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Brenda Spencer Documentary | I Don't Like Mondays

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Brenda Ann Spencer (born April 3, 1962) is a convicted American murderer who carried out a shooting spree from her home in San Diego, on January 29, 1979.
During the shooting spree, she killed two people and injured nine others at Cleveland Elementary School, which was located across the street from her home.
Spencer is best known for her quote "I don't like Mondays," which inspired the song "I Don't Like Mondays" by The Boomtown Rats. The song was a UK number one single for four weeks in mid-1979.


In 1979 the Boomtown Rats single I don't like Mondays was number one in 30 countries worldwide the song was inspired by this 16 year old girl Brenda Spencer on a Monday morning in January 1979 Brenda Spencer started shooting from her house into the primary school across the stream killing two adults and injuring eight children and a policeman when asked why she was shooting Brenda.

Declared I don't like Mondays 26 years later Brenda Spencer is entitled to parole we were granted exclusive access to her hearing and discovered that behind the eerie detachment of her original statement and now dark allegations about a seemingly ordinary suburban family Brenda Spencer's father still lives in the house from where the shooting took place but he is never.

Spoken about the events of that Monday morning in 1979 Brenda's estranged mother has now broken her silence and told us that she thinks her ex-husband is responsible for the events of that morning I feel that her father should be where she is not her and all of a sudden as many as seven shots rang out and hey look close the school principal custodian.

Need to be so tell me why I don't like Brenda Spencer was a teenage schoolgirl who lived in the very ordinary San Diego suburb of San Carlos California after her arrest Brenda pleaded guilty and so her bizarre Monday statement has remained the only explanation to what was America's first-ever school shooting 26 years on San Carlos is nervously.

Preparing for a parole hearing and the possibility that she might be allowed to return home ahead of that hearing we tried to find out more about the girl whose only motive for shooting dead two adults and injuring several children was I don't like Mondays this live-ins up the day the first person to offer an insight into Brenda Spencer was the district attorney for her parole hearing.

He believes that she is still and always has been a threat to the people of San Diego this is a shot of Spencer as she appeared on that particular day January 29 1979 clearly and see a sense of imbalance or disturbance in and looking at this individual that doesn't look like a typical 16 year old person I think if you look at the eyes you see so at least I see some sense of emotional.

Disturbance going there certainly she was the grandmother of schoolyard shootings and later the paradigm came or has become that mad students go in and shoot up the schoolyard you know shoot up their classmates she started it all Burton rag was the school principal shot dead by Brenda his widow Kathy has kept their house as it was the morning he left on January the 29th 1979 I don't.

Think his memories anything to need to get away from no and you know he did nothing wrong did it make it harder to deal with that he was killed by a 16 yes it did went to collect my dad sings a couple days afterwards and I'm still blood on the sidewalk where he died they hadn't America let alone San Diego had never experienced the school shooting and as.

The San Carlos suburb descended into panic the rest of the country watched on in disbelief that's all right then I got Chapman and let me measure that was blame a lot I was just laying there the bullet that went through her wrist didn't harm anything didn't hit the bone or we were just praising the Lord so terrified it was a very very horrific.

Event my mom just thanked Jesus Christ because I was still alive and I am still alive certainly it affected my life I mean something that's that traumatic of course you know of course affect your life basically was the end of my career it's prevented being able to hold a decent job for a long time I mean I still dream.

About being a police officer and being out on the street if I could I'd go back to work tomorrow 26 years on the survivors remain emotionally scarred by the events of that Monday morning for them the sixteen-year-old girl is still a frightening they go she's evil looking to me he's got his glasses and that long red hair she's creepy and then some of.

Someone from like a horror flick we have never heard her voice you know I never heard her talk but just she's eerie-looking my niece and nephew when they but to the age where they could understand that soon they've always wondered you know you know grandpa that question to my brother was is she going to come and kill us - how would you describe renderers little child she was.

Very active and she was always happy and a good good child well-behaved never had any problems in school Brenda's parents divorced when she was just nine but she along with her brother and sister stayed with her father dot Spencer has avoided talking to the media about her daughter but agreed to an interview on condition it took place in the privacy of our hotel room I didn't.

Like what they were writing and I was afraid of what I might say because of how they painted her and that and that was my little girl and she's not a monster because Brenda Spencer was only 16 she escaped the death penalty 26 years on she will appear before a parole board here at her prison the American media remained fascinated by its original.

School shooter and with tensions running high ahead of her possible release ours was the only camera allowed into the hearing room this is a subsequent parole consideration for Brenda Spencer and I'm would you raise your right hand do you solemnly swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth yes I do.

Inmate repeatedly fired a 22 caliber rifle when asked about a motive for the shooting didn't make totem I just started shooting for the fun of it I don't like Mondays this live-ins up the day how you feel about this you've been in prison for quite a while you killed two people again you wounded nine others how do you feel about this.

I'm very deeply sorry I did it I didn't have a right to do that to those people this was Brenda Spencer's first public display remorse and with possible parole beckoning suggested she'd now gained some insight into a crime that it shocked America the prosecuting DA believes the events of that Monday morning in 1979 were planned in calculating rather than a perverse act.

Of teenage boredom Brenda Spencer was shooting to kill this was sniper type behavior there were approximately 36 rounds fired at 150 feet from a telescopic rifle she was shooting in a very deliberate manner to Harmon to kill and in fact accomplish those objectives was very very chaotic police tried to evacuate many of the surrounding homes and then many of the schoolchildren it.

Was first about that in the US were not commonplace certainly a student shooting another student or maybe attacking a teacher but a massacre dynamic was was unthinkable on Monday morning January the 29th 1979 and around 8:20 the classmates of Grover Cleveland elementary started arriving for another week at school it was a strange morning and it was just.

An eerie odd morning there was frost on the grass and but just there was kind of a strange feeling I remember walking to school by myself I was about five feet from the sidewalk and then I heard the firecrackers or the bullets she was shooting go off and I turned around and faced directly across the street and that's what that was my first year teaching in San.

Diego the principal always came down to the gate there unlocked that gate five minutes before the kids came in it wasn't too long that I started hearing noises that was the first one shot in the abdomen first were just popping noises you know I thought maybe it was a new toy from a Christmas present there was some gunshots but I thought that they had firecrackers I didn't.

Understand why I was on the ground I looked out and principal was flailing backward and he had blood on his chest and I thought oh my gosh I got the news about eight thirty quarter of nine you ever take it just didn't seem real at the time I must have gone into some sort of shock because time passed and I was standing there staring it wasn't a gangbanger neighborhood it wasn't a.

STONER neighborhood this is a good neighborhood San Carlos good schools things like this don't happen we you know we don't have this kind of crime my gosh as we were running down the sidewalk we could hear shooting and when we got down here to the end there was a bunch of little school kids all huddled against the side of the wall as Brenda.

Continued shooting the police evacuated the three hundred pupils out of the back of the school when they were bused to safety I turned and that's when the bullet went through my wrist because brenda was actually aiming she's shooting to kill I remember crystal Hardy screaming am I going to die am I going to die am I going to die absolute chaos to start.

With utterly chaos other reporters with the head police incident commander the paramedics just a lot of movement people running for a while she had just an open shooting gallery I was up at Torrey Pines counting money we had to have TV on which we normally didn't and they were talking about the shooting next thing I know I got a phone call from the police.

Department stating that it was branded and they were coming up to get me and I said I can't go I've got desk full money and they said you're coming so they came up and got me that day that information kind of spread fairly rapidly probably until I got home in the afternoon they I don't know that they knew you know who the shooter was the sniper has been identified as a 16 year old junior at.

Patrick Henry high school Brenda Spencer that's my student she should have been at school today she having a bad day the bullet went in and it nicked my jugular vein and it bounced off my shoulder blade that had lodged against my spine I was in that house right there irritating her like crazy Brenda pick up the phone pick up the phone and then I was squeaking the.

Bullhorn basically raising kinds of hell with her you know we start questioning you know why why why me you know she seemed pretty harmless the shooting turned into a siege situation involving more than 100 officers 30 patrol unit and 20 SWAT team members honestly I was a little pissed that the SWAT team didn't blow the house away and.

With her in it we went through a lot of talking you can't believe basically everything that boiled down to was the fact that she hated Mundy's then she told him I I hate boring mondays so you're just picking these kids off yeah oh that's Justin that's just a dumb comment just a dumb comment it's too I think it shows a callousness on her part.

It shows just how callous she was in committing this offense boredom rage no sense of guilt was just it's frightening it and it still is frightening after six and a half hours at around 3:30 in the afternoon Brenda suddenly came out of the house calmly put down her weapon and gave herself up well I was shocked to see you know just.

A young little girl dressed up you know kind of like in army fatigues or something thin pasty skin stringing reddish hair my gosh this was just a suburban schoolgirl and I did again see take custody of her transferred down to our homicide division to the ride downtown never said when we're very quiet the whole time I remember sitting on the couch and.

Watching TV and of course that all the news was about that day I was you know my father getting shot where we're seeing that over and over again I remember sitting there catching myself anticipating daddy getting home second telling what happened since late last week the rumors persisted a deal would be made between the attorney for Brenda's seriousness of Brenda Spencer's.

Crime meant that although any 16 she would be tried as an adult a deal was struck by pleading guilty to two counts of first degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon she was given 25 years to life with the possibility of parole but by pleading guilty Brenda gave up her right to a jury trial and the opportunity to tell her side of the story.

She's very scared she's very uncertain for a future she's you know I was almost in tears there beforehand Brenda's original defense lawyer Michael McGlinn still follows her case and still believes that she is not a monster and poses no threat to the public I think it's just a unbelievable event that occurred in her life that's the enormity of it and the horror of it will never.

Occur again I had no fear that Brenda would hurt me or members my family she would not be one that you would think she was never a violent person I mean never beat up on the kids in the neighborhood or anything always very loving and caring and then all of a sudden she does something like this it's hard to understand when the parents divorced things sort of went south then.

She lived with a dad the dad was a sort of very bitter man he sort of hated the world the mother on the other hand sort of became like a stone herself I mean it was like she never went out of her way to go over the kids to have a relationship with Brenda so it was a very cold sterile environment in both places and I don't remember her pounding around or being you know.

Friendly or in any way with any of the kids in the class you wouldn't know what was going on you know it's just you know Brenda are you away this is the rifle used by Brenda and because it's lightweight and easy to operate it is the weapon of choice for school shootings in America this weapon basically is a Marlin 22 long rifle teenagers like to shoot it.

It has virtually no recoil I don't have to worry too much I don't have to worry about it the recoil just watch she had opened fire approximately thirty six times across the street about 150 feet away and had 11 hits for an accuracy of about 30% or just higher than that I think she was probably a pretty good shot yes which is probably a pretty good shot.

Well leave her father bought it for her for a Christmas present you know he buys her 22 for Christmas weigh 4 or 500 rounds of ammunition I mean you know it's like hello but you know I sure and not want to blame someone else you know unless her father was covering her hand with his and making her pull the trigger I'm blaming Brenda no matter how weird her family was before the current parole.

Hearing the only insight offered by Brenda into the shooting came in the form of a brief but bizarre news interview she gave in 1993 Brenda claimed she was hallucinating at the time of the shooting even though her toxicology report showed no traces of drugs I was watching TV and I started drinking whiskey and taking pills with it and I was smoking marijuana with PCP.

And I started hallucinating now when I'd look out I'd see like like commando guys like in combat you know stuff coming up you know I basically I think I was trying to get myself killed that interview did the reveal the first and potentially only clue to her personality when Brenda offered the following description of life in the Spencer.

Household after my parents got divorced it was like like the latchkey kids you know but it was it was like complete neglect Brenda's father has never spoken about his daughter's childhood or the events of that Monday morning in 1979 in 26 years Wallace Spencer has never given an interview while out in San Diego we discovered he still lives in the house.

From where the shooting took place isn't it strange it is very strange he must really like being alone and then while we were filming the school Brenda's father suddenly appeared but as soon as he saw the camera he hurried back into the house you Brenda's defense team believes that away from the Spencer house she has become a.

Different person in prison she has proved herself a model inmate and she even has a potential career for life on the outside do you think you're going to have trouble finding employment when you leave why I don't why not because they have marketable skills what kind of skills do you have what would you like to do upon release I'd like to drive the forklift he'd like to.

Drive the forklift what you're doing right now yes from the moment that she was taken away from that home miss Spencer has thrived she spent the last 26 years of her life improving herself not just to comply with the board's recommendations but to gain marketable skills and to try to ensure her success once she is released well the fact that she's done so weather and.

Being an institution I think speaks volumes about her if brenda was an out-of-control dangerous person you know you would have seen more evidence of that in the last 20 years you know maybe she goes to the bathroom one time washes her hair when she's supposed to and walks in the hallway without harassing somebody fine model project prisoner it is not a.

Citizen Meg I want to say the human side the compassionate side says let's let her out 27 years it's time to go the police officer side and of course the retired police officer side says hey let her die in prison what would you be your reaction if she did get parole next week I'd get my guns out I put them back together and I would load them and I.

Would start carrying a weapon again because I think if she got out she tried to finish the job do you remember much about what occurred I'm not a lot I'm sure I did it I just don't remember everything in sequence do you remember the shooting itself I remember the shooting itself you don't know I don't remember it but I'm sure it happened I'm sure I did it.

Brenda state of mind does remain potentially fragile five years ago she tattooed herself with a hot paper clip did a lot of sketching didn't get a paper clip hot and self-mutilating her check her chest in the field jail romance the relationship didn't go well she went into a depression and used a paperclip as a makeshift tattoo device to burn the words courage and cried on.

Her chest why courage and cried that's not actually what it says it's written in runes okay and I think they made a mistake when they read it okay what does it say it says I'm forgiving it alone I'm sorry what Unforgiven and alone the only way of finding a way back to the 16 year old girl who started shooting on that Monday morning in 1979.

Was to do what no one else had managed to do speak to Brenda's father Wallace Spencer and her Daewoo consists up she would wake up loading Chow in the morning go to work about between 7:30 and 8 o'clock after she finished that then more or less she can go back to her cell he likes for the evening eat dinner and then the yard basically is opener to.

8:30 at night that's a typical day Brenda Spencer is only one regular visitor her father every Saturday Wallace Spencer makes the five-hour round trip from his house and the San Diego suburbs to upstate California to see his daughter he has been making this visit every Saturday since Brenda was jail suburban guy or is he a bit of a strange weird I mean does anyone really.

Know I don't have enough information to really comment on the character of her father the only information I would have is she felt neglected by him and had accused him of sexual molesting forcing her to share a bedroom with him or bed with him I don't know whether or not those allegations are founded or not these are just things that she has said in 2001 Brenda Spencer suddenly and.

Unexpectedly revealed that she had been sexually abused by her father the claims were treated with skepticism why was she only talking about this now over 20 years after the event neither of Brenda's parents have ever spoken about these abuse allegations we now had a chance to ask her mother you and Brenda's father wallets dr4 yes yes 1972 he was fooling around with other.

Women and he had come home one night asked me if he could leave for a year if I'd let him come back and he had already rented an apartment somewhere and I just laughed a few days later I filed for divorce so why do you think he got custody children it was in the time when the court system was swaying back and forth and he got the two older ones to say.

That they he they wanted to stay with him and then so they didn't want to split up the three so he naturally got to read within a year of Brenda being jailed her father remarried Wallace Spence his new wife who quickly moved in with him looks so like his daughter that some people thought Brenda Spencer had actually been released from prison I can recall about a year after Brenda was.

Committed getting a call from one of the detectives wondering what brenda was doing out this girl looked very similar to very much alike like Brendan Sheila was her cellmate up at juvenile hall and she was released to go to a halfway house and she went to it but she ran away from it and what her pregnant so they had to get married or go to jail is one so younger than Brenda 17-year old.

Cellmate is that that's weird that's strange her stepmother is younger than her and that sort of raised a lot of eyebrows is that is he a pedophile who knows and so they got married and had a daughter and shortly after that Sheila left and left the daughter with Wally we met Brenda's half-sister who lives with her father Wallace she was.

Friendly and currently studying sociology at the University of California but she didn't want to speak on camera about a half sister or father and I'm thinking no I don't maybe they're not normal civil right we know I mean one of my experts did get out of Brenda that she had shared the same bedroom with him for quite some time but he also mentioned and she.

Mentioned that she would come in and sort of fondle his hair that they used to share it bad yes unfortunately I am and actually he didn't have much furniture I think they slept on a mattress in the floor in Brenda Spencer's parole hearing her relationship with her father became the focus of the commissioners inquiry now regards to your family are you still in.

Contact with any of your family I was still in contact with my father is your relationship with your father we've gotten to be friends and that was not the case when you were younger no when I was younger we had a lot of problems there's a lot of abuse what do you remember regards to abuse by your father I remember being hit in the face a lot.

Being hitting the ribs being yelled at called names I remember him coming home from work and being all mad and smacking me in the head and I wrote different nights when he would just almost rating and say almost was like that like he did like you would touch me inappropriately.

I don't know how to say it you ever aware about being abused by her father bullets no I wasn't I had suspicions after they moved over there and that but she would never really tell me why did you have suspicions just the way she would be acting and very evasive he asked her anything and it just it wasn't her which I knew something was wrong you know the more I sort of what I.

Gathered from everything I knew about the family was that brenda was the dad's pet well you never know I've attempted to try and fight for custody and get her back and say I'm worried about her I think there may be an unhealthy relationship with their father developing no I couldn't really afford the attorney that I'd have to get in what have you two to do it.

Obviously your father was given custody of all siblings did you get to see you another match not a lot your relationship with your mother at that time well sometimes I'd stop by her house but she might seem to care to see us or anything no that's not true I see her maybe once a week and then she'd come over and spend a part of the.

Weekend with me and I come home from work and she'd be sitting at the door waiting for me to come home so we talking what have you okay but she wasn't able to get a letter to us this week I thought you told me you were in contact with her I haven't been lately that in the past I have it's been about five years since I talked to my mom five years Brenda did start having problems.

At school and they did sent her to a special school and I had one interview with one of the people and they did say at that time that she was kind of suicidal it was just probably a few months before the Christmas that he bothered the gun did you ever talk to Brenda about why she started having problems at school or how she might be possibly suicidal no no I never never.

Did so I figured her father would take care of it and you know keep an eye on her Brenda's father Wallace was inside the house his van parked in the driveway but when I went to the house he told me to go away and leave him alone since the day of the shooting on the 29th of January 1979 Wallace Spencer has remained silent we delivered a.

Handwritten note through his letterbox explaining that we had been at his daughter's parole hearing unexpectedly and much to our surprise he agreed to speak to us on camera but only if the interview took place in his garden and we didn't enter the house it was a strange experience just as we were about to start the interview children started coming out of the school across the road.

Wallace there are some people who say that you were responsible for the shooting because you bought had a gun for Christmas what would you say to those people well I'd say it you know it's none of their damn business for better but a rifle for her Christmas because I thought she was ready for that and we used to go up the mountain when she used to target shoot up there so did.

Brenda asked for a gun for Christmas no she did dot said you shouldn't have given other gun because she thought that Brenda had become suicidal did you think Brenda had become suicidal oh no I had not seen any grounds for that I don't know where that statement came from you know how do you know if somebody's suicidal or no I don't know can you remember how you felt.

Like that well I was devastated by it you know it's a man just I just kind of fell apart myself I just blew me away I call him a loner he didn't like to mingle with people he didn't want to go to football games or baseball games he just assumed stay home it was good it was a happy home the kids were happy this is me this is my son Scott listen daughter Teresa and this is Brenda and.

Actuated about ten really tiny and pretty cute so just a regular American suburban family why did you get divorced what happened a story had it that I was seeing another woman but that was just a rumor it was not true and how come all the children stayed with you that's unusual they normally stay with the male I went I went to court knife fight for custody you know.

Why did you want custody well because I love my kids you know I I wanted to keep up my own to raise myself God said you wanted custody the children because you were too mean to pay child support well I've heard there were several stories but I went to court to fight for custody because I love me I went to court to fight for custody because I love my kids.

While its Brenda did say in her parole hearing last week that you sexually abused her she what she said in her parole hearing that you sexually abused her that you sodomized her Brenda said that and her hearing on Tuesday well it's not true I mean her exact words and I'm just telling you well okay I'm only yes that you almost raped her no well that never happened you know I would.

Take a lie detector on that I never did anything like that did your father perform sodomy and that led to digital penetration yes and later into intercourse yes so are you now indicating that there was actual intercourse involved it was I guess you caught sight of me and Brenda's mother said to us that you and Brenda after the divorce.

Shared a bed together well we shared them the bedroom she had her bed I had my bed have you ever discussed this with your father I've tried to anywhere what did you ever confront him I confronted him he just doesn't want to talk about it so what is how did you come to to marry one of Brenda's former cellmates what happened there I don't think I want to answer that question I think you.

Still with her no but your daughter lives here yes she did not want her daughter okay and that's the only statement well we'll make once these sort of the allegations of abuse came to light did you ever want any action taken against Wallace did you want the police involved I would have liked him haven't yes but there wasn't enough evidence to do anything but I would have been very.

Happy if they had done something if Brenda Spencer is granted parole she wants to move back to the only place she has ever lived outside of prison San Diego and find a job as a forklift truck driver the 43 year old Brenda believes she is a different person to the 16 year old girl who didn't like mondays I realize that nothing I do and no amount of time will bring mr. rag or mr..

Sucher back it won't erase the the fear and stuff that I've given to those kids mr. Rob I just want them to know that I'm I'm very sorry I don't know how to make it up to them but I try every day to make myself a better person so that cuz I want anything this horrible they ever happen again do you think she should have got the death penalty.

It was a bad thing to do you know enough but I think that's how I feel or be incarcerated forever you know that sort of thing she must live but what a life her turn 25 years to life kind of was scary because when it happened 25 years ago and she received that sentence I thought all be so open it'll be different it's not it was expected.

That the parole board would take at least a couple of hours to consider Brenda Spencer's case in the event it took them only 15 minutes to come to a verdict all right we have all returned at this time the panel has come to a decision motive of the crime was inexplicable a very trivial relationship to the offense.

Unfortunately this world is filled with things that should never happen to children however that does not allow them to perpetrate violence on others I know how difficult it must be for you miss Spencer to be able to come out here in front of all these people and talk about something that you have kept silent for so many years I think miss Spencer has made a breakthrough I think.

It's important because one of the most dangerous things that we ever have to deal with this new crime that has no understanding whatsoever she is attempting not to be that person that she was that many years ago this is not a life without possibility of parole she does have the right to be reviewed it is not reasonable to expect that parole would be granted in the next.

Four years good luck mr. this hearing is a jerk this is News eight at 6:30 parole board has decided Brenda Spencer should stay behind bars for at least four more years the most highly publicized crimes it will be 2009 Banfield reporting live 57:39 do you ever feel it's all responsible for what happened on that day.

1979 somewhat if I thought if I could have held the family together if he hadn't been out you know fooling around maybe if I'd been more tolerant and let him have this little fling for a while and that we would have stayed together maybe it wouldn't have happened so I do feel a little bit responsible I don't feel responsible for doing for what she did but I still love her she's my.

Daughter and I go see her every Saturday if I can I feel that her father should be where she is not her for buying her the gun and what-have-you I want to live long enough to see her out of there and you know it says I just like to know that she's okay and can take care of herself when she does get out so you have you can't explain why she did it I have no idea I can't.

Explain why she did it I don't know she started it all and what was it nine months later Geldof comes out with a song it was like for going Oh God we didn't know where the laugh or cry oh yeah I was idiotic I was idiotic I know and that I I know I used to work Mondays and they almost always used to play it at about two.

O'clock on Monday and that's kind of when my shift would start and I'd get in there and I'd be walking into work in there that song would be so yeah I like that song I think it's pretty sung oh I do that the phone was it more of a comment on what society can make you feel like but like I said before anything that reminds me of that day I don't care to hear about.


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That dont happen in our neighborhood, to fuuny.
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She was a sniper. She was aiming to kill.
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She doesn't look like a monster. She looks severely depressed and washed out. Like she had just made a last stand against the world.
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Certified Law Student?? As Her Attorney??
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Jeff Everett • 15 часов назад
As investigators you can only give an opinion of why she actually did what she did. Was it because she was mentally disturbed by being molested by her father (sexual abuse, the molesting dad and the soleless mother should have been locked up).and she snapped with being on drugs and alcohol, remember there were (2) test done and the one that showed she had drugs and alcohol were not admitted into court (and why)?.At her age it is so hard to get into her mind on actually why the reason was (but), she has served her time as a model inmate and should be able to return to society. What she done was horrific and i feel for the families involved, but the criminal system is designed to paroled criminals after there sentence if they abide by all the rules. In today's world there are many people that get out of jail for killing people after 5 years so it is or will not be a shock if she gets out after serving over 20 years. The bad thing is after all these years and her never living as an adult as a free person she is going to have a tremendously hard time adjusting. It is critical to get her the right help and to monitor with the parole officers, and to make sure she is never to be within a certain distance of schools and firearms. Were taking the chance anytime you let a convicted murder out of jail, but we have to follow the laws and that is the bottom line like it or not! "I don't like Mondays" song should have been banned from airplay as it only makes this incident a folk story and it is absolutely disgusting!
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As a minor when she was convicted, she might have been released from prison after five to ten years with medication to keep her stable and a change of identity (she might have dyed her beautiful red hair). If you had medical care free at the point of need, as in England, she would have had treatment for her head injury which likely left her with epilepsy. The drugs and drink she was allowed as a young teenager cannot have been good for her. The symptoms of mental illness can be terrible and not a reason to punish someone. She is intelligent and capable. She has done good work in prison and helped a lot of fellow inmates. I think a lot of what she says to the parole boards is not true to try to get out but she isn't fooling anyone. I feel sad for her father: "Brenda said that?"
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Married a 17 year old. Definitely was molesting that poor girl but she had no excuse to kill people.
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Mom: "fuck off I got work to do"
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Michael Schofield • 1 день назад
The founding mother of "school shootings", what an honour.
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Born Again American Mama • 1 день назад
What a horrible evil mother! First she leaves her children then she gives full custody to their children’s father who she knew was a sketchy individual! What a selfish, pathetic woman!
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II II • 1 день назад
Bad parenting is a menace to society.
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lordbenson martina • 1 день назад
iam a black man i like white woman with glasses and red hair so what what now mfk we all the same
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Kelly IMO • 8 часов назад
lordbenson martina hope not that one she’s a crazy person. My mom and sis have/had red hair and green eyes they are beautiful
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lordbenson martina • 1 день назад
why the fuck is that woman talks about glasses and red hair have none to do with what she did she is 50+ now what the fuck you think she stays pretty forever the woman who said that she very ugly herself talking shit about glasses and hair look at your fucking self ugly amfk i hate people who diss others
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Joe Dirt • 18 часов назад
can you write in english?
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II II • 1 день назад
She didnt start it all, shes a product of society. Guns in schools was inevitable in a materialistic, morally bankrupt, gun crazy society.
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