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Top 10 Best First Auditions on The Voice USA 2018

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Top 10 Best First Auditions on The Voice USA 2018
10. Kennedy Holmes - Turning Tables 00:24
9. SandyRedd - River 02:08
8. Radha - Mamma Knows Best 03:57
7. Kymberli Joye - Run to You 05:45
6. Michael Lee - The Thrill Is Gone 07:31
5. Kirk Jay - Bless the Broken Road 09:22
4. Chevel Shepherd - If I Die Young 11:12
3. Dave Fenley - Help Me Hold On 13:00
2. Audri Bartholomew - Never Enough 14:49
1. Tyke James - Perfect 16:17
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Gustavo AC • 1 день назад
Kirk Jay the best.
👍 0
Melvin Maddy • 2 дня назад
Ilovu voice
👍 1
Suju • 3 дня назад
That smile after turning chair in Adam face...♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
👍 0
ASMRtist Malaysia • 4 дня назад
the black people voice more better than white people
👍 0
Pare Harris • 4 дня назад
That Michael Lee I wonder what he would sound like if he sang Robert Cray and played his Guitar oh man I love his voice
👍 0
Cidae Silva • 5 дней назад
Véi com eu vos
👍 0
Esther Gomes Ferreira • 6 дней назад
Melhor foi a de 3:34
👍 0
Eleazar Bunao • 6 дней назад
You're a good singer if Jennifer Hudson throws her shoe at you...I mean she is literally giving her sole to them
👍 1
Marian Marian • 7 дней назад
Michael Lee con su voz me mata
👍 0
POPOLO o • 8 дней назад
moze iyobo
👍 0
Dalyn Kanouo • 9 дней назад
Trop cool ens mesure d un la fille en bleur
👍 0
Mau Moreno • 9 дней назад
A veces siento que algunos jueces giran sólo para no quedar solos de espalda y no por la voz en sí.
👍 0
What does it mean of the red blocked?
(My English's not good)
👍 1
Chloe Barnes • 6 дней назад
the other coaches can choose to ‘block’ another coach, so the singer is unable to pick them (hope this makes sense)
👍 0
Supis Wannarat • 10 дней назад
👍 0
Iomar Carvalho • 12 дней назад
Very good
👍 0
ChristineUK all-dolls • 12 дней назад
So much talent.....
👍 0
Sethounder • 15 дней назад
Одни нигеры поют, епт
👍 0
fran hdez • 16 дней назад
The voice black.
👍 0
Bernice K • 18 дней назад
Jenifer blocked proves she is the best
👍 3
deobiskz will lyk diz too • 19 дней назад
Jhud's reactions are cute and funny at the same time😂
👍 0