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Caillou 519 - Helping Mrs. Howard//Caillou's Fun Run//The New Girl

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Mrs. Howard has sprained her ankle, and Caillou wants to help her around the house. Only, Caillou worries that his “help” is creating havoc – until Mrs. Howard explains that Caillou has been a big help – simply by being there as a friend. //Caillou is determined to win a ribbon in the “Charity Fun Run” and is disappointed when Daddy sprains his ankle. Grandpa offers to take Daddy’s place, but he isn’t a very fast runner. Now they’ll never win a ribbon! As Caillou and Grandpa dawdle through town, Caillou comes to realize that everyone is a winner when they run for charity – because they’re doing something nice for the community. //Caillou is looking forward to being Leo’s partner during a field trip to the museum. When Miss Martin asks Caillou to be Layla’s partner instead - because she’s new to preschool – Caillou is disappointed. When Caillou recalls what it feels like to be the new kid, he decides to give Layla a chance – and he isn’t disappointed! Being with Layla is fun, and Caillou returns from the trip having made a new friend.


you're getting to be a big boy I like exploring you helping mrs. Howard you Burt what are you doing daddy I'm building a ship in a bottle.

Can I help mmm I'm sorry Caillou I know you want to help but this is very tricky work you can watch maybe someone else could use your help today like mommy or Rosie okay daddy oops what are you doing puzzle can I help bye you take care mrs. Howard mrs. Howard mommy mommy what happened to mrs. Howard she sprained her ankle while going for a.

Walk it's nothing serious she just needs to take it easy for a while Caillou suddenly had a wonderful idea mrs. Howard could use my help that's very nice of you Caillou but I can help her with some chores around the house well perhaps mrs. Howard could use a little help around the house let's give her a call and see.

Okay oh hello mrs. Howard Caillou and I were wondering if we could come by and talk to you about something Oh wonderful see you soon Caillou was very excited at the thought of lending mrs. Howard a hand.

I'm coming hello there what is it that I can do for you today Caillou I want to help you mrs. Howard with your chores is that going to be okay with you mrs. Howard oh of course it's awfully nice of you to want to lend a hand Caillou come on in well I guess I'll leave you to it bye Caillou bye mommy all right now let's see you could help me water.

The plants I guess big oopsie how is it going Caillou I spilled some water mrs. Howard oh not to worry I'll just grab a mop and clean it up careful not to slip oh my here you go little plants drink up now what else can I do mrs. Howard well hmm you could do a bit of dusting for me if you like okay.

There's a feather duster under the sink I'll get it for you no I can get it mrs. Howard oh that Caillou what a sweet boy Caillou was enjoying being such a big help to mrs. Howard ah that feels better bye bye gust I'm sorry mrs. Howard that's okay Caillou I'm sure it'll be fine it really needed a new lampshade anyway Caillou.

Didn't mean to ruin mrs. Howard's lampshade suddenly he didn't feel like such a good helper anymore you know what would be a really big help to me Caillou what it would be great if you could fetch my mail for me from the mailbox I can do that easy-peasy Oh No they're all muddy are you okay Caillou.

I'm okay but I dropped your mail mrs. Howard Caillou felt terrible at that moment he thought he couldn't do anything right don't worry Caillou it's only mud I'm sure everything will be fine now come on inside and we'll get you cleaned up there better better only I wish I was a better helper Caillou I'm surprised.

You're a terrific helper how I spilled water and knocked over your lamp and I got your mail all muddy everyone has accidents Caillou even me the truth is you've been a wonderful help now it was Caillou's turn to be surprised how just knowing I can count on you for some good company and a few laughs is all the comfort and help I need really really.

I like being your friend too mrs. Howard so maybe you'd like to stick around this afternoon and play a game of cards with me yeah I'm good at cards great whoa that was a close call hmm Oh oopsie that day Caillou learned that giving his time is often the best way to help a friend indeed Caillou's fun run come on daddy you can do it 99 hmm 100 oh wow 100.

Situps you'll be a great shape for the fun run this weekend yes we will Caillou could hardly wait he and daddy we're going to run in the big charity race together we're gonna put the fun back in fun run right kiddo yep and I bet the winner gets a ribbon let's go for our practice run look it's the oh and his mom hi leo hi Caillou it seems we both had the same.

Idea today going for a jog yeah we signed it for the charity run on the weekend we did too do you think the winner will get a ribbon I don't know but if they do we'll get one for sure we're really fast daddy and I are fast too right daddy I think we'll win it's not that kind of race Caillou besides when we run for charity everybody wins.

Whose charity it's not a who it's a what charity is when you raise money to help others each runner pays to enter the fun run and all the money goes to the hospital oh well I still want to win a ribbon hmm come on daddy how about some more push-ups more uh-uh sorry Caillou I think that's enough training for one day I'm hitting the.

Showers don't daddy my ankle oh my goodness are you okay oh yeah I'm gonna try and stand oh oh I think my ankle sprained Caillou was upset about his daddy's ankle but all he could think about was what about the fun run that's right Rosie daddy's got a boo-boo but not to worry I just called dr. Jackson at the hospital she'll see us right away we'll.

Be leaving as soon as grandpa shows up to watch you daddy I hope your ankle feels better soon oh thanks kiddo Oh like maybe this weekend so we can still go to the fun run sweetheart I think the Fun Run is the last thing on Daddy's mind now oh yeah sorry daddy Caillou was waiting anxiously for mommy and daddy to return from the hospital.

Ring around the Rosie Posie kid I'm afraid daddy's ankle is sprained but what about the fun run I know you're disappointed Caillou but I can barely walk let alone run you'll have to take it easy for a few weeks son dad maybe you can run the fun run with Caillou well that sounds like fun as long as it isn't today I'm pooped but daddy grandpa can't run fast.

I've never seen him run at all we'll never win it's not about winning Caillou besides grandpa might surprise you Caillou was excited it was the day of the big race all of the runners were getting ready to run oh but grandpa they got your nose hi Caillou ready to race for that ribbon uh yeah good luck leo well have fun you.

Two we'll see you at the finish line so are you ready to run yeah I guess so I'm gonna get your nose when I get back can you wait up now this is gonna be fun yeah fun .

Grandpa try to hurry okay who are they clapping for for us but why we're not gonna win when this isn't about winning this is a charity race charity I know to help others that's right did you know we're raising money for the same Hospital daddy went to when he hurt his ankle really so running in the Fun.

Run helps people like Daddy that's right now what do you say we put the fun in fun run okay hmm come on hey Caillou nicely oh we had fun too people cheered and we got our picture taken we even got frozen yogurt you got frozen.

Yogurt lucky oh yeah we all get ribbons that's because when you run for charity everyone's a winner red Grandpa bright Caillou come on that day Caillou felt proud running for charity meant doing something wonderful for others the new girl this is going to be the best school trip ever today Caillou was going to one of his favorite places the dinosaur museum.

Leo and I are going to be partners and we have it all planned out first I get to sit by the window on the bus and then Leo gets it on the way back then we're going to see who can name the most dinosaurs and then we're going to see who can make the best dinosaur sounds this is going to be the best school trip ever I'm putting an extra box of raisins in your lunch.

Just don't go feeding them to the dinosaurs hey dinosaurs don't eat raisins mommy they plant another dinosaurs have fun remember I get the window seat on the way to the museum Leo and I get it on the way back just so you know I'm going to win our dinosaur roaring contest I've been practicing for two whole days yeah.

Well I've been practicing all week this is gonna be the best school trip ever all right everyone I'd like you all to say hello to Layla this is Layla's first day at school because Layla doesn't know anyone here I would like someone to be her partner for today's school trip Caillou you can be Layla's partner that means we're not gonna be partners Caillou.

all right everyone remember the rules Partners must hold hands and stay together at all times and everyone must keep their place in line so no one gets lost but I'm supposed to get the window see Caillou wanted to be with his friend Leo instead of Layla he realized Layla would.

Rather be with a friend too only she didn't have any friends at school because she was a new girl Caillou remembered how he felt on his first day at school when he was a new boy on my first day at school I wanted to go home because I didn't know anyone but then Leo said he would be my friend then everything was okay and my first day at school was lots of fun I'll be.

Your friend Layla as soon as Caillou saw the dinosaurs he wished he and Leo were together so they could play their dinosaur naming competition Leo and I know all the dinosaur names oh that's a brontosaurus whoa and that one's a t-rex and that one with the pointy things on its back is a Sega sorry Cleo is impressed that Layla.

Knew the dinosaur names he wondered if she could make dinosaur sounds like he and Leo could I think the t-rex must have sounded like this ah whoa maybe but I think it's added more like this ah wow that was even better than mine screech screech hey squeak aah screech screech and that was even better than mine Oh.

Lila kissed what kind of dinosaur I am a Squealer Saurus your bunny hood now you guess what I am oh oh whoops a dynastar now you're a hiccup adapt all right everyone dinosaur I had the window-seat before now it's.

Your turn Caillou Thanks dynasnail you're welcome as Caillou waited for mommy to pick him up he shared some of the things he'd learned at the Museum okay guess what I am oh I gained a snide that saff unnie dinosaur joke Caillou layla made it up well layla what did you think of your.

First day at school it was lots and lots of fun it wasn't the best school chip ever but it was still really really good because i came back with a new friend yeah Leela's funny it was a good trip indeed Caillou had made Layla feel very welcome on her first day at preschool .


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