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The Incredibles 2 Mr. Incredible Gets Mr Doh Jelly Belly Jello Surprise

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In this family friendly pretend play skit, The Incredibles 2 Mr. Incredible Gets Mr Doh Jelly Belly Jello Surprise! He accidentally ate Jack Jack's toys, so we need to find them in exchange for Fizzy magic toy surprises!
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Oh toys everywhere mmm delicious gummy where you raccoon what is wrong with baby Jack Jack and who you have Jelly Belly oh looks like mr. Incredibles a little bit sleepy he had a rough day first the Underminer knocked him right on scar and then they chained him up but then mr. incredible was able to bust out of this change .

I mean well cut them up Oh nobody out of here oh boy those okay busy huh just get so tired after I bust cheese right off of me oh I'm pretty hungry too time to go find some snacks Oh toys everywhere I should probably be eating lots of protein you know to keep these big muscles bulging but I like it fine work gummy worms my favorite now honey remember don't eat the whole bag you.

Don't want to get a bad case of jelly belly what do you think I am a kid oh I know not eat the whole bag okay just be careful mmm delicious gummy we're yummy almost all gone oh yeah that hits the spot so baby Jack Jack raccoon he's calling for my gummy worms come back here come back there not so fast.

Ha scare them off let's get another belly where moe ha these are so good I'm gonna relax and eat them in bed just head right over Toys Toys Toys ow ouch drop in my gummy worms everywhere oh yeah real funny baby Jack Jack you need to clean up your toys and huh let me just eat these gummy worms I don't want to waste any yeah ha ha definitely don't want to waste any worms.

Delicious hope some over here ha think I got them all oh no I think I ate some of those lol little sisters - when my tummy hurts what is wrong with baby Jack Jack and who you have Jelly Belly see you ate all the gummy worms didn't you yes I did busy MS hands let's get rid of this jelly belly don't forget to get out the LOL little sisters i accidentally ate ha.

Seriously huh yeah oh boy mr. incredible need your help wow you do need my help mr. incredible can I be an honorary superhero if I help you of course now get those little sisters out wait around my brain belly oh we don't wanna crying jack jack so look if you're going to really rely on boy wait it has the Incredibles colors yellow and red I think Edna would.

Approve for each lol a little sister refine busy will make a toy surprise deal sounds like a good deal they'll make baby Jack Jack happy so let's start digging into this brain whoo no babies in there did you tickle tickle tickle tickle hey I think I see something right here let's get it let's get it here is one of the Little Sisters he is cold enough for a.

Little lightning bolt to show up look she had a color change in the Jenny Bunny that made baby Jack Jack happy keep going okay let's see woo another layer no babies in there I see different colors in here I think those may be babies let's dig in here there's lots of color changing going on in this belly look how adorable a little anchor bag here purple diaper.

Thank you you're welcome little one yeah alright so far two babies so that means two toy surprises well just my jelly belly think I see something over here there's a little eyeball looking at me ah somebody who's wearing gloves and boots and looks pretty super with that mask on look at this little baby I can use my warm fingers to change our hair from purple back to pink and got rid of.

That mask so cool he's learning how to count he is you must be so proud of him let's keep going more jelly belly here hey isn't it baby right here bring Boinga Boinga Boinga Boinga Boinga Boinga blanc please give a baby oh look at her what there awesome hair color change let's see if we can change it back check that out back to white hair and she's gonna dump on the jelly belly.

Oh take it easy can we find more babies in here exactly how are you gonna eat we're jelly belly oh oh oh no baby in here I think I see something right here I'm gonna dig into it come on baby come on hey this is a little twin we found her other one first it's little neon cutie whoa looks like the twins think this is a bounce house.

Take it easy babies well you know you didn't leave them so I think the least you can do is let them bounce on your jelly belly oh that's true okay let's keep going any babies in here nope hey here's one right here oh it's our little genie look at her she is jelly belly on her face look at the stripes in her hair there it goes oh she's so cute I think we got all the.

Babies out mr. incredible you'll be back to normal as soon as I remember now that is a relief how many babies do we get out and how many toys are we getting it looks like we found one two three four five six babies that means six toys my little sister Phoebe is going to do the Phoebe magic job Phoebe so many cool surprises let's get started with this yummy world sweet and savory.

Which little delicious food will be fine huh it looks like we have a banana split that's bananas whoa look at this delicious little ice cream banana split named Benny banana split Abby let's go for some planet putty and this one is Uranus be mature mr. incredible uh-huh okay here we go look at all this purple goodness in here oh it is so whoa cool was not very stretchy is it look at the.

Colors in here silver and purple well that is some cool Uranus buddy let's get this an egg baby and see which Fernley surprised me fine in here okay here's our big pink egg in whoa inside something fluffy and white let's get our little toy out of here oh hello my little puppy we can barely see your little eyes.

You're so fluffy and white let's find out more about yeah it's snowflake and this one is the secret fine she's sweet and lovable and makes new friends wherever she goes home I can't tell she's a cat or a dog she looks like a dog right here that kind of looks like a cat let me know if it's cat or a dog in the comments I think it's time for some cereal num-nums collectible cereal we.

Add water for magic milk surprise whoa whoa so many blocking bags for days whoa hey okay we have our little Bowl and we have 10,000 little cereals to open up boom it's a marshmallow cherry hurt it's the ring and it's Razzie Oh bear whoop we also got this one is a marshmallow it is glazed cone well these are rings and these are Oh bubble twins we got a little grapple Razzie bunny.

Razzie diamond sweetie specs my favorite lacey lemon Clara cocoa and Breaky Heart let's see ah spoon this is going to fit and make some milk but I need add some water to this let's make some milk stir it head and stir it in oh it's turning a little brown it's gonna be fizzing away fizz fizz fizz and there is our delicious scented milk ooh mmm want some cereal.

Let's get popping and then we'll look for a hidden treasure it's an lol surprise confetti pop method time matcom rapid be sweet or Rossum G let's find the stickers boom lucky throwing our finger tattoo is a microphone let's see what we got first thing we have here what can you say outfit oh yeah check out this little British rocker spin ha bag what did we.

Get to go with that cool outfit oh oh there seems to be nothing in here oh there it is it is a cool a necklace and it's spiked being pop pop in her bag whoa we could get poppin but we need to keep spinning oh no it just fell on the floor and popped open well before I show you what pops open let's see what's in this bag we have some super tall red boots.

Mm pop my floor is covered in confetti and we didn't even get the last blind bag out well let's go ahead and do that and then we'll see which lol girl we got Oh check out this sippy cup it says pop well we have a cheeky babe I can already tell just by touching her that she changes color so I think we need to get some water and then we'll put our clothes on all right let's do it.

First let's go in the cold water look she has bright pink hair purple hair black and purple odd and now into the warm water whoa that's a really big color change oh she looks so cool with her lavender hair and pig Oh back in the water cold dark purple to light purple now let's get a dress wow thanks for getting me dressed looking like two tone hair so cool hey.

Let's go try to find some hidden treasure that's right guys if you watch back you Dave and you know all about treasure eggs there are ten different things to do to this big block of gold in here what kind of treasure can you find there's actually gold dipped treasure whoa first we need to get it out of the box.

We have our map our excavator tools and our block we need to soak it for 30 seconds but first we need to find our coin there it is ah-ha there we go we have a match we're looking for this gold bar so you can run this under water for 30 seconds or place it in water for about 30 seconds just like a dig it you want to make it nice and soft so you can dig into it kind of flip it over go.

Bubbles go bubbles go bubbles let's flip this block over and start digging I'm going to keep it in the water it can get whoa a little messy alright we're gonna dig in here ah boy boy a big chip and me already found something in here well who looks like hmm what is it maybe these are arms oh I see something right there looks like a big head or helmet come on let's get to it water's.

Flowing okay let's see whoa look at this skeleton dude oh he's so cool but we still need a body arms and legs oh and the treasure there it is let's dig for this treasure it could be gold dipped guys hey wait I see something up here hmm there's his weapon whoa something's over here this looks like his body we got our treasure out pop an arm in here.

Here's the leg I highly recommend cleaning him and then drying your hands and drying him before you put them together so you can avoid this so here he is looking super cool and we need to open up our treasure but who is this guy he's a bling bandit named swipe gold bar hey let's get to that treasure I might sleep in I got my eyes on you dude yeah so here is our treasure I'm going to pop.

It open whoa and we need a little water let's use some cereal milk make it fish so we can find what's inside whoa-oh-oh is it gold is it gold huh guys we may have found gold what is this let's check our checklist all right so it doesn't look gold it looks like a silver watch and we can check on here dr. drew it's the silver timepiece mmm oh we got it don't worry I got them and.

The timepiece oh man fun hopefully mr. incredible not eat so many heavy weights I hope so it is what was the first toy surprise we open wasn't my mom's was a planet bunny was it a sweet and savory was it maybe I wasn't ll surprise let me know your answer in the comments below and hey parents would your little one love a fizzy puppet.

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