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HAND TOUCHING ON ESCALATOR PRANK IN LAS VEGAS! | [PART 3] TAG TEAM EDITION! Touching Strangers Hands On Escalator Prank In Las Vegas PART III / Escalator Prank / Love Escalator Prank / Escalator Social Experiment / Las Vegas Pranks. What happens when you touch a stranger on the escalator? Men & women react to having their hands caressed on an escalator in Las Vegas.
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hi you guys do my name is Ruben Solan today I'm here with my boy ace Ibanez we're gonna do this collab video or we're double teaming hand touching people on the escalator in Las Vegas so we're both gonna be touching people on the escalator I don't like one of us but two of us but let's go see what happened.

did he touch you damn it feels good to be a gangster a real gangster ass nigga plays his cards right you're gonna come up come back up .

I like my care of me .

one down.

he's famous guys he's famous he's on YouTube he's viral hey hey lock it up .

Oh oh hey orderly you mind if we use that Oh Lehren TV


V Velas • 4 часа назад
The damn sound effect reminds me of Austin powers 😂🤣
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Nicole Marcy • 1 день назад
Hey u lost a lot of weight
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Gotrikkudo Sennin • 4 дня назад
Aku tertawa lepas sungguh🤣
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Peter Stark • 4 дня назад
How come Ruben doesnt make videos anymore?
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jn metico • 5 дней назад
Os voy a poner un no me gusta por delataros.
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방탄아미 • 5 дней назад
If someone would touch my hand
on an escalator I would have fainted.. like isn’t it so nice when people show affection to each other? I don’t get people who get mad at this. 💜🤷‍♀️
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Ma mooi dju • 7 дней назад
Oke I am living in Europe it is very strange to see people with glasses in there hand why is that is there a party in the mall.
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Street Runner • 8 дней назад
Y'all look like some zombies
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Silverback93 • 11 дней назад
Why is this funny😀
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Pornhub • 15 дней назад
music at plz? 7:46
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The Draven God • 15 дней назад
Dude the sounds kill me every time 😂😂
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Justin Chris • 17 дней назад
I love the music
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E z e q u i e l c h a v e z • 19 дней назад
I always thought this was funny but it’s getting to the point of harassment..
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maurizio recla • 20 дней назад
It is wonderful to see the mixture of races, get on and off the escalators.
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BEAUTIFUL EARTH • 21 день назад
You guys should try it with wet hands.
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Monte Summa • 22 дня назад
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Dale Bowman • 22 дня назад
They either laugh or they're ready to track you down and beat your ass
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black sun airsoft • 23 дня назад
People take themselves way to seriously lol.
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MARUBA SILAEN • 23 дня назад
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Adolfo Carrillo • 24 дня назад
7:38 Deez nuts
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