pitch sequence start out with a breaking ball than the fastball then.

Elevate right here that tailing two seamer you see that late life right underneath the hands of Weston Jackson that is absolutely perfect location he's in a rhythm now you could tell 55 pitches 37 strikes and 18 balls thus far for Cal right this one smacked the first Infante up with it and some nifty glove work one two three go the Tigers read nothing Vanderbilt top of the fifth.

Upcoming you back here in Clemson South Carolina the two-seat Vanderbilt a three nothing lead against the one seed Clemson Tigers rest the enter Roy Philpott joined by the head coach at Clemson Monty Lee in year number two and Coach Cal right thus far about what we expected how do you begin.

To try to change things with your approach at the plate you know the big thing is we got to be aggressive we get a pitch to hit we got to hit it he doesn't make a lot of mistakes he's living at the bottom of the zone with that two seam fastball and he throwing a four seam fastball to kind of cut her in a curveball and a changeup so he's got a heck of a repertoire right now going but.

About of - we've got to try to get to the bottom half of the baseball we're hitting a lot of ground balls making weak contact we just got to hope that somebody can run into a ball with some runners on base for us to get back in the game coach you're an outstanding college player drafted by the Cardinals what can you share with your hitters from your experiences as a hitter what.

The big thing is you got to keep it simple I think the key for us is we've got to get to the fast so we've got to have early time and fastball timing and when we get when we got idiot we got to be willing to use the whole field to stay on the baseball money thank you very much good luck rest of the way thank you head coach the Tigers year number two.

ACC champions in his first campaign has won 40 games in his seconds Jaron Kenda will lead things off it will be 2 3 & 4 make it 3 4 & 5 - the Commodores Kindle hitting 311 and a bass knock his last time up in the third inning ESPN's Keith wall projecting him also as a first-round pick June rattle Wisconsin two and one capacity crowd here in.

Attendance this facility seats more than 6,200 fans beautiful night for baseball so far the Commodores quieting this capacity crowd two hopper to second Green Corral's it books and virus Roy Monte Lee when we were you know we were talking to him about his days as a college and professional player an all-star out Diller for the College of Charleston Cougars between 96 and 99 hit.

22 career home runs a career 333 hitter at College of Charleston was drafted by the st. Louis Cardinals and he was in the same draft class as one Albert Pujols and I told him earlier when we were talking to him I said the only difference between you and Albert poolhouse is he's got 599 home run but he was telling us it's spring training the following year he in pools were.

Hitting in the cages at the same time and for some reason all of the coaches for the Cardinals were around Alvar pool hoax nobody was watching Bonney hit felt a little jilted there but looks like the cordless coaches knew exactly who to watch I think so he said he was looking around wondering hey what's going on and at that point he realized hey this guy's a major league.

Hitter I'm probably not Nnamani very humble very gracious and grateful to be in this position in function well he's had plenty of experience playing in NC double-a regionals seven years at the head coach at College of Charleston he went to for regionals in one super back in 2014 he won the Gainesville regional as a four-seam that's not easy to do and they were oh so close to going to the.

College World Series went to Houston and the Cougars beat about think was back-to-back one-nothing games I know they were one run losses but oh so close that would have been a great story and who will be the Cinderella this year in the NCAA tournament Davidson baby you never know jump down to an early advantage up in Chapel Hill after upsetting the number two national.

Seed Tar Heels last night double them up and they lead 2 to 1 at the top of the night this evening fastball high Oklahoma State's already been eliminated as has Nebraska see the running scoreboard in the top right hand corner of your screen .

Infante a lady the bitch serves this one into left field I'll drop her a head Julian Infante continues his good work second hit tonight what money Lee told you in that first question you ask him we've got to do something to get underneath the baseball exactly what Infante did in that at-bat off-speed pitch goes down and grabs it in the lower part of his own might even kind of.

Fall they got just enough of golfin above crowd very pleased his Infante as to readjust piece of equipment near his right hand now he's ready to go.

Pays up next let off the fourth with a double came around to score the first run of the night for the Commodores children at Johnson City Tennessee three-sport star in high school at Science Hill immensity as they transfer from walter state junior college which is about 80 or 90 minutes northeast of knoxville one of the few junior college transfers Tim Corbin really doesn't.

Recruit you guys because so hard to get him in school because of the academics sharply a great play I'll retire the side in the crowd on its feet but Vanderbilt still leads flipsid3 nothing you Vanderbilt Commodores on the road leading Clemson three nothing here at the clemson regional us the answer Roy.

Philpott now joined by the big winner in yesterday's game against st. John's Patrick ray P and Patrick let's start first with your performance yesterday lights out maybe didn't start the way that you wanted to but you picked up your tenth victory of this season it had to feel good leaving the dugout yesterday yeah it did you know I try not to you know really.

Pay attention to my stats and everything but I was informed after about my wins but you know it's pretty cool just trying to go out there and you know help the team in any way that I can okay so you got a little help I think from a mentality standpoint from the guy that's on the buff tonight he got the team together in the fourth inning to I guess kind of I don't know change the momentum.

Change the theme and you guys responded with a six spot that had to make you feel good and what did you think about the blue but alright you know that's that's just the type of person a to be the leader and that's what leaders do they get the team together and you know kind of push them to do the best that we can and you know they they picked me up I helped all sort of toffee had not gone.

Roaming it just kind of went from there but uh you know I think he personally picked me off you know getting the team together too but you know it's so type of person he is give a great guy and really a big big for our team this year Patrick we appreciate the time continued success and good luck rest of the way thank you appreciate it sophomore pitcher Patrick ray B ten and three this.

Season pick up the win yesterday against st. John seven strong innings resting as jordan green teeth the count even at a ball and a strike well you mentioned this 10th where that match Sonny Bray in 2010 Jeremy sours who was a first-round draft pick by the way of 2004 and Jack nussmeier back in 79 for eight on the all-time single-season list with 10 wins.

That's impressive 2nd year the program nice job as well switching to the Friday night slots taking over for Kyle right and right settled in as the Saturday starter and really since they made that transition Commodores staff has stabilized for lack of a better word well you know I mentioned earlier that when Tim Corbet moved Connor Kaiser to shortstop last.

Year in April that kind of ignited and helped the team throughout the remaining portion of the season I think that's swap run around April 1st with Wright and Ray be helped change the dynamic of his team you know rabies dependable he's going to give you some innings on Friday night and then if he wins then you got a chance to win the series with that guy on the bump of a that's a pretty good.

One-two punch right there two balls two strikes to Jordan Green is over one and a good eye to lay off that basketball at 95 that's the third time I'll ride has showed that emotion not agreeing with that call and I think we could safely say that Pat Riley the whole plate umpire is certainly a hitter's umpire tonight seventh pitch of the at-bat and down he goes swing it six strikeouts for.

Kyle right and a good start for the Commodores here in the bottom of the fifth and updating you now from Chapel Hill Davidson has punched its ticket to the regional final beating FGCU Eagles in the dance and now waiting the winter the Tar Heels and Florida Gulf Coast game will be played tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock here's a flyball to right field.

And this went all the way to the law racing her rounding second and gallops in a third with a triple the parole was airmailed and right was backing it up otherwise more damage could have been done so as Mark finally for the origin Mike that'll certainly get this crowd into a Grayson bird a transfer from LSU set out last year linkage here in Kindle how far he goes he almost made that.

Catch Harrison ray also diving at the base of the wall and you made a good point Roy Kendall absolutely airmailed that one and if how right is not backing a third like he's supposed to that ball might have ended up in the dugout bottom of the order Kyle Wilkie the catcher a freshman from coming Georgia up next first extra-base hit for the Tigers.

Tonight it comes at an opportune time right sends that curveball in the dirt tight slider and you can have the confidence to carry that slider in the dirt when you're throwing to a guy like Jason delay delay fourth year in the program he was drafted last year by the Giants decided to come back for a senior year inside for ball two this crowds just clamoring for anything positive to.

Happen at the blade this is a situation where clemson from a mental standpoint they need it they need Grayson Byrd to cross home plate they need something positive to happen here the fifth one-out triple for Grayson Byrd we don't account for Loki Loki replacing the injured Chris Williams Tigers Slugger suffering a shoulder injury is available to pinch-hit or as a D H in this region.

He's yet to see the field looking outstanding defensive player behind home plate rusty is hitting only 171 in his first campaign he might be taken again the two previous pitches by Kyle right were two seamers kind of lost the feel for those two previous pitches through an atmosphere this one huh and snag by and bunting.

Jumped up and to the right and that saved a run challenging the Clemson catcher with a four seamer up in the zone does exactly what he's supposed to do what a nice approach by Wilkie boy sometimes this game was not fair that's the second time tonight that Wilkie is lined out to Infante outstanding defensive play for 22 in.

Black and a top of the order Logan Davidson his 2 / 2 up next when right pulls the string it's almost not fair after a 95 mile an hour heater I mean he's got the field tonight really for five pitches a two and a four-seamer curve slider changeup and he's thrown a ball at times for strikes oh and two four seamer right on the.

Knees a lot of Scouts in attendance tonight a lot of potential first-round draft picks on the diamond including this young man he could go number one overall in just nine days to the Minnesota Twins ground ball to short tiser has it in time to retire the side and one out tripled is wasted three nothing Vanderbilt as we head to the top of the sixth inning.

you back here in sagar town 3 nothing our score and rusty the Commodores plating all three runs the top of the fourth inning we'd off double the bat of Ethan Paul to make that read Hayes followed by back-to-back base knocks Jason delay brought on a run.

Sac fly from Harrison ray right here and then we'll copy continues his white-hot hitting the run scoring double once again from the top of the order as Vanderbilt's masked his three-run advantage coffee for heads at Game one with a three-run home run Falls it up with a single and a double so far today in this game nine hits for the Commodores after pounding out 18 in a.

Win against st. John's yesterday final score that 113 two for Charley Barnes hasn't pitched poorly but finds himself on the wrong end of a 3 nothing deficit a very busy night of college baseball here the regionals across the ESPN networks Oregon State and Yale coming up later.

This evening out in court balance right here on the SPU it's a lemon o'clock start Eastern town much the in turmoil thought back in tiger town great to have you with us winner of this one will punch its ticket the regional final tomorrow night at 7 o'clock loser will play unc greensboro tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 here's Paul showing but taking strike.

One really a tough inning for the Clemson hitters but also mentally for Charley Barnes thinking his club is going to get at least one of the back and Wilkie can't hit the ball any harder into the glove of Infante and he's done it twice tonight yeah and Kyle right as you mentioned with Grayson Birds one-out triple gets the next two guys in order to keep that.

Zero up on the board next to Clemson's name just outstanding work I mean but you made an excellent point I mean Charlie Barnes and it has pitched extremely well I mean he's given up nine hits and just that one three spot last eneko Vanderbilt only time they were able to solve it completely cow right 72 pitches an efficient performance.

new runs would be at a premium this evening - - - Ethan Paul couple of bounces - great there's one away Karina sophomore from Fort Mill South Carolina Barnes a junior from something Monty Lee and his coaching staff have done a good job recruiting the state which has a lot of baseball talent.

Here's delay the catcher all the good base proteins of this state South Carolina's when two national championships in this decade Coastal Carolina won it last year Gamecocks played for another one this one's lined softly deep in the hole at Short Davidson off the back beautifully by Rudy but first I'm going to talk about Rudy.

Cause what an absolute stretch soft hands over first base a good fielding first baseman could save you a lot of headache when you're head coach and that's not an easy scoop that's a long hop but I want to credit logan davidson starting his 60th game this year all it shortens offensive freshman goes deep in the hole outstanding play on both ends and cox snowcone that one to bring it in.

Third team all-acc performer this year is Harrison rain makes slowin inside Knox originally signed by former head coach Jack legged and it was a nice gesture earlier this week was asked do you feel a sense of urgency having never played in a super regional to make it there this year and he said of course to a certain extent but he said he's so grateful to be here in Clemson I think.

Jack Leggett for giving him the opportunity and then pointed to Monte Lee right beside him and said this guy's one of the best coaches in the business as well well I like his answer when somebody asks does he feel pressured he said no the pressure is about opportunity there's total leggett his coaching tree is got a lot of branches pretty wide.

Kevin O'Sullivan Florida John pawlowski Western Kentucky Tim Corbin Vanderbilt Todd Raleigh it was at Western Carolina for a number of years former head coach at Tennessee one of his players at Western Carolina Regina's over at Winthrop we nothing Vanderbilt two outs and now walk issued a Harrison rain first walk of the night issued by Charlie Barnes you know that's.

That's unfortunate for Barnes and Clemson for a couple of reasons number one you don't want to walk the eighth hole guy but now it looks like even if Kaiser makes the last out Vanderbilt flip the order again and so coffee is going to lead off the 7th and he'll be coming to bat for the fourth time so you would have liked to have challenged and got gray and that way you got Kaiser the.

9 hole hitter at least leading off the set hey what's - Solan bases this year and this one's knocked through the six hole into left field for another hit the 10th of the night for the Commodores I have something brewing again in the top of the six with runners at first and second Vanderbilt's done a nice job tonight hitting with runners in scoring position.

As a team coming into this game they were getting 300 with Sport position which is outstanding and here's the ever dangerous will toffee jr. from Massachusetts four hits yesterday two so far today in three attempts men rusty a chance to do some major damage it's a good feeling when you when you feel like real toffee does right now it's a great feeling and it.

Doesn't matter if it's a lefty or a rowdy on the mouth and translation Barnes is throwing a beach ball up there yeah least in the eyes had coffee we asked them about it yesterday so they popped the shoulder back into place all of a sudden you turn into Babe Ruth you know and the thing about it when you're going this good a lot of times you get you get over anxious and you might swing.

At a bad pitch or - this guy has been super selective all in two strikes which tells me that his pitch recognition is it a really high level right now you play baseball a tendency you remember being in this kind of zone like he is right now yeah it's a great feeling the only thing better than being having this feeling in a zone like coffee is right now is hitting one of a.

Sweet spot about 400 feet as soon as it leaves your bat vesica feet crowd comes to life once again the one-two for Barnes and a slow roller off the glove of pops Harrison ray comes around to score for nothing Vanderbilt and when it rains it pours who will coffee boy what a hardest place to defend at.

First place is that ball in the 3-4 hold you have got to know the range of your second baseman and where the ball is hit I think if Cox lets this ball go Jordan Greene's going to field it easily Cox needs to be covering first base it's a 4-3 put out bunts insisted the dugout right now instead he goes after it even if he comes up with the baseball he's probably not going to get toffee out at.

First things because Barnes falling off on a third base side probably can't get there in time it would in that situation when your first base on defense you almost have to draw an imaginary line and say okay anything you know inside that imaginary line I can handle maybe more than just a step or two to your right it's more than that let your second baseman him only thing toffee has.

Not done here in Clemson is hit a triple Colman smack this one into left field al azar five nothing Commodores rounding first will make it second and slide again safely third is topic Coleman at second down roko min the senior from Chicago grew up in a rough part in town cash is in once again fall up in the zone nice piece of hitting by row Coleman fall down the.

Line when that ball comes into third base trying to get will talk the excellent base running by whoa Colvin text it takes the extra 90 feet now he's in scoring position not only that but with two outs in the inning it takes out takes away the force at second which is a big thing so a mental error by Clemson defensively has really added the last two runs for Vanderbilt listening.

Coleman number one on your screen graduate from Vanderbilt is for personnel and his family to earn a college degrees 5 feet 5 inches tall as Kendall digs in in an absolute spark for this Vanderbilt offensive attack Commodores with 12 hits tonight just 4 for the Tigers Jaron Kendall.

First-team all-sec this year 3rd and runs scored in the sec 3rd and doubles 5th and home runs loops this went down the left-field line that will get down for a base hit 2 for Vanderbilt wonderful storm as Kendall slides into second safely and the Commodores pouring it on here in tiger town again more excellent base running this time by Jaron Kendall.

Showing off his speed he just hit a double that was probably should have been a single it only went about 150 feet down the left field line but he was absolutely hustling out of the box watch him go down to first base he's thinking - all the way watch this turn a tight turnaround first beat the throat that is great face right at the.

Part of the game that guys don't a lot of people don't talk about but it's a key component in any game to deploy that will be it for Quentin starter Charlie Barnes as Monty Lee makes his first call to the bullpen as we step aside we'll tell you about the new Clemson hurler when we.

Come back the Commodores on the road lead the number one seat seventh nothing you now vanderbilt exploding for four more runs here in the top of the six inning and that will bring on patrick andrews graduate student making his 20th appearance rusty big body right-hander.

ER a just north of four-and-a-half 20 strikeouts in nineteen and a third innings he does have one save on the season opponents hit 309 off the Clemson right-hander Kendall at second base an off-speed pitch stays high to Julian and Fontaine as two hits tonight as well the middle error by Clemson has really changed the complexion of this game the four spot really has taken all of the.

Emotion out of the stadium and in the feeling that Vanderbilt with Kyle right on the mound is well in control I think that would be an understatement of this juncture in Jerusalem leading Vanderbilt team and what we've seen in now almost two complete games has been locked in John only on the bump but also offensively that's a that's a good word to use hit 477 as a team into regional.

The 20 runs scored that is that is mind-boggling that's a source of great numbers Patrick Andrews has been team captain in his Clemson careers battled injuries it's the fastball right pass Infante to retire the side the Commodores gets the job done four spots on the board here seven nothing Vandy.

You back at the NC Double A baseball regionals presented by Capital One the Sun is set here in flips in South Carolina and Vanderbilt on the offensive thirteen at seven runs his Cal right remains on the mound perhaps the number one pick in the upcoming MLB Draft and the Commodores flexing their muscles here at Upstate South Carolina those bar.

Press the inter Roy Philpott's and Reed Ruhlman out of the 2 hole will lead things off for Clemson well if you're the Tigers what's the approach at this point in time knowing you're facing a pitcher as dominant as Cal right well obviously a tremendous uphill climb pretty much like climbing Mount Everest but that's a good start I was about ready to say what cousins.

Looking for they can't obviously rally to win this game they're looking for something positive to happen especially offensively it looks to be at this point that they're going to have to play and win two games tomorrow to play for the regional championship Monday afternoon here four o'clock Eastern when the good news there if you make it that far.

You're not going to have to see this guy on the mound again but the bad news is Vanderbilt has been red-hot at the plate well and also too you're going to have to lose a lot more pitching because it looks like they're going to have to pay play UNC Greensboro tomorrow one o'clock which is a scrappy team and I know right scrappy you know it's not that big a deal I don't think for the hitters you.

See some of the UNCG players right there who's up here takes a strike Maya's own facial wandering Vanderbilt and has not surrendered a lead of seven runs or greater this season Commodores hold on they await the winner of the Tigers and UNCG a game that will.

Be played tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 here the rest we've talked about it as well throughout this regional there are almost four games as the scouts look on now these Scouts obviously it looks like a state troopers convention with all the radar guns but now they're here obviously watching Kyle right there watching during Kendall and they're watching the Gotham plate right now Seth.

Beer and he's got to be a guy that ignites this Clemson attack at some point I mean this is not a you know a one type look at these players I mean these players are scouted although they go back to your the high school days a guy like Seth beer is brought me probably got a something the size of a novel as far as scouting reports on him Vanderbilt finishing third of the SEC es.

Clemson finishing third in the ACC's Atlantic Division this season 2 & 2 the count both have been ranked inside the top six major baseball polls Clemson came into this one tonight ranked 15th in one poll last time up with two strikes Kyle right got it swinging on a changeup it's beer count that went into the turf Ruhlman advances to second speaking of draft.

Picks the projected first round selections from Keith law with ESPN and Cal right right now going number one overall potentially to the Minnesota Twins Brendan McKay dual threats and our friends from the Cajun cafe stopping by to see us here the broadcast booth we certainly appreciate that and suddenly things smell a lot better I mean two huge plates worth of food.

From that area right there thank you ladies very nice no food for the truck by the way only us here in the booth Roy listen if you'll take it for the next inning and a half Cajun Cafe one of the great traditions in all of college baseball this chair is very good ladies thank you so much works account the two balls and no strikes David Harris our producer David tell the guys in the.

Truck dinner's on me tonight college baseball with so many unique traditions on display especially the regional round of the tournament Reno the count Tigers over five with runners in scoring position this evening and for cow.

Righteous his second three ball no strike count this evening and he lose his pen during so after the hit by Ruhlman beer was retired tender crawls a walk with one out and the first walk of the night issued by ten Corbin's club 84 pitches in and the other thing scouts look for roy is we're in the bottom of the sixth what's the V load now and how he's attacking hitters versus the first.

And second inning and based on what I've seen most these guys are probably right now the same thing nothing has changed I mean he is still on the top of his game so he's made himself some more money tonight I mean he certainly has proved to be in the conversation going 1-1 overall the Minnesota Twins who got the first pick in the ground meanwhile the Tigers trying to scratch.

And claw their way back into this when trailing by seven less than Jackson it's a fastball at 92 yeah and the crowd loved that call on rusty this is what an outstanding pitcher can do expand the zone as on target as he's been tonight he's disagreed with a couple of.

Borderline calls a two-seamer late life on that I mean a tailored right into his hands that's almost an impossible pitch to hit no Keith wall has mentioned that the twins are looking for a major-league type ready college pitcher somebody they can advance through the ranks in a hurry and if you look at what's happened out of the SEC in recent years with Dansby Swanson Alex Bregman Andrew been.

Attending now granted all three of those guys are hitters if they played less than a year of minor league baseball and all three are making a huge impact for their respective teams the majors right now and the debate would be between right and Brendan McKay who could play at first base or could be a pitcher at the next level a lot of people expecting that he could go either way and so maybe.

He would be a better fit for Cincinnati the number two overall pick playing in the National League where he could pitch and maybe also pinch-hit if you look at if you talk about McKay maybe as a hitter you got Joe Mauer you'll play in first base so you know maybe you fill in another need at another position if you're the meta so today and Jackson one in the dirt the seventh.

Punch-out from right nice breaking ball late late break late bite good depth and you get behind and get two strikes on you I mean it's just it's almost like a deficit it's just it's so difficult to square him up you got to believe Clemson need something here the bottom of the sixth trailing by seven have a chance but out right and has been very.

Difficult tonight yielding just five hits Cox takes low Maimonides talked about it with us and how they would approach the back half of this game and facing cow right he said you know we're sitting dead red bottom of the zone we got to be able to get one out of here instead of all these weak grounders.

what Hey alright son an outstanding job in quieting this ground it was fairly by sea to start at a four spot in the top of this inning just took a lot out of this crowd to a month winner of this.

Region will match up with the winner of the Corvallis Regional Oregon State will face off with Yale later tonight here on ESPNU beavers are 50 and 4 this year the number one team in the country owning a winning streak of more than 20 in a row about the halfway point the regular season Vanderbilt trying to position itself to contend with Oregon State next weekend potentially looking.

To close strong and count right now with great one count on Rudy Cox and right getting set for his 21st pitch off this inning the most by far tonight in any frame and mad at himself he felt like he missed that one.

A full count he's done nothing this evening to make you think he should be drafted number one it also been a good leader for this Vanderbilt Club you talked about it with Patrick Rabia as well going back to the game yesterday if somebody had to step up for me in the beginning of the season Vanderbilt.

They didn't have any anybody that in the clubhouse that could be a leader and Kyle right just came out of his show yesterday and spoke up and they've been a different team since then flyball to deep right-center field against the wall battle for two rounding third is Pender he flies in safely a two-out two-run double off the bat of Andrew Cox whether that throw got there.

Quickly I thought Pender will be Angela couple of rebound runs for Clemson trying to scratch and claw his way back into a trustee talks finally able to get underneath that 3-2 pitch gulps it out at the base of the wall what's the relay by Kendall and Peyser that's a close play at the plate if you know you go back to the top of this inning that mental error by Cox at first base going.

For that for that ball that would have been an easy 4 3 put out it ended up leading to Vanderbilt scoring four runs how different with this game be it 3 to 2 but obviously something good for Clemson now down by just 5 so Cox unloads the 2 runs on the board for the first time tonight for the origin white Jordan green up next the second baseman try to extend the frame his pitching.

Coach Scott Brown and a brief conversation we remind you for more coverage of the Division one baseball regions Plus interactive brackets go to ncaa.com not necessarily a new game just yet but certainly more interesting and especially if dream can get something going yeah big two-out right here would be due to the Tigers.

Bring so for to a strikeout victim his last time up and here's rights Lind is picked up towards left field the 100 offering votes across on the outside corner there is activity brewing now in the Vanderbilt bullpen starting to stretch out a Zach team and that one getting away from delay for a moment heading.

Down the second or making third-base banners Andrew Cox on the wild pitch see the bite with that curveball and look at this situation right I'll take that that strike at swinging strike call versus the extra base got a chance to get out of the inning now at 1 & 2 we saw Jackson laid with one of the dirt earlier in this inning Greene did it there the 1/2 through the.

Right side for a base hit Tigers had a run that will make it 7 to 3 second hit of the glimpse of regional Geordie agreement sophomore out of Fort Mill don't go anywhere just yet well I'll write tries to sneak a fastball up in the zone tries to elevate with two strikes thinking that Green thinks is going to get another slider in.

The dirt he didn't get it high enough we can have a critic greeting waited just a little bit longer to bow that deeper into the strike zone he was able to barrel it up and he got on top of that baseball that's a pretty big RBI right there anytime you're within a grand slam in tournament play that's a positive thing that's a huge run for money leagues foot race and burr the new.

Clemson hitter tripled his last time up not in front of that off-speed pitch it's only one now another thing to think about 99 pitches on the night for Kyle right this might be his last inning now at some point in time Vanderbilt's going to have to finish this game off with its bullpen and it's whoopin it not as deep at the spin at the past so that's something to kind of look for is before.

The latter third of this ballgame slider in for a strike it's Owen too and a more determined Kyle right trying to end this frame baby-faced assassin bird the son of former major-leaguer Paul bird transferred from LSU fall in two strikes Tigers now with seven hits including three in this inning when you.

Go back to that one play you've mentioned it several times out of the glove of Cox goes so good and this one knocked out over to purse that'll do it for the Tigers finally on the board now trailing Vanderbilt by four top of the seventh coming up seven to three Commodores you.

Now right back to the dugout Vanderbilt leads Clemson 7 to 3 back here in the Upstate of South Carolina rusty answer Roy Philpott and this Clemson crowd finally with something to cheer about in the bottom half of the sixth inning Tigers scored three Rudi Cox a two-run double Jordan green base knock into right bill scored another run and Patrick Andrews.

Back on the mountain try to keep this floor exactly where it is for his club Heys Paul and delay will lead things off five six and seven the Vanderbilt Commodores Andi with 31 hits so far in the Clemson region Wow three one would you say locked in I think that's an understatement yeah I.

Do too read his head up it's unusual box score early this year in a game against South Carolina he pinch-hit at the top of the ninth inning and wrote with the go-ahead run stated a game with the bottom of the ninth to record at save doubled earlier tonight and scored a run for Vandy fallen two strikes.

Patrick Andrews battling back from an elbow injury received a medical redshirt back in 2015 his first season for the Tigers way back in 2012 I believe you were still your mid forties back then one would hope May's hitting 291 sharply 2/3 birds up with it the strong grow will get hazed.

All popped out of Cox's glove but after he already recorded the out nice job I've heard to kind of stay with it ball kind of popped up in his glove and a little bit the Clemson's had some problems at the hot corner a large portion of this decade they've had some good hitters but maybe not as crisp defensively as they.

Would like and I think bird is done a pretty good job answering that call this year started out at second base transfer from LSU and now and a pretty good job over there Oh into winner of this game will punch their ticket to the regional final tomorrow night loser will have to battle UNC Greensboro tomorrow afternoon slow roller to short Davidson and the out.

Davidson's going to just keep getting better and better and better I am very impressed with that young man Jasin delay is one for three a couple of hit so far in the regional fastball at 89 stays hi I'm a minim in this contest kind of swinging a little bit commodores just want to see that ninth-inning as.

Quickly as possible the Tigers would like to continue to try to chip away at that advantage and maybe build some momentum towards tomorrow then again it is baseball Ayano Clemson puts up a crooked number the bottom of this inning it gets interesting not that in right now but I mean it gets even more interesting and.

How does Tim not think here's here's what's going to be talked about in the bottom of this inning this Kyle right come back out if he does how long does Tim Corbin leave him in he's over the century mark in pitches looks like he's coming back out if you ride him at 110 120 for the first time tonight he looks medieval in the last frame with Angelus 10 high and tight.

how long does it take to throw that kind of beard right there six months I'm just going to ask you that you're the one that's got one I like to keep buying.

Nice and trim the answer is a little bit of a different story I mean that's some solid work he enrollment man I'd hate to be though the attendant who picks up after him in the team hotel on the road it is probably the probably think they have a pet in the room delay will draw a two-out walk and a good eye to lay off that last pitch low in the zone that would definitely go with the beard as.

Opposed to the mustache like what you see throughout that Vanderbilt dugout that's just me not there's anything wrong with that here's Harrison ray sac fly in the fourth walked his last plate appearance luxury with his score to run I appreciate that I agree with Commodores struck first three runs to.

The top of the fourth four more in the top of the sixth inning once again on the board in the bottom of the sixth couple of clutch two-out hits rated start yesterday against st. John's did make the start in right field tonight against Clemson gives Vanderbilt a more athletic defense and here comes Andrew see the Tigers pitching coach driving here from Duke the monty li accepted the.

Head coaching position almost two years ago that went down pitching coach for the Blue Devils over number one first-round draft pick I should say Marcus Stroman now with the Blue Jays ray a freshman out of Longwood Florida making his 12th start in right field this season tonight nubs that one.

Foul regardless of tonight's outcome UNCG has proven to be a very difficult plum to deal with two and two Spartans won the Southern Conference tournament in Greenville South Carolina last weekend crushing Furman in the championship nearly upset the Tigers last night and a.

Five to four game and the tying run in scoring position for Pat cross slammed the door shut for Clemson rifled foul a big win today for links Gerak's program really first NC double-a win in 20 years for UNCG well it's been a lot yeah just the third appearance in the NC double-a tournament for white cocoa and Cruz record his second strikeout and the Tigers for the first time tonight go.

Without giving up a hit now don't forget tonight after the Women's College World Series stick around for sports hitter night with Max in Kevin condoms will have a full breakdown of game three the Stanley Cup Finals MLB's best from the evening.

Day 7 at the French Open plus a preview of Game two tomorrow night Golden State and Cleveland at Sports Center tonight also streaming live on the ESPN app stick around rusty answer Roy Philpott Tigers trailing Vanderbilt the seventh-inning stretch 7 to 3 back at Doug Kingsmore Stadium in a pinch-hitter Robert Riley gets the.

Call off the Tigers bench some town Wilkie's night is done jolly also can catch the better hitter between the two and just as important Kyle right remains on the mound rusty now at 103 pitches slider makes it Owen to still has excellent command that's what you look for in my opinion once you get to a hundred pitches in the college game you know it's not necessarily velocity a lot.

Of guys still have their V low but I look for command and that's a very good ball to strike ratio and he still has excellent command and Jolly strikes out swinging a punch out for Cal rights we've seen a couple of Clemson hitters not even close on some of these pitches in the dirt well just peering that slider down and in and jollies in a tough situation coming off the bench to.

Face the guy like right even though it's late in the ballgame he still has plenty of bike top of the order Logan Davidson Tigers trailing by four Sloat that across the outer half it's quickly Owen 113 it's tonight for the Commodores 7 for Clemson fastball at 92 under 19 that's the number that's the highest number of pitches this year or the season for Kyle right he's back into.

Rhythm dealin he's been able to use that changeup extremely effective tonight against the left-hander's Roman on deck Davidson strikes out nine now for Kyle right beautiful beautiful curveball right there sometimes it gets a left-hander you want to you don't want to catch too much of the plate but backdoor is he very nicely right by interesting to see.

The reaction of Seth beer in the hole near the Clemson dugout best outing this year was a three-hit shutout against Florida when he punched out 13 Gators he also struck out 13 against Missouri both of those were season highs he's been double digits and strikeouts each of his last three starts one away from making that four in a row Roman added tap-danced out of that pitch.

the blade tonight for the redshirt junior double digit strikeout to something we're going to be talking about fairly often to the next level in a couple of years for right trying to get there this evening Allen right or Brendan McKay number one overall this was laced into centerfield but Kindle ready and waiting and the Commodores.

Lead it 7 to 3 going to the 833 and three this season with leading after seven advantage you top of the eighth-inning back here inside a Doug Kingsmore Stadium Vanderbilt the to see leading number one seed Clemson seven to three plus the answer really Philpott capacity crowd majority of which staying here into this.

Eight frame and a new Clemson pitcher as Monty Lee makes another call to his bullpen is Jeremy Beasley making his 22nd appearance power armed from the right side er a just over five but he has struck out 23 batters and 21 and a third innings and opponents hit just 245 all the scoring and this one coming in the sixth inning and also the fourth as Kaiser fouls this one away one for three.

Tonight the sophomore from Overland Park Kansas is Robert jolly remains in after pinch-hitting for town will key behind home plate for the Tigers aza with three hits in this Clemson regional so far including - last night he also scored twice and a breaking ball the cross for strength Vanderbilt essentially in an outstanding position in the regional final tomorrow.

Night if this score holds two and one or make it one and two excuse me and it's tough to come back once you enter that losers bracket well it's a it's certainly a temp of the depth of your pitching staff neither went around run away from jollies and froze the mounted purse now will coffee has been.

Electric and as expected pour hits last night three today when scoring double in the fourth inning plated another run in the six double getting all the way back to the wall and that plate right there out of the glove of Rudy Cox maybe the most important secrets tonight rusty I agree with you 100% and you know looking at the highlight reel of will toffee from.

Tonight the thing that impresses me I mean the seven hits of the regional I mean that's unheard of any completed for second game but he's using the entire field and when you use the entire field I'm going to steal your turn for the Vanderbilt tape he has locked it no to the toffee upstairs Charlie Barnes tonight starter went five.

And two thirds innings in a 13 hits seven runs all of those runs earned back-to-back strikeouts for Jeremy Beasley and that seduce now the toffee is retired via the strikeout that's a ball that typically so far in this regional he's been able to handle the switch-hitting Road Coleman turnaround bat from the left side for the first time tonight now hitting a smidge under.

300 has had three hits in this regional pieces got some good tail on that Tuesday fixins bullpen worked so far outside of riley Gilliam last night and cat crawl came in and saved the day has been fairly strong Andrews and just over an inning without yielding any hits a couple of punch outs as well the senior.

Three no countdown to Coleman it such a tight strike zone it's when you're a guy like Beasley big tall guy out there standing on the bump looking at row Cole but you almost feel like you have to throw it into thimble like Jose Altuve with the Astros 3 & 1 go to vapor to 5 6 Coleman maybe an inch and a half shorter certainly a weapon despite the height.

miss Virginian Lake pores tied at 3 in the 8th inning and winston-salem payoff pitch to Coleman this is high fastball at 93 means Coleman it's down to first base or the first walk issued by Beasley just the second by Clemson pitching tonight I really like Coleman to the Tuhoe it changes the dynamic of this of this offense I think you get him on now.

At 2 with two outs he's got great speed you could steal a bag but with the left-handed hitting Kimball up I wouldn't try to steal a bag I love Kendall product for one through that hole on the right side the very dangerous Jaron Kendall easily from the stretch it's a passive Commodores of reach base and every inning tonight .

that's how you pitch Jared Gibbler Jeremy Beasley's figured it out so far are you think he's dialed in he's going away he's got it set up you got a couple of options back foot slider be a good choice you.

Elevate the fastball but you got to be careful kendall has 15 home runs this year he can get on top of one cut with his last time up and drove in to nearly leaving the ballpark and thrown a changeup you when Houston pouring it on Baylin and as the Bears have been eliminated 17 to 3 looks like they connected on the extra point sir foul.

Tim Corbin religious with comes to the staying fit taking a boxing recent years take a place of his party Ellie tries to work out just about every day of the year very detail-oriented it paid a lot of dividends for this Vanderbilt team over the years of course winning the national championship some three years ago.

Once he chopped down good battle right here he speaks of quality pitch he looks good yeah giggles doing a nice job expanding the zone and not trying to do too much in the situation good at basketball and this one a laser to right-center now get to the wall holding on his horse.

Rounding third look at his gum here's the relay place the plate holy make it 8 to 3 as Kendall connects again for the two-out walk boy like to hurt Clemson but I want to give Jared and Kendall some props that was a great at-bat falling behind he fouled off a couple of really tough really excellent pitching pitcher pitches from Pierre Lee.

Beesley to keep the bat alive he gets one on the inner half and that approach that two-strike approach my dear gentle huge dividends for him personally and for the Vanderbilt team that's a big run again tacking on that fifth run big this late in the game I don't know how fast Coleman was running but it was fast and I've doubled the season for Kendall well I like the gamble I mean the old.

Baseball really you don't want to make the first or the third out at the plate but at the time Vanderbilt with a four-run lead you can gamble a little bit nice job by Tim Corbin who coaches third-base he obviously knows the speed of Roe Coleman and all he was saying to the Clemson relay guys was okay make a perfect relay throw my guy out at the plate and Jordan green made an excellent.

Really he made a good throw it just caught me just beat it it's a good gamble to take at this point the ballgame Tim Corbet knows how fast Roe Coleman is the rest of the country does now as well he was booking it owen - to infante five hits already in this regional for the sophomore first facebook nearly hit him try to check his swing and he went around and strike him.

Out so Beasley out of the bullpen strikes out the side but gives up a run of the process 8 to 3 Vanderbilt as we head to the bottom of the 8th you the NCAA baseball regional is presented by the Quicksilver card from Capital One earn unlimited 1.5% cash back every.

Purchase everywhere the Vanderbilt Commodores taking center stage tonight as Kyle writes evening is done seven innings seven hits nine punch outs 114 pitches tonight rusty impressive especially early below was strong late and great command as well late in this tremendous command didn't get the break on some of the borderline pitches but you know he battled and even though he.

Gave up seven hits and three runs he's giving his team a chance to win obviously bottom one is Kyle right betting some money tonight that would agree with that Zack team the new Commodores pitcher a freshman left-hander you know they sent me R to lead it off fastball at 90th and ease but bringing in the lefty I think really the pitch to this guy and try to.

Keep Seth beer off the bases here in the bottom of the eighth I think the plan of attack probably for Vanderbilt Tim Corbin Zach Keene goes the 8th and I think you'll see the still think you may see the closer in read Hayes of the night even with a five run lead you don't to take any chances Oh against a team like this on the road.

Here was walked three times intentionally at UNCG last night rifles this with a deep right and just like that I saw that beer strikes to make it eight to four Wow lefty lefty matchup this dog payoff for Vanderbilt Seth beer it's a ball on the inner half extension timing it's smooth it through the zone or so the quickness look how long that back stays in the.

Hitting zone doubt was called high heat it Bissell that is that God's gonna pick a lot is an outstanding look across back good college player here's the other thing to think about when you go to the ninth inning thinking ahead for Vanderbilt I mentioned Reed Hayes they may bring him on as the closer and tonight he passed the leadoff he's the DHE Mets lead off.

Next Ned obviously you can't pinch-hit for him if you're going to pitch you will is already turning for Tim Corbin and his staff here's chase Pender it's in the dirt it's one and one that had to feel good to beer you know intentionally walked three times last night he had a couple of tough at bats against Kyle right couple of frustrating it baths you.

Said it earlier getting a guy like beer going you know if glimpse is going to win this regional they're going to have to ride their superstars and he won up its beer Ruhlman yeah and perhaps cat crawl later on made his first relief appearance last night to pick up the save curious to see how Monte lien and rusi utilize are the top pitchers in.

Tomorrow's action I've got extra bases written all over pinned around acres and he gallops into second with a stand-up double and the Tigers hanging around here the eighth inning that Keane you mentioned it just a freshman getting his first taste of NC double-a play with the extra job of hitting quite a spin tour right inside the baguette bird back-to-back.

Hits for Clemson here the bottom of the eighth nine hits now for the Tigers Weston Jackson up next one of the heroes from last night ah .

Jackson the transfer from Presbyterian Pike that one off its Owen to a place with imported foot that coach what's up I love it could you drop knowledge on me like that that NASA that what garage .

eight-to-four Vanderbilt Commodores once letting us win seven nothing the o2 upstairs Jackson ever since Kris Williams went out with that shoulder injury coming into the night hitting 375 over that timeframe Tigers need one here and they don't get it.

King whips it right past the bat of lesson Jackson his first strikeout that's a great pitch goes with the fastball right in underneath the hands challenging Jackson on the inside portion of the plate you hit that spot almost unhittable over the state staying alive earlier today the Tallahassee regional as UCF the 2 seed was eliminated bobcats also out after.

Indiana went deep a couple of times in st. John's here the Clemson regional also out stood by UNCG I count of 3 2 1 here's Rudy Cox two-run double back in the six he's 1 for 3 when you love these matchups between power conferences the ACC SEC gets everybody talking this part of the country and Vanderbilt there's been a very fitful doubt so far here in.

South Carolina Jackson Gillis getting loose the left-hander mentioned Chris Williams a few minutes ago he now moves into the on-deck circle and as a potential pinch-hitter ball and two strikes to Cox unholy cross feeding Nebraska to eliminate the Cornhuskers today Wow not in Corvallis at seven four third time in the past four years that the.

Patriot League has won an NC double-a tournament game army and o.9 is the last to win multiple games from the stretch Zach king the chopper to short tender now at third base and Monty Lee will call on Prince William for the first time in his regional the shoulder injury prevents him from catching rusty still slings an awfully mean that this is a time in the.

Game where money Lee's got the option to bring him in a power bat off the bench was he hit from the right side and keying a lefty and right now if you're Tim Corbin I think the only person you have anywhere close to probably warm would be another left-hander that we just showed Williams was 14 home runs this season a laser to left home and tracking jumped up and made the catch.

Holy cow I thought that was going over his head what a play by the senior left fielder ro Coleman back at the NC Double A baseball regionals presented by Capital One inside a duck Kingsmore stadium light shining brightly row Coleman the senior watch this one rusty Coleman got a great.

Jump and used every inch of that what five five frame that had double written all over it listen I'd say they've had some bad luck tonight they've hit a couple of balls right on the screws with nothing to show for it really a frustrating night I think for this entire team with Bonnie lead because they at times they've got some good.

Swings Carson spires the new Clemson pitcher making just his third appearance of the year a freshman right-hander just two and a third innings of work his job is to shut down Vanderbilt try to get his team in for the bottom of the night read Hayes the Commodores hitter designated hitter and also closer Patrick Cromwell now the new third.

Baseman as Grayson bird moves over to second say what we've seen some spectacular plays tonight a home run by Seth beer Cal Wright's performance in seven innings nine strikeouts Coleman's catch moments ago we'll talk he went on another hitting clinic and Infante over at first robbing Kyle Wilkie of extra bases twice one of the reasons we love June so much to see.

Teams like this these kinds of stars in action in for Vanderbilt and a very strong start as it to seat in the Clemson Regional this is going to sound crazy but if Tim Corbin is going to use Reed Hayes in the bottom of the ninth inning with a four-run lead you almost hope he gets out here if he kids on base he's talking to be able to warm up that's a great.

Point he's had a double and scored a run in the fourth inning tonight again he may not bring him in with a four-run lead may start the inning with key and then if something happens while King starts the inning even if Hayes gets on base right here we can still warm up between innings in the beginning of the end in case anything happens so the wheels are moving.

Certainly in inside of 10 Corbett's head right now with exactly how to handle out and Ravel press st. John's yesterday 13 - for leading punch now 8 - for the top of the night Tim Corbin the former Clemson assistance under Hall of Famer Jack Leggett remains he rose up next to the Clemson dugout this evening.

Taking in all the action Hayes steps out we think Oh coach legats thinking about right now it's probably thinking at least earlier in the game he's probably thinking I'm glad I don't have to try to figure out how to solve all right full count in the eighth pitch of the f at UNCG would play Clemson at one o'clock tomorrow if this score holds Spartans.

Won the Southern Conference tournament lost 5-2 for the Tigers last night Vanderbilt and then await the winner of that matchup tomorrow night at 7 o'clock Commodores win that they advance to the Super's this one looped in the right-center field in a big turn about that hustle play by.

Hayes Scott could do it all watch him stick is bad out there and just golf someone in too short right center field the ball rolls but nice hustle by Reed Hayes he's thinking too out of the box now if he's not hustling for both the first he doesn't make it to second nice hustle play we've seen that a couple of times of this Vandy squad Jared Kendall did that as well well Cole.

Net well coached and and you're playing the game right that you know hustle never goes into a slump and there's no reason not to give 100% effort here's Ethan Paul is Superboy seven for sixteen runners in scoring position tonight seven RBIs for the.

Commodores with a lot of baseball games like that well you know we talked about it at the very top you know the team that pitches the best and plays the the best defense is probably going to win this regional but at some point in time the winning team is going to have to produce offensive ly you got to score some runs to help out your pitching staff you got to put up some crooked.

Numbers Vanderbilt has done that so far in this regional they have hit the ball all over the ball for burn-up with it at second deep in the hole makes the play Hayes advances to third so a productive out for Ethan Paul yeah great at-bat he knows the situation he's going to try to pull the baseball on the ground and again tacking on one more run I can't tell you how huge that is for Vanderbilt.

You know that it's almost like a magical number latent in games and regional play you get that fifth run the entire inning the complexion of that entire inning in the bottom of the ninth will change for Clemson here's the catcher Jason delay senior out of Johns Creek Georgia walk double scored and also driven in a run and here's Andrew see the Clemson pitching.

Coach out to the mound Commodores with 15 hits tonight the bulk of the damage done off Charlie Barnes the Tigers starter and he will talk to cable to the earlier in the game Davidson is now the third team to win its first two games and n-c-double-a Regional debut back in 2009 Kansas State won its first two games.

They did not win the regional 2014 of his Kennesaw State they did advance to the seniors coming out of Tallahassee Davidson with a chance one more win to get Chapel Hill Clemson in field is in trying to prevent another run from crossing home plate I've got to make Steph Curry happy with Golden State he's probably brooding on his alma mater will be the difference fourth.

Into tomorrow night on ABC the NBA Finals over network television Marcin spires remains on the mound 1-1 served in a center field that'ss for another Vanderbilt run Hayes crosses home plate it's 9 to 4 Commodores that whole sequence is set up you got the leadoff double by Reed Hayes battling in the leadoff hole and is it back.

Ethan Paul to productive out you mentioned pulling the ball with the white cod he conveys the third and then delay with another huge single for Vanderbilt again I can't say it enough tacking on that fifth run huge for this club went out for Harrison ray may the start in right field this evening and a sec line score to run off a walk back in the sixth here's the other thing it does.

It gives you room for mistakes in the bottom of the ninth to where you may not even have to use read hazier closer and you can save him he'll be full go tomorrow night when you're playing for the championship and if you're Tim Corbin you got to be thinking along those lines this late in the dirt right no doubt so tomorrow this score holds up.

Vanderbilt in the regional final and waiting the winner between Clemson and UNCG first pitch tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock network to be determined for all these matchups and Vandy plating 22 runs so far on the road and for Tim Corbin that's got to put a smile on his face smile no he doesn't when he gets back to the hotel you might get a little bit out of it for about two.

Seconds yeah I think smiled a little bit on Thursday it'd be peeper ideas infield there you go there you go nice going Tim he's helping us out and off-speed pitch floats outside by spires Clemson was eliminated at home last year the regionals by Oklahoma State Cowboys went on to the College World Series ball and two strikes swung on and Miss.

Rey retired first strikeout for spires UCLA now eliminated San Diego State beats the Bruins in 13 there's that Davidson score once again probably the talk of the tournament so far up in Chapel Hill yeah when I see Florida Gulf Coast offered into the regional final now in Tallahassee but when I see.

Florida Gulf Coast always think of the run they made in the NCAA basketball tournament few years back sweet 16 dunk city about NC State beating Kentucky in Lexington in the Wolfpack down in the regional final another ACC versus SEC matchup here in the Palmetto State the SEC with the upper hand Kentucky has never been to the Super Readers.

Connor Kaiser struck out three times singled into six bottom of the order will be due up first for the Tigers in the bottom of the ninth spires the fourth Clemson pitcher and that one gets away from jolly in a passed ball look'st in the inning Boston has just had supporter luck tonight.

It sounded like for a moment maybe he found that one off him all just had so much tail on it that jolly could come up with it now to make matters worse not only are you going to give Vanderbilt four outs of this inning but now you're going to have to face will talk me again with a runner in scoring position four hits yesterday for toffee three more this afternoon and now into the evening.

Here in his second game of the Clemson regional mustache at all I bet if we pulled up one of those file photos up rusty insert back in the day Tennessee I bet you sported a stache at some point yeah it was well it was the end back then and it's in now - apparently just on a special occasion Vanderbilt is a team hitting 436 in this region just just insane.

We take a look now at our capital one player of the game and who else Cowell writes seven solid innings gave up the seven hits but had nine punch outs and was in control even late in this one well he featured five pitches five pitches for strikes and early on Clemson had a very difficult time trying to square him up listen even tough got to square up anyway but he was certainly on.

Tonight in front of a ton of scouts sitting behind home plate and well-deserved the capital one player the game Kyle right congratulations now the new Clemson pitcher Jacob Hennessy a freshman left-hander on Ely trying to do anything you can to get will toffee out going on with a left on left my job .

First year player out of more South Carolina battled injuries making his 26th appearance this season does have three saves 46 strikeouts 30 and a third innings giving up 32 hits 15 runs 13 earn so here we go we'll Tommy the ginger from Massachusetts you've heard the story by now shoulder injury they popped.

It back into place in mid-may and since then he's been one of the top hitters in the country and some Chin Music from Tennessee to start him off nine to four Vanderbilt trying to reach the regional final tomorrow night here in Clemson eighteen hits including sixteen singles yesterday for the Commodores 16 hits and as of last check eight doubles tonight.

In Game two and Hennessey probably best the Clemson perspective not give toffee anything to hit here and I imagine top he's got a green light I would have given it to him now he's ready he had the take up three and oh I guarantee doesn't have it now full count so Hennessey battles back.

the payoff ball strike three and copy retired for the third time tonight we take you to the bottom of the ninth inning here in Tiger Town Vanderbilt Legion nine for you bottom of the ninth inning back here Doug Kingsmore stadium Vanderbilt a 9 to 4 lead rusty insert.

Roy Philpott's and a look at the Corvallis regional winner of this regional will square off with winner of that one Oregon State at Yale coming up at 11 o'clock Eastern right here on ESPNU beavers see number one overall see 50 and for this year as King remains on the mound for Vanderbilt and the pinch-hitter for the Tigers who lead.

Things off will be drew Wharton could be interesting next week in Corvallis should Oregon State when its regional and Vanderbilt win here it would be kind of a rematch of the regional back in 2014 in Nashville for the Commodores beat the Beavers twice to advance to the Super's on the way to the College World Series on to the right of their first national championship 1 and 2 to Wharton.

Tigers need a couple of baserunners to make this one interesting chopper is short Heiser in time well the other thing about the Commodores this weekend rock solid defensively we've seen it at first base at shortstop in left field with Coleman tonight and Kaiser has done a great job .

Here's Robert jolly hitting 283 came in to pinch-hit for Kyle Wilkie and stayed in behind home plate this vanderbilt dugout losing confidence at this juncture the 1-1 answer the commodores stockpile behind third base he struck him out the Commodores one out away .

How about this performance on the road cow right living up to all the hype we've been talking about this weekend Tim Corbin's Club coming in ready to play as the number two seat there's Logan Davidson the switch hitter now batting right-handed against the lefty two hits tonight five overall in this regional nups this one the first and that will do it.

Infante collection Vanderbilt defeats Clemson by final score of nine to four and the Commodores advance to the regional final here tomorrow night an updated look at the bracket Clemson will tangle with UNCG tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 p.m. Eastern loser of that one will be eliminated the winner will battle Vanderbilt tomorrow evening 7 o'clock Eastern well whoever wins the game.

Tomorrow between Clemson and UNCG is going to have their hands full Vanderbilt clicking on all cylinders right now but sometimes you're only as good as your next day starting pitcher Patrick ray B was excellent yesterday Kyle Wright was outstanding tonight but this Commodore club is really clicking on an offense to stand for standpoint 34 hits into regional games so far for the.

Commodores what a performance by Kyle right 7 innings giving up just three runs nine strikeouts a reminder Oregon State and Yale coming up at the top of the hour 11 o'clock Eastern from Corvallis our final score nine to four Commodores win their 35th game of the year Clemson Falls to 40 and 20 good night from Tiger Town USA.



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