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I talk about science for a little bit. You're welcome.
Sorry about the black screen at 4:28 I noticed it when editing and fixing it would mean re-exporting and re-uploading and.... i'm not going to do that...
I use Adobe animate cc to animate and I use Adobe premiere pro to edit. I use a bamboo tablet to draw and I use the audio technica AT 2020 to record my audio.
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hello again everybody I'm gonna talk about science class I like science class do you guys like science class anyways in my science class we were learning about surface tension surface tension happens because water molecules are strongly attracted to each other this allows some insects to walk on water it lets that weird bubble thing happen at.

The top of the glass and it's why belly flops hurt so much so my science teacher told us that surface tension in water molecules is pretty strong but if you add soap it breaks the surface tension but she told us that one teacher used to teach his students about this by taking the water skater you know there's little bugs that can walk on water and put him in water.

And then put soap in the water the water skater would then sink into the water he saved the bug but that got me wondering the water skater was okay physically but was it really okay mentally and just imagine him talking to his water skater therapist I was just walking when when all of a sudden I sunk into the ground it was like it was like everything I've ever known is a lie and.

That it could happen again at any moment I don't know what's real anymore man and his therapist is all like don't worry we'll take care of it just calm down then the therapist stalks him off a cliff and he's fine only to have the same thing happened to him the next period when the teacher is teaching that lesson again can you imagine how psychologically damaging that must be.

Just imagine walking down the street one day when my science teachers have also told me about how the earth is spinning it like a thousand miles per hour but we can't even feel it and that got me wondering again what if the earth just all of a sudden stopped rotating well that'd send everyone flying away in one direction at a thousand miles per hour off the planet.

Actually I googled it turns out that something pretty close to that would actually happen most of the surface of the earth would suddenly be jettisoned into space angular momentum is a crazy thing I feel like people in the food industry use technical and scientific words to sell stuff they say stuff like oh it's organic well organic just means of relating to.

Or derived from living organisms therefore all things made from plants and animals are organic so you could just slap that sticker on all the other foods yeah I know that it legally means something else now but that's stupid you can't just steal words like that they already have meanings give us our words back at least organic foods are somewhat okay I guess what if food scientists.

Actually advertised foods how they actually were really made ooh this chicken was injected with hormones and lived in a warehouse it's all life whoo if I eat this my Twitter will never be unclogged again ooh literally none of the ingredients on this aren't from a laboratory but that wouldn't make as much money and we can't have that.

I guess money really is the root of all evil it's like this um hey excuse me yeah what you're doing is wrong on all levels I'm fine with that and now I'd like to talk about some things that blow my mind so look at the cell if you zoom in a ton then here's an atom and if you zoom in even more you see the nucleus of the atom well what would happen if you kept soo mning in.

Forever an atom's nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons and then looking further we now know that those particles are composed of quarks leptons and bosons well what makes up those in what makes up those and on and on are atoms really just tiny universes in and of themselves are there an infinite amount of universes within my body if so then by that logic does that mean.

There's an infinite amount of things bigger than us are we the atom of some sell some infinitely small spec how can we ever know does everything include nothing does nothing even exist is there truly a place where there is nothing how can there be if there is everything that we know is science just our sad and pathetic efforts to understand a miniscule amount of the observable.

Universe that could never even amount to anything because of what we can't see and what we don't know what we don't even know okay well good luck going tonight bye okay end card I actually had a science teacher in seventh grade who was like the best teacher ever and she told me Bryson when you're rich and famous don't forget about me well I'm not famous but anyways hi mrs. Vargas.

You were an incredible science teacher okay bye everybody


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What is the actual definition of nothing because nothing is something so there is no definition of nothing because if there's are so white piece of paper or like something white or black or nothing to you that is still something to everything aesthetically something
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What will happen when the earth stops spinning
I think there will be one part of earth being light and one part dark
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