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Japanese Ryokan Tour - AMAZING PRIVATE ONSEN in Hakone, Japan | $708.16 Per Night!

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Staying at this Japanese ryokan (traditional inn) was truly incredible!
JUNE 2017 -
Yoshiike Ryokan - I paid 77,760 Japanese Yen (at the time $708.16 USD) for 1 night for 2 adults, 1 baby. It was very expensive, but it was truly an amazing Japanese cultural experience and the food was incredible. There are cheaper Japanese ryokans you can stay at, but usually they have a public onsen (Japanese hot-spring bath), rather than a private.
Ever since taking my first trip to Japan a few years ago, I had really wanted to stay in a Japanese ryokan, which is a traditional inn, usually that is somewhere in the beautiful mountains, with a hotspring onsen bath, and delicious Japanese local food served in your room.
On my most recent trip to Tokyo, my wife and I took the train to Hakone, about 1.5 hours from Tokyo in the mountains, and decided to stay at a ryokan for 1 night. The experience was truly incredible and our room was amazing, including a private onsen bath and amazing Japanese gardens to view from the window.
Yoshiike Ryokan
597 Yumoto
箱根町 Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken 250-0311
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Oh whoa I didn't even know that's a that's a hot water sprig hey everyone its mark Wiens I'm in Hakone Japan and something that I've always wanted to do is stay at Rio cotton which is a traditional Japanese Inn and so I'm having my first opportunity to stay at one right here in Hakone and I'm going to walk inside give you a full tour of our room and the facility this place is.

Absolutely amazing and it's starting to rain let's go inside this is the main entrance and so actually this place is a it's a hotel and a trio con so actually you can you can choose your room you can have it so it's kind of a mix between a modern and a traditional style okay so you keep walking down the hall I think these are all different types of accommodation and our room is almost at.

The end of this hall this hour remember here okay okay this is our room right here and obey it up and welcome on inside what I love about this room immediately is as soon as you open the door you can smell those mats the tatami mats the traditional Japanese mats which are are made from rice straw so you've got to take off your shoes as soon as you enter.

Put them on in this neat rack everything is so clean and organized and the absolute first thing that you have to do as soon as you enter a ryokan a house like this is change so this is kind of one of the one of the main back rooms we just sorry about the mess over here we just threw every all of our stuff back here this place is really retro though check.

Out even have the dial the dial phone that is awesome ah they have the closet that you change into you have your this is this is actually called a yukata which is like a robe and then the blue one is for men the green one is for women and then check out the Heritage genus of this safety deposit box that is a classic okay that is just multiple times more.

Comfortable this feels amazing it's so so free and airy and this is called a yukata which is a like a robe robe kind of outfit and this is what you gotta wear when you stay out of the okan okay let's start over here this is the this is the bathroom section and you turn oh the lights already on toilet is right here it's like a little secluded toilet we can get the full the full Japanese.

Toilet actually check out the check out all those controls and then over on this side there's a fridge here beverages bathroom is pretty pretty western-style with everything you've got there your sink you've got your shampoos and and lotions and yep and then over here on this side is a shower shower and tub but actually I don't think I'll be using this indoor indoor shower at all I'll be.

Showering all outside and this is the main this is the main room this is where the dinner table the eating table is where you kind of congregate where you hang out this is the biggest room and this is also the room where you sleep so actually there they're going to take away the the table after you ever eat dinner then they'll take away the table and put down futons so then you sleep in.

This room as well and it's just it's just great I love it these floor mats are beautiful they smell great they're comfortable on your feet we have some nice minimalist Japanese decoration they also have TVs they have like three TVs within this little quick little villa as well on this side there's another room oh hi Micah Micah has been micah has been.

Hanging out in this room taking a nap but now he's woken up and this is almost like a like a sunroom where you can get some some nice views of the garden and there's also a table here and this room is actually carpeted this is another nice room so we got three rooms three nice rooms I'm like a-okay that pretty much covers the entire inside area of this villa it's it's not like.

Fancy luxury but I I think it's amazing it's like minimalist Japanese comfort and it's extremely comfortable it's very cozy I love the natural wood in here and especially the tatami mats are also really cool but the best thing about this video-content in this room that we got is the view and we have a garden view but we also have a private hot tub outside hot baths it's it's really.

Beautiful and I love how they have huge sliding glass door windows that lets in the natural light although it's kind of getting kind of dark and rainy outside oh yeah it's still raining quite a bit but look at this look at this view to the gardens okay you kind of got to watch your step here they have a have a wood wood deck right here oh and they have they have a.

New they have a different pair of Japanese sandals for like every room or purpose that you go to but look look how cool look how cool this Japanese garden is with the view and it's raining pretty hard right now but that does not take away from the beauty and the peace and the serenity of this garden Japanese garden here and probably the best thing about this entire place is right over.

Here and these are the coolest sandals the wood and wooden clogs handles we have our own private Japanese bath and it's open-air you can see a view of the garden here and yet it's still private and it it's completely like sheltered in so nobody can see you inside I love how they've used wood on the construction and it's nice and hot water and then they also have a shower an.

Outdoor shower over here you can sit down here actually well sit down here you can shower everything you need and then over here I guess kind of has like a sauna fuel but I think this is a changing room or just hanging out here for the for the bathtub the outside bathtub you can really just sit in here soak and relax all the water is so warm and so so relaxing and I'm.

Not even sure how the the filtration system works or how the water circulation works but when I I was sitting in here earlier and somehow it just automatically comes on this this thing this is where the hot water spring comes in and then so that's really hot water that that filters into the pool and make that hot that is the tour of this ryokan is its I think I would call.

It I would call it's not it's not modern luxury like fancy but it's Japanese minimalist extreme comfort and its really a cool traditional experience to stay another day ogon like this last night they serve this dinner on this table right here in the center of the room they brought us a real elaborate very fancy meal very decorative and a lot of the dishes were seasonal as well.

As regional little delicacies little tidbits it was a really fancy meal and then after that they they literally they cleared the table really fast they set up the futons they were literally like running to the closet and back to set up the futons with these really thick blankets we slept pretty well that was really warm and cozy in here and then in the morning they came at 7:30 a.m. they.

Cleared up the beds they put the table back they served breakfast breakfast was again another elaborate meal we had fish we had rice we had a bunch of little pickles and little tidbits there was a an egg there was a miso soup and then that completes this tour completes our stay here at this ryokan in Hakone so that was it was it was one of the most expensive places that I've ever stayed.

That I've ever bought and and paid out to stay but it was really really cool to this day on this Japanese traditional or yoga we paid seventy seven thousand seven hundred and sixty yen which I just did the exchange rate at this time it's seven hundred and eight dollars that includes tax that includes everything our room was pretty expensive because we.

Had the private pool which it's I think it's actually quite worth it to have a private Japanese basak you have a ryokan room like this because then you have a private bath but also that included dinner and breakfast one night two adults one baby wasn't cheap at all but it was a splurge and it was it was pretty cool I really enjoyed this experience is relaxing Japanese culture.

You could definitely stay at lesser expensive real guns within Japan and there's so many to choose from actually like I didn't I was searching through all of IDEO cons it was so hard to decide and then places were filling up and places were full that I wanted to go to so finally just settled on this place I was a little bit more expensive than I thought it was going to be but it was it.

Was really cool I we really enjoyed it I wish we could stay more than one night but we've got to move on so thank you very much for watching this video this tour of a traditional classic real gun with the yeah really amazing room if you have a chance to stay at one some time in Japan please remember to give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe to this channel for lots more reviews I'm.

Going to be reviewing hotels and apartments and places that we stay as well as airplanes and travel reviews so stay tuned and I'll see you on the next video thank you again for watching


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I would like to know who the uncultured swine are who disliked this video and why they hate joy in their lives 🤔🤨
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biggest nicest ryokan I've seen
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amazing room, probably extend my life 30 yrs. if i stayed there.
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Includes breakfast, dinner and tax he says.
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Thanks ,Mark! But one is actually supposed to wear socks- tabi- on the tatami! Japanese find it disgusting when Americans walk barefoot on them!
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I liked this cartoon and his house
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How bout more halal eateries when u visit places.thnks
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I agree endlessly. I stay at US$28 backpacker's hostel in Tokyo every time I go to Japan.
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