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E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness | “The Man”--Becky Lynch--comes around

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She’s been involved in several sports entertainment firsts…this Sunday, Becky Lynch will step in the ring for the first ever Women’s TLC match! Today The Rocker Strappers dared The Man to stop by #ECPOA to talk about it. Plus: how Becky paved her own path to success despite challenges along the way, the dominant success of WWE’s first ever all-Women’s PPV Evolution, and why she can’t wait to prove herself against Ronda Rousey—hopefully in the main event at WrestleMania 35.
And: E&C know something about TLC matches…they’ll break down the card at this Sunday’s Tables, Ladders, & Chairs PPV.


the Birdman their uriah see get back to normal actually some sense of normalcy back to my velvety tones kickin this bad boy off I will side through it threw me for a loop for a couple weeks having to start this off I didn't know what to do you didn't know right I didn't know you need me to steer this bad boy I would like to.

Hear you formally admit right now that you were a little lost without me I ain't admitting shit how about that saying it was a little strange to get used to you know you're the set up man you set him up I knock him down I set him up you get them off yeah why hey now ain't no song for you hello hello bird oh yeah I wish I didn't know you know what you wouldn't want to know.

It trust me so you got vertigo I did man so so I I Drive back from Canada where my mom services were last week and everything Snowmageddon hits the southern states and everyone forgets that they know how to put the foot to the gas or to pump the brake so Beth and I just go right we're gonna drive cuz that's what we do she's upstate New York I'm Canada snow.

Ain't gonna stop us so we drive through the thing 15 hours get home exhausted just a yeah just taxing few months for us you know right so it was like home right okay hey there's the girls didn't I go to bed Monday night for am I roll over in bed and the bed keeps spinning whoa what's going on and so I go back to sleep I roll over again boom again I'm like what is happening so I wake up I.

Was like better I'm really dizzy no idea what's going on so I leave it a day cuz of course that's what you do and I go to the doctor and they spit out this long-term basically what I have is this form of vertigo in these three little tubes full of liquid that you have in your ear and you can develop crystal and if the crystals shift you're fucked well which is sort of it which is.

Basically where I'm at right now and I'm really dizzy and you know everything's kind of shifting and yeah it's weird man but but they gave me these exercises that I have to do where I like well he Nover a bench I have to twist and look in the floor and like all these weird convoluted contortions and it's actually a little by little that's helping so well maybe my next week but I won't be.

Fucked well I feel great if it makes you feel any better it doesn't whatsoever and if you hear that screaming in the background it's because Lady Gaga's putting a performance on in a living room just in Wow right now since yeah nice so I Iowa's world is good and completely right because she she's Lady Gaga right now yeah and lyric had her little birthday yesterday yes yes she.

Turned five which completely blows my mind and all those cliches that everybody talks about if they're cliches for a reason man cuz it flies by just absolutely like I'm like wait wait when did this happen and when did she get almost as tall as Beth like I it's it's kind of mind-boggling it's amazing though and we're having her pirate party tomorrow where I will apparently put on.

The guy liner again there you go and and reenact some some cat the Captain Jack Sparrow Sparrow Sparrow it is crazy how fast it goes right like you don't even realize I mean I didn't realize just like when we were setting up here obviously as usual had some problems connecting we was gonna mention it well turbo Ted had to jump on the the.

FaceTime with me a little face-to-face and it made me feel better that I look better than him but hey listen I look amazing as Kenny Omega golden lovers homing mask t-shirt don't you dare I need to shave my beard maybe come on beard yes I got real bad neck going on I got a face for radio and a body just doesn't quit let me tell you but I I noticed how much gray hair out of my.

Chin like that's you know oh yeah you never look at yourself on those you just look at the person you're talking to because it's very disconcerting yeah but I look at myself and put myself over NJ face ugly so there's that hey we should get to we've missed a lot of stuff while I've been gone I know you've had a couple of hacks here to try and help you through a.

Couple weeks I heard you had one Thomas Tommy aka dreamer dreamland whatever you know him and and then you had a Z rider who has still not been a guest I refuse to accept that he's a guest it guest he's he's a host co-host yeah I basically told him so good as you should but I'm back and we have a lot of stuff to cover let's start so I'm gonna start covering.

Was something that I saw that was very happy to see this past week on Smackdown and that was Mustafa Ali yeah I was like that too Brian yeah I like that and you know I even like the setup with the promo of Daniel Bryan you know talking about you know how the fans can be how fickle they can be in that sort of thing when he came out he said I know who you are you.

Should be mad at them because they don't know who you are I thought that was a good little little heel spin on it you know what I mean he is I mean who would have thought you know WrestleMania Norland she's going over the world title that whole thing that happened that that whole you know kind of tsunami who would have thought that he could come back not be booked that great either but it come.

Back and turned this thing into being he'll I mean I wouldn't have thought it possible but he's finished to do it then I think too you have to kind of hear on the side of caution there as well right because you can't throw him into something you almost have to to ease him in a little bit because you don't know right if you throw him into the top program when he's back then and.

Something happens god forbid I mean you you're kind of you know it's not a good situation for anyone but what and not that he wouldn't be able to withstand the pressure it's just you let's see where is that physic so that's a good point yeah because you know but I enjoy it well you know I I enjoyed the fact that they they inserted Ali into that he's a good guy.

Yes talented guy and I think he really has an opportunity because I you know he I don't know there's just certain guys right you know he has a Rhema stereotype vibe about him and I always hate comparing and things like that but sometimes this is what you got to do that and I don't know he has that very multi yeah he kind of crosses all boards you know I can see guys 18 to 35 liking.

Him I can see women liking him I can see kids liking him I just think every demographic he kind he appeals to so I was happy to see him getting certain and yeah in her and I did the the Tribute to the Troops a week or so ago and he was in my group were going around meeting the the good do troops really nice guy really good guy I liked him a lot so I got to actually.

Spend a little bit of time with them and you know joke around a little bit and do you some do some things and hang out and yeah so to see him get that opportunity that's big you know especially there's a lot of talent on that 205 live and you know obviously doesn't have this big of audiences Ron smacked and doesn't I know they're on on those programs but a lot of times they're facing each other you.

Know and for him to step up and you know even in the promo you know say about Danny I know we looked up to you on 205 live you know and understand in there and almost you know he's looking at I with the world heavyweight champions or something like that is attainable for those guys in Channel five live you know if they've you know if all the the stars align and you know he he had great.

Showing and I was really happy for him so I I don't even know did have we talked about takeover and survivor series or anything like that revived they've even been I think it's way past it is I think we can go back yeah we can't go back I gotta say though Champa versus dream spectacular black versus Gargano so good Brock versus Daniel Bryan it's.

So good and another match that I didn't want to talk about it wasn't too far back it was Shayna Baszler against the code hi and it was on NXT it was really really really good and Dakota Kai's really coming into her own like a she the the looks coming together the whole package is starting to come together and it's a really good match really did a.

Lot for and it was really well done yeah yeah although I heard she might have just got hurt is that Jill really I didn't hear that Ted Theodore D what you got there I'm seeing that there is a reported injury here mandatory calm or no excuse me ring report is saying will reportedly has torn ACL so unfortunately your Oracle and Jay won't understand that.

Reference but three Batman you'll get it yeah all right so glasses I don't wear glasses thing but I can do that cosplay if you want and I'm just no I don't I don't think I need to see let me know if you do Hey December 15th marks the 55th anniversary 1963 the death of Ricky Dawson it's crazy now for those of you that don't know Ricky dozin was I mean he was the man in Japan and I mean laid.

The groundwork I mean just for everything over there so yeah 55 years do your homework on that one hosers check they check that out because that talk about it going fast eight and we're kinda all over the place here because you know we're just rying to get our footing repair the brother hey and I got fucking vertigo so I can't get my footing so so you're.

Actually doing this laying down in the fetal position I should be because high mazi right now another great match from Smackdown this week was was Charlotte versus osku the rematch from WrestleMania those two together very very very good chemistry I thought they had the best match at this year's WrestleMania I did to him it just so well done shocking finished two because.

We think back to that time and it looks like maybe they're starting to get osku back to that level of where she was at then they're no fault of our own and you know leading to TLC this week in San Jose E and the Jose San Jose SJ brotherbrother yeah where where the Sharks play where there's a lot of beards the shark tank yep yep yep yep.

So it's shaping up to be a pretty good show - yeah did you feel co-chairs yeah you say hey somebody I know was out of hand and coming up with that concept yeah I was that probably most mostly me mostly mostly they're useful but you got vertigo Mosley well I was going back so I wasn't gonna talk about a little bit about the Smackdown match okay you jump ahead I'm.

Sorry go on yeah I was just gonna talk about the you know how I thought the match was good match I like the finish I there was no finish I thought in that instance it made a lot of sense since the three of them will be facing each other and then you know Becky who strangely enough is our guest today the man whoa you know she got a little a.

Little hazy brother on on Charlotte and then you know Oscar got hers back I'm Becky and kinda left in Boustany little damage with the candlestick I thought it was I was well done laying yeah yeah well and that whole non finished thing goes back and I say let the bow standing you did you take God but that's okay that's that's wrong I don't know apparently I'm I'm the one with vertigo.

But we should know that that out we probably won't bullshit standing make sure like I guess so so TLC that is this weekend well which think and what you got you want to talk about it you want to anything else you want to talk about before we get to act we get we could talk about Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler in that oh that whole thing kind of blew up and I really man I know we've.

Talked about I love both guys you know I I like them both personally but also his talents I think Dolph you know to me is one of the most talent guys that's ever stepped foot in there and drew I really really feel like he is we've talked about it multiple times on the show he's really come into his own and just continues to do so and I know with everyone wondering about you know.

What do you do with reigns gone and and who steps in and the obvious answer seems to be Rollins and I agree with that I do know but I truly think that drew can be a guy and your workhorse for the next however many years look in the way he does cut in the promos he's cutting and yeah I just yeah I think he's got a car to him I think he's got that that Randy thing about him where.

He'll be such a good heel for so long that eventually people will like him you know I mean yeah and I have to change much of his style he can still kind of be the same guy that he was and do the same things he did as a heel as a babyface and people will cheer for it well Austin never switched his style no no but I mean you have to have that certain something to be able to do that.

Yes you know and I think that the drew has that and I think we talked whether we had him on the podcast you know year ago when he first came back maybe longer and you know he's a classic example of going away to come back and be better you know he did he didn't you know it didn't work out the first time around for him and instead of kind of sulking he's like I'm gonna go out there and get.

Better and come back and show that they were there they made mistake on me you know and hey it still worked out okay right it was still an icy champion he was still you know he still worked a lot of really good people I remember working I'm in an elimination chamber and he yeah he was great I hate matches with him too but it's one of those things you just there's that it.

Wasn't good enough for him no and there's also that maturity level to that you know I found when I left and came back you know there was a little bit of that we need to figure some some of that stuff out when you go when you come back so I think in his case maybe some of that was missing when he came back he was a different guy even had a chance to grow up a little bit in a certain sense.

And came back in that that that doesn't wonders for you in that yeah yeah I think um I just think this guy is the limit for him I hate that cliche but it's true I could I could truly see I think I think you got to go with Rollins though man cuz that guy is I mean you're talking the workhorse especially in terms of a baby face right now he's really really coming to his own.

As a baby face and figured out that pocket that works best for him the match is a series with Dolph he doesn't seem to have a bad match you know and so I mean right now it just it's wide open you know he's doing good thanks for adding that no yeah yeah no like we I think we talked about in the past where you know sigh the way I can tell you've been to Canada recently.

Because you just went ya know did I yeah and then I said left him standing maybe it's just me yeah I mean we I think we touched on this in the past to where sometimes when you turn from a heel to baby face it there's a little bit of a transition period as far as yeah you know getting your style and getting fully comfortable when you have that full comfort doing one or the other.

Switching them and sometimes there can be a little feeling I'll process and it seemed like Rollins did have a little bit of that we don't turn babyface but now he's getting it and believing it and feeling it and you know the whole burnt-down thing has helped I'm like we know the whole crowd has something to chant along with you you know that it's kind of a cool thing to say that helps.

As well so he just feed the whole pack and just come together for him and he's he goes out there busses ass every single night you know he never phones it in ever yeah super talented always has been but like you said that transition is really weird we've both been through we both know it it's hard and especially when you get to a certain point as a heel and then I'll now you got to try.

And get to that certain point as a babyface or vice versa it can be really really difficult but the the good ones always figure it out and you know obviously has so okay just real quick before we get CLC then you're you're you're armchair booking WrestleMania who works Brock who works Brock yeah um if Brock stole universe champion I'm.

Gonna go crazy here Oh miss a drew McIntyre okay okay yeah I mean that would have been one of mine and that's what I've been saying for a while but I I think in terms of the dynamics of a match right now looking at the babyface landscape I think you gotta go Rollins yeah I don't know it's tough one either or I don't think you go wrong.

Yeah yeah well I mean they could also you don't go back to you know with unfinished business with them as far as Rollins kind of sneaking in and stealing the world title or the lwy championship Universal Championship universe all the time out of mind if I'm in red one whatever it's a really I don't know whatever was at the time when he came in and made it a three-way and cashed in.

The Money in the Bank so there's that kind of backstory to they kind of roll back maybe rolling back Birdman roll it back Mickelson's let's roll forward to TLC so we got Daniel Bryan against AJ what do you think darkness is like yeah I know it happened for free on Smackdown just randomly one week what the dynamics that have changed right since Daniel Bryan is.

Now full-fledged heel and AJ's babyface and you know it's one of those those kind of dream matches that everybody had talked about for seeing for so long you know especially the you know the the Internet audience this is a match that they would they would have loved to have seen for and talked about for however long and you know you get to see it but I think it's better in this instance.

Because now it's sometimes like I said when it when it's baby face baby face it's almost hard to get sympathy or to I really hate this guy to run yeah so in this it's there's a clear-cut babyface clear-cut heel it makes it easier to build the match and tell that story I think you know what dynamic I liked randomly when it was thrown out there was heel against heel yeah like I I.

Saturn's main event this is completely off-topic but I remember Jake the snake versus Macho Man when they were both in full heel mode I was so excited to see that match because I wanted to see who was like who was more evil what were they gonna do so I've always liked that dynamic have to yeah I think it's easier than face face yeah I mean it's it's definitely either way it's kind of.

Swimming upstream a little bit as far as you know getting a reaction or whatever but you know you'd have to yeah there's little tricks that you have to use there to to kind of start to get the reactions that you're that you're looking for you know and I remember wrestling Randy and a babyface baby a smachim it's almost like a soccer match because like one side was chanting we want Christian the.

Side was chanting we want Orton so it was kind of a cool in that sense they weren't really cheering or booing yeah but they were invested in both and I was cool Hogan warrior Arabs there and it was ridiculous so actually maybe it is easier to do double faced cuz at least people are invested but anyway out of my ass now so we'll talk to Becky about her match.

Coming up we'll get in-depth on that one so Rousey versus Jack's which think they had a really good match at I just forget the pay-per-view because there's so many of them but yeah I like this one too because obviously you know it kind of puts Ronda as in danger a little bit because she's facing somebody that's that's bigger than her and I think that they know they've they've turned Naya.

Heel as well and given her you know this and even with that shot in the face on Becky it's kind of added a little something to where they hide up on that where you don't break somebody's face so you know there's that there's a danger element as far as her coming in as the smaller opponent no I don't see yeah I don't know their dynamic it works well together you know and I've been really.

Impressed with Ronda and we've talked about it the past as well as far as how seamless she's made it seem kind of wrestling going from enovate to wrestling so yeah I mean the elite athletes right I mean correct Brock her I mean it seems at least from a combat sport it can be more seamless um you know it seems maybe a little harder football players you know it.

Different sports but that that seems to be one that for whatever reason there's enough similar dynamics that it seems more of a an easier transition I guess but yeah I think with Ronda the hardest part is is finding you know those credible challengers and I think I will always be that because of that yeah that size difference and because she's you know she's a big badass right Jill.

And I'll takes her to go out and lay somebody out and you know she's made in a in a night yeah and I mean the punch and everything but you know why it happened why not use it so they did and here we are Ambrose turned on Rollins the night that range said he had to leave and they're there fighting for the Intercontinental title championship as it were they've.

Worked a lot when I know they have about it you know Helen sells and a lot of day I think maybe a TLC - I'm not sure but they've worked as freshers up you know this again this is freshened up a little bit because Ambrose is now heel and you know I think this is a better that personas better suited for him and you know the whole gothic fringe thing and he seems like that's more of his comfort.

Zone as far as you know his type of matches and promos and things like that so I think in neck said will you talk about Seth finding his footing it as far as being a babyface and potentially being the top babyface you know III think that this role service both guys equally as well yeah I think where Ambrose yeah yeah yeah and I like now cuz it wasn't sure you know it's like.

What tweaks do they make the Ambrose or what tweaks does he make - to make this thing work because if he's lunatic fringe and he's he's you know the batshit guy people are still gonna like that yeah and so I he still is but a little more yeah a little more edge little more like he's a little more sick this time yeah yeah I like it I like it just going bar smackdown tech team.

Championship three-way with the Usos new day I mean and you can't go wrong with any of that combination No it truly does and I again I hate to use this reference but it harkens back to Dudley's Hardy's ENC it really has that that similar vibe to it you have three teams that are firing on all cylinders all equally talented I mean all trading the the Tag Team.

Championships back and forth I think like they're all five-time Tag Team Champions now yeah yeah and hey let's go even further back I know we had Sheamus Cesaro on the show but to think what they've done as a team since you think back to how they formed it two guys that working at a best-of-seven series against each other they fit into this yeah I mean that's remarkable it's.

Really about that because they've so committed to the team aspect yeah and well you just said they're committed you know because if you don't commit to it it doesn't work so I said hey we're both singles guys you know especially Sheamus had been a you know a few time world champion could visit him I don't want to be in a team you know you know but both guys got along well backstage and.

Realized that you know at this point they probably better off together than separate and you know they could have a really good run here and they have and that whole commitment this is off topic again but Bobby Roode Chad Gable winning tag team championships on Raw right and I see Chad gable and I just go man that guy he is just willing he's super talented by the way but just willing to.

Go right okay I'm in this team I'm gonna go I'll get the matching trunks I'll do like he's you can just tell that he is willing to do whatever it is going to take to make it work yeah on top of the fact that he's super talented so happy to see Bobby Roode and him him do we boobie boobie boobie visor but we still got to talk about the TV show.

After we talking about TLC about our TV show no cheap plug buddy Murphy Cedric Alexander party marketing man yeah they're talented cats dudes over by me you know they both guys you know really tremendous shape both of them I mean obviously super athletic you know I like the the the the kind of persona that buddy Murphy kind of built you know kinda had a little chip on his shoulder.

And seemed like there was some real-life angst there a little bit and use it to his advantage and kind of pushed himself onto this 205 live and has you know done some good things mm-hmm brawn versus Corbin TLC match so the so that's now what two TLC matches on the show we haven't talked about the other one because that will involve Becky and.

We'll go into depth but yeah that's that's two TLC matches on one show TLC match yeah well that's that's tough that's a tough tough position to put those guys in because I can vouch I think having been in the first batch of singles TLC matches their card either hard with team they're hard with multiple people they are they are but at least you can do stuff and it can keep.

Moving because somebody is always cycling through and there's always somebody selling it was optional things away you got two people now and even with the triple threat with Becky and Charlotte and osku they're gonna have some challenges too but when you just have two people in there man it is hard I had one I guess Flair won against Cena won against Undertaker out here I think.

I don't think I've ever had a singles TLC match well trust me they're hard and you really got to put your thinking cap on you gotta waited to do it especially coming off of at least what I was doing it coming off the last thing they've seen is you know ledge christian parties Dudley's and and Raul let who you know where you have eight people and yeah now it's down to two and.

What has been to the feminine and you have two big dudes like Corbin is a big fucking yard yeah and strohman a bigger fucking dude so I mean that's you know you got to wonder like how much is going up the ladders and all that stuff is gonna happen but I mean this strength displays will probably be amazing and stuff they do in that respect you know it just it's.

It's a whole challenge unto itself but yeah I mean it's a position but it's out the guys yeah and so that that'll that's but that this can be an interesting one Nattie Ruby Riot tables match so did you know that Nattie took part in the very first women's tables match I didn't know that but I do know her and Beth against LayCool and here's the funny little story about.

That one is Nattie was on the top rope and I think they're gonna superplex her off Lake was gonna superplex her off through the table I think Beth held on to Natty's feet so they bumped off like Nattie pushed them they're supposed to break through the table the table didn't break huh so Nattie's on the second rope if you watch it back she looks and you can see she's like the the wheels are.

Spinning and then she just splashes them through it and it was awesome but that wasn't the original intended finish so there you go you know this should be can match nannies obviously you know very talented and experienced in Ruby right I mean she's really good as well man I love the riot squad I really do I did you know just how how oddball they all are yeah and how completely different.

From each other they all are but blaze it work yeah and and again committed to it you can tell they're having fun and they liked each other and you know they had that right along show that we were it was them and it was us not riding together but on that show and they were goofier than us I don't saying something right that's saying something okay yeah I know we're running out of.

Time here so you're real quick we got we got alliance forces bobby lashley in a ladder match randy versus ray in a Chairs match and we got Balor vs mask and tire and I'm really looking forward to that one yeah I mean all these matches are gonna be great stacked Randy and Ray will be off the charts I'm sure you know we're able come up with some crazy stuff with those.

Chairs you know I think Finn and drew speaks for itself there yep it's good stuff it's good stuff Birdman and speaking of good stuff or depending on whatever your whatever flavor you like the EMC show is back on the air and it's been back we haven't been able to talk about it on this pot since it's been on I have well I I said we as in the the Royal we as in.

Plural as in you know we're both the stars of the show and so if one star talks about it and plus if I'm not on the pot I don't listen to you so well I've given money I give it my two cents let's see your feedback on how you feel it's gone I enjoyed it and I hope everyone else has and it seems like they have so far we said it was going to be an entirely different show and entirely.

Probably not the right word because we kept some elements but it really feels like there it was a reboot and it was and and it has been closer to our vision of what we wanted this thing to be and there's going to be a lot of obscure weird things that happen but if you're a wrestling fan and that's who we aimed it toward no one but you the wrestling fan then you should be liking it so far and.

It gets weirder and weirder and weirder yeah well the feedback I've received isn't pretty pretty positive so except it makes it seem like all the work hard work we put in was was well worth it brother for the masses brother brother brother and I happen to be watching Vikings last night because I'm on it but you know also I'm not gonna spoil it but I heard somebody's voice heard.

Somebody's voice on a commercial during Vikings was it mine yeah really what is that coming January 23rd with there's a commercial on for know what it was oh you didn't know you didn't know see didn't know yeah your stupid little voice I won't spoil it though I'll let you spoil it so yeah so ENC show it's back baby and the TLC and we have Becky Lynch the.

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alright so now we have the man well I'm glad you introduced her correctly because I was a little bit scared that you weren't gonna call her the man she's the man Becky Becky Lynch that's coming on you are and we're we're clearing the air here from our last appearance on Smackdown we had a little uh a little tete-a-tete a little little banging of.

The heads a little bit but here we are we're we're letting by golly time letting bygones be bygones and we were having you on because TLC is this week we got a lot of stuff to talk to you about but first-ever women's TLC match and you I mean if we go back you've been in a lot of first Evers and how does that make you feel like I know that's what everyone gets into this to set out.

To do and to try and you know change the game but now that you're seeing it all kind of laying up before you how's it feel to be honest it feels incredible and this is what I set off to do and like you said everybody sets off to do it and put it it's rare that you get to do it on the stage that I've been able to on at the level and it's been one thing after the other it was it was.

Changing the name of the Divas title to the women's title and unbe top being a first ever and then and then going on and being the first-ever smiler woman's champion the first woman drafted to SmackDown the first woman to to main event smackdown live and do it in a steel cage and then we have money in the bank market it's just being constantly constantly rolling.

And so if anybody questions that's why I call myself the man because I've been making history since the time that I stepped into this place I am the month now we talked about it on this this show before and when it happened but to me when you had a lot of stuff happened before this and you just talked about some of them but to me that the the pivotal moment when I think.

Everyone else finally had to listen up was that money in the bank this year because every time you climb that ladder the audience I mean there was no doubt who they wanted to win that match I mean did you feel it before then or was that the night to you that it was cemented so 2017 wasn't my best year quite by any stretch of the imagination but I never felt that I lost the funds at all I felt.

Like they were there the entire time and even though I wasn't doing a lot on TV or I wasn't on my most winningest run in WWE I felt like they were always there and they never turned their back on me really right they never they never never gave up on me or a chant that I said yeah no they always they always believed believed in me and even if they got a little bit quieter because I wasn't.

Doing anything I wasn't doing anything for them to rally behind and I always felt like like no matter what they liked me and I liked them and then when it came to money in the bank they they just showed their support in a way that was undeniable that I think everybody had to turn around and go wait wait a minute she's got something here something is something's happening and there's a.

Connection I think also on the flipside of that you know you're talking about how you know 2017 you know personally wasn't maybe the best for you but in hindsight you know it's almost like taking the things that happen to you kind of putting them you know in the bank like deposits and using those as you know withdrawals when you need them you know to cash in and.

And you know without all those things happening we might not see the Becky Lynch of the man that we see right now like all those things had a had a hand and you becoming the man correct oh I think that's why it's it's hitting home with people because it's real you know it's not it's not manufactured all the frustrations all those feelings of being overlooked of of of working your ass off.

Day and day out week in week out and and seeing other people get opportunities with you time and time again and eventually just say enough is enough I have worked as hard as I could possibly work and I deserve it as much as anybody and if nobody's gonna give it to me well then I'm gonna take it and I think anybody can relate to that frustration you know you and I have talked and I've.

Always been a big supporter of you and at WrestleMania last year we talked to and I remember you were frustrated had kind of landscape and where you were and where you wanted to be and for whatever reason though there are certain people that I always just stick stick to it and keep doing what you're doing you're one of those people and you continue to and I think an audience sees that and goes.

Okay well eventually this this thing that we're helping supply this character that will hopefully turn it around I think you know Daniel Bryan is an instance of that to me Jeff Hardy is a guy like that there's certain there's certain performers that have an intangible that that strikes a chord with an audience and that audience just won't give up on them to me money in the.

Bank is when it was the most the most glaring I guess and and you know Jan I talked about it on the show and we just bow we're like okay they gotta do this like you can't stop looking away from this is there any kind of vindication or you just beyond that and just continue to do your thing oh oh absolutely I was just wondering whether you meant towards the.

Fonz because for them no I want to prove them right for everybody else for everybody that's talked about we've been on my back the ones that I know about and the ones that I don't know about but I have a clue babe it's all of those people that have questioned me and thought that I was destined to be good and a good hand but not great but I've always known that.

I had something else to give and I've always had my sights set on something bigger and that's happening and thankfully the fans have believed in me and that's who I thank all the time for putting me in this spot because they never stopped believing me but still I look and I can still see locked into smackdown on us on Tuesday and I look up at the posters and of course the only.

Woman on them is Charlotte I'm like my god no matter how much things change they stay the same I'm the champ and I'm still not on those posters so there is that there is that that I'm still not completely the face of the company no matter how much you do no matter how much interest I'm drumming up right now I'm still not the chosen one and that's fine that's fine because.

That gives me a lot more fuel to the fire right now everybody's warming themselves on the fire that I've started right so they're all sitting around in their blankets up this campfire bitching about how I look I'm just coming at you from from a place of truth that's all I'm doing I'm just telling the truth they can complain about how I haven't been able.

To be in the ring etc etc oh I got sucker-punched right and and I haven't been able to do what I love to do which is go out there and fight every night so what do I do I fight with my nail so am i I'm running my mouth a little bit more on social media now and I love it everybody well you got strong Twitter game that you do and oh so well let's talk about.

That punch right so I'm over and I think I was in Scotland at that point and part of the world it is it's beautiful I love it and and I was there and doing like this in evening with thing and and the next day all I see is this gif of you like kind of bubbling your head with a big old bloody nose and a smashed you know nose and and that was everywhere and I said that night to the.

Audience once they announced that Charlotte was going to be wrestling Ronda at Survivor Series like well this actually works out good for Becky strangely as much as it might not seem it right now with a smash nose and because now to me this is your main event of Wrestlemania and do you feel like that can happen this year and and yeah you and Rhonda absolutely.

Absolutely and I will say it for this reason and it's not about gender it's not it's about who are the most popular and interesting superstars that we have on the roster and right now I can't think of two people that have higher ratings and interest in them than myself and Rhonda so for that reason and that reason alone we should be the main event and if anybody else can step up and drum.

Up as much interest in the meantime well then my goodness please please have at it but that's not going to happen because that's my spot and I'm not letting anybody else take it so obviously that drives you because there's there's the first ever in terms of if you if you want to talk about you know evolution and first ever last woman standing matches or we were talking.

About first - you know women's table matches and all of these different firsts there's only going to be I mean that is the first so let's say you get that then what and then what and then it's about maintaining that right because it's it's one thing to climb the mountain and be on there for a hiccup it's another thing about maintaining it and I know I know a lot about that.

Because I've been knocked down a peg or two time and time again and but the thing is I keep getting copic and every time that I get back up again I climb a little bit higher right so that's what it's all about yeah there's something to be said about scratching and clawing and feeling like you're just about to reach the top or.

The pinnacle and then something happens the rug gets pulled out from underneath you and then you get there and you realize how hard it is and getting there and staying there are two different things and now what you're willing to do to not lose that position right I always thought making it to Deborah W is gonna be the hard thing and then I realized in the grand scheme of things.

The grand scope that was the easiest it was yeah it was climbing and scratching and clawing to get there and I think we're all three performers that that had to do that because you know as we talked about in the promo on Smackdown you know I think that's all three of our characters it was never gonna be handed over and then once you get there maintaining it staying there and that.

That's a whole different ballgame and a whole different ball of wax let's say WrestleMania this year is that who you you would want as your opponent as Rhonda absolutely because for the simple reason that Rhonda in her sport was a pioneer right and and I do not think that women would be in the UFC if it wasn't for Rhonda and Dana White said that himself and when Rhonda came in we.

Saw a star of a magnitude that might not be matched again in MMA great thought that's a different sport and this is my sport and here she came in with a name from somewhere else having been born tough and born this athletic creation that winning came so easily to her and it has come so easily to her and she's picked up this game quicker than anybody I've ever seen and maybe with the.

Exception of Kurt Angle's right and and so with that there is a there's a lot that not only that I want to prove to myself but the entire world and that's that it's one thing to be born tough like Rhonda but it is a whole different thing to be made tough the way I have and that's the difference between the two of us and I'm gonna prove which one is more.

Long-lasting and I'm gonna do it a Wrestlemania in the main event I was gonna say that that you know we have talked about it on this podcast like that to us it seems it's very realistic that this be the year that a woman's match for the women's title closes out WrestleMania it's the main event match and you know there's obviously you know like you talked about before with.

Charlotte being on a lot of posters and things like that you know the obvious you know would be like Charlotte versus Ronda but it seems like you know with the way that you've stepped up with this is that your goal to do that and what would it mean to you to be able to step into that and like I said you've made you've been in a lot of firsts like that would probably like the biggest first.

Ever that you can achieve well I think I think it's a natural progression right that I've got more interest than anybody else in in in recent memory than anybody else and across the board on TV on social media on backstage interviews on whatever interviews on the Edge and Christian podcast Center why did you Christian show yes exactly yeah the Christian show so that I think.

That there is only one person that can step up to that place there's only one person that's the mind and that the mind should be main event in WrestleMania why again I talked about it and and yeah I think at one point the it seemed like okay it's gonna be Charlotte and Rhonda at WrestleMania but you've done everything you possibly can to throw as many huge wrenches into that.

As you can and that's great that's that's what we are supposed to do everyone is supposed to do that and I remember back to the locker room I mean you know easy people talk about the Attitude Era but the one thing about that era is that everyone was trying to do that is it like no I want that so I'm gonna throw this giant wrench and Chuck it right into the works.

So that you're forced to change your plans and again as much as it probably sucked at the time getting smashed in the face the first thing I thought is right here's your new main event because now it's not happening in Survivor Series because I was disappointed when I saw that it was happening at Survivor Series I really was I was like oh man I I just it felt like it was too soon and.

Will it happen at WrestleMania if it happens here I things happen and they the strange things happen I truly thought when I saw those gifts I think that's what you call them right memes gifts whatever I don't know the next day you you know just badass nose blood everywhere I was like right now this can be the main event of Wrestlemania and so it will be it's like you can be the.

Chosen one you can be the chosen one all you like right but we are out there in front of thousands of people a night millions of people on TV and I think that they should be the people they should be the people that choose who's the main event of Wrestlemania and that's what they've done what and real real briefly I do want to talk about you that the promo we had on Smackdown my.

Job that night was to go out and try and get you boot that that's what I was there to you know that was supposed to be the the job and I realized within about five seconds that was not going to be the case and I think that is that truly is the night where I think that all got scrapped and I I love the fact that you're just being you and it seems like the powers that be are finally on.

Board with that I'm enjoying it too there has to be that moment as well where you know there is a sense of you know being happy to be there right and being a part of it and coming in and smiling saying hello shaking hands and do another thing but at some point you know when you talked about you know scratching and clawing and feeling like you're getting close but never getting.

There there comes a point where it's like you know what I just don't care about it anymore I'm just gonna do what I do and let the chips fall where they made it was there a specific moment where that hit for you or is it just was it something that just had been building absolutely and I think so and that was very progressional because when even the first timer once my friend women's.

Championship I remember wanting everybody to be the champion I was like ah this is great but I want to build the division and I want everybody to do well and then we're all gonna do great and it was almost apologetic for my success right and then after being down and buried for an entire year I watched everybody else taken their opportunities and I'm not apologizing at all for it.

Regardless of where their talent level or their work ethic was at and just and just taking it as if it was nothing and and I just watched and I said alright well well as soon as I get my chance I'm running with it and I would just constantly be cutting these promos in my head I'm just saying these things are in my head that never got to come out and I think then when Charlotte was gone for.

As long as she was and we had seen that the fans were behind me right and then she was gone and I was warned and smacked down again like I should have been and I was on most winningest streak of both rosters male and female for a long time I've won the most matches on Raw and SmackDown both rosters in 2018 and and then of course Cheryl comes back get handed an opportunity everybody was.

Really excited for me to get my singles moment at SummerSlam everybody would very excited for me to go on to face Carmela win the title because they all knew that I was going to but then of course Charlotte weaseled her way into the match because of course she Charlotte and that's what she does and she gets handed things and she she she she stole them I true she I had my back.

Turned and she stole it from me and she had absolutely no remorse and and I think that was the point where I said look and all of this being nice enough of one thing everybody else to succeed because everybody else was succeeding at my peril well you talk about being apologetic for success that that's the interesting way to to put it because that led to.

SummerSlam led to eventually the last woman standing match at evolution and you clearly were not apologetic for anything that night so how does it feel to go out and have that type of match on that stage I mean all of the elements coming together there's just certain special nights there's intangibles in the air you can feel it you know something different is happening what.

What's your thought process going into the match during the match and after the match because I watched it that night and I was just I'm so happy for the both of you to put on that that type of match you know before the ages how did you feel doing it so first of all I was so proud of evolution right because I had even done interviews I did one with TMZ and they were like well you know do you.

Think people are gonna care about an all-women's pay-per-view do you think that's actually gonna sell tickets because people that usually the women don't have storylines and I remember turning to him going do you watch the product right and at that time myself and Charlotte probably had the hottest storyline going on TV at the time and so I wanted to prove not only them wrong.

But anybody else who doubted the the fact that the women could have this wonderful all-women's pay-per-view and I think everybody knocked it out of the park right but then my obviously my ambition is always to go right there and steal the show and and have much of the night and then you always hoped for a match of the year and so that was that was my goal and that.

Was my mindset and it was getting harder as the night was going on because everybody was knocking it out of the park everybody was killing that everybody was crushing that everybody was having great matches but I remember going out there and the crowd was electric and they were so invested and absolutely everybody but they were so invested in the two of.

Us and I don't think I've ever enjoyed being in a match as much as that night I don't remember ever freeing myself from thought as much and just being present and being in the moment and as much as everything hurt and as big as some of the bumps were just it felt I just felt so alive there's certain situations in certain matches and certain likes it in that setting like evolution where it you.

Can hit you a lot of times you know you you're just you're in the match and you're so invested in that and that's all you're thinking about there's sometimes like I said you step outside of that you're like hold on a second here something special is going on and you know the something like this might never happen again you know mean it and that sounds like very much like that was.

A moment like that for you absolutely and then afterwards in every way I said first of all I said that I thought evolution was gonna be the best pay-per-view of the year I would argue that it was I said that we were gonna have much of a night we did and I said and I did proud opera was a nice feeling the barrier horowitz pat in the back.

Freeing yourself from thought in the moment present and that can be very rare in there because there's so much happening because there's there's so many things flying at you and there's so many different pressures and there's so many different things and a match like that you have all of these different elements it can be really hard to be present in that moment and I I think.

That's when really magical stuff can happen in there because I could be wrong but to me when I think back you know Steve Austin and the sharp shirt at the blood flowing down to me he had to be present in that moment in order for that to be so indelibly etched in the rest of our heads you know going forward and I it's rare that it happens but I think you can tell when it does and I just.

Find it interesting that you put it that way because you know I mean how many matches have we all had how much of it just kind of flies you know by and it's like okay will that happen that happened but there's those certain moments that crystallize for you and you know what was there I mean sure the entire match but the was there that one moment where you just stopped and went holy shit like.

Weird we are destroying this thing here I think when the audience was saying it - I threw the announce table we're both just crumbled over there and they said holy shit and and my one regret was why didn't I go higher on that ladder well and we're going a little bit backwards here but I want to talk about some of your history and what it took to get to WWE because not everybody's gonna know.

That and kind of the the battle that you had just to even get to the company and then to NXT and so that makes all of these moments sweeter for you go into that a little bit because when you're breaking in it's not like there's a plethora of talent it coming from Dublin Ireland well I'm not to say that there wasn't talent there but not all people breaking through no absolutely not look.

And when I started there was there wasn't any Irish professional wrestling yeah it fit Finlay but he had come from Northern Ireland might as well be a whole different different country you know yep so when I first went down to NWA Ireland which it was called it was the first ever wrestling school open you know close enough to me and I was there on the.

First day and I had just come off watching tough enough right there was the first season and I was expecting to walk into this warehouse I was expecting a big sign on the wall outside and I'd go in and there would be a wrestling ring and there would be giant lads standing in the centre and they'd probably be some really built jacked women and I walk into this tiny little.

School hall called st. Andrews and there were six blue padded mats on the ground and there was finn bálor who was 20 years old skinny has teenage lads with half grown out here and so then I was the only girl and my god was I terrible I was awful and I had failed to be and that was why I had even gone down there cuz I was like it's time to turn my life around.

And I walked in and and there was just something about it and I don't know if it was the atmosphere if it was the community if it was just that I loved it so much watching it on TV and now I couldn't believe that I was even getting to try it out whereas it never would have even occurred to me that could mean something like it could have done because that was on the telly and that.

Was an American that was just so far from where I grew up that thought it was just beyond a dream for the man that I just fall in love that no remember then three months later we got a wrestling ring and I remember just standing in a feeling of like I am in a wrestling ring and I would dream about it and I just couldn't get over and I would go to school just thinking about being in this.

Ring and and what that meant and and and it just it blew my mind and I fell in love with it and it gave me a passion and a purpose that I've never had with anything else before so you you start training but how does it start happening from there like how do you because I remember when we were in Canada it's not like there was a big Canadian independence scene so how do.

You how do you start you know getting matches trying to get experience making headway so you thought there was no independent wrestling in Canada but I thought there was little loans so I decided okay there's nothing really happening in Ireland let me move to Canada so so I met a wrestler at an Irish show called Scottie Mac and he talked about how much independent.

Wrestling was going on in Vancouver so I said well then that sounds great let me go over there so I show up at 18 to this school over in Canada and more than was going on in there's more that was going on over there then there was going on back home and actually Todd Kyle O'Reilly first class which is a which is something so so yeah so I remember also I got paid my first that my first payday.

Over there for a much okay wasn't what wasn't few haul how much $30 yeah against a lady called mischievious and I thought I was rich I usually pay to do this I'm getting paid for this let me go buy sweets when you get over to Canada and you were you know you realize maybe there wasn't as much independent wrestling going on as you would thought.

And you can't you know 30 bucks only goes so far what were you doing to kind of like how did you get by well I took a job in telemarketing place for maybe two days and I walked out one lunch break and I said you know what I don't want to go back so I did not go back and and of course at 18 you don't have a lot of responsibilities apart from paying your.

Rent which I could also not afford to do on some friends couches for a little while sleeping on some floors surviving on protein shakes and maybe a loaf of bread where I could get it and and and but then I ended up getting getting a tour in Japan and actually I was with Maddie at the time and we went over to Japan and I think I got like $1,000 for.

That whole week and my goodness then I was rich then I was really rich sweets that week I'll tell you me and Maddie will tell you we used to go into these little Japanese gas stations just looking they had 80 calorie ice-cream and we would just look for that and we would eat that the whole trip so many sweets and yeah so so I did that and then and then I would travel to America.

I would do road trips with TJ Wilson Tyson Kidd and we would drive down to Washington or to Portland and do our little $50.00 bookends or whatever and so I was getting whatever whatever work I quote it just it wasn't very often at some point till you got injured right and kind of had you had to you were out of the business for a little while correct yeah so my visa ran out of in.

Canada and then I had to come back to Ireland and then I was trying to wrestle in Japan and I was trying to get bookings and Europe and I got kind of lost and my mom was begging me to quit and then I got hurt and I March and I had decided that I was going to go over to Orlando and do a personal training diploma and then at least I would be back in America of course I didn't.

Realize you needed a car to get around Orlando learned that real quick when I when I got over there and and and I just ended up stepping away from the business for a while and not being able to face that I didn't know I I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do and I was only 19 felt like I you know let down my mom and let down my family and just let down.

Funds and let them promoters and just didn't know what direction to take and I couldn't figure it out so I got very lost very confused and tried to figure it out for for near seven years Wow until until ia I was I was working as a stunt woman on the Vikings and I'm gonna get to it we're gonna get to it and this is all part of the story was that I got a call from the stunt guild of Ireland.

And because I I was trying to get an acting role on the Vikings but I think I guess they took one look at my resume and was like oh well this is a stunt woman and so that the stunt guild called me up and they're like hey do you do stunts and I was like yeah yeah sure that's what I do I do stunts I must done and so so I was like oh my god I gotta figure this out what am I gonna do so so.

I said okay well I was good at wrestling so if I can go down to a wrestling school regain my confidence from that and put it into this don't work no one will know the difference so that was always going to be my plan and that was what I did so I went into the wrestling school but obviously I just there was a love and a passion for it that I had that just hadn't died and the guy that.

Was teaching the class goes look have you ever thought of having a tryout because you clearly love this and I think you'd get it and I was like well you know I'm doing this thing I'm a stunt woman apparently I had booked for America and I was gonna go off to New York and do all the things I was like I'm doing that that's my plan he's like well I think he'd get it so let me know.

I thought about it for two seconds there's a gap that's what I'm gonna do I've got to do that I've got unfinished business and I have to go back so it was getting the gig on Vikings that then open the door back up to to realizing wrestling is what you needed to do yep Wow did not know that because it you know I got over there as gosh almost.

Three years ago now there was a sadder Rebekah said her battling claw I had no idea I was like what what are you talking about they're like Becky Becky Lynch I'm like yeah well let's say hi to where I was like okay I will sure we get along so I will but what's the deal and then everybody started explaining to me but I didn't know that that was kind of your pathway back.

That's really interesting there's a lot of weird similarities in that we both made it on Vikings both huge Pearl Jam fans we'll get to that too yes yeah and Jays gonna be lost on that but it won't know Pearl Jam Jam but you're probably not gonna know it like we knew it but yeah so so now yeah you decide that's it right you're back in your you're diving back in how does NXT.

Happen so then so I went along for a tryout I knew that there was no way in hell that life was going to give me this opportunity and I wasn't gonna take it and I wasn't gonna get it I dare I just remember going there's not a doubt in my mind that I'm I'm not getting this and because it just felt way too serendipitous and way too meant to be to not materialize so I went along and I.

Remember you only got one shot you know and and then I got signed and then I got brought over to Orlando and I have to I have to rebuild a whole new set of confidence and find who I was as a performer and as a WWE Superstar you know and I have to point myself as well you know just rebuild my own confidence you know I felt a lot of guilt that I had left this thing that I loved and.

That I was good at I felt the shame I'm not I kind of I felt very ashamed of myself for having stepped away from it for seven years and thought well Who am I to be here now having having left there for so long and luckily I just I just worked as hard as I possibly could so that nobody could could question and so how important is it that you know at some point the four.

Horsewomen you know start to make your strides how important is it to kind of see other people doing it and going right okay I'm in this mix I'm doing it and and having that kind of camaraderie I guess I think yeah and that was the one that was the other thing that made me feel like thank God I left it when I did because if I didn't I wouldn't have been here with these people who have the.

Same goal and the same vision and the same Drive and that all wants change change everybody's perception and I think that it was it was lightning in a bottle and I just felt very blessed to have landed there at that time in that moment and and everybody just wanted to be the best and I think that was what made everybody step off because you didn't want to be the one left behind.

And still very much I think it's still very much that what you see today right as far as oh you know I want to be the best and not wanted to be the one left behind it kind of still drives all of you to do better things so you look back at all of this and you look at this road and now you see yourself standing on the cusp of and we've said it will say it again being the main event of.

WrestleMania 30 what number is at Jay 535 we're calling it now main event you Ronda Rousey what's your prediction and how great is that going to feel my prediction is that I back up what I say like I have done the past few months and that I'm gonna walk out of there as the Women's Champion so if we look at the trajectory I'll probably be the double chop chop chop.

I'm gonna walk out there with smackdown with javi and the raw Women's Champion I'm gonna carry the whole company on my back and just walk right out of there like like a donkey you sure you sure it's not you sure it's not the goat like the goat look at it go yes small-time yeah all right now the important stuff top-five Pearl Jam songs go state of love and trust.

black infallible whoo deep deep tracks their inside job oh yes state of love and trust breath given to fly present tense or black kind of you can't go against black so there you go oh right you can't go wrong my favorite song is elderly alone behind a counter in small town beautiful great song alright yeah there we go.

Well thank you so much lads Bex thanks for coming on thanks for staying and not moving at all so we didn't lose you and standing in one spot for the last hour how about most of all thanks for being the man from the queen of puns to the man whatever man yeah it was the million she scares me I'm sometimes is afraid to say.

Stuff to 2010 I just want to tell it man yeah she's intense does she didn't even apologize for comments to me in the ring and Smackdown I don't she was just unforgiving I was thinking less than when I was thinking with someone you said that wouldn't you said it was meant to go out there and get her food and then I started thinking well what may they just don't like you enough to care.

What you saying about no baby seriously like I said what is what's the job here what am I here to do and they're like well we wanted to be heal I was like okay well we'll give a shot I don't know if it's gonna work but we'll give it a shot and I truly think that night was the night where they went okay they were probably just a stream here let's just roll with this thing and let it yeah.

Just let her do her thing you know it's working and she is and it's working and I do think that will be the main event of Wrestlemania 35 yeah like I think we said it and you know this to me if this if you can do it this is the year you know yeah I think that we such a strong year from evolution to all the other firsts that have happened it just makes sense you know yes yes I agree let's big.

Show Jack thanks for having patience everybody is rough few months it will continue to be but I'm easing you into it so much that I'm not even gonna threaten to slap your ass today oh yeah so yeah you can you can listen to us everywhere I mean you can do it on what are the what are the places you can do it on Bert let me just scroll back here google podcasts by to an integer or.

However you listen right yeah yeah and guess what if you want to you could also leave as a five-star review ooh just saying not pressuring you but I'm just gonna say this if you don't you're gonna have to deal with the man oh the RV deal come over the five-star frog splash and I know what that feels like an.

Ancient don't feel good alright hosers thanks for uh thanks for tuning in this week brothers brothers sisters any sense sisters brothers brothers mothers are the brothers overs listening son senses a few some lives in it alright alright the Westwood one podcast network eighty three weeks with eric bischoff people think about lex luger Analects express and no one really.

Considered lex to be a great worker you know in a great look he was an amazing body but you know when you ask anybody even hardcore fans at WCW to name the top ten workers wrestlers terms of ring action three and WCW lux probably will not be on that list eighty three weeks with eric bischoff free from the Westwood one podcast network .



Zac Buchheim • 19 дней назад
My favorite thing about this is that she does the whole interview in kayfabe.
Reason #100 why she's a genuinely great sports entertainer.
👍 1
Mike Riley • 23 дня назад
Not a fan of goggles Becky. Would have preferred a newer thumbnail. Although I loved the interview.
👍 1
Anthony Perkins • 2 месяца назад
Goodness. Does she always have to be on and shoot? I love her to pieces, but to always have to cut a promo even on off the script shows like E & C. That's gotta be exhausting. Much respect to you Becky
👍 1
Muhammad Smith • 2 месяца назад
Becky either needs to break character or calm the fuck down
👍 0
Adis Nukic • 2 месяца назад
the man
👍 1
Keith Yap • 2 месяца назад
How kayfabe was this?
👍 1
Terence Valentino • 2 месяца назад
I don't know how but Becky has become the best at interviews and in general every social media spot whether it be interviews on a podcast, Tweets, IG posts, etc. The Man is to be feared and respected. Can't wait till she uses her SUPERIOR armbar to tap out Ronda Rousey @ 'Mania
👍 4
MaynardOwns • 3 месяца назад
Becky fappening leak asap
👍 2
NeverMindGaming • 2 месяца назад
MaynardOwns what ?
👍 0
SexyJabo • 3 месяца назад
56:00 think she's referring to Carmela?
👍 4
Samuel • 2 месяца назад
Also Alexa (Alexa's charachter was built up by Becky in 2016)
👍 3
wyatt hankins • 3 месяца назад
Adam "I have vertigo" Copeland
👍 8
Aaron Schmitz • 3 месяца назад
I love E and C and the pod, but my god, they really need to think up some more questions for the interview portions of the show. I felt sorry for Becky here having to answer "Do you think headlining WM against Rousey could happen?" 5 different times worded slightly differently.
👍 2
Mathew Speidel • 3 месяца назад
Great interview with Becky sorry to hear about your mother man.
👍 4
EL à Nore rigby • 3 месяца назад
Interview starts at 38:41
👍 13
Lord Maul • 2 месяца назад
God bless u 🙏
👍 1
Angel Cordell • 3 месяца назад
Still miss Mega Matt. He just fit better. No offense to the new guy at all. Just my preference.
👍 5
Dean Cosgrave • 3 месяца назад
<3 The Man makes me question everything I thought I knew about my sexuality #allaboutthemanlove
👍 2
NeverMindGaming • 2 месяца назад
Haha gay
👍 1
Dean Cosgrave • 2 месяца назад
+Raven Fox Me thinks someone doesn't get that this comment is a joke.
👍 0
Raven Fox • 3 месяца назад
Dean Cosgrave: she's not talking about gender, Becky is The Man not A Man. It's a figure of speech of calling yourself the best.
👍 1
J Davis • 3 месяца назад
The Man! Finally.
👍 1