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Omega Super Charger 4500psi Compressor Service (Repair)

Опубликовано: 4 года назад
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In this video we do a complete service on the Omega Super Charger 4500 psi Compressor. We walk you through the process of taking the compressor down to the inner parts, replacing the seals and rebuilding back again. This video serves as a service manual for anyone looking to rebuild their Omega Super Charger 4500 psi Air Compressor.


today we're going to be working on the Omega supercharger we're going to be rebuilding the piston for maintenance purposes so let's undo all of our screws there are two screws in the very front two screws in the very back rotate the compressor around once your sides are off take two fourteen millimeter wrenches be careful here your little.

O-ring is do not fall off lift up on the blue lock and pull down let's jump up to the top here let's take off our little o-ring now let's take off the cover being mindful of the little wear when you're taking the cover off observe all your lines next let's take off our water lines this is an 18 millimeter some water will come.

Out and there is another water line in the back here - that's a 13 millimeter what I like to do is to put the two lines together carefully set that aside next let's take off our stainless steel line take two 14 millimeter wrenches be mindful of a little o-ring here next we're going to take off the two 14 millimeter nuts next we need to undo the crankshaft take off these four.

Millimeter allen head screws set this aside sometimes you have to insert a wrench to rotate the crankshaft around I like to try to put it in the 12 o'clock position inside there's a four millimeter allen allen head take this off as well when this is off take your two fingers pull that out and just gently pull it up.

once you get your head off kind of dump them dump the water out of the cylinder head what we're gonna do now is to pull the cylinder sleeve off just set that to the side take off the four ten millimeter nuts set your upper and lower split rings to the side carefully pull your piston apart you can take some snap ring pliers and undo this bottom see.

Sometimes they can be a little tricky there's going to be two black balls make sure you do not lose them and one lock washer inside of your bottom make sure those stayed together next we're going to slide off your one cylinder hit here this can be on kind of tight set him aside let's take out the high-pressure piston again can be difficult.

And generally will always fight and gently pull up we're going to be changing the earrings and the O ring support what we need to do a couple of different options hold on to your bottom piston you either take a razor blade as I do I always use a razor blade it's easier to my hands are so greasy trying to hold on to a regular screwdrivers difficult inside of this head is a tiny.

Tiny check valve and spring you will also be changing this little spring and check valve very very small try to take him out it's very small here it is right here in your maintenance bag we do have another one we're gonna set him to the side we'll come back to him let's take off your upper support o ring and lower support these have been worn out set those to the side in your maintenance.

Bag you have brand new ones your upper support your o-ring and your lower support while you're here locate your spring and your check valve they're very tiny everything back into your maintenance bag and your lower support your lower guy there's a steel pin make sure he does not fall out put him back in let's slide this guy off discard him put a little bit of dab of.

Renewable lubricants grease onto your shaft in your bag it does come with the o-rings to fill into it there are two tiny rings in here and they take you a little bit of time to to get these o-rings set once you put your rings in your seat in order to slide your new seat on we must take out the bottom seat push the steel pin off to the side pull him out there are gonna be two tiny.

Rings let's take those off and set those to the side slide your new seat on because my hands are greasy there you go got your new seat on put your little tiny rings back into the tube grooves take your seat I'll line that up with a hole take your steel pin insert that back in it should look like this now what we're going to.

Do we're going to clean the threads take a little bit of grease to have that to the bottom put your larger seat on first it it has the curvature for the o-ring slide the flat side down take your o-ring but put that on and the curvature goes towards the earring put this on this on wipe the threads clean next we're going to put a little bit of Loctite just a little dab.

Turn out to get it into the hole set that that to the side I guess lay this down we need to come back to our little head and put on our new seed in very tiny parts if you can try to assemble them first the small end of the spring attaches to the seat slide that in right just tap that down whether Loctite still on titan yourself.

Up try to get it fairly fairly tight wipe off in the Loctite that is is down once this is done set this to the side let's turn our attention to all of our ohms and supports let's take off the split ring set him to the side I like to wipe everything down so what we have to do now is to take out take off the old rings and the o-ring supports they come off.

Very easy light to make sure everything is really clean if you have a vise available go to your vise now now that we're secure on a vise take out your four studs take some channel locks they don't have to be this large and firmly undo yourself now that you have your head off finish cleaning this to where it's spotless take your piston slide it up it may come.

Off like that that's okay put him back and back down take your little pick there are some seals inside of here that need to be changed locate those those seals in your maintenance bag and take them out set those aside clean your ends inside down take a little bit of grease put it on the inside carefully take your new.

Your new seals position them in one support goes in bow ring goes in then the other support after you you get your new seals in take a little bit of the grease with your compressor you should have a white grease a syringe use that grease that is in in the syringe and only use that grease that is in the syringe after your new seals are in lube it all up this goes this way carefully.

Carefully work yourself on there you go it's gonna be very tight fit let's take your apart here put some grease around this particular oring and around there and screw it back on tighten your part very tightly after you have tightened your part take your four studs put a little bit of Loctite on it what you want to do is to tighten.

These to where it is flush with the bottom once there are all tight we can proceed with it with the next step take your part out of your vise you can reinsert your grease port at this time tighten down that fully and your little air filter tighten down that that fully after you've removed your part from the vise tighten your filter up not too tight though make sure all your parts.

Are very clean wipe the excess Loctite away from your threads at this stage I'd kind of I put a lot of grease on the seals in end shafts in your maintenance bag take out your seals necessary to rebuild this put your support on first your o-rings should be in the middle of your supports I like to add a little extra grease take your split ring wipe him off put some new clean grease on put.

In there take your cylinder make sure he is clean let's put some new grease on the inside you can fight you going back on it doesn't matter which side they're both the same kind of gently gently work yourself again it can fight you well once you've gotten it back on work your split ring as well slight him on push it down I like to take a longer q-tip and.

Just clean the cylinder walls it also adds a little bit of grease in that port take your part tap some pond there and gently rock it while you're inserting being very careful make sure that is very tight I'd like to add a little bit of grease to the shaft remember to make sure that your steel pin is in at this point let's take your head back.

Make sure your two black balls are in and your lock washer is seated at the bottom just make sure things are clean trying trying to get it off this could fight you as well make sure he is tight again make sure there's plenty of grease on the shaft slide your piston head back on take your forward lock washers and nuts and put them back on take your rat to where the ten millimeter socket.

Gently tighten it in a crisscross pattern you should be at this point take your two split rings that you've already wiped down and their landings put some grease take your scimitar and clean your cylinder thoroughly I like to take some grease and put it in the cylinder your cylinders should be positioned with the.

Flat on top carefully try to pull it apart a little bit I like to put a little bit of extra grease in at this point this top split ring can fight you and it goes on just like that make sure you have enough grease everywhere add more grease and bottom cylinder I like to dab a little bit of grease on the needle bearings make sure your o-ring is still present your large grease port.

Goes in the very back rotate your crankshaft your connecting rod around you have to kind of pull so he has a little bit more length to him try to hold on to it don't let these two parts separate connect your connecting rod with the crankshaft keep these two parts tape together as you push down getting all four studs in alignment put on.

Washers lock washers and your four nuts your watch is going first take your 14 millimeter wrench and tighten down in a crisscross pattern it just has to be snug let's go in now and put your crankshaft Helen back into it making sure your little tiny washer is still there get it as tight as you can take your washer put that on your brass air filter needs needs to be in.

The bottom position which are four Allen's back in once that is tight let's go back and put our small water hose back on put our water pump back on as well so it doesn't spill out position your water pump in this straight ahead position take a 13 millimeter open and tighten gently push on the fitting as you're tightening to.

Seat it just snug is fine take your 18 millimeter open end and tighten your large fitting again just snug is fine let's take your steel line making sure that your o-ring is still there hand tighten to 14 millimeter open ends again just snug is fine once we reach this point here now let's carefully put our cover back on make sure all your lines are safe making sure.

Nothing is kinked let's take your air line put him back up push him up firmly make sure that your grease port screw is aligned up with its back all everything is secure now let's tighten our steel line hand tighten always verifying your o-rings are still there again to 14 millimeter open ends just snug is fine.

Double-checking nothing is kinked all your lines are free these particular lines can go back up what we have to do now take out the wrench that that is supplied with your compressor this is your main check valve and also where your burst disc is located take this off wipe it down take the supplied tweezers take out the spring and the check valve some check valves look a little bit.

Different kind of make sure it is clean as well put those to the side after we've done this let's plug it in and turn the compressor on once you've verified everything is is tight and you have your check valve taken out plug your compressor back in turn it on wait for the water pump to start flowing and your fan to turn on verify that you do have water following your compressor.

Will not work if the if the water pump is not flowing this part right here is the water flow control valve if this detects any air in the system it'll automatically shut this the system down always make sure your water tank is full now let's just start the compressor let it hump for a little bit make sure there is no grease coming out of your pipe stretches some of their course if.

There's any grease if there is any grease and present it will overheat your check valve which are checked about in this position with a little nub in the down position take the tweezers out that are supplied with your kit in position make sure that your little spring has a small end in the down position position that over the spring support make sure your brass fitting is nice and clean.

There is an o-ring on that and carefully tighten this back up about 10 or 15 pounds worth of pressure is fine we can put your little o-ring back on for your support for the grease support it's mainly cosmetic just like that let's turn it back on let's check to make sure what pressure were at 4000 is just fine let's put it back on take care of so annoyed.

Take your solenoid control and turn it on about 10 or 15 minutes we don't want the solenoid opening up at this point we want to verify we have psi building as you can see our gauge is starting to move let's just let this build up you can shut itself off it may take a couple of minutes .

The unit has shut itself off what I like to do is to turn the unit off completely listening for any air leaks watch your gauge if your gauge starts to drop you know one of your fittings must be loose if all looks looks good release your air and you can start putting your screws back in secure your bottom first the three long screws go on the top and the.

Three short screws go on the bottom this concludes rebuilding the piston on your Omega supercharger thanks for watching yeah that's pretty funny though


Johnny Venturino • 3 месяца назад
You know for the amount of money that compresser is that should be the last thing somebody buying one is thinking about doing, it should last for a shit load of years for the money they cost, and you guys are showing videos on changing piston, I don't get it. It's not like it's a shop compresser running for 8 hours a day all week fixing cars, it's filling up air guns and bottles here and there once in a while.
👍 1
Terry Brown • 10 месяцев назад
It would be nice if pyramydair.com made a video like this for the air venturi compressor. Just goes to show that AOA is a top notch company.
👍 0
Emilio Rivera • 10 месяцев назад
Good video but why I want to have some item that I have to take apart
👍 0
gary krat • 1 год назад
It appears like I have a small leak by the burst disk.The unit only builds are pressure to 2100 psi. I lost my burst disk assembly. Please help me acquire one.
👍 0
airgunsofarizona • 1 год назад
+gary krat Give us a call to sort out the issue.
👍 0
Marcello Marcello • 1 год назад
Hi good morning
I need the PARTS - OMEGA SUPER CHARGE - The following parts.
* Water Flow Control Valve * The piece boots water.
Tank for your help…...
👍 0
NOBOX7 • 2 года назад
This thing is total junk
👍 0
Herb Hungwell • 2 года назад
10hrs and already needs a rebuild??? What a POS.. My buddy has one of the newer compressors that he bought from Mike at Mrodair.com that'll fill a 80 cu.ft tank in less than 30 mins and has over 70 hrs on it and it still runs like a top,,,Costs about half of what an Omega does.And it comes with a rebuild kit that takes every bit of 10 minutes to rering the piston, VERY simple to work on, not a pain in the ass to work on like the Omega. Mines on the way. Those Omegas aren't even in the same league, sure am glad that I didnt waste my money on one... 1800 bucks!! ?? and you only get 10 to 20 hrs before a rebuild is needed,, WOW !!!!!!!!!!
👍 2
Powerpickle68 • 2 года назад
This is a tutorial
👍 0
clgraham82 • 2 года назад
I've got 20 hours on mine and was topping off my 4500 psi tank today and noticed when it got to about 3000 psi the compressor starting making a knocking sound. It didn't get any louder and didn't seem to affect the fill time but kept doing it until the tank was full. When I had my shoebox compressor it would make the same noise as it got closer to the fill pressure. Just wondering if this is normal for the Omega?
👍 0
Hemn Mahmmod • 3 года назад
is it the same for the other model??
thanks for the vid...one of your best vid...
👍 0
Thunkful2 • 3 года назад
I nearly made a big goof with this. It has 2 scales, one in PSI, the other in bars. Make sure you are reading the right scale when filling an air rifle with it. I like this compressor beds with it you don't have to have any scuba tank at all to fill an air rifle. The tanks are so expensive & they expire after what 5 years or some time period? So, why not just buy a compressor yourself.
👍 0
CapApollo • 3 года назад
how that thing can make 4500 psi compression.. the secret is the supercharger?
👍 0
Akis Aquino • 3 года назад
How much is the cost of omega super charger
👍 0
Akis Aquino • 3 года назад
👍 1
Kelvin Wilson • 4 года назад
You have to be fucken joking you would have to have four year of college for that. Lol
👍 0
Chiinnature • 4 года назад
LOL!  I did it myself to disassembled and put it back, not the piston internals but everything else. Pretty insane how Todd made me do it eh? LOL
👍 1
ArabAirgunTV • 4 года назад
thanks for video , i'm interest in this product, you title video as repair .. i'm not good with tools .. do i have to do all of this service when i get one of these compressor ? if i want more information about it do i have to send you an email ? 
👍 0
airgunsofarizona • 4 года назад
+mughram the video is a guide in case you wish to service the unit yourself.  They come ready to use, and no maintenance is required with a new unit.  Over time, if any seal needs replacing, this video will help the DIY'ers, but you can always send it in for service as well.
👍 0
Cupillac • 4 года назад
what special grease is recommended for parts and o-rings?
👍 1
ualdrivr • 3 года назад
+Warren Bryant I missed that part, I was just reiterating what the manual says. Omega uses exclusively naturally made greases and I think that tub of grease that he applies on all components is that kind of grease. Hope this helps.
👍 0
Warren Bryant • 3 года назад
+ualdrivr in the rebuild video they said use silicone grease or did i misunderstand him???????
👍 0
ualdrivr • 4 года назад
Per Manual, Renewable Lubricants E P Grease #0 , +airgunsofarizona 
👍 0
zerokool7968 • 4 года назад
how many hours did this unit run before this was required.  and do you have extra rebuild kits for this unit
👍 5
Mark Card • 4 года назад
Great Video,  Just received an Omega Friday and topped off two SBCA tanks.  Went to use it again and it appears my flex line is blocked.  Pumps to 4300psi and stops properly.  Pressure relief on the pump side takes it down, but no air passes through the supplied flex line.  With the bottle connected to the flex line with male-male foster in between no air can pass.  Any ideas or help would be appreciated, AoA opens monday but I had hopped to use it this weekend.
👍 2
Mark Card • 4 года назад
+Todd DeOrio The blockage appears to be in the flex line itself, no air can pass through it.
👍 0
Todd DeOrio • 4 года назад
Remove your fill hose, drill 1/8 hole in the plastic seal at the bottom of the air/water separator fill port. Use the blue dowty seal in the kit or drop a "O"ring  to the bottom of the port. Tighten .
👍 0
Chiinnature • 4 года назад
For everyone getting his compressor, you are for sure in good hands. If your compressor act up, you see, you got this ninja there to help you out. LOL!  I have personally witnessed their crazy good customer service, AAA grade customer service, and the compressor is wonderful!  Thanks again Todd for helping me out!
👍 0
Qyuubi786 • 4 года назад
You guys have some great customer service. (: YouTube user Chiinnature expressed how helpful, friendly and understanding you are. And now you have put up a tutorial. I'm speechless. All I can say is keep up the good work. :)
👍 1
Chiinnature • 4 года назад
+Qyuubi786 hahahahahahaha! Ya man, it's like he sends you his own hard drive and tell you to test it out, LOL!
👍 0
Qyuubi786 • 4 года назад
+Chiinnature lol oh yeah I forgot to mention that. He seems to be more helpful than a computer technician. (:
👍 0
Chiinnature • 4 года назад
Yo man, wassup! hahahaha!  Ya Todd did a personal video for me to teach me how to do it, and there he is with the pro-version doing more intense work! CRAZY SHIT! This guy knows what he is doing! hahahaha!
👍 0