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$1000 Gaming PC build 2019 (AMD Ryzen 7 2700X)

Опубликовано: 27 дней назад
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Today I go over what I would have done differently with the $800 dollar Ryzen build I did in a previous video.
TechniSport Link:

Revised PC Build:


What is up YouTube and welcome back to the channel thank you for being part of the family really appreciated and shout out to everybody who's made a purchase with the discount code Cali a technic sport that being said if you haven't and you guys need a new gaming chair or a new desk for your setup good a technique support usa.com and use Cali to get 10% off your whole.

Bridges and I know I don't have a technic sport chair yet but trust me it is on its way and it's gonna be amazing now let's get into the video what is going on YouTube this your boy Cali we're back with another video but before we get started I just want to say thank you to everyone who has subscribed he's got me to 40 subscribers and it feels amazing I know it seems like a.

Small number but it's just growing and it's gonna get bigger and you guys are gonna grow along with me but now let's move on to this video but once again thank you so much okay so this video is for what's-his-name I losted Billiam billion bill I think I'm saying right bill iam miss wandered odd I probably butchered her name but anyways he was asking where he left a comment in.

The 800 dollar gaming PC saying that he wanted to build a PC and he had a little bit more wiggle room handle like about a thousand dollars and he wanted to know or actually there were a couple comments on what would I've done to improve this build the $800 one so let's get into it so this is the previous build so as you can see we had a risin 520 600 the azrog 4b 450 motherboard and then the crucial.

C8 and msi radeon RX 580 I was asked if I would keep kept the the rx or if I would have gone with a different card I actually would have gone with the gtx 1066 gigabyte card the only reason why we went with a Radeon rx 580 is because the customer wanted that card now as you guys know there's new cars that just came out there's the gtx 660ti and then there's a.

RX 590 which I think the RX fine Danny's been out for about a month now let me double check Google when did this thing come out I'm the dumbass it's been out for a while anyways the gtx gtx 660ti is the one that recently launched which is supposed to be a downgrade of the 2060 without the ray tracing okay so there's a couple things that I would have changed let's just minimize this and.

This is the build that I would have put together I still would have gone with a rise in five but in this time it would have been a 2600 X so we added a CPU cooler this time he went to be quiet dark rock 4 and we also added the be 450 tomahawk by MSI we kept the same Ram this one is clocked at 2,400 for storage this time we went with the Western Digital blue 250 gigabyte m2 and a.

Seagate Barracuda 2 terabyte 7200 rpm hard drive and as you can see we have an Asus GTX 1660 ti6 gigabyte and we also changed the the case we went with the Thermaltake chord G 21 and let me show you exactly why I chose this so if you can take a look it's similar to the one that we chose for the previous build but I like the fact that this is mesh and then for the case we actually went with.

A thermaltake chord G 21 this time for the reason being the fact that it has the power supply shroud so if you still kept the cores there from the previous build you can tuck in those cables in there without having any issues but this time we upgraded to the corsair CX 550 semi modular oh actually CX 550 m we just set my modular power supply which will definitely help out.

Cabling and let's see what else did we change I think that was it so the bottom price comes down to 997 and 32 cents but can you upgrade this even more you say hell yeah you can so we can actually drop this horizon 526 2600 X and go with the risin 7 2700 X and if we add that bad boy in there you just a little bit over almost at $1100 you know after rebates and all that but.

That's still a really good build and because we have that CPU heatsink in there you will actually be able to overclock there's better than with the stock hole or that comes with it so then the reason why we stuck with AMD is because there we go with the AMD rise in 720 700 X you get an 8 core processor and that's still it's still a great value for $1100 you're getting a great.

Machine and then his friend was his friend's name where is it oh it's just under kid he said I didn't choose the best CPU and actually I I agreed with him 100% the CPU that we used for that build probably wasn't the best but that's what the customer wants and sometimes when the customer requests certain things even if we you know give our professional opinion on what he.

Should get and what he is gonna get more out of you know the customer wants what he wants and that's what we have to do at the end of the day but this is what I think would have been a much better build closer to thousand dollars even if he wanted to you know not be eleven hundred dollars we can remove the 2700 X and put the 2600 X back in there and he's well within budget of course you.

Know he needed a monitor so we couldn't do that but I think this would have been a great build so let me know what you guys think about this build what do you guys change what part would you swap out should we go with the gtx 660ti or change it with a different guard I mean it's 329 you can get other cards around there like the rx 590 but if you see here boom but a bomb I.

Have the user benchmark scores so the gtx 1660 TI actually scores a little bit higher than the RX 590 that being said though i don't have either of those cards so i can't really put them to the test but if you guys stick around i might put a gtx 660ti on the sleeper asus bill that we got coming up Wow um excuse me Wow my voice got a little bit deep there.

Anyways guys don't forget to Like and subscribe this was the updated version of the $100 gaming PC which is actually now a thousand dollar gaming PC thank you so much don't forget to Like and subscribe I'll see you guys in the next one dude why do I say deuce sound like a douche


TTV Dustygames1234 • 24 дня назад
Hey dose anyone have a pc u can have
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CaliRamirez831 • 22 дня назад
nope sorry but I might do a giveaway once I hit 100 subs so stay tuned
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PhoraOne Sinatra • 25 дней назад
I'm new to PC building & I'm in the process of buying the parts my budget was $1,400 is this a good build? What would you change? Thanks in advance for your time. I used PC Part Picker by the way.
CPU- Ryzen 5 2600X
CPU Cooler- NZXT Kraken X62
Motherboard- ASUS Prime X470-pro
Memory- G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB
Storage- Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5
GPU- GeForce RTX 2070 8GB
Case- NZXT H500
Power Supply- EVGA 750W 80+ Gold
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Akshay Tallikar • 15 дней назад
PCPartPicker part list:
Price breakdown by merchant:
CPU: Intel - Core i7-9700K 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor ($409.99 @ Amazon)
CPU Cooler: Corsair - H60 (2018) 57.2 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler ($49.99 @ Newegg)
Motherboard: MSI - Z390-A PRO ATX LGA1151 Motherboard ($119.89 @ OutletPC)
Memory: G.Skill - Ripjaws V 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory ($84.99 @ Newegg)
Storage: Kingston - A400 120 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ($19.99 @ Amazon)
Video Card: Gigabyte - GeForce RTX 2070 8 GB WINDFORCE Video Card ($498.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Case: NZXT - H500 (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case ($75.84 @ Newegg)
Power Supply: EVGA - SuperNOVA G3 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($102.85 @ Amazon)
Total: $1362.53
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-03-10 22:53 EDT-0400
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Akshay Tallikar • 15 дней назад
Also change your motherboard too, just change everything basically for pure gaming performance just keep the ssd and graphics card
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Akshay Tallikar • 15 дней назад
Change your aio to a 50$ one by Coolermaster
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Akshay Tallikar • 15 дней назад
Change your ram to ripjaws 3000mhz 16gb and your motherboard
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Akshay Tallikar • 15 дней назад
Change your processor to an i7 9700k you can afford it
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