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Ava Isla and Olivia are Magic Mermaids at our pool ! Fun at the Swimming Pool Fun Family Three

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Ava Isla and Olivia are Magic Mermaids at our pool ! Fun at the Swimming Pool Fun Family Three
More fun at the swimming pool with Fun Family Three Ava Isla and Olivia this time the girls find a magic pearl and wish to become mermiads - does their wish come true watch to fin out!
Special thank you to Fin Fun Mermaid for providing the amazing mermaid tails for this video!
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Hi guys you're back with fun family three with Ava Isla and Olivia we've got something cool to do today girls are you ready for this we're gonna do some magic today okay so I have found something really magical so this is a magical mermaid pearl not pill the cat not pill this is a pearl a magic pearl that turns you into fin fun mermaid ins so you can be mermaid with this magical pearl which.

I'm going to show you right now and show everyone at home look this is a magic pearl look how its shiny and look you can turn into fin fun mermaid ins with this magical pearl this is a magical pearl clamshell this turns you into fin fun mermaid and is okay you can be mermaids for the day yeah when you press this Bell you turn back into a human block when you press.

The magic pearl it lights up in different colors and then you turn into a mermaid so this is gonna be pretty awesome girls okay are you ready to try who's gonna try first oh I think Olivia wants to be lost maybe we should maybe maybe we should go in order of age maybe we should do a the first okay it's okay let's try with a birther so.

I'm gonna hand you the magical mermaid pearl okay so here it is are you ready Ava you're gonna turn into a magical mermaid in' so you need to make a wish on the magic pearl that's amazing you're a problem mermaid in you're gonna flap your tail whoa look how shiny it is nice such a beautiful color tail Wow oh my goodness I love your turn next are you gonna make a wish on the magic pearl.

Okay pass it over so you have to make a wish all that is a lovely color ila it looks Oh like candy yours looks like lava yeah I'm all - yeah Oh Olivia it's your turn yeah I can't wait to see what your tail is gonna look like you're gonna be a fin fun mermaid and if you make a wish on the magic pearl and wish I was a beautiful mermaid oh.

You've you've got rainbow tail Olivia you look amazing you look miss you look amazing you look so great you are all mermaid and today this is gonna be the most amazing day but you'll have to turn back you sure human-like slates are okay these are amazing tails and you know what you're gonna go swimming today like real mermaids get those tails swimming whoa Ava look how.

Your tail spots on yeah get in and swim you have to flap the tail up and down lap it up and down after practice it being a mermaid Olivia you're right you need some mermaid names what you gonna be cause shelley and what's your name spark what about.

Rainbow sparkle that is a beautiful mermaid name so coral yeah rainbow sparkle or Sparkle Rainbow whichever way you want to say it Shelly hi Shelly have you had fun meeting my mates today yeah this is the coolest thing ever we want to say a huge massive gigantic thank you to been fun so say thank you fun so Ava Iowa and Olivia want to say a huge thank you to them fun.

So thank you and we hope you enjoyed the video guys so please remember to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to fun family 3 if you haven't already and we'll see you next time guys looking for more fun fun fun family 3 why don't you click on the links below


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