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Rare SIA 2 SFO Runway 01R Night Landing

Опубликовано: 4 года назад
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Singapore Airlines. Windy conditions at SFO on Dec 30, 2014 caused an almost unprecedented 6 hours of landings on 01. Happening only a few times a year, and usually for only a short time, the landings continued into the night. Pilots fly the ILS to runway 28, then just past the San Mateo Bridge, make a sharp left turn and skim the San Bruno mountain tops before dive bombing into runway 01, just barely above the Milbrae BART station.


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MarsAveSo • 1 год назад
Daaaang he was so low I thought the jet would snag the powerlines between the parking garage and the Freeway........great clip 007!
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NickFlightX • 4 года назад
Uhh, i wanted to be there so bad!!! Im in NY right now...
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