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Six-Year-Old Has Never Slept A Full Night In Her Own Bed | Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance

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Jo visits six-year-old Paige who has never slept a full night in her own bed;. with the number of obese 6-year-olds doubling over the last ten years, Jo works to discover the impact of calories and portion sizes on children's health.
Being a parent is the most important journey of your life, but the trouble is no one gives you a map – until now. Jo Frost, Britain’s best known parenting expert, returns with a new series providing mums and dads with the honest, insightful, no-nonsense advice they need.
Jo talks to Britain’s parents to find out which issues are really worrying them, whether it’s how many hours their children play computer games or how much exercise they’re getting. In each show she sets out to answer these most pressing of parental questions with a large-scale demonstration involving kids and parents, aiming to debunk myths and reveal crucial facts such as how much children should eat, how many hours of sleep they really need; and the truth about just how young girls are when they start to obsess about their bodies.
In each programme Jo also meets two families suffering from severe versions of the kinds of problems everyone worries about, from a seven-year-old boy who only eats bread and butter to a ten year old so addicted to computer games he spends up to 80 hours a week at the screen.
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Kisses phone because you might unfold your create Frankenstein yourself this is a power-play this stops here now the nation's favorite no-nonsense nanny is back do what you're supposed to do with a parent stop copying out a third of UK parents think they're doing a really bad job I don't think it was that bad I just think a lot of parents would stop reaching out and for inspirations.

Victims you know helping support their furry buddy team everyone's doing a better job behind closed doors and quite frankly we've all a favor to a normal family one for one honestly jo Frost is lifting the lid on Britain's parenting rose by getting mums and dads talking in this series she's investigating the big issues facing today's parents do kids get enough exercise which one do you.

Like my aunt one fits the skinnier as well as tattling some of the most extreme problems she's ever seen we're going to end up with a child who could die before you do she's on a mission to make us all better parents and how she taken on modern one woman can handle sometimes just not easy this week Joe cackles bedtime tantrums.

That get even hurt sleepless nights I'm not going nowhere she finds out if over feeding our kids is becoming a super-sized problem 20 pounds a year and should parents be worried when their little girls want to grow up too fast your tummy Sharon and then less than that we're on Robin is that right there's a lot there were a lot left of her.

I have three children and I haven't slept for for at least six weeks both my children are very bad sleepers they wrestle all night long my four year old shouts out endlessly that is tough when your top is really very tired and it's three o'clock in the morning and starts where things can set to go wrong like the 11 months now since I last had proper sleep and it is actually.

Frightening what sleep deprivation will do here working mum Joel lives in wallet with her daughter's four-year-old papi and six-year-old Paige most kids grow out of sleeping in their parents bed by the age of three but this mom still has to make room every night for her eldest daughter now.

Paige's never ever spent a whole night in her own bed it would be nice going in with her she'd fall asleep I'd leave the bedroom within ten minutes you'd be awake every night when Paige wakes up on her own she has to find mum gonna spend about five thousand eyes she'd be coming back in my room which would end up none of us are getting sleep Paige doesn't appear he's an adult mum hasn't had a.

Full night's sleep in six years she's desperate for this to change frankly this is the worst nothing and I've never had like four hours sleep without being woken up I'm always tired I try not to get angry but yet I do feel stressed inside and I've always got enough force and click on post trick oh it's a bed I can see pulling it down she's quite thin anyway and so look at.

Her face sometimes it's quite drawn black and right when I would jiggle with my partner we didn't get a lot of time together because Paige in both beds and it does worry me in the future that you know I don't get paid to it out I would never have another boyfriend talk to people medical I went to the GP about Paige's sleeping and his response was she could grow up in six months.

Multi-species in six years time post me 12 so I've gotta wait around till she's 12 years old and still ever in my bed you know I would like those come the kids I've tried every other Avenue notnot really nothing I'm tired at work Paige is one of the most severe sleep cases joven ever come across this mark.

Like every parent should play with at some stage as a child who wasn't sleeping and so always be okay the one time I let you in my bed and she'll be fine an extremely now six years later she cannot get to sleep on her own hi poppy hi I'm Joe Joe I'm going to go see your mummy hi Joe nice to meet you and I see oh they're in hello thank you.

No one else is able to help jo Frost his mom's last resort no but now it's to the point where she won't even go in a room sweating start in a room she just wants to come straight into my room and she knows that unioned for an easy life I'm going to give in so if I said passive assertive or aggressive which box would you put yourself in probably Pat it okay and if we're now.

Going to put her into that box which one would it be aggressive okay so I better be be assertive sunlight wise well we do I'm not yeah well well do can you manage page can you manage the door me steer for you nothing mom knows really that she's not be strong enough and it's created this bad habit that's kicked into place for too long now and mom's looking for some moral support so what.

Does page have to say about her sleeping habits we've got to make them appear come on come and sit with me is that me oh thank you forgive you kid thank you very much thank you so do you know why I'm here to help you with your sleeping what's it like please come if you're just a habit sharing a bedroom your.

Sister if it nice having somebody else in the bedroom sorry this mummy and you cuddle up with mommy we can yeah yeah I know there are any other times that you snug above with mummy you have your snuggle times with mummy then when you go to bed do you think that you can sleep in your own bed now I think that it would be better for you because it's.

Important for us all to get lots of sleep and I'll catch up with you later check-in your mummy cuz I think you should get a time soon I don't see her needing to actually be attached to a mums apron string it's 7 o'clock the countdown till bedtime begins pages guess tonight's routine is going to be altogether different so the power game with mum starts early yeah people fight.

Minute to find out and then you come in you've got five minutes or five minutes I promise for five minutes like okay she's gonna hit you never late tonight like you gonna know it like you've never known it before because she knows you mean business yeah all she knew you was coming and I'm about to yes no and you said if is the.

Last night sleep in my bed from tomorrow exactly she said no exactly she knows visit but she wants to know if you're being serious or not so she's gonna come in at full pelt I do not take my right Jo knows this could be just the beginning the longest night of mum's life you're serious about this tonight how you talking about this.

Tonight then you need to do it okay I'm not going nowhere tonight it's time to show page the getting in bed with mum simply isn't an option even if it takes whole life the first time she comes out of the room you're going to face the phone it's bedtime bag and you're going to place the back into a bed the second time she comes out you're going to say it's.

Bedtime and you're going to place them back into a bed the first time she comes out you're going to say nothing all right because you're going to cut off the conversation it's 9 o'clock and time for mums first attempt to put Paige in bed and Achtung by the sixth attempt mum is still.

Sticking to her guns so Paige is trying every trick she knows to make mum give in the end of the day you know she's a child who is very willful and she wants her own way because she's always been given it and you're just putting in place a technique that achieves what we ultimately want to achieve just need to continue and continue and continue to ask you on so how far have you ever got.

Before before you've caved in about three thousand movies and tape it through yeah okay look for humming for a long night there because you are not moving in at 3:00 in the morning not after all that work one and a half hours after bedtime and mum has taken Paige back upstairs twenty-seven times but the strain is beginning to take his toll I feeling knackered strict go ahead a day.

It's mum doing what she wouldn't have normally done and that's carry on and just push through to the finishing line eleven o'clock mums bedtimes so Paige stops trying to join her downstairs and sneak into mommy's bed ah easier ways right Joe it cannot complete now and just taking Paige up with her and she's going to continue to do the same but from her room midnight and despite a.

Three-hour standoff and 41 attempts mum has stayed strong and not let Paige into her bed Paige settles for the next best place outside mum's bedroom door so eventually Shirley doesn't even stay in there it's not gonna work it's not going to work yeah you actually want or just stay in a room yeah first definitely and then from there you know into her own bed at 1:00 a.m. four.

Hours at the beginning bedtime mum place is a sleeping Paige into her own bed for the first time in six years - good yeah degree you got for that fan total yeah you know yeah I'm just emotional are you pleasing yourself a good one I didn't they should go to bed are you surprised at what of what you found within yourself yeah ah yeah very capable you're very capable I'll tell.

You tonight you changed it yes but tomorrow an exhausted mum is going to have to face all these bedtime battles alone as well as helping individual families with their problems out answer some of the big questions facing old parents today like how to give our kids the bright healthy diet chocolate listen sit Maivia to.

McDonald's Burger King said I would kick in jeopardy we know it's not always a good idea to let kids choose what they eat but is it okay to let them choose how much to eat Joe has invited for the eight year olds to a special street party to find out parents column-free worry how masters need their kids and well let's face it with childhood obesity on the rise.

They're going to worry but today I'm hosting a very special lunch party so that parents can understand how easy it is over feed your kids Joe set up this party with a purpose we've dr. Laura McGowan of the University College London everything the egg will see today will be carefully measured by a team of research students a Venetian were finer than ever before.

And children are influenced by many different things on portion size potentially is one important one the children will be divided into two groups one getting twice as much good as the other what we'll do is give children three different sized portions and see will children overeat when they're provided with more food first up is a main course is pasta and tomato sauce on.

The blue tape portions and measured out to crappy 300 calories just right for coverage the children on the read table get a double portion twice as much food as they need all the kids have been told to eat until I feel full well they automatically stop eating at the right amount or well they just keep eating whatever in front of them welcome to my.

Party I've got a few rules so listen carefully no throwing your food and make sure you eat your own notes okay are we ready if you me yeah I love hamster have you finished what's in your bowl to keep track of how much the kids consume the amount of pasta leftover on either side you can melt it down hey guys bring our dessert for the next course the blue table get the correct.

Single portion of dessert for an average eight-year-old three small pieces of Victoria sponge at 180 calories again the red say will get double what they need six pieces of sponge at 360 calories rate the blue table are all happy with their single portions if you all finished occupy Li's no play but what about the red table I'll finish my word sharp.

Hands were not rather quickly they're okay who wants more tell me young lady why do you want more because it's nice children are quite good at regulating their own men pick up and tell about the age of two but from even as early as three or four years of age they'll eat more if you provide them with more still eat more if it's fruit chips particularly good with lunch over.

The scientists weigh up the totals left over on either side these are divided to give the average amount that each child a thief the blue table ain't 90% of a single portion they were given a perfectly healthy 432 calories and all the children said they were full the red table at a staggering 80% of their double size portions a whopping 768.

Calories before they said they were for we're likely to just consume whatever's on the plate in front of us the thing is if you've been presented with a lot of food you're more likely to eat it all so with the little ones here proving they have big appetites how many of the parents know the right amount of food to give their kids after playtime Joe we'll find out children today not only have an.

Appetite to eat like grown-ups they're increasingly keen to dress like grown-ups too hair straighteners makeup valency noting about my 15 year old daughters has been known to take up to an hour to get themselves ready even if we're just going to the park it's very conscious about what she wears as well to school how short her throw is already and she's only 7 customers by.

Her shorter skirt I don't want her going to connect develop like some of the others I see it the game in the race to look grown up as soon as possible pamper passings facials and manicures are becoming more and more common amongst children in the UK the peer pressure just from school for friends to.

Grow up and to conform to a much sort of older age group is much stronger their friends have all had phone very quickly wear makeup very quickly have fourth males at 12 which was in groups you know very very grown-up mum Sophia had organised this makeup party for her 11 year old daughter Ellie although she sees you - Thomas fun she is worried about how far the next step might take.

Any youngsters now I'm desperate to get to the underage clubs and the big parties certain wasn't like that in my day I think I'm missing out on a lot of childhood I think it's a real shameful and I think it's the parents job is to hold them back and allow them still the children because they also arranged up to 20 years in childcare Jo's note is the growing trend in girls.

Donning makeup and provocative clothing at a younger age than ever before why are children feeling that they just can't the kids anymore and they want to be all grown up so only Meena I know every young girl wants to you know look mature you know I don't understand this realistically there's no reason why you just can't be kids like and we weren't.

20 30 years ago Jose on a work is stockton-on-tees to meet Janice and her daughter soya they haven't asked for help but they might be able to explain why young girls today and such rush to leave childhood behind on first appearances thirteen-year-old saya looks like any other schoolgirl but when the homework done she gets ready to hit the town and for soya there's no point.

Wearing grown-up outfit without a grown-up body fanatical since Isis claims she might be determined she wants the six when she's got the pineal she's got like a six remaining the figure is quite good to me and a girl like that I know what like affair till we yeah and only somewhere some can go in a bit so it doesn't stick out as much but she just want a nose job Joe.

Wants to find out if letting young girls dress like young women also encourages behavior that's way beyond their years some piece off for questions really just you know find out what it's like being your age and going out around here and hanging out your friends and all that kind of stuff so I thought whatever chitchat with that mum around so right.

Yes I think I got to your room yeah I predict a minute okay Sawyer's started going to teenage discos at the age of 10 and now at 13 she dresses up to sneak her way into clubs for the over 16 why do you like to just I'm quite curious um I was learning so much why do you want to dress older ones well address of somebody who's like 17 18 because I think in clubs like that.

Our age it's not very fun because some of the above it's stupid but in all the clubs I feel I feel it's about fun and you feel more going up to be in there right so for you it's about wanting to feel growing up yeah yeah because you want what I want to grow up quicker as well so people don't think I'm immature this is one of my favorites cuz I like I like it how it's white so I'll stand out.

From the crowd people yeah it was a well she sends out just by looking I'll see you on a motorway in that that's neon yellow that one when a comment of Chris York once I've got it under coaster box oh no put it on right everything's cool it but then you couldn't bend down or anything could you because I need to see you cheekbones went yes yes and I'm going to just like when I'm going down.

With a skull a clap right okay if any of fix me right I like this one because it's bit more showy but it doesn't show anything if you not me try work out within seconds okay I've got lucky nice today right show me how that goes in like or W heads gone then put everywhere you tummy showering yep is that right yeah and then this little rah-rah bit is that right yeah so is it.

Important at your age that when you knock around with girls and you will hang out that you'll look that you will look pretty that you look a certain way well we are like two things that we look prettier but ultimately there to get noticed by boys right yeah what do you want them to like feel when and think when they see you like when I when sir there's a group of as well passing on.

Purpose like so they obviously look at like look at who's walking past them and then most times it's come up and say what's your number and maybe we'll have you doesn't really feel like they've actually noticed me for me because I like to go sexy false or III dangering going out and collecting lots of guys numbers and thinking that it could lead you in a place that might be a little.

Bit tricky you know with the older guys there are sometimes get like last numbers and and yeah and I think I realize that little quite pervy and like are this is this is the one grant I should be talking to and if I pluck them delete them so I can never get back in touch with paintings well that was interesting one hit to say the least.

Blimey I'll tell you what I'm short so I can't believe so about Fitz I mean that pink one is embraer can't believe it do I think it's right to allow your 13 year old daughter to dress that way and go out she'd be lucky if she left her bedroom door dressed like that with me as their mother there's no way however this mother chooses to allow that and the fact is there are plenty of.

Other mothers who choose to allow that jo Frost is helping mums and dads across Britain tackle some of the most difficult issues facing today's parents back in wallet sleep-deprived mum Jo is battling to get her daughter Paige to sleep in her own bed I am feeling quite strong that's night and I'm asking me I wasn't yesterday but Jo was really good so and.

I've got pretty last night but this time so we know Jo frost to help so I think he's going to be your mindful she may go off even last night because Jo's not hearing which I'm not looking forward to but I've seen the other one I am looking forward to it paints going to go into a bad spot yeah I'd be things going to be a hard slog different last night Kate spent hours trying to get into mum's bed.

Mummys exhausted for those plenty of fine three o'clock in the morning and Paige is still doing strong determination finally paid off but at a price after more than 30 attempts to get into mum's bed it's gone before Paige finally gives up and sweets in the home keep the clock in the wind she finally gave in.

And click outside so people put it in that way and of not back down that's how avoidance before you Joe's holding a street party to find out if we're over feeding our children how much the parents know about portion size as physical in orbit cavities and things for actual portion sizes it's hard for.

Us I did see were educated in calories that's always I don't think so I was never in calories so don't know also retail avoid swipers foods and eat and I don't think the portion is really that important but then getting everything but if it's a small sized portion of something then yes I do try to get them to initial earlier Joe gave.

20 kids a lunch with the perfect amount of calories for an average a key role the other 20 were given twice as much food and both tables were told to eat until if felt for Joe gathered the parents together to show them the consequences being over generous with portion size 1 table 8 this amounts of pasta this is the correct amount which is a cup of pasta or as you can see a.

Side plate the other table 8 double the amounts and polished it off pretty quickly if we were to do that for a whole year your child would put on 20 pounds a year 20 pounds but 10 bags of sugar yeah you look quiet right because it is quite stunning isn't it you know it's quite shocking when you think about it mums and dads know that it's kids like.

What they're eating they will eat more but the problem is their favourites are usually fattening options like pizza do parents know what size portions to feed their eight-year-olds as part of a healthy balanced meal how much pizza should your child be eating would you think okay what do you think so over the back I just have one just a 1:1 pizza one.

Child one seats I mean let's face it they're not that big are they alright not that big one pizza or feed for kids for cable this is the amount that one child should be eating a quarter if I gave my son quarter of a pizza isn't he just going to say it where's the rest of my pieces are gone yes and you can tell him that the other creature to share in it another.

Alternative not Co healthier option how much ice cream should we really be given our kid how many tablespoons are our kids allowed sorry three over there on the corner we'll have only called our food iced tea on its corner prey on this corner on this corner three two in sorry yeah one tablespoon it's the correct portion of ice cream we.

Feel that the more we're giving our children when it comes to food the more love that we're giving them as well it's the old syndrome of of feeding the chicks in the nest and the fact is is that you know we very clearly realized that we're over feeding our kids and with an epidemic of childhood obesity it really is our responsibility as parents to make sure that the next generation is.

A healthy one I was surprised in distance between and to and I was also surprised my daughter our largest one going home now I'm going to try and course of a three of us you know rather than just cooking with the house that someone's gonna pop around which is widely known suppose an African battle you do tend to do horrifying myself as much as my children then I.

Think I probably much bigger than that larger size plate there are ways of making a smaller portion feel more satisfying for children and adults it often takes us a lot longer to realize were full off so it's better to try and eat slowly one method that's actually being proven to be quite successful is if you put your knife and fork dying completely.

Between ripe fruits this helps to slow down the rate of eating and therefore in the long run can help to prevent you're getting with in stockton-on-tees Joe met Janice and a 13 year old nightclubbing daughter Sawyer climbing I tell you what I'm shocked I can't believe those outfit sorry has been sneaking into clubs from all the kids since she was 10 and now chooses.

Out that we'll get her into clubs for the over 16 some of the times it's collapsing say what she number many of you happy doesn't really feel like they've actually noticed me Joe wants to know why mom Janice is happy to let her 13 year old dress and socialize the way she does are you a mom that's a pushover are you a mom in college no could a face thank you tell me why you know because.

There will be other parents I coach you know what ask me I'm glad she said it because you know on the pushover mum as well I think myself well if I say don't um one shall go in a mood and then haven't helped if she goes in the mood so then you've got to deal with out see think ain't worth it because you're going to cause hell in this house who knows what we also have a be good look.

But also I trust her implicitly I really do trust her implicitly she tells me everything people laughter how what she tells me because people say I can't believe she told you that but she knows she tells me everything as a parent do you worry about the outfit she weighs and the message they send to those frisky young men out there well you must.

Worry as a parent you know I I worry to a certain extent but when she goes to any other club I always take it I always Drive that a friend whom we come here and they always get ready here normally and then I Drive them and so I watch them go into the club and then you know I'm always there at the end of the night like half an hour before these foot bed so as they all come out I'm there so I'm.

Watching them come out as well I am very aware of when she goes out of how she looks but the clubs that she goes to all the other girls look exactly beside him but she's not the only one who has the short dresses on and because that in fact was a lot there were a lot less than her but don't you think clubs are where you go so that you can look at the opposite sex.

And hormones are flying all over the place and I like you you like me we flirt and be honest I think that's the whole point all been resting up for any of the girls you said you trust her and that she tells you everything what is it that you do as a parent that allows that door to always be open when she feels she can even for the most awkward and things she has doubled in drink in the.

Past yeah and so I'm not happy not happy about it at all but even if I'm shocked I never ever get annoyed never ever get annoyed about it because I think the first time I get annoyed will be the first time that she says to herself I'm not telling you if I do anything again I'll say if I don't agree with it and I'll just sort of say and really that was not the best thing to do and until.

I'm sure Larsson agree with me and it does show me that you're not a mom who's sitting there going it actually is okay I'm actually cool about it it's just easier to say oh yeah yeah so what watch would you give to any parent right now that's dealing with an 11 year old versus mum I want that outfit think twice thank you very much I'll convert oh oh my going surprisingly mummy.

The only one who wishes she could turn back the clock and do things differently right so 13 is the age where you think that you should be doing all of this and that's why you do innit well not really because I think it's too young but so you ultimate so you don't think it's your London yeah even though you're doing it you do think it's too young why I'm assuming.

Just that going to go spot i enjoying it from so if you're montana said tune it's like you've got a lot bit all on the head what what would you say to that well I'd say it was unfair because shouldn't let me start off like this foot unit if she was gonna stop me halfway through it like I wouldn't have minded is she that we start when I was like well 15 foot because she already.

Started letting me do it I enjoy it for right I think an unfair okay so you're saying that basically if your mum I'd have clamped down and said no you had no choice yeah but two white eyes she hasn't yeah she helps you yep and I saw the elbow for anyway mm-hm thank you Bob I go and buy high at the end of the day the message is as parents we've got to be able to make a stand in.

Being able to pace our teenagers you know every teenager wants to do something that's a little bit more mature because they don't want to be treated like baby's parents we've got to be able to knuckle down and saying no not right now and still have an open healthy conversation with them and communication with them that allow them to realize that.

Stress that mom Joe has so far succeeded in getting a girl to page to stop sneaking into mom said but tonight Joe's working the late shift so grandma Pauline babysitting I'm feeling quite nervous flora Amelia she could be seen anything like she's been the last three nights while entering struggle Holly now that weekend holiday home nearby where Paige and her sister poppy regularly.

Scared cases used to sharing a bed with a soft touch Graham so the pressures on for Pauline to keep up mom's hard work I'm not going to give in forsake M pages she started this and being good this week so I've got a carry on hide you taste on the table after only a week it looks like mom isn't the only one who's been learning the gel frost.

Bedtime technique tonight plate what we're going to do what do our side goodnight how many tries to times if I keep doing it goal acts up to me I'm not allowed to talk to so what rather just keep put you in bed but you're not going to keep getting out there tonight oh yeah I'm showing up scare ya make with not even big of your patient promise me I'm going to be sitting here.

Or not I'm gonna be stayin here I got ya I'll be clear enough very painful and sitting at the table I'm saying so much I know I don't like seeing that fit I know she's gotta sleep in that bed I Monica have a nice day tomorrow get the pattern pull out okay we've done she can hear me talking and normally she'd be shouting out perhaps had.

Suddenly gone off one hour later things are looking good for Pauline after just 15 minutes everyone's asleep in their own bed now mum will have grand standards to live up to jo Frost is helping Paige's mom in a battle of wills with her daughter mum they finally have a bet on herself but now there's a new problem Paige is sleeping in the hole Joe's back to get paid sleeping in her.

Own thing hello hi you do ray she'll be the sign here he'll be Cygnus up kitchen door by sit-down Caravan Springs the result she's falling to her own she's slept in her room yo she has flipped in a bird as a character at the caravan the fact that she sleeps down at the caravan yes no I know yeah it issues just you know in.

Fact the world is just playing the area so this is what I want you to do now is step it up a notch I would lay it down very firm with her and safe tonight I expect you to sleep in your bed and if you start to come out you will lose going outside and playing all right so give that to me Soto's usually okay page I wanted to tell you something tonight is the last night.

You're going to sleep in your own bed tonight if you don't sleep in your own bed I'm free-balling you now that's tomorrow you're not playing out pop is going to play out but you're not playing out unless you sleep the whole night in your bed tonight I want you to slow your speech pattern down I so right until you're now you're going to doing this not loser doing that I'll say now if you.

Don't listen to me go do it now when I will do it plus we fall if you don't keep the whole night in your own bed tonight page you're not going to be going up to play tomorrow don't work for a little at bedtime tonight you're going to go spend in your own bed and you're going to sleep the whole night and if you don't you're not going to play out tomorrow okay and make sure you.

Talk with conviction and follow through the next day okay thank you bye Jeanette push my body when you mean what you say and you follow through you'll keep very clearly know the choices that they've got to make and I'd like to hear within three or four days that this issue's forgot about done everyone's sleeping as bed time approaches mum delivers her.

Warning this turn case we're going to read stories and then you're going to sleep in your own bed all night tonight page and if you don't sleep all night in your own bed tonight then you're not allowed to play out at all tomorrow okay I understand that dear page right what okay well I'm going back to bed now coming in once upon a time there was a boy called Hansel and a.

Girl called brittle now you've heard their father and set my boss new a dark wood good night cinnamon oh sweet cake good night it looks like mums ultimatum Maine work it also secretly to the tasting that this time the hopeless you have taken aboard life itself just before she went to sleep I remember a time I've ever done me nervous it didn't ring on my own while the girls.

Will sleep there is MP fun but it is too good to be true Paige ends up back in the hallway well you will about this women find your bedroom mommy saving your windows don't pit can mum stay strong and stick to Joseph's vice to follow through with discipline both bed last night so she's not up stay.

Up but pumps and play out and okay we're gonna play out with deafness going down I'm quite surprised down low she took that actually I thought usually fix my garment when it comes to Paige this is a new thing for me Joe says there anything I say I'm going to do I need to stick to and I've stuck to my guns so I'm just going to continue with that.

One week later as mum ninety perseverance paid off hello Joe hi Joe hello yeah yeah I'm very good how are you oh good you sleep in our bed oh yes I was talking about leave it congratulations thank you yeah I think Maya services are done here right Thank You Jay thanks very much hey care Joe thank you bye bye bye I.

Think Joe is proud of me and I think when she first met me she thought I was quite a weak person and to be honest I was feeling quite weak anyway and so I think yeah I surprised myself and I hope I'm surprised oh yeah


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I was never a good sleeper when I was little but not as bad as this it probably stopped when I was 5 but I never I had tantrums and my mum would put me back in bed and I would go back to sleep 😂😂🔥🙈
👍 85
Metonymy1979 • 1 год назад
Say hello to the next pregnant 16 year old.
👍 514
Tanya Brown • 1 год назад
I would of just locked the 6yr old out of my room after telling her she had her own bed to sleep in and then gone to sleep with ear muffs on. Do i need to say I never had any sleep issues which bothered me with my kids.. as I wouldnt put up with children doing this.
👍 216
Rosalina 90 • 1 год назад
Is this an accurate depiction of young girls today? I spent my adolescent years in the early to mid 00's and this was not my experience. We did mess around a bit with makeup(lip gloss and sparkle gels that were in back that) and nail polish - but no one was wearing mascara or lipstick at 11 - never mind 7. I think it's OK to try lipstick and wear it around the house a bit at that age - but they shouldn't be wearing it on any sort of regular basis. I certainly cannot fathom taking an hour to get ready to go the park at the age of 7. That is madness and it's so unhealthy.
The mother who is letting her 13 year old go out dressed as though she's a 21 year old club goer is...well, I'll be kind and say she naive and a push over. Even putting aside the potential for dangerous situations(which there is undoubtedly), what is it doing to her values and state of mental health? I don't mean in terms of purity or anything like that, but in terms of finding value in others and oneself outside of materialistic concerns. I remember being 13, I know I was a child. Even compared to my 16 or 17 year old self, I was very young. There's no way I'd have really had the foresight to appreciate what I was doing - if I was in this girl's position. This is what parents are bloody supposed to do, they are supposed to step in and not allow children to do things that are not good for them. This girl's mom - I'm sure she loves her daughter, but I do not understand parents who are so afraid of their child ever being angry with them. It is cowardly and it's a failing in their parental duties.
👍 528
Peanut the Sloth • 1 год назад
maybe Paige sees ghosts in her room👻👀
👍 100
juliamillikin • 1 год назад
I loveeee Jo Frost! Her methods work!
👍 204
Hi There • 1 год назад
I eat loads I can't stop eating
I once had 2 whole bowls of chips 🍟
And after that I had a masssive roast and 2 biscuits
👍 61
TheLastSipofTea • 1 год назад
The food thing is crazy. A child under the age of 10 needs to eat about as much as a grown woman. They grow and play! Feed them, just don't feed them garbage.
👍 281
Sophia Lee-Dadswell • 1 год назад
In my school, even though we're only like, 13 or 14, the teachers are always saying to stop acting like children. One time I had a cup I was playing with after I had finished my work, and i drew a face on it, and my teacher told me to throw it out and stop being so childish. Honestly, it's the grownups who want us to grow up not our peers.
👍 1454
Study with Belle • 1 год назад
My sister is 8, and she eats so much more than those portions. She is the slimmest child I know, and has an amazing body. If she ate that much, she would be starving. What you have to take into account is how active the child is also. My sister and I do lots of dancing, ride bikes, walk etc. I do agree that there are too many overweight children, but that portion is too small..
👍 375
Jayne Eyre • 1 год назад
It's metabolism. I was a very skinny kid until puberty, and I ate plenty. I was a fussy eater and hated vegetables and even many kinds of fruit, refused all exotic or spicy foods, which drove my parents crazy, but loved meat and potatoes, pasta, cheese, bread, cereals, muffins, and of course all kinds of sweets and fast foods. If a child is carrying extra weight, it means she's taking in more calories than she burns off, even though she might be eating exactly the same amount as the skinnier kid. It's not really fair, but there it is. So yes, if she's on the way to becoming dangerously obese then she does need to eat a lot less, and exercise a lot more.
👍 117
ConcreteAngelx3 • 1 год назад
34:00 LMAO that looks like the most boring thing ever....
👍 127
ConcreteAngelx3 • 1 год назад
1 tablespoon of ice cream? That's literally one bite... how is that a portion?
👍 560
Jayne Eyre • 1 год назад
Nobody needs any ice cream at all. One tablespoon is better than none.
👍 115
Kel McGowan • 1 год назад
Maybe she's taking into account the calories for an evening meal+pudding, so pizza AND ice cream. You wouldn't say 300 calories for the evening meal and another 300 calories for pudding as well. I think this is just an average that she's demonstrating. Of course you have to consider the level of activity the child is getting, their height and build. There's lot of variables.
👍 94
ConcreteAngelx3 • 1 год назад
ok, two bites lol...
👍 89
Tanya Brown • 1 год назад
a 6-7 year old shouldnt be able to fit 1 tablespoon in their little mouths at once. That's at least 4 mouthfuls. One saviours ones dessert more when there is less of it and eats slow. If they lick the icecream it lasts as long as they could gobble down bigger portions
👍 121
m&ms rock • 1 год назад
LOL I couldn't even eat 1 scoop of icecream
👍 30
Domine Wimbury • 1 год назад
I know none of us remember our births but we are suddenly pulled out of our mothers where we felt safe for nine months and into the big wide world. Not alone I know but probably something to think about. I'm 32 and am very anxious still about my mum
👍 76
Helen Harent • 1 год назад
Well done mom and grandma! Following trough and not feeling sorry for themselves and babying the girls. I hope other parents follow their example.
👍 223
Erica M • 1 год назад
It was hard for me to watch this. At that age, I had experienced sexual abuse, extreme trauma, had anxiety — and I have mild autism as well. I also had trouble sleeping alone at this age. This wouldve traumatized me. I know each child is different but it was just tough to see, because not all behavior from kids is simply a discipline issue :(
👍 421
me ow • 1 год назад
Erica Milam so sorry you had to go trough all of this. Stay strong❤
👍 88
Abbey Elizabeth • 1 год назад
I'm 14 and the only makeup I own is mascara and some lip gloss
👍 95