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Making A Cardboard Coin Guardian With Eyes That Move

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Money boxes are made for saving money, right? To collect the sum you need and then buy the thing you want so much. But, obviously, slime Sam thinks that it's too easy to take the coins out of his money boxes any time he wants to. He asks his human friend Sue to help him... to lend him some money or... okay, okay, he got the lesson. He promises that he won't take the coins out of his money box if someone fearsome guards them. Sue suggests making a money box with Hulk's face on it. Sam is a bit scared, but he agrees to this experiment. Do you think it'll work?
You can make a money box like this with any character you like, it doesn't have to be the Hulk. The main mechanism inside the box will make the eyes move. It consists of two parts. To make the first part, you will need some cardboard and two rubber bands. Follow the instructions to assemble the mechanism. And be careful when you work with hot glue! When the eyes are ready, you will need to assemble the second part of the mechanism, which consists of several cardboard circles and a skewer. You need to make a hole for the coins in one of the circles. Then insert the finished piece into the box and connect it to the first part.
And then it's time to get creative! Sue used some stickers to make the box look like Hulk's head. You can paint it, too. Or glue some colored paper. It's so much fun to place coins into this money box! Let's hope Sam gets the sum he needs in no time.
Here are some more ideas on how to make money-saving more fun:
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no Sammy I know your emergencies tell me about it first well so what's the problem I'm sure you've saved lots of money in your coin boxes yeah I spent a lot already but Sammy coin boxes exist for saving money for a very important thing you can't keep taking money from them sure you can it's so easy to take money.

From them huh what would stop you from taking money from a coin box well if the money was guarded by someone someone fearsome like Oh hmm you know I think I can help you no Sammy but I'll help you save money for it come on hi guys do you know how to save money to buy things you dream of I'm sure they do.

Not everyone is such a spender like me me cheer up you can simply learn how to save money and I hope that hope will help you with that maybe I don't know much about saving money but I know for certain that that isn't the whole knot yeah but you'll see soon all right tell me how I can help you huh you can bring you a sewer .

Well I don't need ten but all right guys today we are going to make a funny coin box that looks like the Hulk to help Sam learn how to save money to make the front panel we need this piece with round openings and these two half frames I think they are made of two similar parts we need to glue them together remember to be very careful when you work with glue oh that's lime well.

Alright we'll continue we need to glue this strip of cardboard between these pieces like this and now we're going to need this piece of cardboard covered with white paper just place it in like this no need to glue it but we'll need to glued these two pieces on top it's a kind of a hiding place for that white piece.

I see a broken skewer what happened can you imagine it oh I see you've had an adventure fine we'll deal with it in a bit and meanwhile we made this opening between the parts it's very important and soon you'll see why I asked you to bring rubber bands not play with them no arguing with that right.

We need to glue these two rubber bands here right in the middle into the opening we need earlier see like that damn you'd better bring some skewers I've combed all of our animals they won't bother you while Sam is away I'll show you one funny thing look I'm sure that this will stop Sam from taking the coins if you agree give a thumbs up okay.

Let's set this aside and take several cardboard circles one more there now I'll make an opening for the coins using a coin as a template aha here and now let's cut it out be careful with the cutting tool watch your fingers it looks like that fit and cookie huh yeah it does a bit I see you brought some skewers a hole three of them I would've brought more bites there.

Aren't any left I'll need only one and these circles make a cardboard sandwich listen are you making a clang boxer cooking here Oh Wayne box don't worry I'll skewer the circles like a kabob well what can I do if I get all these food metaphors in my head oh I think I'm.

Hungry one moment well actually it's what I need here's your reward I will I can only eat candies so even though Sam added is handsome I crap he did it right look this is a piece we need here now let's glue the walls one wall goes here and the other goes there great so where's my skewer oh here you.

Are we need to insert it into the wall hopefully and secure it with glue you need to make sure everything is even and neat so take it slow Wow Sammy you're so screwed today but no we won't need the paint it's like you wanna poison me with cheese and your name.

Sammy Sammy wait Oh guys please subscribe to the channel to support Sam I don't want to offend him check it out the mechanism is ready we only need to glue a few more pieces well that's one way to do it but like all right deal and there now we only need to make the handles and decorate it then what see there we glue two circles together and stick black tape around to make it.

Prettier oh not like freaky Oh like you is fun oh really who is going to paint here that wasn't did I get pretty its own again look like Hulk oh I see well like I said we won't paint we'll make something more interesting look Sammy we're going to use these stickers instead of paint much easier I'm glad you like it.

Then let's go first the face that's what the Hulk looks like right so we need to cover the box with stickers at the back on top and on the sides well that was a whole point right I'll add an arrow to the handle there and this is the door for the planes to take them out when you need them it's done Sam oh let's put your savings in it here we go well done Sammy and when you.

Do want to take the coins ask me we'll do it together I'm sure the Sun will be enough to fulfill your dream do you guys like this coin box give a thumbs up if you do and see you soon


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