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Опубликовано: 8 месяцев назад
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Entire Flick, Full Movie, HD Movie, Full Length Feature Film, English, Original Language: "Alpha Males Experiment" AKA "Knuckle Draggers" AKA "Bad Brother" (2009), Rated, Comedy, Romance, 26 April 2009(USA). A 2009 English language comedy/romance film written and directed by Alex Ranarivelo, starring Ross McCall, Paul J. Alessi and Amie Barsky.
Actors: Paul J. Alessi, Ross McCall, Amie Barsky, Omar Gooding, Danielle Nicolet
Directors: Alex Ranarivelo
Producers: Paul J. Alessi
"Knuckle Draggers" (Alpha Males) takes a realistic, but comic look at how the behaviors of men and women have evolved very little since the caveman times. When Ethan, the needy nice guy, is dumped by his fiancee, he asks his misogynist older brother Kyle to help him win her back. Kyle tries to teach Ethan how to act like "a real man" and to never put a woman on a pedestal. Repulsed by his brother's harsh views on how to treat women, Ethan ignores his advice and ventures out into the dating world, where he slowly realizes that everything Kyle says seems to be true.
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© Written by Richard Propes, The Independent Critic:
Originally released under the name Knuckle Draggers, Alpha Males Experiment has finally arrived on home video following a successful festival run that saw the film pick up several fest prizes including two awards at the Delray Beach Film Festival and a Best Actor prize for Paul J. Alessi at the ReelHeART International Film Festival.
Alpha Males Experiment tells the story of Ethan (Ross McCall), a stereotypical "nice guy" who gets dumped by his fiancee' (Jennifer Alden) because the just starting out filmmaker is unable to provide her with the lifestyle she desires. Determined to win her back, Ethan enlists the help of his brother Kyle (Paul J. Alessi), who isn't quite as hindered by the whole nice guy thing. In fact, his approach just might make a caveman look like a renaissance man. Fortunately, Ethan has a couple of female friends, Patricia (Amie Barsky) and Renee (Danielle Nicolet) to help balance things out.
While Ethan tries to ignore his brother's seemingly sexist point of view, his foray out into the world of dating doesn't go quite as smoothly as planned and soon he begins to realize that everything Kyle says seems to be true.
While there's quite a bit that Alpha Males Experiment has going for it, perhaps one of its biggest advantages is the overall chemistry of the cast along with the top notch work of writer/director Alex Ranarivelo. While the film isn't particularly original in its theme or ideas, Alpha Males Experiment more than compensates with a consistently heartfelt and winning script brought to life by its comfortable and natural cast and crew.
As the good guy, Ross McCall could easily get outshined by the louder and more extroverted performance of Paul J. Alessi as the far more alpha male brother. Both actors moderate their performances quite nicely, however, and neither actor gets outshined with McCall's performance warm and winning and funny while Alessi's is more gregarious, smarmy and just plain a blast. Amie Barsky remains one of the indie world's best kept secrets as well, with a performance here that adds layers to what could have easily been a one-note performance. Among the supporting players, there's really not a weak link but Danielle Nicolet, Omar Gooding and Justin Baldoni particularly shine.
Gooding also has a couple of songs on the soundtrack, "My Shine and Ghetto Star", two gems amongst a truly standout soundtrack featuring original music from Austin Wintory that is stellar. You'll be humming as the film ends and likely checking out the web to pick up the soundtrack for yourself.
It's difficult to make a really good comedy for adults that will appeal to both men and women, but Alpha Males Experiment definitely fits the bill with a little naughty, a little nice, a little horndog and a little heart.
The Producer says:
Bad Brother takes a realistic, but comic look at how the behaviors of men and women have evolved very little since the caveman times. When Ethan, the needy nice guy, is dumped by his fiancee, he asks his misogynist older brother Kyle to help him win her back. Kyle tries to teach Ethan how to act like “a real man” and to never put a woman on a pedestal. Repulsed by his brother’s harsh views on how to treat women, Ethan ignores his advice and ventures out into the dating world, where he slowly realizes that everything Kyle says seems to be true… Or is it?


when you rise Yeah right well I didn't forget it then why you so nervous all right sunshine she upped it right .

will okay see you saturday bro don't have you just lost the sound energy.

And so long day that's all tell me a joke so what are you drinking I'm Tim that one so to get up to heaven to walk up a hundred stairs and not each stair God tells you a joke and if you laugh guess that straight to hell so the Fernet walks up she gets to the.

56 step so it's cracking up god send her straight to hell the redhead because she gives for the 92nd step to start to crack God send her straight to hell and a wand give all the way to heaven starts cracking up and God goes why are you laughing and the blonde replies I just got the first look I'm not sure if already like great.

Friends here it's nice to meet you Kyle I speak Kyle can you smile more get a good spot no company dare drink back me too me too drink back from unpro this isn't something you doing here now you let me know so I buy you that.

Drink Ddraig my money just to see yeah got a message from Kyle this.

Morning to find out on Saturday why did he say why no just uh you know she's gonna email me all the details you supplied in phone go pick him up he's not staying here is he or else what if he's dead come on he's what mom you put my brother in a hotel yeah good thing your host Roy he's getting married this year why isn't that sure how to make rent you mean.

Almost oh sorry Dee we're gonna do this tonight really Wow maybe you should have taken these sisters job yeah yeah my parents dropped 80 grand functional so I can make off you'd be yelled at besides goodbye your ring my friends are buying houses - stop your friends friends are all taking handouts from their parents sweetheart I haven't.

Been out of school a year yet you have to give this some time you keep saying that have you thought maybe it's time to look for a job outside of this industry I want a job in my field what this right what are we gonna get married we know 40 Oh hey sweetheart don't cry sister come here hey.

Hmm I'm sorry all right I didn't mean to kill him I need you to stick with needs from this I have promise things will get better you please please just take the assistant job sure you will yeah yeah of course so what's the occasion cut its the yawn you off wha man just get away from all the drama you know.

You stay in any idea I don't know man a couple weeks baby if it's cool it the princess of course if not I'll go steal a meteor let me drop you off there right now so how is Heather doing that stress that with the whole work situation well how's that going man you'd film anything new lately no just the corporate videos away videos.

I'm just by semi-real on against her fingers across the sea you should call my boy Mateo like I told you yeah you know what I've never heard a thing did you follow up no you think just an assistant down there anyway my boy me aging a couple months ago I'll call it alright you know I am less he got apply for an assistant job my cell phone movie this is that job ID yours of us alright.

I'm struggling she's been paying the bills for the last six months this is struggling buff dude can you not be in day for like five minutes yeah how was your flight it's good why are you all dressed up for yeah where are you going Danvers Bachelet party little inappropriate don't stink no I don't think I left you some money.

On the counter and keep sneeze and get some dinner yeah so bro you've watching one loves raymond yeah yeah I love that show yeah what do you think Raymond has a pretty healthy relationship with his wife sure truth bro he's a spineless fuck with a domineering bitch wife who has to beg when he wants to have sex you call that healthy and reason I bring it up no I.

Know why you're bringing up right with everybody hits a rough patch now you have to take control the relationship and put Heather in a place yeah I should treat my girls like shit like you always did huh even relationships are a myth all women secretly want that man to be in charge so surprise you elicit them work out right okay Ethan your resume looks fine.

So you've interned at a number of other places you must be a professional intern but at least you'll have some idea what's expected of you here but but what are you aspiring actor writer oh no I'm a commercial director Oh commercial director okay look here Spielberg mr. Shapiro is tired of training new assistants he's been through three in the last eight months.

We are looking for someone who can commit to two years can you do that with previews this is Ashley both please hi-yah laughter Russell Russell yeah he's a temper your big intimidating bear of a guy okay Oh what's your name oh man hey what's up dude yeah I was in the neighborhood for an interview like ass I don't know what the hell I'm gonna tell Heather well.

Yeah I feel you bro I told him you must see his ID there's any other thing that happened show you something no not get you too excited for nothing but uh really we have a video editor been talking about quitting for mine so haha sounds great so long so you think there's a chance did you not see the TV's on that receptionist I mean she I'll be watching you what and they not.

Giving it up lady for 15 hey kiddo goddamn traffic and you gotta check out me tails new ped she didn't take my shit - did she hey Ross what's up so we just need everything edited by the end of each day.

So we can post in the morning okay welcome aboard thank you hey thanks for this opportunity under I'll let you down I promise just being here tomorrow 8:00 a.m. sharp Heather hey Ethan I uh well I wanted to call you I yeah I got a job and I you know I'm pretty excited it's uh it's a great pain and um you know I wanted you to be the first to know so uh so now you.

Are um call me when you get a chance I love made my mind bro instead huh I'll flip you for the master bedroom no no there's no flipping for my bedroom um don't you have a job to get to boat just some.

Temple shit y'all back home been talking to me Te'o he thinks there should be a manager Fenner you yeah I been in LA about five minutes and I don't know you're gonna be a manager scuse me Taylor thinks I'm a natural he say I talk to some people but that's terrific how you gonna pay rent I wasn't paying shit at mom and dad's I got like 500 books saved up look I know you don't.

Want to deal with this right now but if you could just just call me just just call me I miss you I miss you and I won't talk to you okay so you mind coming over tonight all right it's been way too long since we had to group together element no I don't care you know why cuz you need to stop festering you need to stop fucking that's funny because she told Renee that you called.

Her about ten times a day my name's Bo - what'd she say tell you what you come over tonight for every shot you do I'll tell you one sense she said and this is Patricia has met last year hey you show some sweatshop kids real happy around this year my brother this.

Is Sergey you got here his band dude the kick ass oh yeah all right let's get some drinks go up everyone so rum and coke come right now would you like to risk it all and double Germany with some Jager shots yes yeah I think you should just start my own it sounds I got a job dummy yeah yeah she got all of your messages look I mean.

You know what there comes a time when you kind of just you have to once another refill what do you mean there's times watches time sometimes what yeah just let it go Ethan just really you need to like all of them we own back she um she seeing somebody else in termina look at me hey I mean you really owe me a guy just like a man I got it.

Ethan I'd like Heather I do I always have you know that but you don't you need to do is you need to move more any girl just wait till i maintance for you deserve so much better look you're an artist you're a filmmaker I shouldn't get you just hold you back anyways I never like to but it's your fault you left what it's your fault she left fuck.

You talking about bro you don't act like a man it was bound to happen better now than later when you have kids or some shit reach for your toe like a goddess and she left me because of fucking money the money thing is why she's a bitch but you're acting like a bitch is why she left what he's acting like a pussy it's embarrassing.

Look problem that earlier you're gonna get emotional just don't do it in public even though most people say it's okay for a man to cry studies show that in reality when they lose respect for me I have to see them cry clobber I'll be a fucking baby you always put chicks on a pedestal for no reason what you don't understand is that it's the last thing that they want.

She's Emily snow says to me well that's your problem first of all I don't have a problem it's a problem did you seem to be the Messiah of vagina somebody help me yeah huh put me in the right fucking direction maybe and why would I do that why look at me again hit him back fuck no why not bro she's showing her true colors she's not worth your time I have.

Never asked you for anything the fact that I'm asking you this makes me want to fuckin vomit please help me we just want her back if you don't think you'll ever get a hot apiece ass a fucking dick hey you know I do a mind the fact that you finally realize you have a problem so you'll help me on one condition.

All right you have to conquer one woman when you try groveling back to Heather and by conquer uh-huh I mean fuck b12 hey bro I don't believe you even have to think about this come on I deal deal deal and um Matt you get a paycheck you might think about investing in some furniture this place gauntlet City serial killers moment.

less than 1 what the women really want the cock you fear at enemy you must first understand them humans are just another animal much of what we do is dictated by our biology we have still programmed with living and breeding the same way our knuckle-dragging ancestors did a million years ago so what's the most basic human desire to love the most.

Basic human desire is to reproduce and into the sexes plays a very different role when it comes to that men on one hand or built to spread their seed and we introduce an endless amount of it dude our needs are simple have sex as often as possible which is many young and healthy women as possible because it will crease our chances of fertilization this is why we think about sex all day.

And why porn is one of the biggest industries in the world now women on the other hand then built the nurture the only produce a limited amount of eggs I mean they're pregnant for nine months and you need help raising the kid to go fend for itself right did that be really careful when they choose a man because they need one that'll stick around and provide one security security exactly.

This is what men want sex and women want security is the basic hunter-gatherer behavior that's gone off at thousands and thousands of years man it's part of us it's imprinted in our DNA it's a lesson to you now understand why women are attracted to a confident man because they think he'll be able to provide them with the security they need exactly ok the confident man is a man who trusts.

His own abilities to achieve things as a man who does not need anything because he's in control this situation so like that's why you know like needy and insecure guys that that's eternal women have like a fucking sixth sense that sniffs out insecurities in a man I've noticed I have a primal reaction to it because back in the caveman days a poor.

Choice in a man could mean the difference between life and death for them makes sense it's nice hey what about this one that piece of shit I'll stock in company piece of shit we have society technology women don't need as much yeah man but because I long we had that how long has it been since.

We had a relatively peaceful society where women can actually live on Oh lastly a hundred years two hundred major hundred yeah I mean come on that pales in comparison to that thousands of years in which women have needed us in order to survive they still instinctively attracted to a strong male just like monkeys or I see a woman one needing guys all in the girl who marries a needy.

Guy will always resent him on some level remember so lesson three it's important to remember that definition of security has evolved over time what counts in today's world is financial security disaster provides food shelter and Gucci and that's why always a beautiful young girl riding in Porsches with ugly old guys yeah you come up with this stuff the Discovery Channel you can't even.

Spell disco about your MySpace page I'm listening nice nice okay babe Bernie action yet I think now you're not ready yet anyway it's been 22 days my balls minutes ago dude Santini auditions you know what no I wouldn't know he doesn't tell me anything.

We tried talking to her maybe Wow she says that I don't you know make any effort I trying to do any foreplay yeah so last night made some effort rational all right I'll give her a little massage working my magic sure she turns over and says you know you just don't understand sex no of course she did why else what you doing thank you I can't what are you sharing the details about the difference.

I really wouldn't worry about that sweetheart there's no much to share oh yeah you're you're right you don't really need me anymore since you have 546 porn videos on your computer 500 and a many what do you do yeah I found that they were in their TPS reports folder chief just called you know I don't mean to butt in but the way I see it it's a woman's duty to give a man sex on a.

Regular basis her duty sorry what was that don't have Lizzie give me out for a second I'd like to because this this is gonna be you see as their species evolved and created societies each of the sexes has made a concession to the other men have learned to be monogamous and women have learned to provide themselves Sam straight out of a textbook.

It does I think I took that course in college each and every day a man sees 20 other women he lived at paying this shit at it right what he doesn't he's made a valve for one woman the least this woman can do is provide a loyal partner with a blowjob or a tug once you've been divorced for how long I divorced her yeah I can see what you're saying Kyle but it's definitely not our duty look.

With simple creatures we just need two things in order to feel like we're playing our part sex and competition competition challenging job sports game poker whatever something fulfilling instinct is yeah you know what I need I need another drink and to talk to you nice thanks thanks appreciate that wait way to help him about you know.

What's gonna happen now so as we get in the car she gonna be with her secret weapon she crying hi bitches totally pulled actually to try to control this man but after a while I figured it out and I came up with this rule what's the rule politeness you got to make them cry once a month just to let them know you're not afraid to do it keeps me in line that's fucked out that's real but.

That's not about that's smart wait women see it take a walk all over you so that everybody else thank you let's make that lesson for I keep on their toes huh like a a minute at the urinal okay so we're thinking the blue one right yeah yeah the light blue one you happy class class there we go.

Decision made so what exactly are you then well Kyle was taking me out for some field training you know some part of his program right his program which translates to stupid player mind games Ethan do not listen to him how are you possibly gonna meet anyone pretending to be someone you're not nice are you talking to.

Patricia is that Kyle well hang on did he just tell you to hang up on me hello dude what's your fucking problem what's my problem yeah you're asking a woman to table women one right and so most people that makes perfect sense first of all you asked me to help you remember lesson fuck don't ever ask a woman what she wants when it comes to men Joanne's with some shit she read in Cosmo net week.

She'll tell you what she's supposed to not what her gut tells you she wants your assignment for tonight is to initiate a conversation with poor girl you want me to walk out here and talk to them it's training yeah are you worried about I just came out of a very serious relationship I don't know if you're aware that enough.

It's a curious place in the deal honey community do you think this girl's hot yeah and this one is 5,000 other words just like her so who kills us fuck the one who thinks fuck you asshole maybe later honey stick around I'm so sorry no if you follow my rules you avoid sending this it was really high amazing high lady from Connecticut.

First rule if you like a girl right off the bat you're gonna want to open up and say way too much way too soon don't do it what you're really doing is seeking to improve me and my old roommate my college roommate moved out here and I kind of convinced me to come out here for film school when I got here like three weeks later he committed suicide.

Yeah you know I ended up having to live there and look after his dog and they get ego oh good friends are here yeah I I just gotta get don't apologize for a stupid thing you do or say it's a clear sign of insecurity I'm sorry this has anybody ever told you you look like in that Benny she's like 55 years old no I you know remember when she was.

Young I mean yeah she was hot you didn't say the hot Annette Bening don't try to buy her affectionate routing gifts this is another sign of in sorry I buy you a drink yeah vodka cranberry of course I'm still not gonna fuck you but thanks for entering next rule if you don't know what to say don't say anything at all where're you from California you know where you bought.

California oh you were born in California but I was you know just you know what I'm asking is with the you know your good thing you have any cuz you know I just I just noticed the heritage you know where did you guys come in from God we have to do to get a drink around here oh I blue bartender really well I don't think I'm going to go for you you need.

Another one not are you sure it's on my friends tab in that case I have a case of school never kiss her ass is a total sign of weakness hey listen I hope this isn't too forward but um you look great in this outfit it's a really good luck on you that doesn't make me sound a them a little gay teaser instead make fun of it be cocky they love that shit and as long as.

You don't call a fat or old you're golden I'm just gonna say bad well no I mean I like it curbs something to hold on to thank you what the fuck did you just say to me fuck you what happened god sakes Kyle .

you do realize I have another date three years right you'll be fine just be herself yeah well what if she doesn't like her myself is if you thought about that come on she saw your picture if she still wants to meet you just be nice remember the little things like open the door for you to please make an effort to get along huh make me more nervous.

Shut me out this time you see what you can say I'll say what I would say he'll make up his own mind i'm karis Kyle what kind of films do you watch i like 300 that's a little manic Fight Club is probably my favorite though let's see a bunch of regressed imbeciles punching each other in a basement yeah I can see you know you can learn a lot from Tyler Durden was about.

Guys we claim into masculinity it argues that we're a generation of men that are balls taken away that's why it all begins to support group for men with testicular cancer no balls I didn't read into it that much the violence and it's way too gratuitous what's your favorite movie and yes Sense and Sensibility oh actually I hate for three pieces they're all the same.

They're all about the delay fuck two people from different glasses stare at each other from across the room for your fucking shirt isn't gonna make the difference between scoring and odds button if you want to score just act like a man and not like one of those sissies in the British movies see now that makes no sense it chicks dig guys like you right he's a fruitcake.

Jim the choice between you grand Sean Connery in his prime and not on a 1000 pick on me and the one that doesn't is a dyke why because Conor is a man and he plays leaders in his films Patricia is it gonna be the bumbling pretty boy who's always apologizing or it's gonna be the guy with hair in his chest you slapped you on your ass and tells you to go away cuz he's busy with man talk fuck.

You it's from girl for you very good hopefully get fuckin a what a Billy don't you Chur to see you shit with women you surely meant you to be the leader and you'll get the gig there's no reason to be nervous man I mean those chicks on MySpace they never look like she's probably a dog anyway.

I'm a decision between the same well I've tried to Sam here affordance it's pretty good yeah yeah they do a great job with them it's grilled right I mean no butter it's Oh Adam Sam I'll take the linguini all right great I'll be back with wine you got it thank you sir I said what if he's an act was probably there probably so uh-oh.

This your first time doing the whole online thing too Yeah right I know I'd never do it but I just I work a lot and I don't really want to do anything oh that's smart it's you know well um listen before I forget thanks for uh for coming doing this I.

Yeah but you know thanks for for clearing your schedule at work in order for you to come down and and eat sure hey no I well I thought we said we'd split it you know oh that's me great well uh it's nice to meet you that's uh that's important .

what you want to know how it went well here with me and not with her turning right into a finger puppet so it's wrong look he probably there's shitty feeling any chest right now No let's go rub one out one lesson seven just like rubber went out before the.

Date see not so nervous Rob went out afterwards helps you get rid of that I didn't score a feeling I think I just threw up you know maybe if we did it more than once a year oh right it's my fault yeah it is hey I'm sorry that I'm not horny every single day effort I believe I just did one time big fucking deal I mean what about last month seems like.

You don't know any when I get a residual check coming this some shit I dragged myself to the airport you can just stick around here and you can do whatever it is that you do all day long my life pay your bills it was terrible even last a minute you're like pop-pop yield she's got this this email from a company I semi-real to.

They are oh this is great but don't want to take a meeting about possibly the right thing uh I can't pay for vans nice nice no don't forget friends when you Caston Mannion I'll be back on unemployment as next week hey look I know it's rough out there right but hey we got my tail's party only rips big names though but there's gonna be on the regions here just about.

Everything that you do when you lose it - Connie Roddy knows good that we met a long time ago - bachelor buddy we spent the night choice you can come up with the worst pick-up line yeah come on this is my little brother equally ready that's right you were supposed to see me you're real huh yeah I did you know fuck.

Man I'm sorry I - Miguel take a look at this is Russell uh a man yeah the actor right send me your resume and afford it some people see fuck yo homie I got your back no this is a patrician oh shit good you mean all these would you gotta check this shit out and fuckin genius all right so every month we received one hundred two hundred head shots from the most beautifully naive desperate on she.

Was trying to be the next fuckin Reese or Angelina right all the other agents intend to take those idiots in a throwaway except for one okay I have my assistant he picked those beautiful girls right preferably not from LA she gives him a call she says hey it's gonna be a big Hollywood party up in the hills big agents house it's like fishing with.

Dynamite hoes I know it's great who brought Avril Lavigne listen sweetie I'm sorry sweetie it's not like everyone's holding a gun to these girls head they know what they're doing and you know what they're playing right into it a lot of we're gonna get work because of you are feeding them to the broad I know and I.

Feel terrible about no I don't what's happening here is all I'm doing is just speeding up the process is already gonna man no yeah uh sugar do me a favor go get yourself a drink it's on me you started this you opened your big mouth this is perfect all these girls are freshmen off the bus you all fucking waitresses you have nothing to be in ten.

Minutes in nobody that's true listen you are a working filmmaker now okay you've actually directed shit got made yeah I mean inspect commercials and short thumb it doesn't matter these broads don't know shit you could tell them your Spike Lee and they believe it's a matter of fact tell me you're angry that shit's funny are fucking direct don't you get the Lucian thing.

Lined up lined ups a little strong I'm just taking a look around a point to the hottest is my client Keith even here is gonna be directing the campaign and commercials and ads oh yeah it's a comfortable shoe it's a national by the way you are an actress right oh yeah you think I wasn't convinced that you'd like to reserve to fire so I told him that if he came over and met you that he might.

Change his mind you know reserved and quiet are you general out now either have a drink would you you know from the ad a good feeling yeah great I'm still 21 not swear to you this one doesn't have to tell about me you'll see so Mateo said you're an architect so he.

Did did he yeah so um what do you build well actually and design the longest tunnel in the world goes from Los Angeles to Hawaii it's called the funnel probably heard of it right yeah no I think you played the young cop on passion and be I can't even remember my Valois three-episode you're really good especially that one scene where you.

Reveal that you were doing very convincing I'm convinced oh yeah well you know that was just acting that was you know my first time trying to do something new you like that attitude at all or believe you know why me then you drink yeah sure so when was the last time in Vista Girl smelling it up since we as a species.

About 30 years and created society wait wait wait so you think that we became from apes well I don't know about you Ani but I sure did oh I'm so glad you found someone whose intellect for that Cheers okay attention I she's been trying to hit on me all night rehearsing like mad cuz we're playing The Whisky next month.

So they should drink thank you thank you thank you Angela Patricia hi hi Angela works at MTV she was saying how she can get my demo it's why I'm very exact sense really well next week next week it is - no coincidences very exciting nobody wanted you are so funny .

so she dropped you off no and no sleep yet still miss Heather but yeah this is good a little less nervous what I'm meeting tomorrow so you like the concept yeah I do.

Actually very much indeed I think it's very solid so what's your take on it how do you see it well just like the storyboards here I love the whole cinema verite handheld approach you know I think that's uh I think that fits for sure you don't think it's too much of an obvious direction to go with it um Wow you know usually the simplest solution is the best one right uh-huh well we're.

Also thinking about going the more stylized approach you know lots of slow motion oh I you know I think for sure that will work here I love that idea Ethan I'm asking you which one you think we should go with um well I mean you know honestly I like them both I think this way and the way you just what do you think well hey Ethan its Jenna from Saturday.

Hey hey what's up I just wanted to say hi since I hadn't heard from you yeah you know what it's I you know this whole week I've been crazy I just came out of meeting actually so I had a good time on Saturday yeah that's that's good meat oh that was a lot of fun we should though you know do it again maybe if so how's everything going at that Vance job funny you should ask it's uh a little off in.

The air right now but you know why I'm I'm not worried about it no something else is gonna turn out they always do right it's a part where you blow me off that Jenna sorry yeah .

societies differences in the interest of promoting equality volley of sexist is a bad thing right Kyle look I'm offering you broads voting and getting paid the same shit but feminists are taking it too far house them cuz it happened if a woman today he chooses to be a stay-at-home mom she look down upon my boys to.

Society but if it wasn't for feminist women today would still be nothing but June Cleaver what's wrong with a mother actually wanting if you didn't raise your kids where's the father what's he doing she's out working to provide food and shelter like he should why can't he be at home why the woman works cuz it just doesn't make sense this is what I'm talking about.

You know what you don't have to worry about having kids because your personality is like natural birth who is that don't answer hold this relax style hey thanks for calling I'm actually outside of my car I didn't want to come in I.

Know everyone hates me all right um you stay right there give me uh give me a second will ya you sure yeah listen you got the back just just steal your why can't talk in front of me you're really doing this right now to Italy so you're basically telling me you don't they don't care about my band right Angela it's trying to help us out.

That's it so I really don't need this jealousy good for me right now or your tears okay Hey we're trying to get here for weeks I know I that'd be easier we didn't talk for a while yeah I understand I know just miss you so much other yeah yeah I used to change this boxing gym tal in New York pay up it's raining toning teas.

It's more the best it's not so you say grapple with Patricia chick from the party never feel guilty for using me what's wrong with you doing soft on me on something no I could you see what she'd be concerned I got told Russell didn't collide there's only two reasons a man talks to a woman he wants a fucker or once a fucker friends that's funny that's funny because you've been talking.

To my girlfriend an awful lot what are you accusing me of something no I'm just I'm just simply making an observation smart guy anybody want another beer I'm just trying to keep you girl from turning my brother into a pansy that's all right I got stuff I got a job now okay look I promise you things will be definitely won't have to struggle with Ethan.

I can't things are good right now what happens if you get offered another directing job he'll take it won't you yeah of course you'll give up a perfectly steady job and then what collect unemployment until you get your next directing game you know what we'll figure it out alright we're traveling more Therese children I can't live paycheck to paycheck the.

Rest of my life dude where's your brother probably the bathroom whacking it up crying to hang up some pointers on the way okay oh come on why do you do that know what honey nobody buys that tough girl bullshit you're a girl it's okay to cry once cool you know what Kyle's okay shut the fuck up one call my girlhood you know what have you ever taken a good.

Look at yourself you give all these speeches and theories about how terrible women are the truth is you are just hurt because your wife cheated on you that's right Ethan told me all about it and now you're out there grudge fucking girls as revenge against your ex you're going after the young we pray so you can be in control and not get hurt okay you know.

What now you okay don't even talk to me right now cuz apparently he's macho bullshit is rubbing off on you excuse me yeah I saw you at the party with that girl what is she talking about wait a minute she has no idea what she's talking about actually maybe that would explain the glitter that was on your jacket no he.

Just gave her a ride home what you know what don't don't help if you you can't you just gave her a ride home was up I guess I gave the drunk girl a ride home yeah because I can't believe you Renee I mean it's not like we were starving or anything I mean we had HBO for Christ's sakes but I was paying for it along with everything else you know what we didn't need half the.

Shit you were paying for right I need goddamn cable I didn't need the fancy couch or the new furniture I mean you know what all I wanted was to be with you I guess you didn't feel the same way do you think you know why something has been bugging me for a while he didn't fuck that girl she was all over him when they relieved of course she was she thought he was rich and success all.

Women are like that stop playing a shit into your brother's head why not let me tell you a little story three years ago his researchers at Yale decided to teach monkeys how to use money well guess what happened after a few days of these monkeys learning how to trade silver coins female Monti was approached by one of the male's he gave her so the corn she.

Then proceeded to let him have sex with her when they were done the female monkey promptly turned to coin into the researcher for food it's not your fault he just was by Nature you a small team.

see it's like you've always wanted this this perfect life in whatever you know the five bedroom house that we kids Volvo vacations every year back how are you expected to afford it by working by working honey how are you gonna pay for that on a teacher's salary there were two of us it was seat now this is where you lose me okay now.

You've always wanted to be a teacher right you've always wanted this perfect life yet one can't afford the other so it seems apparent to me that you've always expected that your man should provide it for you right yeah I guess uh so let me get this straight as long as your guy is doing a 95 soul-destroying job but he's still bringing home a government state pension you're happy.

I'll be secure you're secure mm-hmm I would love you no matter what you did I never said I stop loving you my differences - I'm from this take it .

nice one Kyle I said I was sorry but I was just playing around it's fucking Patricia okay you know why you keep pushing her buns all right what do you expect Jesus Christ everybody I'll be right back what are you doing what are you doing where's your eyes bro not close my eyes Kyle where's your fucking eyes don't.

Have time for this can I open them yet one second but your eyes don't give up man how many gone yeah nothing happened I dropped off at home you can ask Kyle Kyle the president of mr. burrows froze so he can what cover-up freeze mister good luck out of my house you two-pump chump believe that this is happening shut the fuck up and listen to me for a.

Second remember those torna dollar pair of jeans that you had your favorite pair of jeans yeah that one that you got bleach on it ruined you remember I tried to cover that up how long did I last before guilt too consumed me and I I gave in and told you everything not three minutes three minutes maybe for what fucking pair of jeans maybe you know me how do you actually think that.

If I cheated on you so we've been thinking about what you said the other day no no you were right that's right it's not about the Paycheck it's not it's about you you act differently when you're working more you know you're more fun and more outgoing and I think that you get depressed when you're not acting and you just you end.

Up playing xbox all day and it's not exactly a big ole turn-on for me to come home and the house is a mess and you're rolling around in your boxers you know and also I hate the fact that when you're not working you expect me to make every single decision for us Oh every decision that has to do with - yeah I don't know way of telling you what to do with your money it's not my.

Money it's not my money it's our money it's ours good where's our person it'll give me some rims yeah I'm tired of them tears roofs Lorenzen with the spoon you know what I want you to do don't you go sleep dream about spinning Rams are your Volkswagen I have my myspace profile set up to not show how much money I make I got like.

Nine responses so I went in and changed it to show what I actually make I like 32 responses joven look monster girls just want to know that you're a responsible guy who can hold a job guys who don't post her income they're the ones who live in their mother's basement and smoke weed all day Colin Gavin's friends I don't know Patricia I just don't want to think.

Anymore you know things aren't working out because you're forcing it seems like you'll go out with any girl you can get your hands on whether you have anything in common or not you have to respect yourself before women yeah I guess focus on your work get back into directing women love men who do terrific and that is your thing we look at Gavin.

He's not a rock star nah bitch I don't care he's passionate I wake up and that's what I love you know buddy's concert I think he gets his confidence from knowing that he's good at what he does we do like confidence please don't be yourself but how do I know the girl I'm gonna marry right whoever she is how do I know she's gonna stay by me through thick and.

Thin if if things get shitty down the road well I think just need to show some guts that you'll put up a fight even if you have your bad days the right woman will stick with you so basically you're saying Kyle's right sort of you kind of long all right Thursday at noon you got it yeah I look forward to it thank you thank you like hey I got a meeting with.

Who some production company Mateo semi-real - the boy came through it's great man it's matter wheel nothing she's been doing some thinking that's all look I'm sorry I told sure sure about the Melissa thing all right yeah why'd you find out pops called me yeah last week fucking blabbermouth she's checking in on you you know I don't get it I mean when you two came.

Out here last year he seemed so happy you're even less of a dick than usual that's cuz she had me fucking trained like a circus seal you know yeah me first couple of years with Melissa were freaking great man it's just she's the first girl I really got serious with then one day all our friends started getting married the guy who insecure I thought that if I didn't put a ring on.

Her finger she wouldn't stick around so I did gaming her ring was a declaration of my surrender I started doing whatever I don't make Melissa happy cuz I didn't want to lose her turned into you well you carry your balls on a silver platter yep and that's why I took that job with it dad so how'd you find out one day I was at work and I like this.

Panic attack right my chest was really tight my stomach was all fuckin knots so I went home early when I got there was his fucking Mercedes in the driveway try winning quietly and it found Melissa blowing her boss on my bed what'd you do my fucking ape shit man until you do the part I tell her place apart fuck I wanted to tear her apart didn't already know cuz I knew deep down inside it was.

My fault I should have fought my gut and not my fears and the fucked-up part is she begged me forget her I mean for too much to crackle he stalked me why don't you keep on banging her boss because the old car was back because she liked a little brother give you some advice you shouldn't judge all woman based on all this yeah I know I told myself that a thousand times I.

Hope I'm wrong man otherwise is this sad place we live it that doesn't change anything I told you you tell Patricia or any of this shit I will fucking kill you I know I know I got it Ethan yeah hey small world right I never did get your last name I thought you said you're an assistant I was and you never said you were a director oh come on it's LA you know everybody says.

They're it's a right to anyone who sound pretentious well nice to see you again yeah you too you well look good thanks well John is stuck on the 405 I hope you don't mind if we wait oh no rush good great I'm I'm really sorry to make you wait like this no don't be it's it's fine we'll just push my meeting with.

DreamWorks I'm sure they'll understand okay it seemed a little stressed to be honest this is my first project as a full-fledged producer that's great I am I started here as an internment worked up to assistant and three years later congratulations thank you so what's nice you're gonna take this place over no actually yeah.

Commercials are just a training ground I really want to do features oh me too yeah yeah of course that's that's the dream right yeah you don't by the way I really liked your reel oh thanks that's you know I was actually the one who recommended you to a quick meeting you must be Eli right I fuckin hate the 405 always fuck's my day all right.

I only got about ten minutes so let's go over the concept first so what are you thinking what he's seen talk to me you know what I I gotta be honest I think the concepts weak then why the fuck over here don't waste my time look give me a moment sure please just just hear me out okay give me five minutes please Erica I look I can shoot this and I can make it.

Look great okay but what we have here is basically a glorified infomercial yeah that's exactly what I said right I mean you know the product this is funny I mean there's potential here for the other month I actually came up for this on my way over here so we open on this boards card get a pool you know that stop sign back there wasn't a suggestion I'm sorry officer I.

Had a long night I bet you did SnoreStop proven effective to stop gotta make me a quick to everybody okay I gonna meet this infamous Gavin he's been super busy rehearsing kind of sucks but maybe this Saturday I Patricia that's by giving her where Oh No Patricia wait okay you know what you don't need to see.

That Wow look who it is take it your autograph I want ways we just keep this to ourselves today to speak or than monsters fuck off.

Cuz it ain't your business and issuing fucking cocks up there you want to bang some fucking skank why'd you break up - Patricia first yeah new yet a girl so at ease with me now yeah there's something about it walk away or I swear to god they can move their praying I'm standing right before tear.

hey get the fuck out it's a real man you got there honey enjoy him not cool Tricia before you know hey you know what I'm.

Gonna stay with you tonight okay don't argue with me about it cuz I'm not gonna take no for an answer well I scream a second okay yeah in our pajamas understand so let me read the first wives Hey no matter what I said in the past you didn't deserve that be okay.

It's not about it's in the front what yeah what I was there bro you kidding me come on you'll see you in five minutes let's go all right kiddo time to shine .

Okay hey I love you we are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of two lives as they are merged into one even though we join Kyle and Patricia immunity individuality was never lost I'm waiting for it to come times .

you say laughs when I see them you keep talking words and your tears fall down every time we take some little breaks to make it alright you told me listen carefully don't be scared now make your dreams belong where they can fall down.

All these people left cause they don't like what you say when you say we are to .

It's time inside it hurts you feel low you feel the broken have nowhere to go you get man oh so sad you give up every little thing and you when it feels like you bubbles burst it couldn't possibly get much worse you.

Don't have to feel cuz where I am is always home if you like you can't ask even mercies passed you by you can lay down on my floor cuz I know how it hurts you your way every.

please don't be cuz I will never die feels like I couldn't possibly get much more don't have to turn .


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