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I can't believe this happened on the roller coaster... (scary moment) | FaZe Rug

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Today my cousin Jessica and I decided to go to an amusement park, and the craziest thing ever happened on the roller coaster.. It was a miracle! Hope you enjoyed the vlog!

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You know what is up guys how's everybody doing today I hope you're all having a fantastic day welcome back to a brand new video so yesterday I was actually pretty wild I turned my backyard into a water park seriously one of my favorite videos one of the craziest things I've done so if you guys missed it definitely go check it out you guys killed it with support.

On that video your guys's support seriously motivates me to do bigger and better things so I am glad you enjoyed it I had to shut down the water park though here let me just show you real quick so yeah the water park already went out of business I don't think it's smart opening up a water park in your own backyard in January because it's freezing cold and like it just doesn't.

Work out so I'm gonna reopen it in the summer you guys seriously love when I rent like these jumpers and bounce houses and I enjoy doing that makes me feel like a little kid again and I have so much fun and if you guys enjoy it that's just a win-win I've been growing rapidly since I hit seven mill guys I've already gained 40 thousand subs since I hit 7 million which was two days ago so.

Seriously thank you so much keep up the amazing support you guys are killing it and I love reading comments I love seeing what you guys have to say about my videos even if it's criticism like it lets me know what you do and don't want to see and I started 2018 out the way I expected to the way I wanted to and I'm really happy I'm gonna keep it going all year I hope you guys have started out.

2018 amazing I hope it's going great for you because you deserve nothing but happiness look my seven mill balloons are still here I'm telling you guys this milestone seven million seven is a lucky number it's gonna be a great one nothing but beggars in 2018 baby I'm telling you I'm gonna kill it in 2018 and I'm so confident in myself now I'm gonna get.

Ten mill this year keep my word on that yes guys the hamster Molly got me is still alive he's so cute man look at him he's so tiny okay hamsters are nocturnal so he's gonna sleep throughout the day and at nighttime he wakes up and he's fully energized you guys all remember him me anytime I think about him I get sad so I try not to think about him that much but.

He's in a better place I love you hammy rest in peace but one of my most popular videos that I used to do with hammy is building him a dream cage so I don't know it's up to you if you guys want me to build my new hamster who has no name yet a dream cage let me know and let me tell you I'll make it phenomenal if it's something you want to see it's something I'm gonna do because anything you guys.

Wanna see I will dude we got Bosley just chillin sunbathing all right well I'm really bored right now so I'm gonna head over to my cousin Jessica's house and just chill so I hope you guys do enjoy the vlog sit back relax grab some popcorn do what you got to do to enjoy the vlog I'll pick it up in a second uh-huh reporting live reporting live from the.

Gutter where we're about to go right now to Belmont Park what is Belmont Park we're about to go to an amusement park right now have some fun we're both board it's a Friday and might as well you know like I want some good walk footage for you guys so we're gonna head to an amusement park right now I've never vlogged they're surprisingly but they have like rides.

Games all that fun stuff so hope you guys enjoy oh no are we going on it yeah okay if you're with me you have to go on the roller coaster right okay I just don't want my hat to fly off all the oh geez know about that video where my hat flew off a roller coaster and I caught it oh that was crazy you caught like a miracle happen so I get fly didn't you go under and like it and I don't know so.

Like it flew off and then like 10 seconds later it's in front of it like it appeared right in front of me out of nowhere and I just caught it nothing oh my god oh my god let's head to Belmont Park guys Kayla don't know where where are we Belmont Park people are already screaming on the roller coaster the roller coaster that you're gonna go on.

Through this I kind of have a fear of roller coasters yeah remember when we were kids and I was 4c to get on roller yeah my head I wouldn't carry remember that I forget it oh that lighting is so bad oh they all right guys all right guys we have arrived at our destination and now the parking spots are the worst oh there is no way you're gonna fit in here hold on.

You need to get on the other side let me let me stop at this before cuz Brian there's no way there's no way he's gonna fit in here no we're at the beach it's so windy guys look at the waves they're so rad hey guys I live in San Diego beautiful San Diego with a bunch of beaches oh my god with people rollerblading is this what a normal lifestyle supposed to be like I never.

Come to the beach guys I'm in sweatpants and stuff that's the beach like guys it so windy I need a wind muffler damn it I should have known it's a beautiful scenery okay guys so we were about to go on the roller coaster and they closed it down look the gate is log just about why did they close it down right now and people like you decided we didn't even go on to but supposedly someone threw up.

So they're getting it cleaned up we're gonna go on it still I guess but you're gonna sit on the throw up okay you're gonna sit on the throw up okay I would throw up if I went on this ride for sure I get nauseous easily all right like I can't win rides that flip and like do all this crazy stuff you used to go on one ride and say Jessica I hate you you're gonna make me go on this I'm.

Really gonna throw up no guys I didn't eat breakfast today which is bad I barely have drank any water my stomach has already turned so imagine after this I don't want to throw up on the rides I really don't he's gonna throw a caramel monkey yeah we had starbucks before this too oh that's the worst coffee with no breakfast and then going.

On the ride like this Jess upside down and inside out okay guys I'm gonna try to record it all right my camera drops there goes all my footage if this is up there then that means I didn't drop the camera David right it's not I'm scared why am I scared like I haven't been on the ride in so long she gonna fish it I think so I think she's gonna make sure it's long.

Make it easy hey guys you guys ready I'm so scared why am I scared guys no you know what I'm phase drugged I just hit seven mil I don't get scared do a lot of people throw up on this ride oh alright add me to the list I'm gonna have to have them stop it like halfway I could already picture using my head my head and then remember it goes higher than that I'm sorry.

Watches my videos here oh really let's go it's everyday bro fun actually oh no the rollercoasters negs Jessica drop is under G they clean up the throw up the roller coaster is up and running again I'm not ready for this man after that like they were there with us actually just can we just go on this and call today I just have like bad luck.

With roller coasters with losing hats and this one is like the bumpiest roller coaster ever was built in like the 1900s the whole time you're like this then like you're literally bumping each other the whole it was built in the 1900s I've been for why am I scared this doesn't even have any loops yeah oh it's so bad your body everything is fishy wait I don't think you're allowed to film on.

There though I know I'm gonna hide it thank you hey Jessica belongings in there except for my camera got the Hat so it doesn't fly off right yeah guys you're definitely not a lot to report on here you just told me I had to put my camera I'm a youtuber I have to film my life I'm excited but nervous because I haven't been on a roller coaster in so.

Long and my hair is messed up from Louis and Bryan was gonna die from the loss and already as soon as we got off he's like my stomach I need another bathroom oh no oh no oh my god beautiful all right stop I literally dropped it on the floor it's no bumpy just no way hold on my camera's slipped out of my hands and it fell on the floor and he.

Literally recovered it well the guys getting on that one he told me I camera kuba I'm literally shocked right now did let you reached over and were able to recover between your legs trying to reach for something oh how did you do that if I came it fell out this footage would have been gone you it probably would have like ruined the roller coaster roller cam would have been done.

For Ryan I leave all I see is this and then bit like yours literally in one second on the floor out hold on let me just explain what happened real quick okay so I was holding it with one hand and then a bump came and I literally like bobbled it and then it dropped on the floor and I hit my shoe literally all I could see is Brian's head in between is like reaching.

How are you yeah let's get it what's up guys you know I almost just dropped my camera on the roller coaster I dropped I dropped it on the floor yo sup man flex in that phase chain look at that so I see bro and happy birthday to you hope you're having a good day no way thank you you think I could hop on we need a ride to the car guys I'm.

Out I will just drop my camera why did you op it right it was not in your hands anymore in one second was on the floor this ride is bumpy as hell now I know why they say don't bring your camera think I'm not going to take my camera I want to take them for the ride I want them to experience what I'm excited and I love the road I hate this ride I hate you I'm never coming back.

That was bad literally could have lost not only my camera but the footage that I recorded today and I was worried about like if it fell on the tracks and like you know some final destination would have happened ya know the roller coaster would have went passing like they were like okay now I'm gonna listen to the roller coaster attendants and not bring on anything I cannot believe you.

Freaking actually from your point of view but my camera fell out of my hands the thing in a like fall behind and like it felt right in front of me listen you know like how do I say you just you're just having a great a grand time a blast and the next thing you know Brian ruins everything hahaha yeah I get that a lot it's so weird guys I'm telling you I do so many.

Things for my vlogs like I try to entertain you guys as much as possible all my family knows it like I won't be satisfied with something like not too cool like knowledge if I know we have people on rollercoasters we have to do some fun for my vlogs know what stress means okay guys I just drop Jessica back off at home and I had a super fun time at.

The beach and the amusement park I hope you guys did enjoy the video I'm gonna wrap it up there please smash that like button you guys have been killing it with support likes subscribing like you guys are just phenomenal lately thank you so much I can't thank you guys enough even after I hit 7 mill you guys continued to show me so much love and.

We're on the road to 10 mill baby let's get it thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys have a great rest of your day and this day probably wouldn't have been such a great day if I dropped my camera and lost my camera and all my footage enjoy check out Jessica's leak in the description if you guys want to follow her on Instagram she's amazing my.

Family's always down to help me with videos they're all so genuine and you guys all seem to love my family in my videos so if you guys want me to start going out more and like go to amusement parks water parks like bringing water parks to my backyard let me know in the comment section below because I do what you guys want to see and it's always fun for me so I hope you guys have a great.

Rest here today and other than that it's been rug and I'm out peace


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You were such a baby
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Guy: "it goes higher!"
Him:"NO IT DOESN'T!" 😂
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5:10 I love that ride
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I’ve been on that second ride and I got on it a few times in one day and the last 3 times it wasn’t scary
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